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Palm Springs Visit 2020

Me and Pat on the balcony of our VRBO rental condo at the Biarritz condo with the Mount Jacinto mountains behind us Another Palm Springs visit has come and gone. Already I'm looking forward to our visit to Palm Springs next year. What a wonderful time we had during our two week visit. As usual the time went by so fast. Unlike last year when we encountered torrential rain, this year every day was sunny and mild. The highest the temperature reached was 80 degrees. At night the temperature never dropped below 50 degrees. What a nice respite from the cold temperatures of Canada and Delaware during February.  We stayed at the Biarritz condos in downtown Palm Springs.  The Biarritz is within walking distance of all the attractions of downtown Palm Springs, which we took great advantage of. Both Pat and I got a lot of walking in, walking that we both miss now that we have returned to our cold homes in Canada and Delaware. Pat coming down the steps at our rented condo at th

Meeting Bruce Vilanch

I'm back folks!  This is a surreptitious video my Canadian Travel Buddy Pat took of me meeting the American comedian Bruch Vilanch at the Palm Springs airport. We were both waiting for our flights. You may remember Bruce from his four year stint on "Hollywood Squares" after Paul Lynde left. Yes, Bruce was the center square. No, I didn't ask for an autograph or a selfie.  Just introduced myself and greeted Bruce and asked him why he wasn't on TV more often. He joked "You should speak to my agent!" Bruce Vilnach - American Comedian and Palm Springs vacationer just like me! I'm be back blogging soon folks. Just trying to get back to my regular routine. My apologies for my absence from my blog the past two weeks. So busy, just didn't have time to blog, but I did have a great time.  Only downside is that I fell again and slightly injured my arm which still hurts. I have to get past that. I would like to manage one of my quarterly adventures

California Here We Come!

Tomorrow at noon Clarence my ride will pick me up here at Casa Tipton-Kelly for a 2 1/2 hour drive to the Philadelphia International airport.   My flight takes off tomorrow at 7:11 AM.  I'm leaving a day early and staying overnight at the Marriott Airport Hotel instead of getting up at 3:15 AM Sunday morning for my flight to Palm Springs, California. While I'm in Philly, I'm going to see Don McK., our twice a year Philadelphia host, for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I plan to blog during our two weeks in Palm Springs but I can't guarantee how often. I know from previous trips, Pat and I get caught up in doing so much that before I know it, we're catching our flights back east. As I have probably said before, this year we won't be going to Los Angeles. No standing in line for four hours at "The Price Is Right" CBS studio in West Hollywood, hoping for a chance to hear the call "Come on down!"  We've tried this five times (or

Rug Cleaning

  Today we got our carpet and area rugs cleaned! Remember last week when I posted that Bill brought in some dog poop into the house and tracked it up our carpeted stairs to the second floor?  I've felt icky all week but today I feel great! I also had several of our oriental area rugs and our basement stairs cleaned along with the now cleared out finished basement wall to wall carpet.  Wow, that was a long sentence.  Just a few more chores to do before I leave Saturday for Philadelphia to catch my early (7:11AM) flight to Palm Springs with a stopover at the Fort Worth-Dallas airport. First time for me in Texas folks. Won't be staying long though.  Our previous house we had all oak flooring. With our home here I decided to go with wall to wall carpet in most of the house except for the entry way, kitchen and living room. If I had it to do over again I think I would go with all wood flooring again.  Much easier to clean. But I do like the wall to wall carpeting in the bed