Monday, October 31, 2016

That Time of Year Again - Philadelphia Visit!

View of Walnut Street, Philadelphia from our aerie at the Latham Hotel

This time next week I will be preparing for my annual birthday visit to Philadelphia. 

For many years I worked and lived in Philadelphia.  They were some of the best years of my life. Come to think of it, wherever I've been has been the best years of my life, including now.

Three years ago I decided to visit my former hometown on my birthday and stay at an expensive hotel.  A hotel that I used to pass on my way to work every day.  

My Canadian BF Pat came down from Toronto to help me celebrate my birthday.  Even Dr. Spo from Phoenix Arizona, who was in town for a seminar, dropped by the hotel with three of his friends to help me celebrate my birthday.  They even took me out to dinner.  Thanks guys!

Look at these gorgeous men in my hotel room! Only one got to stay overnight.  
For most of my life I have put off taking trips, always vowing to take those trips in the future.  Well folks, the future is here now and I'm taking that trip to one of my favorite cities next week.  

Philadelphia here I come!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Final Countdown

Now the latest news on the election is that more e-mails related to Hillary Clinton were discovered on (are you sitting down?) Anthony Weiner's cell phone.  Of course the Republicans are jumping up and down in orgasmic ecstasy over the "Lock her up!" rhetoric. Calm down Hillary Haters. Hillary is still going to win the election. Yes, the election is going to be close but Hillary is going to win.  The Dumpster Trumpster isn't going to win. Deal with it Hillary Haters. 

I believe that many of you, like me, will be glad when this election is over.  God, I am exhausted.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's All Good

How do you like my first photo with my new iPhone?  Amazing!  

I have one of those $1,000 Cannon SLR cameras but I never use it now.  It is so much more convenient to use my iPhone camera.  No more bulky camera hanging around my neck, intimidating people worried that I'm going to take their picture.  Now I have my handy camera/iPhone in my right pocket.  And, I can also take videos, which I do almost every chance I get.  

Life is good now folks.  Of course it could end in an instant (of which I am all too aware) but for now, I am at the best place in my life.

No immediate health issues other than creeping arthritis and my face falling apart.

Bill and I are entering our 53rd year living together and we love each other more than ever.  

I have several very good friends who accept me as I am, warts (and falling face) and all.

I have a good job which supplements my fixed retirement income and keeps me engaged. 

I live in a fabulous part of the country, southern Delaware which has mild weather and minimal homophobia. No weird stares from fellow patrons at Lowe's when Bill and I shop there.  

Is life perfect?  Of course not but folks, this is as good as it gets.  And in a couple of weeks this election will be over (thank God).

And of course I have my new iPhone.  

It's all good folks.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reeived My New Replacement iPhone!

Talk about service!  

I received my replace iPhone about an hour ago by overnight FedEx Express.  I'm in the process of setting it up now.  

Damn but Apple does make it easy. 

I do have to go through several steps like backing up my old iPhone date to iCloud. 

Then I have to erase all the data on my old iPhone.

Then I have to remove the SIM (telephone) card and place it in the new iPhone.

Then I have to package up my old iPhone and in the box provided by Apple (I just tear off the top shipping label and use the shipping label beneath)

Then I call FedEx to arrange a pickup.  

Then I download my old iPhone data from my iCloud backup, which is what I am doing now.

Sounds complicated doesn't it?  It's not actually.  

Doesn't make for the most interesting or provocative blog posting I admit but this procedure is important to me.  

What did I do before I had my iPhone?

I'll tell you what I did, I struggled and my life was a LOT more complicated.

With my iPhone I have unlimited access to news and information, can stay in touch with friends, neighbors and everyone by e-mail, text and FaceTime, and (this is really important) take a LOT of photos!

I was bummed out yesterday when I broke my iPhone. I could still use it but I had this ugly spider crack on the glass.  Being the perfectionist I am, you know that I was very bothered using a damaged piece of equipment.  

Ah bliss, I now my perfect iPhone. And you can bet I won't drop it again.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Accidents Happen

Broken iPhone glass - yep, I did it.

This morning, groggy, I reached for my iPhone on the nightstand next to my bed.  Half asleep I forgot that I had my iPhone charger plugged in. Thus, as I reached for my iPhone to check the latest Trump news, I lost my grip and my iPhone fell and crashed against the brass knob of my nightstand. Unbelievably, the knob hit exactly on the bottom button on my iPhone, breaking the glass in a spider like web. Lucky Ron.  You know if I tried to do that I couldn't.

I know others who have shattered the glass on their iPhone and I smugly thought "How careless can you be?"  Well folks, here I be.  I did it myself and now I know how carless one can be.  

Lesson learned. 

I called Apple support and thank goodness I have an Apple Care Protection plan.  They will replace my $949.00 phone for $99.00.  Phew!

Next time before I groggily grab for my phone in the morning to check for the latest Trump news, I'll make sure I'm awake. By the way, I'm blaming this broken phone on Donald Trump.  Why not?

Friday, October 21, 2016


Where have I been?  Just chilling out here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Living the Life.

I was going to write about the third presidential debate but quite frankly, I'm sick of Donald Trump.  I'm sick of his insults to not only Hillary Clinton but to the American public. I'm disgusted by his  unAmerican actions. He won't honor the results of the election?  Donald Trump doesn't care about America, he only cares about himself. He can't disappear from the national discourse soon enough.

So what have I been doing with my fascinating life since last Tuesday? 

I've been taking my daily walks.  My goal is to walk at least five miles a day.  Sometimes I walk in my development and sometimes I walk on Oyster Rocks Road, which borders my development.  The above header photo was taken during one of my walks to the Broadkill River at the end of Oyster Rocks Road. The video I posted is of my walk this morning.  Notice the quiet.  Oh folks, how I do love the quiet these days.  So much noise in our daily lives, sometimes I just like to get away and have QUIET.

I worked at the hotel this past Sunday, switching shifts with my co-workers Monica.  Thus I didn't have to work this Thursday so I had the luxury of having this whole week off.  

It's been unusually warm around here.  I've been wanting to plant my fall bulbs but I just can work in this heat and humidity.  The weather we're having (80 plus degrees) is more like August weather than late October weather.

The weather is supposed to cool down next week.  Hopefully I can get those bulbs in the ground before my birthday visit to Philadelphia on November 9th.  

Yesterday I went for my second fitting for my two new expensive partial dentures. That was a long and arduous process getting those fittings.  My dentist had to put a clay like substance in both my bottom and top mouth to replicate my teeth.  He held them in five minutes then tore them out.  I felt like he was tearing my face off.  Oh the joy of looking pretty.  Right now I only have one tooth on the left side of my mouth.  I look like the hillbilly that I am.  I wonder what my hotel guests think of me when I give them one of my big, wide semi-toothless smiles.  Hee haw!

Well folks, I'm rambling now.  Time for my late afternoon walk.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


My 50 High School Class Reunion Photo 2009

Last week I upgraded my iMac to the new Sierra operating system. 

I love Apple and all their products but their photo application has left me wanting the last two upgrades.  Finally they got it right with this latest upgrade.  Now I can organize my 86,000 plus and 3,000 plus videos before I kick the bucket.  Not that anyone would want my photos and videos but playing around with them now gives me pleasure and that is what counts in the end, isn't it?

This evening when I went into Photo I found this nice feature: "On This Day . . . "

This photo above is of me and some of my former classmates from my Downingtown High School Class of 1959 50th class reunion.  

Hard to believe that seven years has elapsed since that reunion.  

Those who have followed my blog since I began blogging in 2005 (yes, that long ago) know that I love to take and accumulate photos and videos.  

One of my goals before I become demented and die is to organize all my photos and videos.  Again why?  Because reliving these memories give me a great pleasure.  

My late friend Wayne "The Cajun" Juneau's last blog post he dismissed me as "living in the past."  I have to admit that was a very hurtful comment to receive from someone who I was nothing but kind to but be he obviously felt the need to make that parting shot to me.  Something I will never understand.  

All my life I have taken photos.  Now I take photos and videos, short videos. I often wonder how many photos and videos I would have if I had an iPhone camera back when I was in high school.  Back in another time and age, the Fifties.  Millions folks, millions.  But just think of the memories I would be wallowing in.  Living in the past. 

It would be nice when I am gone that someone would take care of my treasury of photos and videos. That probably won't happen.  But what will happen is that I'm going to make a valiant effort to post as many of those photos and videos to this blog and You Tube. 

I am convinced that someone will appreciate them in the future.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Supermarket in Town

Bill and me at the new Weis Market in Lewes

We have a new supermarket in town.  It's called Weis Markets.  I've never heard of them but I was excited to see what this new supermarket was like.

In my position as a front desk agent at a boutique hotel in Lewes I'm often asked by visiting guests how do I like Delaware.  I always say:  "I love Delaware but I do miss Wegmans Market!"  They almost always know what I'm talking about.  

When I lived in Downingtown, Pennsylvania we were blessed to have a Wegmans market in Downingtown.  I have to honestly say that is the main thing I miss about our previous home in Pennsylvania, not having a Wegmans supermarket.

If you don't know of Wegmans, you don't know what you're missing.  As Terry K., the wife of my former dentist, both of whom also retired to Delaware, said of Wegmans:
"Wegmans isn't a supermarket, it is an experience."  How true!

When I make my annual trek to Buffalo New York to met my Canadian buddy Pat (he picks me up in Buffalo and takes me over the border to his home in Toronto because the flights are way cheaper to Buffalo than Toronto), we always stop at Wegmans in Buffalo.  Always.

Living here in southern Delaware, often referred to as "Slower Lower", with justification, we do without a lot of the amenities that folks other parts of the eastern seaboard take for granted.  Like a Trader Joe's, Costco, and Wegmans.  Oh we have our Walmarts.  Three in the immediate area (Georgetown, Rehoboth Beach and Milford) but none of the cool places like Wegmans.  Thus it was with some excited anticipation that I visited the new supermarket in town.  So how was it Ron?

Well folks, you know what they say about first impressions.  Not good.  

The first thing I did when I went into the store was go to the customer service counter to get one of their cards for discounts.  I approach the counter.  I see three young women gathered around a computer screen. Laughing and giggling at something on the screen.  I think they were training each other  But they were totally unaware of me.

I wait. And I wait.  One minute, two minutes  three minutes.  Then from behind me a man with a red Weiss shirt  asks "Are you being taken care of?"  I replied "NO.I.AM.NOT."  

He immediately went over to the gaggle of girls and one of them came over to me to ask if she could help me.  Hmmmm.  Not a good first impression. Usually when you go to a customer service counter, someone waits on you.  Not here today at Weiss'.

I get my card. I take my shopping cart and I'm off to shop.  First thing I encounter are tables blocking my path.  One table, two tables, three tables.  I stop and look at the products on the tables and immediately I'm in another shopper's way.  I move.  I maneuver myself and my cart around more tables and again, I'm in someone's way.  

The widest space I encountered at Weis Market today

You know what I hate folks?  Supermarkets that don't have wide aisles.  Not only does this supermarket have wide aisles but the aisles are cluttered with tables of more products.  As I try to maneuver myself and my cart around, I am constantly in someone's way or someone is in my way.  

So far not a happy experience folks.  I get a head of cabbage of make soup.  I try to shop some more but again, the store is too crowded.  

I got to check out.  And what do I see.  LINES!  Folks, long lines!  Oh no.  I tell Bill "I'm taking this cabbage back and getting out of here."  And I did.  

Long slow lines at Weis Markets today

This is the experience I had at the new Weiss' market on their grand opening week.  Man oh man.  Not a good experience Weiss Markets.

I attended the first day of Wegmans when they opened in Downingtown.  When I went into the store I thought I made a big mistake because the store was packed.  I thought "I'll never get out of here."  The store was almost elbow to elbow people.  

My Mom (white top) at Wegmans in Downingtown, PA - fresh veggie and fruit section - lots of aisle space

I shopped and got some items and then approached the checkout lines.  And guess what I saw folks?  ALL the checkout lines were open.  Never in my life did I ever see a supermarket with ALL the checkout lines open.  NEVER.  

I think most people are like me, they like to get in the store and out without standing in a long line.  

With my few items I choose my place in one of the lines.  Almost immediately a Wegmans employee approached me and suggested that since I had only a few items I might want to go to another line that he pointed to.  I did and I was out of that store.  

Guess what folks?  Wegmans has employees monitor the lines to expedite their shoppers getting out as fast as possible.  Know what you call that?  


Another thing I noticed with Wegmans was that the checker bagged the groceries as they checked them.  Wow.  What revolutionary idea!  Efficiency!  

Wegmans know how to run a store.  That's why they are so popular.  

Presently I shop at Food Lion.  While Food Lion is no Wegmans, one thing they do have is wide aisles that aren't blocked.  They have a customer service center where an actual person provides SERVIÇE.  And, this is very important, I rarely have to stand in line long.  If a line develops, almost always there is a manager or assistant manager who opens another line.  Again, CUSTOMER SERVICE.  

Food Lion supermarket in Milton, DE - our grocery store of choice here in Lower Slower - it's not Wegmans but I get good prices and I can get in and out of the store . . . . fast

So that was my experience today folks. I took a break from my political ranting.  I'll go back to ranting tomorrow, I promise.

Friday, October 14, 2016

"Enough is Enough?!" Michelle Obama's Donald Trump Speech

Yesterday Michelle Obama gave a speech at a New Hampshire rally that perfectly states the case for electing Hillary Clinton as president and defeating the sexual predator braggart Donald Trump.

As more courageous women come out and relate their stories of being sexually harassed and abused by the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Michelle's heart felt and sincere speech states perfectly the importance of defeating Donald Trump.  

For the full speech see below:

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Donald Trump Serial Sex Assaulter - Lock Him Up!

Trump Faces a Slew of New Allegations of Sexual Assault

The Republican presidential nominee categorically denied any past incidents, but several women have come forward to report unwanted attention from him.

This is the news that came out tonight.  Donald Trump, sexual predator. 

I am sickened to my stomach to hear the details of the incidences of Trumps sexual assault the was revealed by four women tonight.  

The incidences are from a Miss Teen USA pageant where Trump walked back into the young girl's dressing room while some of them were half naked and some completely naked.  Trump bragged on Howard Stern that he "could do this" because he was the owner of the patent and he was "inspecting."  

Another incident was from a fellow airline passenger thirty years ago.  Trump grabbed her breast and then went up under her dress. The Trump campaign responded that it wasn't fair to "drag something that happened so long ago."  Of course the irony here is that is exactly what Trump and his campaign did when he "dragged" the four women accusers of Bill Clinton to the second presidential debate to embarrass Hillary Clinton.  Of course Bill Clinton, who actions shouldn't be excused but was litigated over twenty years ago isn't running for president.

Yet another incident took place at his Mar Lago estate in Florida where he closed a door to a photographer's assistant in 2005 and tongue kissed her only to be interrupted by his butler bursting into the room and telling him "Melania is coming down the stairs."

Trump is a loathsome monster.  He is totally unfit to be president of the United States.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Custom Made Shirt!

Yesterday when I returned home from work I found a very nice surprise.  There was a package that contained a custom made Dr. Spo shirt.  So nice!

This is my "giraffe" shirt.  Very appropriate for me, being taller than average most of my life.  I love it!  

A happy Ron with his new "Giraffe" shirt

I am already the lucky recipient of three "Spo shirts."  I wore my "parrot" shirt to the "Price is Right" TV show last year when Pat and were in Hollywood for our annual winter holiday.  I wasn't chosen to "Come on down!" last year, even though I wore my Parrot shirt (see side bar photo).  But this year I am confident I will be chosen because I will be wearing this fabulous shirt.

I am so thankful to have a friend like Dr. Spo.  

Dr. Spo, fabulous friend well over four feet tall

Let me tell you something about this wonderful man.  He's kind, generous, witty, good-looking, and smart.  He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is a head shrink therapist. 

I "met" him through a link to his blog that was on my late friend "The Cajun's" blog.  I was immediately attracted to his handsome features.  Then I read his blog.  Wow, this guy is good!  In my opinion he's a better writer than many professional humor writers. I think he missed his calling.  He's as good as Dave Barry, my preeminent favorite humorist.  

Four years ago I had the good fortune to meet him in person during our first Bloggerpalooza.  I was very surprised to find that he is well over four feet tall.  In fact, he is quite tall.  

Dr. Spo with me, the late David Jefferies and the late "The Cajun", and Anne Marie of Philly's husband. I, Wayne and Dr. Spo are wearing his custom made shirts.

As you can tell I like this man.  But you know what I really like about Dr. Spo?  He is so kind.  And he tolerates me, even with all my foibles.  He isn't one of those faint hearted "friends" who dumps me as a friend just because I did or said something immature or inappropriate.  At the Bloggerpalooza I took note that he treats all people the same.  He doesn't have favorites.  

Dr. Spo gives a bear hug to the late David Jefferies

Dr. Spo is a good person and I am proud to have him as a friend.

Thank you Dr. Spo for this wonderful shirt. 

Me, Dr. Spo and his partner, Someone arriving at the Bloggerpalooza 2013 (note, I am 6'3" and Dr. Spo is almost as tall as I am and he's not wearing heels)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Second Presidential Debate Aftermath

Did you watch the debate last night?  I did.

It was embarrassing wasn't it?  Did you ever in your life think you would see anything like that?  I didn't.

Put aside who "won" the debate.  The Trump supporters will say Trump won.  The Hillary supporters will say Hillary won.  However, here are some of the indelible images I will take away from the debate:

  1. Donald Trump threatened to jail Hillary Clinton if he is elected president.
  2. Donald Trump placed four women accusers of Bill Clinton in the audience.  Note:  Bill Clinton isn't running for president.
  3. Donald Trump lurked behind Hillary Clinton most of the night during the debate thus creating an image of the Lurking Stalker.
  4. Donald Trump claimed that his bragging about grabbing any woman's genitals because he's a "star" was just "locker room talk."

Here is my takeaway from the debate last night:

  1. Donald Trump reinvigorated his base
  2. Donald Trump didn't gain any additional women voters
  3. Donald Trump cemented his reputation as a braggart and a bully
  4. Donald Trump is totally unfit to be president of the United States

Now this is the part where I'm supposed to say "Hillary isn't perfect but she is the only alternative."  Well, I'm not going to say that.  What I am going to say is:

"Hillary Clinton is the MOST qualified individual EVER to run for president of the United States."

So fasten your seat belts folks. Donald Trump knows that he has lost the presidential race, and to a woman.  

Donald Trump is a tired, old and overweight old man. And he is ANGRY.  He's losing.  And to a WOMAN.  

As depressing as it was to watch last night's debate at least there was one good thing to come out of it.  Now we know that his repulsive monster will never be president of the United States.  

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Trump Goes Nuclear

An hour before the second presidential debate tonight, Donald Trump called the press in a meeting room at the hotel where he is staying.  

The photo above is what the press saw.  Four women who have accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault.  

Folks, a chill just went down my spine.  Not because Trump is parading these women, whose charges have never been proved, but because a major presidential candidate would sink so low to do such a thing.  

I am ashamed for this country.  Not because of Bill  Clinton and his sexual past but because the Republican nominee has sunk to such depths.  

Here's a message for Donald Trump and his supporters:


The Big Debate Tonight

The second presidential debate is tonight. 

Incredibly, this debate is expected to have even more viewers than the first presidential debate.  

And why is that?  Because of the recent revelations by the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being caught on an open mic bragging about sexual assault on women.  

Trump is threatening to bring up Bill Clinton's  sexual behavior of thirty years ago at tonight's debate.  Of course Bill Clinton isn't running for president but in Trump's world, he thinks this will help him win the presidency.  

Every day more Republicans are withdrawing their support of Trump.  Some have said they're not voting for him.  Others are calling for Trump to withdraw from the race.  

I for one will be glued to the TV tonight.  One thing is for sure, Donald Trump does entertain.  I have a theory that Trump is actually enjoying all this attention, even though it is negative.  Remember what Donald Trump has said about publicity . . . . "all publicity is good publicity."  


Friday, October 07, 2016

The Presidential Campaign Ended Today

Trump and Billy Bush - 2005 - Alpha Males and misogynists

Mark this date.  The U. S. presidential campaign ended today.  

The Washington Post published this story today.  See here

Trump is caught on a hot mic bragging "When you're a star . . . . you can do anything" to women, including grabbing their private parts. 

Folks, a revelation like this about a person's character is bad enough but when it reinforces an already known narrative, it is lethal. 

Trump's immediate response was "Bill Clinton was worse" won't make a difference.  All during this campaign every time Trump is revealed for who he is, the Trump campaign immediately pivots to "Hillary . . . . etc."  This time he pivots to Bill Clinton but there is one small fact he overlooks, Bill Clinton isn't running for president.

Many months ago I predicted that Trump would be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.  I never said he would win but I have to admit there were times during the past few months when I had my doubts.  But now I have no doubt.  Trump is finished.  There is no way out of this, even for his most reverent supporters.  The simple fact is that Trump needs more women voters.  He won't get those votes now.  Oh sure, he'll still have the white males without college degrees or as he says "I love the poorly educated!"  But he isn't getting that much sought after women's vote.

Braggart Trump with his Trophy Wife, Melanie

So now here is my prediction.  Trump with withdraw from the presidential race. This isn't the first tie I thought he would withdraw but now I am fairly confident he will withdraw.  Reince Prebius, the Republican National Committee chairman will ask Indiana governor Mike Pence to take Donald Trump's place as the Republican presidential candidate.  

Mike Pence, Indiana governor who signed a anti LGBT law
New Republican presidential candidate

Mark this date.  Donald Trump is finished.  Thank God. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

High School Classmates - 1957 - Lifelong Memories

How good is your memory?  I have this uncanny ability to remember names of folks that I know.  

I was reminded of this recently when I posted this photo of my sophomore class taken in 957.  After all these year I think I can identify everyone person in this photo.  

Now let's see.  I will start with the first row left from right:

Pat Weber, Anne Yerkes, Jackie Schmidt, Elsie Strock, Mary Jane Sabellico, Judy Wagner, Frances Wilkenson, Patty Zittle, Betty Lou Woodward, Virginia Walters, Bonnie Walton, Linda Smith, Jean Timmerman

There!  I got the whole first row.  I also remember all there personalities.  Who liked me, who I liked and who I didn't know that well.  My late friend Wayne "The Cajun" Juneau used to mock me for "living in the past."  I liked Wayne but he was wrong in his observation of me and my propensity to remember my past.  We are who we are today because of our past. Both the good and bad experiences and people.  We learn from the past.  

Now for the second row.  Notice that the first row was all girls.  This WAS back in the Fifties when the guys were always told to stand in the back, especially the case with me being so tall.  I think these days schools are more egalitarian in the way they treat and respect their students. One thing I have never forgotten from school days was that I was always in the back of the room and any group setting.  From first grade on we were seated alphabetically and since my last name begins is a "T" I was in the back.  I truly believe that this "you can't sit at the lunch counter" syndrome affected my self confidence.  My good friend Bill B., who was short and always sat up front was and is a very confident person, even to this day.  While I put up a good front, I never completely got rid of my lack of self confidence. 

Now let's get to that second row:

Polly Weber (who is the twin of Pat Weber in the first row), Anne Williamson, Cookie Seibert, Su Su Serafino, Judy Scarborough (who is a neighbor of mine now here in southern Delaware), Gracie Styer (who was good friend of mine in grade school, I never knew what happened to her), Jean Szell, Duer Smedley, Lou Wilkerson (who I got into a fist fight with - 9th grade), Don Smith (who I had the hots for), Kenny Van Lew (who I also got into a fight with - 7th grade and who died in combat in Viet Nam), Francis Trego, Olin Siever.

Hey!  I got the whole second row!!!  I'm impressed with myself.  Damn I'm good.
Yes, I'm complimenting myself.

Here we go with the third row:

Bob Zynn, Jack Swarner, Donald Yanascoli (who I also had a crush on), Bob Watts, Blaine Stong, me (believe it or not I had too much hair), Don "Buddy" White who was our championship quarterback, Henry "Champ" Stehman, Denny Williams (another crush of mine), Terry Stimson, Alan Wilson, Harry Styer, Bill White

There!  I did it!  Looking at this picture I'm reminded at how all the girls wore dresses.  Many of them with crinolines, I remember the rustle of those crinolines when the girls would seat themselves on the wooden chairs in our classrooms.

The guys who wore short sleeve shirts would roll the short sleeves up.  Why?  Where the short sleeves too long?  No, it was just the "thing" to do.

By the way, my very first real date (at the Soph Hop) was the girl third from the right in the first row.  Her name was Bonnie Walton. She of the sweater and plaid skirt.  The next time I saw here was at our 35th Class Reunion.  Guess what?  She was a lesbian.  Looking at this photo now I guess I could have figured that out when we went to the Soph Hop.  Not that I was trying to make out with her, or any girl.  I guess sub consciously I wanted a "safe" date, which is what I got.

Bonnie Walton - 1959
Bonnie and me at our 50th class reunion 2009

Ah memories.  

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Class Reunion Video

This morning I performed a labor of love.  As you know, I love to take photos and videos to record memorable moments in my life. And at this time of my life, as I enter my ninth inning with two outs, I am worried that all my photo and video history will be lost.  But take heart folks, I have found a way to remedy this dire situation!

I can upload my photos and videos to You Tube and create a permanent record for those who are still alive and those who follow me.  What a relief!  

So now all I have to do is upload my photos and videos to YouTube and produce the wonderful video like I'm posting to this blog post today.

This is a video, slide show actually with musical accompaniment, of my high school's 40th class reunion.  I haven't attended all the reunions but I have attended enough to make several more videos.  By the way, click on the "X" to make that annoying YouTube ad to go away.  I guess I shouldn't complain because YouTube lets me make these videos for free but who wants to see an ad overlaid on such a wonderful video?

Now I understand that to most of you the individuals in this video/slide show you won't know or recognize (hopefully you will recognize a young me) but I think most of you will enjoy the video anyway.  I know I had a grand time putting it together.

The only downside is that so many of my former classmates in this video have now passed on.  I only wish I could have shared all the smiles with them.

In memory of those classmates who are no longer with us:

Judy Baldwin (Nixdorf)
Bill Jones
Gary Kinzey
Denny Myers
Bruce Nixdorf
Bonnie Walton
Patty Zittle
Bob Zynn

The banner photo is our Class of 1959 taken when we were sophomores in 1957.  Yours truly is behind the "D" in "Delaware" with the big pompadour. Cool!

And one more By The Way, I can identify every one of my classmates in that 1957 class photo including the ones I had a crush on (little did they know) (smile).

Yes, that is Yours Truly, standing at the front door of our high school. This was the photo used as the centerfold of our high school yearbook. The first and only time Yours Truly was in a centerfold.

Centerfold - 1959 DHS Yearbook

Monday, October 03, 2016

Will I Ever Go Back To Provincetown?

Me in the back of my friend Bob's pickup truck, August 1974 at Bob White's Motel, Provincetown, Mass 

Back in the Seventies and early Eighties I used to spend all my vacation days in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  

The first time I visited Provincetown was in 1974.  I had heard a lot about Provincetown being the "Gay Mecca" from my late co-worker Don Lodge. I felt that I had missed out on all the "Gay Mecca" scene because I lived in Philadelphia, PA.  At that time Philadelphia was considered a pale imitation of New York City as far as the gay scene was concerned.

Being young and foolish (relatively), I thought I would grab this last chance of immersing myself into the Gay Disneyland of the East Coast.  

At 32 years old I felt I was past my prime gay attractiveness so I better make hay while the sun shined. Oh yes, I was brainwashed that if you were gay and over 30 years old you were washed up.  Oh how little did I know, witness the fact that I will soon be 75 years old and I am literally having the best time of my life now romantically and sexually.  Something I never would have believed way back there over forty years ago.  But I digress.  Back to the subject at hand.

I talked to my late good friend Bob McCamley about visiting Provincetown.  Bob had a pickup truck.  We were both butch.  What away to make an entrance into the gay Mecca, two butches in a pickup truck. 

Bob agreed to drive to Provincetown.  

He came by our townhouse in center city Philly one sunny Saturday morning and picked me up.  We were on our way!

To be continued:

Me and my friend Bob ready to depart Philadelphia for Provincetown, Mass August 1974

Random Observations on a December Morning

Late yesterday afternoon sun on our cozy home (in the background).    What? Yet another selfie of yours truly in a hoodie on his property in...