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Out of Gas!

Emergency gas delivery this morning - thank goodness! This morning I awoke to discover I was out of gas. No, not THAT kind of gas but propane gas to heat the house. Bill (who gets up earlier than I do) informed me "the heater's not working."   I noticed that there was a chill in the house.  So here we go, more drama.  Already today I have scheduled to have the Safelite Autoglass repairman come and replace my damaged window shield.  What else can happen? First things first, heat.  I call my propane gas company with is appropriately named "Poore's Propane" (what you are after you pay the gas bill).  I get a women on the phone who I can hardly understand.  She talking low and has that "girl" accent (squeaky) and a southern Delaware accent.  The Perfect Storm. She advises me to check the meter on the buried tank outside. The cold outside.  Meter?  Where is that?  Another learning curve for Ron.   I go outside (haven't eate

Gossip Magazines

Oh yes, I'm one of those people who read the supermarket gossip trash rags. Guilty as charged.  I've been doing reading them for years.   In fact, I'm so bad I subscribe to these totally useless magazines.  Only two though: The National Enquirer  Globe Both are published by the same publisher. Both out of Florida.  Both total trash.   Now we all love good gossip.  Admit it, you do too even though some of you won't admit it.  There was a time perhaps that these magazines actually provided good gossip.  However, that's not the case now.  Ever try to read NE's Mike Walker?  He's almost unreadable with his cutsie poo spelling of English language words like "spy witness" and getting in a tizzy about who is gay and who is not (aren't we over the "gay" thing yet for being legitimate gossip)? These magazines stopped producing good gossip years ago. Now they specialize in appealing to the worst of the Obama haters by saying he

Random Thoughts

Never a dull moment around here folks.  This morning the Safelite guy came around and took a look at my cracked window shield and told me it would "never pass inspection."  Thank you very much.  The window shield has to be replace.  That's going to cost me $325.00.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that he can come by tomorrow morning to replace the window shield.  I will say one thing, I am pretty impressed with the efficiency that Safelite is handling my little problem.   On the health front:  two of my friends are down now because of their health problems. My one friend (whose name I will not mention but regular followers of this blog know who I'm talking about) was AWOL from his blog for over a week.  I was beginning to get concerned that the worst happened.  Then I read his blog post this morning.  He's back in the hospital (Beebe).  Poor guy, he's practically been living there for the past year.  I am amazed at the way he is handling his

The Deadest Week of the Year

The week after Christmas and before New Year's is the deadest week of the year.  I hate it.   This is the week of the "lists" of the . . . uh "Ten Best Biggest News Stories of the Year" and such.  BORING.  What this week is actually is the week when most of the TV peeps take off and the TV stations bring out the backup crews to run BORING stories like the aforementioned list. Even the politicians take off.  Again, I don't fault them.  They're human too (well, most of them anyway - Michelle Bachmann I suspect is a robot). They too have families, such as it is.   One thing that is really annoying me this year (tell us Ron) is the CONTINUING  "HO! HO! HO!" Santa Claus commercials.  Give us a break advertisers!  We've been hearing "HO! HO! HO!" since before Labor Day.  God, I am SO SICK of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and seeing that car with the big red bow on the top.  I don't even know what the make of that ca

The Pursuit of Happiness

Now that I have your attention let me ask you this question:  what makes you happy? I'm reading a book now called "Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion"  It's written by that well known atheist Sam Harris.  While I don't consider myself an atheist (I cannot say with certainty that there isn't a Greater Power), I do consider myself a Spiritualist (or whatever that is). I just started reading this book a few days ago and I am not promoting this book but Mr. Harris did make some statements that hit home with me to wit: "Some people are content in the midst of deprivation and danger while others are miserable despite having all the luck in the world."  Coincidentally I just finished reading a book about Johnny Carson by his former lawyer.  Like so many celebrity biographies I read, I am always amazed at how people gifted with good looks, talent and luck struggle to find true happiness.  The new book I am starting to read

The Day After

Pooped Santa Ah yes, "The Day After."  And we begin the countdown to the number of shopping days until Christmas . . . next year.   Well folks, for me personally?  I'm relieved that all this Christmas extravaganza is done.  While I like some parts of Christmas, the gross and obscene over commercialization of Christmas is such a turn off for me.  Each year the Christmas ads seem to begin even earlier.  And now I notice that the Christmas ads continue even AFTER Christmas day.  When I turned on the TV this morning the first thing is saw was one of those "HO! HO! HO!" Santa ads.  For Godsakes advertisers, will you give us a break?  I turned the TV off. Only to get a phone call on my cell phone with a recorded message saying "Congratulations! You won!"   Yeah, right.  I'll add that to my BIGGEST LIES EVER list?  By the way, want to read that list?  I used to go by the THREE BIGGEST LIES which were: The check is in the mail I gave at the

Christmas Day 2014

Bill and Ron's 2014 Christmas cards - Our Gift to each other (no money - it's the thought that counts) Good morning folks!  I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Day.  Bill and I had our usual Christmas Day which is much like all of our other days, except that we exchange Christmas cards.  This is our special tradition. Years ago I used to do up Christmas big time when I had a nephew and four nieces who were young and greedy for gifts.  Also I did the Christmas gift thing at work and with friends but I gave up that "tradition" years ago.  I felt like I was being pushed by the commercialization of Christmas to to the Christmas Shopping Thing so I got out of that rat race and never have regretted it since. I'm not knocking those traditions for others but it didn't work for us. I got in late last night from work at the hotel.  Only five rooms rented; four couples and one single man.  I passed out Christmas gifts made by the owner of the hotel (

Christmas Eve

Me getting ready to visit my friends Bill and Janet and their family - Christmas 2003 Tis Christmas Eve already folks, and nary a mouse is scurrying around the house (I hope not!)   Last night was a little busier that usual at the hotel.  Room heater not working, no WiFi signal, where to park . . . the usual.  Kept interrupting my nap time (not serious hotel owner if you're reading this blog). SMILE. At this time of year I remember years past when I was invited to my old school friend's house for Christmas dinner.  Bill and his wife Janet put out the perfect "Father Knows Best" Christmas celebration. Opening presents at the Brookover's Christmas Day family celebration - 2003   I've included some photos of the last Christmas Day I spent at their house in 2003.  Again, I am surprised at how fast time goes by.  Remembering that Christmas, it only seems like three or four years ago. Eleven years!  I can just imagine where I'll be eleven years fo

Christmases Past

Me in full work drag - Girard Bank Christmas Party 1979 At this time of year I often think of Christmases past.  This year I remember Christmas 1979.   I worked at Girard Bank in center city Philadelphia, directly across from City Hall.  I was a trust operations manager (made sure the trust checks went out on time and were calculated properly - a job that is totally automated now).   Gathering around the piano to sing Christmas carols at the bank Christmas party - 1979 Christmastime back then was a big deal.  At the first of the month we (bank employees) received a profit sharing distribution from the bank that could total over $1,000 or more.  Profit sharing?  What's that you ask?  Yet another relic of the past when employers valued their employees and showed it.  Then corporate greed took over by outsourcing jobs and eliminating profit sharing.  But digress again, climbing up on my soapbox.  Four "bank angels" singing Christmas carols  1979 C

Brad, R.I.P.

Me and Brad in happier times - 1980 Yesterday I received an e-mail from Cincinnati. I did not know the person who sent this e-mail but we both knew Brad Corrill.  He informed me that Brad died September 17th.  Brad was 60 years old. I met Brad in April of 1980.  We locked eyes at the Drury Lane Bar in center city Philadelphia.  Ironically that was the first and last time I was ever in that particular gay bar. I don't remember why I went in that night but I do know that my life changed forever when I met Brad. Drury Lane Bar, Philadelphia, PA I don't remember who started the conversation first but I do know that we both knew immediately we were attracted to one another, a lot.  We spent the night together at a place where he was staying temporarily. Brad was homeless. A few months earlier he had moved to Philadelphia from Cincinnati after meeting "Gene", a Philadelphia gay bartender who was visiting Cincinnati.  When I met Brad Gene had thrown him o