Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Money Can't Buy

Donald Sterling Tokowitz court side at an LA Lakers game with his granddaughter  girlfriend - notice the permanent smirk on Tokowitz's face

Respect.  That's what money can't buy.  You can have millions and even billions of dollars but you can't buy respect.  Awful people like the now outed racist Donald Tokowitz Sterling may have convinced himself that his 1.9 billion dollar fortune brought him respect, especially when he "contributes" a few dollars to the local LA NAACP so they can present him with a lifetime achievement award, which just goes to show you how phony baloney those "lifetime achievement" awards are - they usually go to who gives the most money. Either that or they're popularity awards for members of the same "in" group but that's a subject for a another blog.

Yesterday the National Basketball Association's commissioner, Adam Stern, banned the odious, racist Donald Sterling (I hate using his fake last name, his real last name is Tokowitz) for life from the professional basketball.  He also fined him the maximum fine of 2.5 million dollars which is hardly a drop in the bucket of Sterling's (real name Tokowitz) 1.9 billion dollar ill gotten (he's a slum lord who sues at the drop of a hat) fortune.  Also he's been ordered to sell his team (which he is refusing to do, wait for it……he's suing!) The irony in Sterling (real name Tokowitz) in selling his team is that the LA Clippers are probably work upwards of one billion dollars.

Mrs. Tokowitz Sterling who Donald Tokowitz Sterling will now run the team, Jabba the Hut ain't giving up that easy

But you know what folks?  No matter how much this cretin (and comparing Sterling - real name Tokowitz with cretins gives cretins a bad name) ends up with he won't have respect. Sure, he's got more than enough money to get a blow job for whatever pretty damsel he chooses.  And he has more than enough money to have hordes of toadies bowing down to him.  But he will never have the respect which I suspect he desperately wants.  Now I could be wrong and this vile human being could be devoid totally of human characteristics that we take for granted, but I do believe that Sterling (real name Tokowitz) craves respect.  And that folks is the ultimate punishment for this man.  At 81 years of age he probably doesn't have a lot of time left on this planet to foul the air with his presence but what years he does left, he is a pariah.  

Donald Tokowitz Sterling - NAACP (LA chapter) Lifetime Achievment Award designee (since withdrawn)

I probably should feel this sense of satisfaction that Sterling (real name Tokowitz) is getting his just desserts, no matter how long delayed but I do. We all know people like Sterling.  People who view and treat others as "less than" just because they are different than they are.  Whether those other "different" people are gay, overweight, a different nationality, handicapped, or different religion.  There are people in this world who make it their life goal to obtain vast amounts of wealth just to have power over others.  Then they discriminate against those who aren't venal like they are, thus affecting their lives.  But every now and then one of these human flotsams is brought down and there does seem to be some justice in this world, however rare and temporary.  

Donald Tokowitz Sterling with wife - maybe he can go into timeshares now that he doesn't have an NBA basketball team to make more millions for him and wifey poo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Lately I've been thinking a lot about balance, as in my life.  I've been working too much lately.  I've been worrying too much lately about unimportant things.  I need to get my life back in balance.

The past few days I've been updating my Find a (acronym FAG) account.  There is only one reader of my blog who knows what Find a is.  We're volunteers who take pictures of gravestones and post them to a website.  I've talking about this "hobby" of mine before.  Some may think I waste my time, it would be better spent in going to church or say, volunteering my time at a local thrift store or some other endeavor they consider worthy of filling up my "spare" time.  But folks, walking around graveyards, enjoying the peace and non stress of cemeteries give me a peace of mind that I rarely find in other quarters.  I prefer to make my own decisions as to what to do with my time.

I go to work where there is all too often some kind of emergency.  I come home and try to figure out how to pay ever increasing bills on my mainly fixed income.  Just this week I received significant increases in my car and homeowner's insurance.  Consistent insurance increases are my biggest concern in my retirement. At my former home in Pennsylvania, ever increasing taxes were my constant concern.  Always something.

Then there is my health.  A year out from my prostate procedure I still have fatigue that requires me to take a daily afternoon nap.  Then there are the side effects.  Annoying and not suitable for discussion in this family friendly blog.  

It seems there are some that feel the need to volunteer my time for one of their causes.  Uh….no thanks.  I appreciate the thought but my plate is quite full already.  About a month ago I was quite annoyed when a stranger who I didn't know posted publicly on Facebook that I should "take the lead" in helping a sick member of our community.  Where did that come from?  Who is this person volunteering my time that I don't know? Trying to shame me into volunteering. Again folks, I'll run my own life. I'm the best judge of how I spend my time. Why don't you volunteer your time instead of taking to Facebook and trying to shame me into volunteering my time?  

So for the next several months (or longer) I'm going to take time out for…….myself.  I'm going to start posting my thousands of photos that I've taken over the past two years of cemeteries I've visited here in southern Delaware and during our trips South.  So if anyone is thinking of volunteering my for something, my plate is already full.  Cast your gaze elsewhere.

Prostate Cancer - No Easy Answers

I occasionally go into the support group website Inspire to check and see how my fellow prostate cancer patients are coping with their diagnosis, tests and treatments.  I don't go as often as I used to because quite frankly sometimes it is depressing to hear what others are going through.  Makes me realize how lucky I am to have my prostate cancer localized (which is what I was told but one never knows). 

Last week I read a new posting, which was like to many other postings from men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.  They are overwhelmed by all the options (which I won't go into here) and all the possible side effects (which I won't go into here either).  All of these men are looking for a clean cut (no pun intended) answer of how to treat their prostate cancer. Well folks, there is no easy answer.  

Thus I was heartened when I posted a response to one such man who didn't know how to proceed after he got his diagnosis of prostate cancer.  See below:

Hey folks, in life there are no easy answers.  From the day we are born we are programmed for survival.  Why?  I don't have an easy answer for that except maybe to love and be loved.  Thus, when we come to a point in our lives that our survival is threatened, when we feel we're losing control and when we feel we may not survive, panic sets in.  

A very ill friend of mine recently said "I'm not afraid of dying but I am afraid of HOW I'm going to die."  Same here folks, I am not afraid of dying. I just can't work up that fear.  Oh I know many of those "God fearing" folks want to make sure they get into Heaven.  I don't know what happens after you die (nothing I strongly suspect) but what I do know is what is happening when we're alive.  

I do not want to be dependent on anyone when I die.  I do not want to suffer excruciating pain (I am a coward at my core, yes I said it).  

I've lived a long life.  For over 90% of my life I've been extremely happy and content and not wanting for anything.  I've been loved and I have loved (and continue to do so, thank God).  Lesson, make every day count and be thankful.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tent Caterpillers!

The tree I saved this morning from tent caterpillars

This morning I was trying to decide which of several subjects I wanted to write about today.  But first I had a couple of birdhouses I wanted to put into two of my favorite trees.  As I was putting the birdhouse in one of the trees I noticed TENT CATERPILLARS had taken up residence!  NO! NO! NO!

Last year I lost a favorite aborvitae tree to bag worms.  By the time I realized the bagworms were had taken over the tree, it was too late to save it. Thank goodness I happened to buy those birdhouses at Loew's this morning and decided to put them up right away.  Otherwise, by the time I realized the tent caterpillars were in the tree, it would have been too late.

Eastern tent caterpillars at home

Normally I don't like to kill anything, animal or insect but I have no compunction about killing something that is going to kill one of my trees or shrubs.  And this tree, which planted itself at the perfect location, is a favorite with my back yard birds.  NO WAY was I going to let the tent caterpillars decimate it.  So what did I do?  I got out my long pole that cuts branches and started to break up the tents that were formed in the elbows of the tree.  There were five of them.  Then I smashed, yes SMASHED the caterpillars.  No compunction about the mass slaughter folks, none at all.  

Mass of writhing Eastern tent caterpillars
So folks, my posting about the following subjects will have to wait:

Donald Sterling (real name Tokowitz), the racist L.A. Clippers owner controversy and hypocrisy

This man has a girlfriend? Must have money.

Cable and satellite TV commercial overload which is driving me away from TV

Is it me but didn't "they" tell us that when pay TV came we wouldn't have commercial anymore? What am I missing here?

Review of "World War Z" movie and Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt (man on left)

Television "news" that isn't news

That missing Malaysian airliner?  It's gone, move on.

So you see folks, I'm not one of those bloggers who runs out of things to write about.  Even though I don't write about my most personal, innermost thoughts, hope and fears I still have plenty to rant and vent about, believe you me.

But I had this emergency this morning so I thought I would share it with all of you.  Life is always an adventure isn't it folks?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Successful Saturday!

Dressed and ready to go!

Yesterday morning dawned bright and sunny.  I woke up mentally and physically prepared to assault my adjoining residential development of Oyster Rocks.  Yes, your intrepid neighborhood volunteer for the Democratic party was going to take advantage of their neighborhood yard sale and introduce myself.  

I have to admit it was with some trepidation as I dressed in my non-threatening, user friendly outfit of blue pull over sweater, pale yellow shirt, and clean jeans and headed out on foot with my clipboard, name badge and Democrat pin.  Ready to go Ron!

The roads in Oyster Rocks that I walked yesterday - lots of exercise!
I walked from my development which adjoins Oyster Rocks.  Checking my list of names and addresses, I stopped at the first house on my list.  I knock on the door and middle aged gentleman answered the door. I asked if his wife was in.  He said she was but she was busy.  I then identified myself as "Hi!  I'm your neighbor from Covington Chase and I'm the neighborhood volunteer for the Democratic party.  I want to let you know that we're active in the neighborhood and urging all registered Democrats to vote in this year, the off year elections.  Here's my card if you have any questions." 

He took my card and told me they had recently moved into the neighborhood from Maryland.  I told him that I had moved from Pennsylvania to Delaware in 2006.  We thus began a pleasant conversation that lasted about a half an hour.  He took me on a tour of his backyard.  As I was talking with him and going on his tour I noticed more cars and activity around me, as more people were coming into the Oyster Rocks development for the yard sales. I thanked him and excused myself and was on my way.

Oyster Rocks neighborhood yard sale yesterday

Well folks, I won't go through everyone that I saw but I did see a LOT of folks!  I think about twenty-five.  I made a good dent in my list of contacting registered Democrats.  Some just answered the door and I gave them my card.  Some others, like Patty W., was also a passionate Democrat who saw the need for a change and we had long conversations.  So, from 8 am to about 11:30 am I had an extremely productive time introducing my wonderful self to said registered Democrats.  

I was apprehensive about knocking on doors of strangers but it appears my fears were unfounded.  My friend Pat told me that I would more likely make more friends than have a door slammed in my face.  The only negative I had was when I knocked on a door of an older house out on Oyster Rocks Road.  An older lady (older than me so you know that is OLD) answered.  She was reluctant to open the door but I motioned for her to open it so I could give her my card.  After I introduced myself she said, with a scowl on her face, "I hate all politicians! They're all liars!" Hmmm, actually I couldn't totally disagree with her and told her so.  Apparently that broke the ice because we also had a long conversation about local politics, the neighborhood and her family which has been in Sussex County for generations (her daughter and son-in-law lived in the house next to hers).  We ended our meeting with her saying to me "God bless you!"  So what do you think folks?  Could I be one of those lying politicians? Nah, I don't have the temperament.  First, I couldn't and wouldn't lie.  Secondly, I have very little patience with some of the more extreme right wing views and I would vociferously voice my views.

One of the hidden houses on Route One (behind that clump of trees) - I couldn't figure out how to get in

After a very successful morning in Oyster Rocks, I returned home and had lunch and took my daily nap.  Awaking from my nap I was all energized again and decided to stop out on the highway (Route One) and knock on those doors. Well folks, that was a completely different demographic out there.  Registered Democrats for sure but not the "imports" that I was so successfully talking to in the morning in Oyster Rocks.  These folks are the original Sussex County residents, lower on the economic scale and houses not quite so grand as mine and my fellow neighbors in Oysters Rocks.  All the houses except one I didn't get anyone to come to the door.  I know they were there because I saw the pickup trucks their driveway.  Again, just another reminder of how lucky I am to have a nice home among nice friendly folks.  There is definitely a cultural divide down here folks, even among us Democrats. 

Yes Paul Ryan, we Dems are a diverse bunch

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ron Gets a Break

Guess what?  I got a break!

Late yesterday afternoon I ventured out again, with the goal to introduce myself as the neighborhood volunteer for the Democratic party.  The sun was out but very, very windy as I crossed over the no man's land patch of land between my development and the development where I usually walk and where today I was going again attempt to make my introductions.  

The first door I knock, no answer.  Another strike out.  I check my list of names and addresses on my clipboard, fighting the wind flapping my papers around.  With all the noise I'm making I'm announcing my arrival.  

No answer 

Next house I walk up the three steps and boldly knock on the door. As I've said before, I'm absolutely hating knocking on strangers' doors.  Fear of rejection - bothering people - loss of control - not cool - et al.  

The door opens.  I ask "Are you John Hamilton?"  A pleasant looking thin man, a few years younger than me (most everyone is younger than me these days) answers "No, he moved".  Strike out again!  Remember, last week the first door I knock on the nice lady answered and gave me the same answer.  Am I being punked?

Well, I had a nice conversation with this man.  During our conversation I asks him if he was a registered Democrat.  He was not.  He said he was an Independent which, actually I am.  Maybe if I had registered Independent I wouldn't have been volunteered for this present adventure.  But I digress.

With a handshake, I finished our conversation.  But during the conversation Mr. B. (name omitted to protect the innocent his privacy) said to me "Why isn't Covington Chase (the development I live in) having a yard sale tomorrow with us?"  What was that?  A - YARD - SALE?   Do I detect an opportunity here?  A yard sale as in almost everyone will be out tomorrow morning in front of their houses with their junk items?  You mean I don't to creep around your neighborhood like a snake oil salesman with my list of registered Democratic voters?  You mean I can just BLEND IN with the crowd?  Oh yes!  

Folks, it is now 7:07 am.  The yard sale is from 8 am to 12 pm.  

I'm going to have some breakfast now, then put on my white shirt, blue sweater with my local neighborhood Democratic volunteer badge and descend on the unsuspecting this morning. 

This should be good.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Finally Friday

I got my list and I'm ready to go

It's finally Friday!  I just spent the morning transferring the 75 names and 49 addresses from the registered Democratic voters lists that I received last week.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I've been "volunteered" to be the neighborhood volunteer for the local Democratic party.  My first job was to introduce myself to the folks on this list.  

Just what I need, another responsibility.  But the more I think about it I think I'll enjoy this.  I've always been interested in politics (I watch MSNBC all the time just like the good liberal progressive that I am.) I like to meet people.  I like making a difference.  But the question is "Do I have the time?"  I do love my blogging, gardening, taking Bill for rides, taking and organizing my thousands of photos and reading and many other activities.  Plus I have that job at the hotel with I enjoy (most of the time).  

This morning I finished entering all the names and addresses in my computer and I printed out a more manageable list of folks I'm to visit and introduce myself.  But first I have to wash my car.  Won't do to show up in a dirty car.

So I'm off to the car wash and back her for lunch, a nap and then maybe I'll head out this afternoon in the neighborhood behind mind and meet the folks.  Wish me luck!

Me congratulating Delaware Governor Jack Markell on his announcement for support of marriage equality in Delaware

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Putting Things in Perspective

The past week or so I've been pretty miserable.  The usual Cheerful Ron had left the building.  

Oh I know we all go through peaks and valleys in moods.  The causes could be internal or external or a combination of both.  I can list several causes for my funk:

  1. Continuing cold weather
  2. Increased work load causing disruption of digestive system
  3. Physical ailments - side effects of prostate cancer treatment and most recent, seborrheic keratosis outbreak on my back causing a great deal of pain and discomfort
  4. Estrangement from family because of my marriage
  5. Being taken for granted
  6. And another frustration which I cannot write about but those who know me know what that frustration is (Cryptic Ron again) 
So last night at work I'm there with my itchy and painful back, in absolutely no mood to take the next phone call asking "Do you have a pool?" (the most commonly asked question during the season of moms bringing their Little Darlings to the hotel and wanting to unload the responsibility of caring for them onto the hotel's staff at THE POOL), I checked in a guest whose situation put my so called sad state into perspective.  

I checked in this very nice gentleman whose reservation said he had "special needs."  His special needs were an extra set of bedding.  I had previously taken the extra set of bedding to his room.  

Later this gentleman, who was concentration camp survivor thin, came down to the front desk for recommendations where to eat.  He told me he couldn't eat much because his stomach had been removed because he had stomach cancer.  When he told me this, in a very matter of fact way, all of a sudden my little woes receded into the background.  Man oh man, and I thought I had problems.  Wow.

Of course I was taken aback, not knowing quite what to say.  He saw that I was curious as to how he could eat food and he explained to me that his intestines were moved up to where his stomach was.  He said he could still taste food ("the taste buds still work") but the food "went right through him."  Well, I guess.  Now I understood why he needed the extra set of bedding, he has to sleep upright.  

The restaurant I recommended was perfect for him.  He stopped by the front desk and told me so.  As I saw him walk away, thin as a rail I thought "Ron, you are one damn lucky person.  Get over yourself."

"I used to complain about having no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is It Wednesday Already?

Chickens on their way to their doom - a common everyday sight here in southern Delaware

Time flies when you're having fun.  

Back to work again folks.  I'm beginning to feel like a full-time employee with all the extra hours I'm working at the hotel this month.  Hopefully I can get back on my regular schedule of two nights a week.  And that folks begins tonight, Wednesday night.  Then tomorrow night then I'm off to do my "other" work which at this time of year is my backyard work.  And of course I have new duties this year since I've been volunteered for local Democratic volunteer.  

Ron - neighborhood Democratic volunteer

This morning I will enter all the information of the 76 registered Democrats and 46 houses in my Address book.  I was given sheaves of paper with all this information but I find that unwieldy to handle whilst I'm looking for the domiciles of said registered Democrats who are my neighbors.  My goal is to make my in person visits this Saturday.  Hopefully to catch the unsuspecting unawares when I pounce on them and say "Hi! My name is Ron Tipton and I'm one of your nearby neighbors and a volunteer for the local Democratic party………and so on."  Yet another avenue of experience for your intrepid 72 year old formerly life long registered Republican who was radicalized by the extreme right wing fanatic crazy assed turn of what used to be the Republican Party (yes, I voted for Goldwater - my first ever vote in 1964 and Nixon - yes I did).  Well, enough about my newest non-paid venture.  I can hear the snores of some of you already.

First time out - I voted for one of the biggest losers ever

The past two days have been very uncomfortable for me.  The pain of the broken skin on my back at times is excruciating.  I find it very interesting at this time of my life I am experiencing all these new levels of pain.  Avenues of pain I've never trod down before. Not fun folks.  Yesterday I got some relief when I asked Bill to rub some of his hydro cortisone on the damaged areas on my back. 

Is this what my life's going to be like as I enter into Old Age?  Over the weekend I woke up in the middle of the night with severe leg cramps in my calves.  You know what they're like?  Charley Horses that you can't straighten out.  I had to get up and tromp around my bedroom before they finally went away. 

Just this morning I my right hand froze up with a minor attack of arthritis.  Those arthritic freeze ups have been going on for several years now.  I can handle them, probably because I'm used to them. However, they are becoming more frequent, not less.

So far all negative info this morning folks.  Sorry about that.  I do have some good information. Even though I'm on the outs with my brothers (because of my temerity) and former good friend Bill B., it is a relief not to hear the one brothers' paranoid crazy assed right wing accusatory rants against me.  Oh sure, I do have to occasionally hear my neighbors "I hate Obama!" rants but like my arthritic hand attacks, I'm sort of used to that.  I like her and if it makes her feel good to vent her anger, I'm okay with that…..I guess.  Would be nice to have a conversation for once though without the rant though.

The "Peace and Love" guys from Duck Dynasty - here's my question - if these "good Christian men" are the only ones going to Heaven, is this where I want to go?  Hey, maybe I really am going to Hell or…..maybe they're Hell. Just saying.

This is the first year in four years that Bill and I haven't take a trip South.  Seeing the buds out on the trees reminds me of our trips south and does give me a feeling of melancholy.  But those trips are not to be.  For one thing they're very stressful, traveling over 600 miles and 12 hours one way. 

Pigeon Roost North Carolina, probably my last visit to where my father was born and lived until he was ten years old at which time his family moved to southern Pennsylvania where he met my Mother and I happened

 Then all the unloading and loading at all those scruffy hotels, sleeping on hotel beds God knows who was sleeping there before, and then the expense.  I stopped counting when the bucks passed $2,000.  Bill always liked to visit his hometown in Georgia but we'll probably never do it again.  I think the "event" that sealed our decision never to travel again was when a homophobic cousin of mine threatened us last year when I attempted to visit his parents.

Glenn Renfro and his wife Wanda (my cousin) standing on the porch of his house which was built by my great grandfather Isaac Lewis (my father's mother's father and for whom my father was named). I am no longer welcomed because I "practice the gay lifestyle." So much for southern hospitality.  

The South is pretty and most of the people are friendly on the surface but God help you if you have come out of the closet, your life is literally in danger traveling in those isolated mountains.  Too many guns up there and low information voters willing to use them on anyone who is different from them.  No thank you, we'll stay here in Delaware where the state recognizes equality for ALL of it's citizens, gay and straight.

Okay folks, time to get started on my list.  Have a great day!

Where we live in Delaware - safe (relatively so) and sound - don't have to worry about some paranoid hillbilly shooting us just because we got married

Monday, April 21, 2014

Visit to the Doctor

Waiting for the doctor this morning - never a happy camper

This morning I had my six month checkup visit to my doctor at the VA.  I am so glad I am in the VA system.  I truly believe being in the VA system and having regular six month checkups have saved my life.

My appointment today was for 11:30 am.  I drove down to Georgetown, where the local VA outpatient clinic is located.  Dennis, an assistant was waiting outside.  After I parked my car and got out and approached the facility, he hollered to me "Are you Mr. Tipton?"  I said "Yes."  He motioned with his arm for me to follow him inside.

VA Outpatient Clinic Georgetown, Delaware

What service!  So much for the naysayers for government healthcare.  I followed him in.  He measured my height.  74 inches.  I shrunk.  I used to be 75 inches.  He told me not to worry about it. Happens to everyone when they get older.  There we go with the "older" thing again.  Oh well.

Then he motioned for me to have a seat.  I took my jacket off (nice day today but still a bit of a chill out on this sunny day) and he took my blood pressure.  135 over 72.  I said "That's a little big high isn't it?"  He said "No, that's normal."  Then he stuck a thermometer in my mouth and took my temperature.  I don't know what my temperature was but it probably was alright because after he took the thermometer out he motioned for me to have a seat to wait for my doctor.

Waiting Room Georgetown VA Outpatient Clinic

I took my seat, got out my iPhone and within five minutes, my doctor open the door to his office and came out to get me.  As I greeted him he said "That's what I like to see, a big smile.  You know Mr. Tipton we get so many people here who don't smile, it's nice to see a smile like yours."  Hey, I didn't know I smiled that much but it's nice to hear.

I followed I'm into his small office and had a seat.  I won't go into the details of what we talked about except to mentioned that I did tell him about the painful skin condition on my back that was causing me a great deal of pain.  He took a look and said it was a very common condition called seborrheic keratosis, a non cancerous skin condition.  A couple of days ago it was itching so much and I scratched too hard thus breaking the skin and causing some major pain.  He prescribed a cortisone cream.  I have it on now and the pain is almost gone.  Thank you doctor! 

Not me but doctor similar to mine this morning under same circumstances - I get the best care at the VA!

I was in his office for almost an hour.  Oh yes, government health care, the big bogeyman that the Republican are trying to scare everyone about.  Well, we covered everything from the side effects of my prostate cancer treatment to comparing U.S. healthcare with government run Canadian healthcare.  With both programs, one has to wait for major procedures so there isn't any difference.  I told him that with him I can spend time with my doctor that my private doctors (and I have a slew of them) don't seem to have the time for me because they're off to see another patient.  To me that is one of the major differences between government run health care and private health care.  Of course I use private health care now because of the geographical convenience.  I can't be running to Wilmington (89 miles away) every time I need to see my urologist, oncologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, eye doctor and dentist.  Besides if I did the VA in Wilmington still charges my Medicare just like the private doctors do now.  

So all in all I had a good visit.  As I left to go out into this wonderful sunny spring day, I made another appointment for six months hence in October.  

All is well in the World of Ron.  Back to our regular programming now.

My happy tulips waiting for me when I got home

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Money Doesn't Always Equal Beauty

George Lucas ("Star Wars" fame) before hair and after hair
You know, some people can go the bald route and some….cannot

One of the things that has always fascinated me is how the vast accumulation of wealth rarely equals beauty.  Ever notice how downright UGLY the wealthiest men are?  Man oh man, talk about fugly.  Yes, I said "fugly" (which you can figure out).

I always thought "Mr. Softee", aka Bill Gates of the Microsoft scam empire was the ugliest billionaire on the planted.  But now I see he has SERIOUS competition.  Have you folks checked out this casino gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson?  You know, the gnome who is in the process of buying the American democracy with his billions of ill gotten dollars.

Sheldon Adelson -beyond plastic surgery (is that lipstick?)
I see this bridge troll always appears with his wife who is actually attractive.  Yeah, huh huh.  For sure she married him for his body.  How would you like to have this waiting for you in bed at night?

What prompted me to write this very disrespectful post on Easter Sunday (I don't do Easter) is the photo of George Lucas I saw on my Facebook page this morning.  George before hair and George after hair.  As I said on the caption of that picture, some people can do bald and some…..well, it doesn't work.  George, it's not working because now you look like a major player in the bar scene of your Star Wars movie.  George, you are downright CREEPY. And I used to think you were so handsome.  And what happened to your NECK?

Bar scene Star Wars movie

Then there is my previous Major Ugly billionaire, the soulless Bill Gates.  He of the perpetual bangs.  Give it up Mr. Softee, you're TOO OLD for the bangs.

Bill Gates, self-styled philanthropist who is going to erase hunger and disease in…wait for it….INDIA! What about this country you schmuck?
Oh folks, there are so many to choose from.  The newest entries to the Creepy Billionaires club are the Koch brothers who, along with the aforementioned Sheldon Adelson are also in the process of whoring as many politicians as they can with their ill gotten billions to buy and control the American democracy.

The (zombie) Koch Brothers - evil incarnate 
Hey folks, you want these guys in charge of your… care? You EARNED Social Security benefits? You want these guys sending your children off to fake wars to buttress up their companies so they can make MORE money?  Here I go, on a rant again and when this blog was just supposed to be about ugly billionaires.

Larry Ellison - CEO and Emperor of Oracle (software)
Just to show you folks how ecumenical I am on the peace and love Easter Sunday I do believe Lar is of the progressive (read "liberal") political persuasion.  Still, he is major FUGLY.  Just more proof that money can't buy you looks.  Maybe it can buy you all the sex you ever dreamed of and have thousands of toadies (including almost all politicians) kissing your ring finger but it sure ain't buying you looks.  

But you know folks, now that I think about it I know a lot of people of "average looks" who I find pretty attractive.  You know what I'm thinking now?  I think these billionaires whose pictures I posted on this blog are evil.  That is where there ugliness comes from.  There is no heart or soul in their visages,  just a terrible ugliness.  You know what they say, all great fortunes are founded on a crime.  From the first billionaire in this country, John Jacob Astor, whose fortunes was created from the misery and death of so many trapped creatures whose fur he sold to the rich in Europe during the 18th century.

John Jacob Astor - responsible for the prolonged and painful deaths of millions of fur coated animals during his reign of terror to accumulate wealth

Then I look at somebody like the director Ron Howard.  Ron was cute as a child actor but lost most of his hair as an adult and is no longer cute.  As a matter of fact, at first glance one would say he is rather unattractive but upon closer look you can see the gentleness in his eyes and the genuine smile which make him attractive.  

One of my secret pleasures (schadenfreude) is to see how most of our rock idols have not aged well.  Remember when Paul McCartney was the "cute one"? By the way, I never did think he was the "cute one."  I thought the cute one was George Harrison but he didn't age well either (all those drugs no doubt).

Even with the obviously touched up photo on the right, Sir Paul still looks like an old lady.  

Then whatever happen to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith?  I was never one of his fans but I hear he had a few.  Check him out now, he looks like a drag show contestant who came in last.

Steven, it's over.  Collect your millions a go home.  Hide.  Stay out of sight.  Please.

And then there is Robert Redford.  The original Pretty Boy.  Again, I never go the attraction but I heard (through the grapevine) that quite a few others easily led fans did.  Bob, what happened?  Looks like Bob obviously pissed off some voodoo witch who put an ugly hex on him.

What was the name of that show?  Uh…..yes that's it!  The Crypt Keeper.  

Hey folks, I may be poor (which I definitely am) but if I had the chance to make a devil's trade for my looks for a large bank account but also had to go major, creepy ugly… thanks.  I'll stay poor.  

And that my friends is my posting on this Easter Sunday.  Not quite the Easter Bunny was it?

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