Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinah Washington - The Best Ever

When I was a young man of 21 years old, recently out of the Army and living in my first apartment in Coatesville, Pennsylvania I was very lonely.  I had "came out" three months previously when I lived in Pittsburgh and had lost a lot of friends.  I was estranged from my family.  I was alone.  I was lonely.

How did I pass those lonely nights and especially lonely Saturday nights in my furnished, small, ground floor apartment that rented for $65 a month back in 1963?  I got through those dark days with this lady - Dinah Washington.

I had always liked Dinah's recording of "What a Difference a Day Makes" which was appropriate to my situation since I had recently came out of the closet and faced a whole new world.

I bought one of her albums.  I played it over and over again on my record player (no CD players back in the Stone Age of my Youth).  I liked that album so much that I bought another album, then another.  Before the summer was over I had bought every album of this great lady of song.

Dinah got me through many a lonely night.  Then came a time in the summer of 1964 and I met Bill.  I put Dinah's albums away but I never forgot them.

Now that I am at the end of my run, I am feeling nostalgic about many things of my past that have given me comfort.  Dinah Washington and her music is one of those warm memories that I have that give me comfort and sustenance.  Last week I downloaded one of my very favorite Dinah Washington albums from iTunes.

Dinah is no longer with us.  I wonder what she would think of our new digital age.  I think she would be happy knowing that she is giving this one boy (which I still am in my mind) comfort.

Thank you Dinah.

Some of my many Dinah Washington albums


Jon said...

I love Dinah Washington and Billie Holiday.

Raybeard said...

This is a very insightful of one of your soul's comforts, Ron. I can well understand why you are attracted to her voice. It carries heartbreak in it, no matter what she's singing about - and from what I know about you, heartbreak is an experience with which you are well acquainted.

Ron said...


I too love Billie Holiday. Unfortunately, I don't have any of her records. I have Dinah Washington's records because she was of my era. Both ladies had voices that hat the Truth in them.

Ron said...


How did you know of my heartbreaks? Tough going at times. I probably have built up enough scar tissue that I'll never have my heart broken again. It is a defense mechanism for survival. You're very insightful Ray.

Raybeard said...

I can't claim to knowing exactly WHAT all your heartbreaks were, Ron - but reading between the lines that you write......

Ron said...


You are very perspective. I didn't think I wrote about my heartbreaks. You have me concerned there for a while. I have had a few.

nitewrit said...


I thought I'd hear her singing in the background.

I looked up and I had my speakers off, so I turned them up.

Nothing, I thought I'd gone deaf.

I guess you took your music player off. Kind of miss it.