Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bird Migration in Southern Delaware

Southern coastal Delaware, where I live, is a major bird fly way.  Last week as I took my evening walk in the Oyster Rocks development behind me I took this short video of a flock of brown birds trying to rustle up an afternoon meal before settling in trees for the evening roost.  Look closely, they're hard to see.  Hundreds of small brown birds swirling around the vacant lawns of my neighbors in Oyster Rocks.

This is one of the many reasons why I like living in the Big Sky country of coastal Delaware.  Earlier today Bill and I were making our rounds (Walmart, thrift stores), the cold February skies above us were filled with the chatter of the Arctic Snow Geese discussing their impending departure for points North.

When we lived in the crowded suburban sprawl of southeastern Pennsylvania, we rarely if ever witnessed these centuries old seasonal activities of nature.

Just another reason I love living where I live, southern Delaware.


  1. The coast is an excellent place to see migrating birds. Do you have a feeder in your yard?

  2. Scott,

    I don't have a bird feeder where I live now. My backyard provides plenty of insects for all the fly over birds. When we lived in Pennsylvania, in the woods, we had several bird feeders which were always well attended by the woodland birds.

  3. Is there much contrast to Northern Delaware? most states have a 'north vs. south' anitpathy.

  4. Oh yes Dr. Spo. Delaware has three counties. I live in the southern most county, Sussex County. It is definitely considered "The South" as in the Civil War South. The northern most county, New Castle, is considered "The North" as in the Civil War North. The middle county is Kent County and it is a mixture of both. Sussex is known as redneck county but it is being slowly (quickly some say) assimilated due to the heavy immigration of retirees and especially gay people form Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Most of the new emigres are on the coast but we're spreading out into redneck county. It is a very interesting dynamic going on down here on the Delmarva Peninsula. We also have a heavy Hispanic population, mostly Guatemalans.


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