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Arrived In Canada!

Waiting for the flight that seemed like it was never going to take off Here I am in Canada!  Today I begin my third day of my weeklong stay at my Canadian Travel Buddy's luxurious 14th floor condo in downtown Hamilton. What a time I had getting here! My ride (Jimmy Carter) from Lewes picked me up early Sunday morning to take me to the Philadelphia International Airport for my 11:45 AM one hour flight to Buffalo, New York. I fly to Buffalo where Pat picks me up and takes me over the boarder to Canada. A lot less complicated than flying directly into Pierson International Airport in Toronto. Did that once and will never do it again. Three levels of security and actually more mileage to travel. It was good that Jim Carter picked up up early, we beat the Sunday tourist traffic returning to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Getting to the airport was the easy part. Now for the hard part. I have TSA pre check. That's my "free" pass to bypass the security line where

Lawn Disaster, I Was Right! Herbacide Burn.

My lawn before the grass was burned. Today a representative of another lawn service company came by (at my request) to evaluate my lawn. First thing he said upon getting out of his vehicle "What happened here?"  YES! This was the reaction I was expecting from the owner of my lawn service company yesterday but didn't get it.  This new representative, who by the way was very good-looking (always helps) and professional. After I told him what application my previous lawn service company applied (wire grass and fungicide) he said it obviously was "herbicide burn."  Viola!  I knew something went terrible wrong. He said the fungicide application wouldn't have killed the grass and I probably didn't need that application anyway but the application for wire grass was a lot different.  He said the wire grass applicate is a mixture of three ingredients that should be exactly measured and applied during a cool day, not in the heat. The day my previous la

Lawn Service Failure

The new owner of my lawn care company taking pictures of my damaged lawn, this lawn here in front used to look like a green carpet. It's almost all mud and dead grass now. The owner of the lawn service company I have been using for thirteen years stopped by this morning to check my lawn as per my request. As I expected I didn't get any satisfaction. I wasn't expecting my $225 fee back for the lawn application for wire grass removal and an anti fungi application. What I was expecting was a satisfactory explantation why half or more of my grass is now dead.  With my neighbors' lawn on either side of my property glowing a healthy green, the lawn care owner explained matter of factly to me that this was a fungicide application and that the "grass will come back."  He didn't seem concerned at all. I told him "My neighbors' lawn don't have this fungicide, why does mine have it?"  I'm thinking I didn't even need this application.

The Grass is Greener . . . . . . . .

My destroyed lawn after two chemical applications The grass certainly isn't greener around here since I had a wire grass removal treatment almost two weeks ago. At the same time my lawn service company, which I've been using for thirteen years, applied a fungicide treatment. After this dual treatment on a very hot 90 degree August day, at least half my lawn is dead. You know when they say "throwing the baby out with the wash water"? That's what happened to my lawn.  I am very upset. Extremely upset. And to add insult in injury, this treatment cost me $225. I called the owner of the company a few days after the treatment to inform him that something seemed terribly wrong. He assured me all would be well.  That the grass was a "little stressed out" but it would "all come back."  Another thing that really upset me was this Agent Orange treatment killed or maimed almost all of my border plants. My lawn has never had this kind of reaction to a

Blog Update - Where Have I Been?

Folks, I'm falling behind in my blog posts as perhaps regular followers of my blog have noticed. The reasons for my tardiness are many and myriad but the fact remains, that I'm having trouble keeping up with regular blog posts.  I have so much going on in my life now that takes precedence over my blog posts.  One of the main reasons is that this is summertime and I have a lot of outside responsibilities. Most of this summer have been very hot and humid. Dragging myself through this summer has been exhausting with all the different problems that needed to be resolved.  And last but not least, I am Bill's caregiver which is taking my more and more of my time. I do not complain about being Bill's caregiver but it is time consuming at times. Thank goodness he is still mobile and able to take care of himself most of the time. Could be a lot worse and for which I am thankful it is not. Another responsibility that has been consuming my time has been my job at the

My New Favorite Movie Idol

When I was very young, ages ago, in the Fifties I used to go to the movies every Saturday matinee.   Like any young gay boy of the Fifties (of which I was the only one of course) I had my movie idols. Those gorgeous men who made my heart throb and engender those "stirrings" in me that often resulted in wet dreams.  Yes, I said it. One of my first movie idols was Farley Granger.  Farley Granger - 50's movie idol (not a nice person, I found out later) I remember watching a series of films he was in with Shelley Winters. Every time Farley's gorgeous face came on the screen in one of those giant closeups, my heart would skip a beat. "If only" I thought this handsome man could whisk me away from my dull, hum drum life on Washington Avenue and transport me off to what I imagined paradise to me.  Many years later when I saw an older Farley on a TV soap opera (he still looked pretty good by the way) I thought "What was I thinking?"  This gu