Thursday, February 16, 2012

DF Floyd Mayweather Trashes Jeremy Lin

I can't get enough of Linsanity.  No, this isn't Lindsay Lohan latest train wreck.  This is Jeremy Lin, the Taiwanese American from Harvard who plays for the New York Nicks and who was finally taken off the bench is hitting all the marks.

Yesterday I was watching coverage of Jeremy Lin's meteoric rise and I heard Floyd Mayweather, the homophobic former boxer trash Jeremy Lin's accomplishments through a Tweet:

Uh, Mr. Mayweather may I respectfully state YOU DON'T GET IT!   What an DF (Dumb F_ck)!
Consider the obstacles Jeremy Lin has had to overcome.  First, he is NOT BLACK in a black dominated sport.  Secondly, he was from Harvard.  Yes Virginia, Harvard athletes are discriminated against.  They are not taken seriously.  Third, he wasn't drafted.  Fourth, he's smart enough to go into a real profession instead of playing a high school boy's sport.  But Jeremy Lin loves basketball and against all these odds he persevered.  Plus, and a BIG PLUS, he is an inspiration to the Asian American community that in America anyone, but ANYONE can make it if they persevere and work hard enough.  Mr. Mayweather, from his past homophobic comments apparently doesn't believe in EQUALITY in this country.

Now to get back to Jeremy, notice how Jeremy doesn't hug back when he is embraced?  Sort of reminds me of my Mom.  She was brought up without hugs.  Later in life my brothers and I would hug her every chance we got.  She was always embarrassed but she enjoyed our hugs.  She still didn't know how to hug back.  I suspect that Jeremy Lin was brought up without hugs.  Well, he doesn't have to worry, he will get plenty of hugs from his teammates and fans because this is one fabulous man, not only for his talent but for his personality.

I don't think you will ever hear Jeremy Lin trashing another athlete's accomplishments.


  1. Mayweather's a douche.

  2. I like you Bob! You're my Kind of Guy!


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