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Report Of California Holiday

Pat at Midway Car Rental in Los Angeles, first step of our annual California adventure While I await the Michael Cohen public testimony to begin today, I will attempt to begin the first report of our annual trip to sunny California. Well folks, California wasn't so sunny this year.  In fact, California wasn't even that warm this year.   I arrived at LAX Sunday, February 10th.  This year Pat took a different plane and met me in California. In years past he flew to Philadelphia and we flew into California together but he got a better rate by taking another flight.  It all worked out in the end because he arrived within the hour that I arrived at LAX.   After exchanging hugs we caught an airport rental bus shuttle to the car rental place.  This year, we were greeted by swaying palm trees but, unfortunately, not warm temperatures and rain. I did remember to bring light rain jackets, thank goodness. The temperature wasn't that much different that what I left in Delawa

Home From California

T he down escalator at the Philadelphia International Airport this Sunday.  I was on my way to the baggage claim area and then to get my ride back home to Lower Slower Delaware Hey folks!  Yes it's me. I'm home from California.   Arrived home Sunday. Still recovering.  Perhaps my shortest blog post ever. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive and opinionated and ready to blog.   More tomorrow!

In Palm Springs

Me and Pat yesterday after The Rains ceased. Nice place this Palm Springs, surrounded by mountains. I love this place!! Hey folks! Sorry for the absence from my blog.  We're in Palm Springs now.  We arrived here this past Wednesday after having arrived in Los Angeles last Sunday.  We stayed three days in LA (our West Hollywood Airbnb) before leaving for Palm Springs.  First day in Palm Springs we were trapped in a monsoon deluge. Flooding everywhere. I heard that Palm Springs got 64% of their annual rainfall on Thursday. Yesterday we were finally able to get out and enjoy the delights of this desert oasis. We're eating good vegan food at three different vegan friendly restaurants.  Yesterday we experienced some Modernism Week exhibits.  And last night. Ah, last night. I talked Pat into going to a gay/dance bar called Hunters which is located just around the corner of the VRBO condo which we rented for our week's stay in Palm Springs. By the way, this con

California Here We Come 2019

"Frank", my little mascot bear is ready to go with me on our trip to California! One more day folks to take off from Philly International to Los Angeles.   As always with trips like this there is some (a lot actually) anxiety on my part. I was just talking to Pat on FaceTime and he says he is also experiencing anxiety prior to takeoff. This year I'm meeting Pat in Los Angeles. The last two years he flew to Philadelphia and we met up there and flew out together to Los Angeles. But this year Pat found he could get a much more economical flight from Toronto, bypassing Philadelphia.  Thus this year I will be flying out alone from Philly.  I'll miss that six hour flight with Pat sitting next to me but I'll have my Bose cordless headset with me. Remember last year I had to endure the whining of a little boy, seated in a seat right behind me, on my way out to LA. For my flight back I had a little girl crying all the way. I don't blame the kids, after all a

Stressed Out

The start to this morning Not doing well this morning folks.  First thing this morning I had a plumber stop over to check out our four (yes, FOUR) toilets.  First thing he did was get stuck trying to back out of our driveway.  Yep, he backed out in the grass and got mud stuck.  What was he thinking?  Well, things happen. No use screaming at him. Of course Bill was and is very upset. He checked out our toilets. All went well there after an adjustment or two. Then the challenge was getting his stuck truck out of our lawn.  He even had me in the truck (Butch Ron) gunning it while he pushed his van in the back.  Me among the cigaret butts on the floor of his van. Wonder how long that Butch will stay with me.  He called for a two truck. While waiting for the tow truck a co-worker of his came by.  They managed to get his van unstuck from our lawn with the help of one of our two by fours. To compensate me he only charged me half price for the service call. Hopefully our irrigatio

I Hate To Paint

There are many mundane activities that I like.  I like to iron shirts.  I like to pull weeds. I like to rake leaves and cut grass. I like to cook. But I hate to paint. Walls that is.  I can't quite pin the reason down why I hate to paint other than it just annoys me.  I can never seem to get it right.  Always seems to be a spot that I missed.  This morning I painted our media room a lovely light blue.  I think this is the first time in my life that I painted a whole room.  While I still don't like painting, I didn't hate it quite as much as I thought I would.  Perhaps because all the furniture was out of the room.  Remember, we had a water leak which ruined the wall to wall carpeting so we had to remove the carpet (Berber, very expensive) and paint the floor. Next Tuesday we're getting the leak fixed which is on the other side of the back wall.   The reason I painted the room was to help Bill. Bill has always done all our painting before including hang