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Ready to Go

Iris This morning we picked up our rental van.  Our friend Bob stopped over.  We showed him what plants have to be watered.  We invited him to come over as often as he would like.  Sit on the back deck and enjoy the view of Route 1 and our Purple Martins in our backyard oasis.  Neighbors on either side of our house will be keeping an eye on our house as we do their when they are away.  We don't often go away so usually we're the ones watching the house.  It's a reverse situation this time.  Probably the last time both Bill and I will be making a trip together. The main purpose of this trip is for Bill to visit his hometown of Toccoa, Georgia.  Bill is 82 years old now and this will probably be the last time he sees his hometown.  We visited last year but only stayed a few hours in the afternoon, not enough time for Bill to visit his old haunts. Later we will be visiting my brother in Greenville, South Carolina.  We'll stay there a few nights then we're off

Nervous About the Big Trip

A spray of flowers at my friend Don's house in Milton, DE Well, here we are only a few days away from the Big Trip South.  Bill and I are taking a swing through the  South to visit my brother John in Greenville, South Carolina.  From there we will visit Bill's hometown of Toccoa, Georgia.  Then a swing up to the Smoky Mountains National Park and Cades Cove.  Then to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit with a fellow family genealogist that I'm going to meet face to face the first after many telephone conversations, e-mails, and Facebook comments.  That should be exciting.  Then we're off to Johnson City, Tennessee which is right over the state line from the mountains (and "hollers") of North Carolina where my father was born and left when he was 10 years old with his eight brothers and mom and pop to work in his uncle's farm in southeastern Pennsylvania during the depression. That's another whole story and the reason this Tipton is a Yankee (as they c

Windy Day

Flowering Prune Tree Wow, is it ever windy today!  All the beautiful pink blossoms of my lone flowering prune tree out in front of our house will be gone by the end of today with the almost hurricane like winds today.  Oh well, they were nice while they lasted. Taking care of business (lawyer's office) this morning, work this afternoon then time to get prepared for the BIG TRIP south.  I may or may not be gone from the blogging scene for a few days.  Everybody gets a break from my long diatribes.  Don't worry though, I will be back.  Promise.

Two Men Dance the Tango

Worth seeing again, two men (brothers) dancing the tango.  I would love to see Chris Jericho and Mark Ballas dance try this dance together.  Now THAT would be the trust test of talent.   A suggestion for the producers of "DWTS" - why not invite these brothers on the show do demonstrate that the world will not fall apart if two men dance together in public.  It's time for a same sex couple.  I want to see Ellen and Portia and Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend dance.  Now THAT would be a show!

Chris Jericho Voted Off DWTS

As  I predicted, Chis Jericho was voted of "Dancing With the Stars" last night.  Len Goodman was right when he said Chris danced "like a lump of granite".   I liked Chris and I will miss him but I have to agree with Len, Chris wasn't the most graceful dancer.  I loved his attitude though.   This morning while I was searching for a video clip of his elimination (I couldn't find any) to include on this posting I came across personal information including his real name (now you didn't think it was really "Chris Jericho" did you?) and his birthdate.  Guess what?  We have the same birthday November 9th.  Which is of no interest to anyone but me but I thought I would post that info anyway.   We'll miss you Chris! Next to go:  Ralph and Karina 

Good For Another Five Years!

Me at the Seaside Endoscopy Pavilion this morning prior to my appointment I passed!  No polyps!  No cancer!  The doctor said I'm good for another five years.  HOORAY! This morning Bill (my Designated Drive) and I left early for my 10 a.m. appointment at the Seaside Gastroenterology Consultants  unit in Lewes.  I walked myself to the front desk and announced my arrival. They were expecting me.  I'm woozy from not eating (except for some clear chicken broth and lime Jello) since 8:30 am (breakfast) yesterday.  I'm weak from the 'cleansing" (a nice word for 'the shits').  My ass is raw.  In fact it is burning.  That 'lemon-lime hell' concoction that I had to drink did that. The woman at the window hands me the form to fill out.  Asks to see my insurance cards and driver's license.  I took a seat and filled out the forms.  Then I waited.   At 5 minutes to ten a bubbly man comes out and announces my name.  IT"S TIME! He tells me

Dancing With the Stars Week 6

Okay folks, here we go with Week 6 of "Dancing With the Stars!"  Last night I watch the show with a handicap because I was in the throes of 'cleansing' by bowels (I apologize for putting this graphic image in your brain) for my colonoscopy procedure which is to take place in a few hours this morning.  I record and watch "DWTS" on my DVR because I can't stand all the commercials.  I did a lot of pausing of the DVR last night to make mad dashes to my bathroom.  Lots of those mad dashes last night too.  What a night! Now to the show.  Another VERY entertaining night! Kirstie and Maks -   The lead off dancers and I thought they were MARVELOUS!  Kirstie is one of my favorites but by anyone's objective view they have to admit that she and Maks performed spectacularly last night.  No mishaps!  I like Maks new clean face look.  This man looks good with a beard or without!  Something I can't say for myself.  Kirstie obviously likes Maks too.

Colonoscopy Day

Well folks, the DAY has finally arrived.  This morning I get my innards check out for colon cancer.  Yes, it is COLONOSCOPY DAY.   Last night....where do I begin?  After taking my second helping of the bowel preparation or 'Suprep Bowel Prep' which is a mixture of sodium sulfate, potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate or "lemon-lime hell" as my blogger friend Nathan ("Broke Bitch") accurately calls it, the blowout began. Usually around 6 pm at night I take my daily walk in the development behind me.  After doing Round Two on the Lemon and Lime Hell, I briefly thought of doing a quick walk but then decided against it for fear of the bowel cleansing solution kicking in.  Oh man was that ever a good decision! Fifteen minutes after I took the 16 ounces of Lemon and Lime Hell, my stomach started to cramp up.  The instructions said to take another 32 ounces of clear water within an hour of the swallowing of the Lemon and Lime Hell.  I thought "W

Drinking the Colonoscopy Prep Liquid

All right folks.  Here I am with my first drink of the colonoscopy prep liquid.  They old me this was 'better'.  HA!  It taste like liquid airplane glue.  IT TASTES AWFUL.  And I have to do it again in four hours! I will be glad when this is all over tomorrow and I'm pigging out on Eggplant Parm at the Rehoboth Diner. Oh the trials and tribulations of old age.  

The Colonoscopy Diet

Lunch - six ounces clear chicken broth (Swanson) Hey folks.  Want a sure fire diet?  Try the Colonoscopy Diet.  Guaranteed to drop 2 to 3 pounds of of body weight in ONE DAY!  I've been trying (without much success) to drop another 2 to 3 pounds (to 160) for two months now.  I lost two pounds already!  So if you want to lose weight (but don't want a life) try this diet: I just had my lunch of 6 ounces of clear chicken broth.  Oh man was that delicious!  Then, guess what I had for dessert?  A lime Jello.  WOW!  I am stuffed. Dessert - four ounces lime Jello (fat free) YUM! At two o'clock (a little less than an hour from now) I mix my first bottle of vile   foul tasting  "Suprep Bowel Prep Kit liquid with 8 ounces of water and SWALLOW IT.  Then within the next hour I have to take two more 8 ounces of water to dilute the vile foul tasting  liquid.  Of course this is right at my nap time of 2 o'clock but that is of minor consideration today. I rep

Preparation Eve

Wheel me in! "Preparation Eve" refers to the fact that tomorrow I begin preparation for my colonoscopy that is to take place 10 a.m., Tuesday, April 26th.   Even this is my FOURTH time around, I am dreading it.  The "it" isn't the colonoscopy itself, that's a breeze.  The "it" I'm talking about is the PREPARATION the day before.  Anyone who has ever gone through this 'clean out' procedure knows whereof I speak.  I HATE IT.   Here is the list of why I hate the Prep: I starve for a day - no food after 10 am of the day before the procedure.  Oh, I can 'eat' clear chicken broth (ever "eat" chicken broth) and drink clear liquids like clear grape juice.   "Clear" is the operative word here.  Of course everything I drink is colored purple (grape juice) or brown (iced tea).  As a special 'treat' I can have Jello.  Big  whoop!  I hate Jello . Jello reminds of hospitals.  Even so, I made up a

Dancing With the Stars Wish List

Ginger and Fred - the Standard to be met  My Dancing With the Stars Wish List! Of course I think some of the best dancing is men dancing with men. Watch this video of two brothers dancing the tango, which began as a man-to-man dance.  I would like to suggest two male couples for Dancing With the Stars but I know that isn't going to happen in my lifetime.  This country has come a long way into acceptance of same sex couples but I don't think we're ready yet for same sex couple on the dancing floor.  But I'll tell you, the most sensual time of my gay life was when I went into my first gay bar and a man (a real man, not a fey gay guy) asked me to dance.  I accepted.  When my partner put his right hand to the small of my back and took my left hand in his hand and pulled me in close to him as we danced to " Our Day Will Come" by Ruby and the Romantics....well folks, that was the MOST erotic experience I've ever had in my life.  Nothing since has eve

Longer Hair, Shorter Hair?

Ron - Screen Shot with iMac April 13, 2011 - longer hair All my life I've had an abundance of hair (on my head that is - some chest hair but none on the shoulders-thank God).  Even as I got older my hair was still think even as my hairline began to recede.  I clearly have my father's hair pattern. I have the same 'widow's peak' receding hairline that he had.  The only difference is that he was blonde and always had thin, fine hair.  I get my dark, brown, thick hair from my Mom.   Me- 1943 - My Mom loved my long hair so much she didn't want to cut it About ten years ago I as my hairline started to recede I was having more problems keeping my "Howdy Doody" pompadour style hairdo because of the lack of hair my hair didn't have the weight to maintain that youthful style .  I cut it all off and adopted a 'buzz cut'.   Me - 1951 - Howdy Doody 'Do' - same with the shirt too - I loved that shirt! The Buzz Cut was easy