Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Like What I Say In My Blog?

I seem to remember that I posted a blog a few weeks ago with the title "If You Don't Like My Blog Don't Read It."  Apparently some folks out their in the blogosphere who don't like me or my blog continue to read my blog and feel compelled to comment on some of my opinions that I state in my blog postings.

Just to remind everyone, this is MY BLOG and I write what I want to write about and I freely express my opinions without fear of censorship.  If you don't like what I write about, my opinions or you just don't like me, then why are you wasting your time (and mine) reading my blog?

Why do some people feel compelled to correct me on opinions that I state just because they differ with their opinions?  Hey, maybe I don't agree with them either.

I realize there are those people in this world who feel they are superior to others and feel the need to correct others directly when they see or read something they don't agree with.  All my life I've had to deal with these people,  the SUPERIOR ONES who KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS.  You all know who I'm talking about.  There is not a one of you (unless you're ONE OF THEM) who hasn't had to deal with this type of person who believes their Mission in Life is to pontificate to others about their behavior which they feel doesn't meet THEIR STANDARDS.

Recently I cleaned house of several of this type of "friend" (you know who you are).  I don't need them in my life, I don't want them in my life, and I'm not having them in my life.  They are always negative, never positive and certainly never supportive.  I will live my life unencumbered by their negativity.

This is me, I am who I am.  You either like me or your don't like me but I sure as hell am not going to change my life to PLEASE you.

So to those few readers of my blog who feel compelled to correct me on my opinions, I don't need your advice no do I give explanations as to my opinion.

I said it once and I'll say it again.  If you don't like reading my blog then don't waste time sending me comments trying to control me.

To those of you who find my blog interesting and fun (most of it is said with tongue in cheek after all, a distinction that is often lost on the complainers), I continue to welcome you.  I appreciate your friendship and understanding of my sense of humor.  But to those humorless few, you're wasting my time.


Mark said...

My goodness, you need to write to me and let me know who's correcting you. You got me all kinds of curious now.
I'm trying to remember but I don't think it was me.
I love debating on my blog by the way. You want to disagree with me, go ahead! What do I care.

Ron said...

Oh Mark, the latest critic is Domani Dave. He didn't like me saying Celine Dione had a "horse face." He said she had a lot of talent (which I agree) but he didn't think it was fair of me to describe her that way. Uh....much of my blogging is satire.
The person before this episode of criticism was my former friend who lives nearby. He didn't like something I said ("three things in your blog") so he said "I'm sorry I wasted your time...bye!") Friendship over, just like that. Mark, I'm just too old to bother with people like this. I really am tired of this. So I say, "If you don't like my blog don't read it and if you don't like me then leave me alone." Unfortunately, some people think they can rule others lives. I am not one to be ruled. I feel the way you do, if I disagree with you or what? I disagree with a lot of what some of my very good friends say (most of them are conservatives) We're still friends though. I almost forgot, the other Know it All is "The Cajun", the one you wanted to meet when you were in town last summer. The one who works at Dos Locos. He's a bitter, negative person and never has anything nice to say about or to me. I actually felt sorry for him when his partner of 31 years dumped him and helped him move and provided company for him so he wouldn't have to eat out alone. After awhile I got tired of his negative attitude and bitting comments so I just let that friendship go. I didn't have to try too hard though because he never made an attempt to keep it going. Again, I don't need this BS. I really am tired of all of it.

David said...

All I can say, Ron, is that this really misrepresents what I said. Please re-read my comment. I personally feel it's legitimate to criticize an individual's singing performance, or her conduct, but to do it through "calling her names" seems like something from the schoolyard. You say: "I can take it [criticism]." Though my comment was not criticism, really? You also say you don't have time for bitterness and negativity. Jumping on me for a seriously diplomatic attempt on my part at a simple conversation? I sincerely apologize for trespassing. Lesson learned.

Mark said...

Wow! That was more than I thought you would ever share on here.
I think Fred is like you in this matter. He hates when he thinks people are controlling him. Really, I've learned not to care. If people want to control me, they can try. I either allow it or I don't. But unlike Fred, I never get upset about it. That's too stressful. Just assume that people are coming from a good place and are only making observations.
Does that sound like good advice? I'm trying! m.

Ron said...

I understand where you are coming from David. However, I do mock celebrities who are way over the top full of themselves as Celine Dione is. There are other celebrities that I could mock but I have too much respect for them. Celine I have none, talent non-withstanding because she is such a self-asorbed, selfish diva. Perhaps if she showed just a little bit of humility then I wouldn't mock her. Schoolyard taunts? That to me is bullying and I have never done that. But have I knocked the high and mighty off of their perch? Yep, a few times. I enjoy it. No apologies. They need to be knocked down a notch or two, down here with the rest of us common folks. Cher is a diva. I love her. She "gets it." Celine doesn't.

Ron said...


One of the reasons I started blogging was so I could express my opionions freely. Some people don't agree with my opinions and feel the need to correct me. I stated on my subsequent blog posting that if my opinions so offend you and you feel the need to correct me, then I would rather you not read my blog. I grew up under the heavy controlling hand of my father. I spent three years in the Army under someone else's control. I've been working for the past sixty years (since I was ten years old) under the control of my employer. Goddam it, I'm not going to be controlled by some stranger who reads my blog and takes offense to me mocking a self-asorbed, selfish, stupid, celebrity. It's just not going to happen.

Ur-spo said...

I have a regular blogger reader who seems to do so only to pounce and release a diatribe. THey are a nuisance; but they do keep coming back, which is an odd compliment in its way.

David said...

I appreciate your kind latest reply, but you seem to then negate that reply with "I'm not going to be controlled by some stranger" and then "some people don't agree with my opinions and feel the need to correct me." As I said before, all I wanted with my original comment was a conversation. Disagreeing, or questioning doesn't mean "correcting" or an attempt at "controlling". My wish for you is that you wouldn't be so sensitive on the issue. (And I'm guessing that your wish for me is that I just go away, which is exactly what I'll do;-)

Ron said...


I have found out the hard way that some (most) people on the Internet are strangers. The only way I don't feel as if they are strangers are the ones I have talked to on the phone of FaceTime or have met personally. All others I view with a certain amount of suspicion after having been fooled so many times by people posing as someone they are not. I'm not saying that is you and I suspect you have the best intentions and are who you say you are. But...I have been fooled before. I will concede that I might have been a little sensitive lately because I recently lost someone who I considered a friend because he took offense to two (then he came back and said "three") things I said on my blog. I didn't know exactly what I said that so offended him that he made the decision to "dismiss" me as a friend (someone who I know personally and have helped out a lot) but frankly I am so tried of trying to please others by censoring my comments or feelings or even jokes lest I offend someone. If you feel that is time for you to go, that's your decision. But to be very blunt about it if I want to say something on my blog about a public figure be they a self absorbed diva or a foolish, buffonish, ego driven politician, I'll say it no matter who is offended. Yes, I'm a bit sensitive about people trying to control me. That's me. A long time ago I read a story about "The Emperor Has No Clothes". That lesson struck a chord with me and I have enjoyed greatly over the years saying just that "Hey look! The emperor has no clothes!" It's one of my small pleasures. And yes, it has gotten me into trouble. So be it.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo

I cannot imagine anyone who reads your blog that would have anything negative to say about or to you. You are one of the most pleasant, even tempered people I know. I wish I had your temperament. Unfortunately I don't and I tend to fly off the handle every now and then. I am imperfect to say the least. Reading your blog and knowing you improves me. We all have friends that bring out the worst in us and some that bring out the best in us. You fall into the latter category. I wish you nothing but happiness always. You are a delight.