Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ron's Ramblings From His Rainbow Office

Time for one of those homemade videos that signify absolutely nothing but the enjoyment I get out of working in my home office.

This video I made a few minutes ago while I was multi-tasking:

  • Updating my Find a Grave account
  • Listening to Chris Hayes' program "Up!" on MSNBC
I usually work in silence or listening to Howard Stern on my Sirius Radio.  I like listening to Howard Stern when he is mocking the absurdities in our pop culture.  I don't like listening to him when he is on his Stripper/Whore/Hot Babe segments. That got old a LONG TIME AGO.  

After the removal of a cyst from my lower back (on my spine) yesterday, I'm still bleeding.  Bill told me the blood came through on my shirt (and tee shirt of course).  So he put another bandage on it and I'm good to go for another blood soaked bandage day.  I only had three stitches (to be removed two weeks from today) but that is enough to feel sore.  It seems my life is just one series of doctor's appointments these days.  That's what I get for teasing my Mother (while she was alive) about her seemingly non-ending series of doctor's appointments.  

I'm not sure what Bill and I have planned for today.  We'll probably go to Food Lion so I can see if they have chicken breasts for sale. I never pay regular price for chicken breasts, I always get them on sale. I rarely eat beef.  It's a funny thing about not eating beef for a period of time.  When you go back to eating beef whether it be hamburger or beef stew (I never eat steak), you don't realize how hard your stomach has to work to digest all that chemically induced meat.  

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.  A cold front came in last night causing the wind to whip around outside now.  I'm not sure if I'll get my walk in today.  I always feel so much better after my daily walk.  The walk gets my blood flowing throughout my old body.  

I should finish my taxes today (or tomorrow) and transmit them to the state of Delaware and the IRS.  I hate doing my taxes. I always owe money, no matter how much I have taken out of my part-time job.  This year I had a flat 20% taken out and I still owe.  Obama made a promise during his presidential campaign that retirees like me wouldn't have to pay taxes on our part-time work.  So much for that promise.  It's not like I get a whole lot in Social Security or my bank pensions, I don't.  Just barely getting by folks but I have enough to keep me and Bill warm and secure here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  

We're planning on taking our third annual Trip South in April.  The cost of that trip will deplete our meager savings (van rental and separate hotel rooms) but it is well worth it.  Who are we going to leave our money too?  I have twenty beneficiaries in my will set up, most of them my nieces and nephews down to the grand niece and nephew levels.  I never see them.  They might as well be strangers but at least I'm keeping The Money in the family.  

Bill is downstairs in his basement living quarters.  I can hear him playing his favorite polka tunes.  I'm up here in my wonderful home office (I love this place) updating my Find a Grave account with photos I took of graves at the Union Cemetery in Georgetown during a mild, sunny day last month.  There is another Find a Grave volunteer in this area who just happens to be gay, who also takes photos and posts the memorials to Find a Grave.  Both he and his partner act as a team.  I'm a solo act.  Bill goes with me to the cemeteries but he doesn't post anything to Find a Grave.  I'm in constant competition with my gay Find a Grave volunteer friends to see who can post the memorials and photos first to Find a Grave.  I love the competition!  It beats what most other gay guys do down here in Gayberry which is eat out, get fat and talk about other people.  I'm left that "lifestyle" behind me when my faux friend dropped me several weeks ago.  I decided then and there I've had enough. From here on out I do what gives me pleasure which is:

  • Blogging
  • Find a Grave updating
  • Genealogy research and updating
  • Cooking
  • Walking
  • Working part-time
  • Watching my political shows on MSNBC
  • Reading
  • Writing my auto-biography
  • Talking with my friend Larry on FaceTime
  • Decluttering
  • Photo organizing

Now this was a good Rambling Blog wasn't it?  Just the way I like it.


  1. I like The Rambling.
    It gets everything out of your system in one simple post.

    And I am so with you on the beef thing. i don't ever eat beef--not even hamburger--because I feel like it just sits in my gut for far too long.

  2. Thanks Bob! Boy are we ever on the same wave length. I like "rambling" too because, as you say, "it gets everything out of my system in one simple post." I don't know what I'm going to say until I start typing and then I just let my brain flow to my fingers.

    You're right about eating beef. Our stomach just has to work too hard to digest it. I feel so much better now that I have forgone beef, even hamburgers which I used to love. I don't even eat pork chops now, and they were also one of my favorites too.

    Have a great day Bob! I like you.

  3. I have nothing of value to say, except that I love rambling - simply because I'm a chronic rambler.
    I hope your back heals quickly.

    As for wills -
    the sweetest of families can turn into greedy monsters when it comes to money. I speak from experience....

  4. Thank you Jon. I also know from experience how some family members forsake family just for money. When my Mother died in September of 2010, my brothers and I promised her that we would not fight over her money. We didn't and everything turned out all right, I've seen to many families torn apart permanently just because of fighting for what was left over after a relative has died. It just isn't worth it.

  5. Cute outfit -- you sly grey fox you ;-)

  6. anne marie in philly4:11 PM

    I like the last pix; so handsome!

    I too rarely eat beef any more; I stick with chicken and fish, sometimes pork and turkey and ham. I never did like lamb. I don't feel like I'm missing anything by dropping the beef.

  7. Anne Marie,

    That's my "Going to work" clothes! I had just gotten up from my afternoon nap. Still sleep heady.

  8. Will,

    I got a couple of those argyle sweaters for work. I like them!

  9. (Ron, I tried to comment on this yesterday but when it came to posting it it wouldn't 'take'. Problem now resolved - at least I hope so.)

    I think this is the first time I've heard your voice, Ron - and it's an attractive one. I bet I'm not the first to tell you that.

    I won't comment on the food aspect you mention (for personal reasons) - and I will glide over your own physical ailments as it's all a bit too close to home when I can see my own probable similar situation coming at me down the tracks. But I do wish you well, with as little accompanying pain as it's possible to have - though, of course, preferably none at all.
    But it was certainly good to hear you.

  10. Ray,

    Thank you again for your very kind and generous remarks. It's a funny thing about my voice. The first time I heard it (when I was about 15 years old), I was mortified. I had no idea I sounded like THAT. I'm used to it now. I always wanted a deep masculine voice but it is what it is. I'm glad I didn't develop the "Old Man Voice" as I aged. I'm finding as I get older I more readily accept things as they are, even the physical ailments and failures. I appreciate each day, more so than I did when I was just a young whipper snapper.

  11. I love rambling entries. keep providing them!

  12. I love your sweater!!

  13. Hank,

    Get the sweater at J. C. Penney. They have many color combinations. This was my favorite. I look good in violet. Gay that I am.

  14. Dr. Spo,

    My dermatologist is VERY NICE. I suspect he may be a member of the Dorothy Club too. I know his assistant is. He's a Cutie Pie too. I got lucky.

  15. Dr. Spo,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I love to ramble too but I've been told that I should keep my entries more focused and structured. I'm not comfortable with that style. I'm a good rambler. I think that's the way I'll go from here on out. My former friend (the one who didn't like what I said in my blog) said "You write like you think." He didn't mean that as a compliment but I took it that way. I guess that's why he's a FORMER friend.

  16. Ron,

    Nothing wrong with rambling. At least you're aren't blabbering. And look at all the comments you got. See, a lot of people like ramblers.



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