Tuesday, February 07, 2012

John and Isaac - My Brothers

My brothers Isaac and John 1954 - buddies

I have two younger brothers, John and Isaac.  I may have written about them before but I'll write about them again.  I do so because sometimes I pause and count my blessings that I am so fortunate to have such wonderful brothers.

John and Isaac 1952

We are all about a year apart in age, I am the oldest.  I was born late in 1941.  Isaac was born in the spring of 1943.  John was born in the summer of 1944.

Isaac, me (messing with John's hat - I remember doing this) and John -1946

Growing up, John and Isaac were best buddies while I stayed apart.  I don't know why I wasn't best buddies with my brothers.  Maybe it was because I was aware I was the oldest and had to maintain my aloofness.  I find it fascinating to see old photos of us now.  Almost always John and Isaac are closer together and I'm standing off an extra bit, maintaining my distance.

John, Isaac and me (space) Ron 1947

We are three brothers of the same parents but, like all siblings we couldn't be more different.

Isaac, John and (space) me - 1955

John is a pastor in a Christian fundamentalist church in Greenville, South Carolina.  He is married (first wife) and has had three children.  His two oldest are girls and his youngest (named after him) was a boy, who died at birth.  John lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Mom, me and (space) the two buddies John and Isaac 1949

Isaac is a retired welder who is now divorced.  He also had two older daughters and his youngest is his son, also named after him.  Isaac lives in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

The Boys of Summer at the old Swimming Hole - Sam (our dog), buddies Isaac and John and (space) me - 1951

I am a retired banker (Trust Operations).  I live with my longtime partner in Milton Delaware.  I have no children.

Isaac, me and John enjoying our ice cream treat after pulling weeds in our father's cornfield - 1955

John is an extrovert.  Everyone likes John.  Even I like John.  John does not have a temper.

John, Isaac and me Christmas 1967

Isaac is an introvert.  Everyone likes Isaac.  Isaac has a big heart.  He has a temper.

Me, Isaac and John Christmas 1974

I have a passive/aggressive personality.  Sometimes I'm an extrovert and sometimes I'm an introvert.  I also have a hot temper, but mine takes longer to warm up.

John, Isaac and me - Christmas 1987

There are only three people in the world that I trust 100% to never let me down .Sorry friends, I love you all but from past painful experiences I have found that even the most devoted friends will put their family and career first before they would stand by me.  Just two weeks ago that theory was reinforced to me again when a person, who I thought was a friend, was so offended by a blog posting I did where I indirectly said he "wasted my time" by not taking advice which he asked of me decided that was the time to end our friendship.  That selfish action proved to me again how feckless some "friendships" are these days.  Step on somebody's toes and they take their ball and go home.  Friends like that I don't need.  Friends like that I don't want.

Me, John and Isaac at the Happy Days Restaurant Thorndale, PA - 2011
The Third Person who will always stand by me is, of course, My Bill.

Me and my "Little Brother" John in North Carolina - 2010
When all is said and done, I sleep well at night knowing that whatever happens to me, or whatever mood I'm in, I know there are two other people who will never abandon me, John and Isaac.

My other "little brother" Isaac - 2011

My brothers and I may have differing political views (oh brother do we ever!) and different religious views (again, BIG DIFFERENCE) but no matter what we are still brothers.

John and Isaac, animal lovers - both of their daughters have inherited their  dad's love of animals
So here is a shout out to my two wonderful brothers, John and Isaac.  I love you guys!

My brothers John and Isaac at Loew's last summer - still Best Buddies


Bob said...

There's a reason they call family the cradle-to-the-grave relationship.

Nice stories.

Ron said...


We lost our Mother in 2010. We consider ourselves orphans now because of her loss. We don't feel whole. I can't imagine what I would feel like if I lost one of my brothers. We are all part of a whole.
I have always been thankful that I have my brothers.

Ur-spo said...

I have 3 brothers; I can relate to how you feel.
They are my greatest joy in life.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

You understand. I've been asked "Don't you miss not having any sisters?" I answer "I don't know because I never had any but I do know that my life would be so much less without my brothers." They are absolutely the joy of my life.