Monday, February 06, 2012

My Bill

The Happy Couple

Reviewing my backlog of e-mails this morning I came across this photo that my friend Mark H. took of me and Bill this past summer.  Bill's got his eye's closed but it's still a great picture.  Thanks Mark!

Bill and I haven't made our relationship official yet.  We have to make a trip to Georgetown and find out exactly what is involved in completing our civil union.  I don't know if rings are involved and how should we dress.  We aren't having a BIG WEDDING.  The owner of a local popular restaurant and his partner had a BIG WEDDING last weekend in Lewes.  That's not for us.  We just need some legal protection.  We don't even have to call it a "marriage" but we would like the same protection that straight couples have.

Who knows?  Maybe that will actually happen in our lifetime.  Both of us are surprised of all the progress that has been made so far for same sex couples.

We live in a great neighborhood.  He have wonderful neighbors.  We're in good health (for a couple of Old Dudes) and we're happy (most of the time).  Life is good.


Ur-spo said...

You are a fortunate man.

Ur-spo said...
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Mark said...

Ron, I can barely keep up with the number of posts you create. Just like your "retirement", you never stop, do you?
And hey, I took better photos of you. And with Bill's eyes open!
I think you will see Marriage Equality in your lifetime. Bet you a nickel!

Ron said...


You're right, you did take better photos of me and Bill. Even though Bill's eyes were closed in this one, I liked it of me because of the relaxed way we were standing. When you and Fred are down this summer, we'll have to open that bottle of champagne and take some "relaxed" photos then. Probably have both of our eyes closed!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Yes, I am very fortunate to have Bill. Some win the lottery and some become movie stars who with the Oscar. I beat them all, I "won" Bill way back in 1964. He is the only person in the world who will put up with all my nonsense. I think he really does love me.

anne marie in philly said...

nope, you will be married. and screw anyone who will say you are not!

I can't wait to throw virtual confetti in celebration!

hugs to bill!

Ron said...

Thanks Anne Marie! I'm glad you got to meet Bill. You know how special he is. We (me and Bill, not you) may both old and ugly now but we're very, very happy. If we could be married, life will be complete for us.