Monday, February 20, 2012

Chicken Ron

I miss my chickens!  I used to have four Rhode Island red chickens when we lived at our wooded paradise in East Brandywine Township, outside of Downingtown PA.  I always wanted pet chickens and finally got four (all the township bylaws would allow).  I had a friend build a chicken house for me.

I purchased the chickens from an Amis farmer for $5.00 a piece.  When I took those chickens away in my Chicken Carrier I bet they thought they were headed to the chopping block.  Not so!

My Rhode Island Reds

I had the chickens for a little over a year.  Almost every day I would let them out towards the end of the day and they would follow me down to the woods.  One day a fox attacked one of the chickens while I while we were out for our evening stroll!  One chicken down, three to go.

Me with my "pals:" - I rake the leaves and they find "goodies" 

Some months later a hawk got one of the chickens in their penned in yard next to their chicken house.

A month of so later another one of the chickens broke her leg jumping down from her roost.  I took her to the vet and had her put to sleep.  Cost me $25.00 but it was worth it.  She trusted me as I held her and the vet injected her with a lethal dose.  I saw her eyes gently close and she was no more.

I was now down to one chicken.  The last chicken was afraid to go out in her yard.  She was afraid to go out with me.  I fed her in the chicken house.  Then one day I went to the pen and she was no more.  She had been beheaded by the (same?) hawk.

That was the end of my Chicken Adventure.

Last week I took my neighbor to Dawn's Farmer's Market.  She had a load of chickens, including my favorites, Rhode Island Reds.  Seeing them brought back nostalgic memories.

That's all I'll ever have, "chicken memories."  I'll never have chickens again, my homeowners association bylaws forbid it.


  1. At one point I thought you were writing a fable or a joke but there was not twist or lesson learned. Just a memory shared.

  2. Ron,

    Darn it, Ron, this post was kind of sad. You know how much I love animals.


  3. Sean,

    One of the reaons I have a blog is to share my memories. At my age I have a lot of memories and once I am gone they will be one. It makes me feel good to go back and revisit. Sort of like writing a journal but on the open market. :) I'm at the Reflective Age.

  4. Lar,

    I know it may sound strange to some people but chickens really do make good pets. I loved those chickens. I wish I could have more but that probably won't happen again in my lifetime. I can visit Dawn's Market down the street though to get my Chicken Fix.

  5. I love chickens. Those were some pretty good looking Rhode Island Reds. How were the eggs?

    When I moved the property I am currently at now, I had a dream of having Lavender Araucana chickens (they lay blue / green eggs).

    I planned out the perfect spot for the chook run and made a great design that would have been as hawk, fox & snake proof as possible.

    I found a place to source the lavender araucanas and was set all set to go, but at the last minute I decided that between my busy work schedule and the other daily work that had to be done on the property, that I would not be able to handle the extra commitment of chickens.

    I think it was the right decision, but one day I will have them.

  6. Hank,

    I didn't think too much about the eggs when I got the chickens. They were laying every day. Four eggs a day for weeks on end. Very productive! Great eggs too. There is a difference between fresh eggs and store bought eggs. I miss having chickens. Maybe someday I can have them again but I don't know how because I plan to live where I live now until I die. Chickens are very easy to have as pets. The only problem is the predators. I wasn't expecting that either.

  7. Just tell the nasty old HOA they are Siberian Hamsters.

  8. I raised chickens growing up. I'd raise them again if I didn't live in the suburbs. The provided me endless entertainment watching them peck their way through the lawn.

  9. Scott,

    Chickens are entertaining! It takes so little to have them as pets. I always enjoyed at the end of each day taking them out for their "walk". I never had to worry about them going back into their house because once the sun started to set they went back on their own. I was always impressed by their "homing" instinct. I miss having chickens.

  10. Dr. Spo,

    I could probably get away with having a chicken house because our property backs up to fields. The big problem would be the hawks and foxes, same problem I had in Pennsylvania. I'll have to ask Dawn at Dawn's Country Market what she does to protect her chickens. She's just down the road from our development.


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