Sunday, February 05, 2012

How To Lose That Spare Tire

Hey folks, I've noticed that I'm starting to develop a spare tire.  So I've added to my daily exercise routine to reduce and (hopefully) eliminate said spare tire.  This is a show video I made a few minutes ago in my basement how to get ride of a developing spare tire and how to keep it off.  No need to go to a gym or one of those expensive workout places to do this exercise.  You can do this in the privacy of your own home.  Of course you're not going to meet anyone in the privacy of your basement while doing this exercise.  If you are going to the gym to meet someone then this isn't the exercise for you.  However, if you care about your body and health, this is the exercise you do every day.

The important thing here is to get your blood circulation going.  As we get older we become more sedentary.  We move less.  The secret to losing weight and not adding fat and staying healthy is to move more, eat less.  Weather permitting, I take a daily walk of at least a mile.  I lift weights in the morning before breakfast.  Now I have added this routine to trim my waist because I have noticed lately that gravity is winning and a spare tire is developing around my middle.  I will get rid of that spare tire.

I will post videos in the future showing the progress I've made.


  1. anne marie in philly9:31 AM

    for a minute there, I thought you were doing a striptease! imagine MY disappointment!

    at 57.5, I too have discovered the "move more". I have a ways to go in becoming more flexible and toned, but the important thing is I got off my fat ass. I have dropped 30 pounds since last june and have noticed improvement in my back.


  2. Anne Marie,

    No strip tease from me :) I'm way past that. Maybe in my younger days like 50 years ago!

    Moving around more you will get more flexible and toned and feel better because you get your blood circulating throughout your whole body. As we get older we become more sedentary and that's where the health problems start. You don't have to do a rigorous physical routine, just move around more. Little things like parking father away from the super market so you have to walk more steps. Walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator. LIttle things like this and you'll live longer and healthier and be happier. I admire you for losing 30 pounds. I know that isn't easy to do. Good for you Anne Marie.

  3. Ron,

    Ah, Richard Simmons look okay, a new guru is in town!

    I'll tell you, Ron this leg problem sure interfered with my moving around. I may be ready to start taking some walks again by this coming week. Probably start with some easy ones and work back to the four and five mile hikes in the Piedmonts again.

    One tip for people who might start your waist exercises. You need to cut back on some calories or do some more exercises to burn off the fat. What can happen if you only do those waist exercises is it builds up the muscle structure and makes the fat more prominent by pushing it forward if you don't also make certain to you reduce the fat.


  4. Yay! Richard Simmons you're not. And that's a good thing. Great idea. I'm not 70 (but I hope to be one day), but I think I'll still try it out. What have I got to lose? You guessed it...

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Will start in the morning. 50 times is a good goal to work up to. Don't want to set my ICD off right away. :-)

  6. Walt,

    I HOPE I'm not like Richard Simmons! Wow. Him with his little TuTu's. I do my exercises to keep the weight off, keep healthy and feel good. As I've gotten older I've had to make adjustments. So far so good. So many of my peers are gone, both from this earth and to pot (belly).

  7. Roger,

    My exercises are very easy! You just have to start. You'll be surprised at how good you feel once you get in the habit of exercising every day. You only have to do it for minutes a day.

  8. Larry,

    Good to hear that your leg is getting better. You trail misses you!

  9. It is very wise of you to include weights, for it increases lean muscle mass which has a higher metabolizing fless than fat; it raises your metabolism.
    It's all about the calories, baby - find out how much you need per day and eat slightly less than this. If done right, you will loose 1-2lb/week. Not much I know but it will be real weight loss, not muscle or water loss.


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