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Sold The House!

Finally sold the house! After 10 long months and over 60 showings and 7 failed sales. I had the misfortune to place my house on the market right at the beginning of the slowest housing market in 11 years. Also, I had the misfortune to let it be known that I had two mortgages. Buyers in this Buyer's Market were all too quick to take advantage of my misfortune and bad timing. At 65 I should no longer be surprised by the cutthroat nature of some of my fellow human beings but I am. Many buyers were all to eager to jump up and down on my Adam's apple while I was down on the ground. Some "friends" and neighbors told me "You would do the same wouldn't you if you were in that situation?" Well, actually, NO I WOULDN'T. I would offer what I thought was a fair price for the house and land and hope that the seller would accept it. However, that was not to be the case with 7 buyers. They were all too eager to get a "steal" (read that "g