Sunday, February 12, 2012


Before today I had never heard of Adele.  I thought "Who is this?  Another Flavor of the Day?"

Then today I saw Adele being interviews on "60 Minutes."  I liked her immediately.  This was no phony, self-absorbed, semi-talented Madonna with self important airs. How refreshing.

This was no drug addled Amy Winehouse drowning in her own self-pity. How refreshing.

This was no Skinny Minnie, this was a full sized woman.  HOW REFRESHING!

Then, I heard her sing.  WOW!  I HAVE A NEW FAVORITE SINGER!


A few minutes ago I saw her sing her song (which she wrote) "Rolilng in the Deep" on the Grammys.  I actually got goose bumps.  Man oh man, it's been a long time since I've seen or heard a real person sing a real song the right way.  Adele baby, you got it all!

How ironic.  Need I say it?  The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!


  1. Adele is talented, I will give her that.

    The problem is that the admin ladies play one of the those generic safe music radio stations, which I can begrudingly overhear from my office.

    This station plays an Adele song at least 3 or 4 times during the day.

    So hearing Adele drives me a up a wall by no particular fault of her or her musical abilities.

  2. Ron,

    I've listened to several of her songs and I'd buy this one. Her songs and singing are close to several of my favorites such as Lucy Kapansky, Lucinda Williams and Eliza Gilkyson. In fact, the song you embedded in your post reminds me of The Cherryholmes in it has that Bluegrass sound. Hers is Bluegrass amped up with a rock beat though. I'd almost think she came out of an American Folk-Rock-Blues tradition if she wasn't British.

    Of course the fact that her various songs can sound like Lucy, Lucinda or Eliza shows she doesn't stay within any one form or genre but kind of creates her own.


  3. Lar,

    I haven't heard of the other singers that you mention but if they sound anything like Adele, the must be good. What I like about Adele, in addition to her fabulous voice is that she is totally non phony. I like her.

  4. Hank,

    That is a problem when someone's music is played over and over again. I used to work at a bank that had a radio station that played this one women's song (I can't even think of her name now) so much, that I cringed when I heard her sing. I feel for you Hank being stuck in a situation like that.

  5. Ron - I thought the same thing last night. I had never heard her and then when I did wow - she was awsome.... I am headed to buy some songs from her.

  6. Melissa,

    I don't know how Adele slipped under my radar. Usually I'm right up on the latest. She is definitely on my Favorite List now. Not only does she have a fabulous voice but she is not a phony with a gimmick like so many other pop artists. How refreshing!


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