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Oscar Fashions on the Red Carpet

Okay folks, you asked for it!  Actually you didn't but I'm going to give it to you anyway.  Here is Ron's Take on the Oscar Fashions on the red carpet last night.   Cruella deVille has arrived! (aka Sharon Stone) And the Charmin Bathroom Tissue award goes to the gorgeous as always Halle Berry! Helena we know you're quirky but really....the Edward Scissorhands Award? Count on Helena for the outrageous.  After all, she is married to Tim Burton.  The best maternity dress of the night, classic understated elegance by Best Actress Oscar winner Natalie Portman: Cool as an icicle, brrrrr!.....Michelle Williams, Best Actress nominee: Hey, I may be gay but this outfit that Jennifer Lawrence has hugging her curves definitely does something for me!  WOW! One of the most overrated actresses, ZZZZZZZZZ, the always boring Scarlett Johannsen: Reese, I hardly knew ye!  Whatever happened to that adorable little girl?  Only Julia Roberts can do Julia Roberts:   C


The Beginning - 1942 - the First Born with Pop and Mom As regular readers of this blog may or may not know, I never had a good relationship with my father.  That may sound harsh but it is the truth.   My Pop at 18 years old - a Hank Williams wannabe My father died August 22, 2000.  He was 80 years old.  He died of lung cancer.  His doctor warned him many times to stop smoking but he was a stubborn man.  He died in a hospital bed, hooked up to an oxygen machine, gasping for breath.   The body language says it all in this picture of me and my two brothers with Pop My youngest brother John is on the far left and obviously the light of my father's eye. My poor second brother is literally 'in the middle' and overlooked.  I'm on the far right with my hand on my father's shoulder but he is obvious to my reaching out to him.  Pictures say so much. Even though we all knew he was dying, when I got the phone call from my sister-in-law Barbara telling me h

Roof Repaired

As I type this my roof is being repaired by 'Bobby' and his blonde, ponytailed helper who is a grandfather to seven (as he told me earlier). I am very glad to provide employment for fellow members of my community here on the eastern shore of southern Delaware.  I am also glad that these two men were able to come over here this morning and repair my roof right away.  The price quoted ($300) was reasonable and it saves us risking life and limb (and possible brain injury which happened to my uncle who was a roofer) to climb the roof and repair it ourselves.  I remember something one of my former bosses and still friend Bill P. told me a long time ago when he was remodeling his kitchen.  After several tries at cutting his own countertops and wasting a ton of money with his mistakes, he told me "Sometimes Ron it's best to have the professionals come in and do the job."   I agree with you 100% Bill! Ooops!  I just heard a knock on my sun room door.  It w

Call the Roofer

So here I am at 6:30 this evening, after a full day of unwinding in my home from the all day ferocious winds, ready to join my friends for our Friday Night Dine Out meeting in Milton. As I go into the garage I hear this banging sound outside.  We get a lot of wind here on the open coastal plain of southern Delaware, this close to the Atlantic Ocean.  I usually hear this knocking sound which come from the bathroom vents opening and closing.  However, this knocking was a 'demanding' knock.  I ask Bill "Could you go upstairs and see that that noise is?"  He looks about the window and sees what the problem is.   A GOOD CHUNK OF OUR ROOF IS FLAPPING IN THE WIND!   Bill went outside to see how serious the damage was and found PART OF OUR ROOF IN OUR NEIGHBOR'S FRONT YARD!  Isn't this just wonderful?   I was just thinking today that I didn't have any emergencies for, say, maybe a WHOLE DAY.   I look back up at the roof and about a dozen more roof

Taking the Day Off

Do not be concerned friends, I'm taking the day off.  I have to get myself together.  There was way too much going on these past two weeks.  Don't misunderstand me, it's all good but I'm not used to this pace of working three nights a week (for the past three weeks) and then learning my new iPhone, iPad, and iMac and dealing (on the phone) with all the entities involved.  I NEED TIME TO UNWIND  Now do you see why I don't have kids?  They would drive me crazy (the little darlings.)