Friday, November 30, 2012

Man Strips In Front of Baptist Preacher!

Hey folks, I have to get back to posting positive stuff!  Here is a good one.  Bill sent this to me.

Not only is this funny, I think the guy stripping is darn sexy too.  Good thing he didn't strip around me. Just saying.  

The Conservative Republicans' Delusion

During the Clinton years I had to endure a constant harangue from my conservative Republican friends and family about "The Rapist" (i.e. Bill Clinton) and "The Bitch" (Hilary Clinton).  It got so bad that I hated to visit my Mother and my brother who lived with her because they would work themselves up into quite a lather after listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Hey, I wasn't too thrilled with Clinton either after he double-crossed the GLBT community by signing into the stupid "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law and Defense of Marriage Act.  But that didn't make a difference to them, they felt they had to hold me personally responsible that "The Rapist" was president.  Never mind that the Clinton Years were some of the best for the economy of this country in a generation.  No, the GOP Hate Machine was in full force to delegitimize Clinton by impeaching him.  Of course Clinton was reelected for another four year term thus throwing the Republican Haters into a frenzy of self-delusion.  

After the Clinton eight years we got Bush. Need I say more?  I'm not even going there where that the Republicans probably stole both elections.  Look at the mess Bush Junior left us in,  but not to my conservative Republican friends and family. Soaked in their Fox News paranoia they think all the problem is the Democrats blaming Bush for everything that ever went wrong with this country.  Delusion.

So now we have Barack Obama reelected as president for a second term.  This after four years of the conservative Republicans trying to delegitimize President Obama as a Kenyan, Muslim, Socialist, Hitler, and homosexual.  Delusion.

Barack Obama, only the third president to be reelected with a 50% majority since Ronald Reagan,  the other presidents being Roosevelt and Eisenhower.  

So now I am being bombarded again by some of my conservative Republican friends with their paranoid conspiracy theories that President Obama is a Socialist Muslim Terrorist who stole the election and is hell bent to destroy this country.  The Mau Mau are coming!  

Friends, I have to be blunt here.  I'm 71 years old and frankly, I am tired of fighting these delusional people.  Friends, relatives notwithstanding, I am tired.  I can't imagine responding to their fantastical delusional conspiracy theories for the next four years.  I just can't.  

I've tried to figure out what makes these people tick.  Is it racism?  Maybe that's part of it.  I really don't know.  This is what I do know.  I heard a quote today form a columnist that I never heard of before that sums up my feelings best.  This is the quote:

The GOP’s Shrinking Tent

“If you believe in climate change, finding a path to citizenship for millions of hard-working and the right to marry the person you love, there is no place in the Republican Party for you.”

Timothy Egan – New York Times 11/30/2012

So friends and relatives, do not send me any more of your hateful e-mails, snide comments, and put-downs because I voted for Barack Obama.  I have better things to do with my time than respond to you and try to explain reality to you.  My suggestion for you is to arrange an appointment with your therapist to get to the root of your hate filled delusion.  

I'm running out of time folks and I am tired.  Take all that energy you're putting into hate and try to do something positive for this country that ALL OF US LIVE IN.  

Take a deep breath and connect with reality.  

And please folks, stop telling me what I can or cannot post on my Facebook page and blog.  As I have said many times before, if you don't like what I post on Facebook, unfriend me.  If you don't like what I post on my blog, then don't read it.  Last I heard this was a free country.  Check the U.S. Constitution that you're so fond of quoting to justify owning your automatic rifles, somewhere in that document is a mention of free speech.  It's called "The Bill of Rights".  Applies to gay men and women, black men and women, Hispanics, Asians, young people, women and yes, even white men. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Friend


My friend, who shall remain nameless to protect his privacy will be moving into an assisted care facility next week.  Actually, he needs total care but his partner is with him and will help him.

This picture was taken in the summer of 2010, the last time my friend visited me and Bill at our home.  He almost backed into the house.  Backing out of the driveway, he almost knocked over our neighbor's mailbox.  After those near misses we decided that was the last time we could have him drive his own car over to our house.  Actually, we were more afraid that he would injure himself or someone else on Route 1, which he has to cross to get to our house.

I won't go into all the details of my friend's decline only to say it is a combination of Parkinson's and dementia.  The last time I saw him was last week.  He was very confused and paranoid.  I'm not sure if he even knew who I was.

 I'm kneeling in on the left, my friend standing behind me- Ft. Devens, Mass - 1960
I met him when I was in the Army in 1960.  We both went to school together at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts.  Best friends, we never knew each other was gay.  No, we didn't have secret crushes on each other, we're not each other's "types."  However, we did remain good friends over the years.

Surprise birthday party for my friend - Philadelphia 1982
We both worked in center city Philadelphia for many years.  Then came a time when my friend grew tired of the rat race and left his job for the anonymity of rural southern Delaware.  His income took a major hit but he was happy.  He was free.  No more  daily commuting to Philadelphia from his home in Norwood, PA.  No more jumping through hoops for his bosses.  No more stepping over the homeless on his way to and from work.  Freedom!

One of the many lunches we used to have when we both worked in Philadelphia

After he moved to Delaware I often visited him at his single wide trailer on twenty-acres of wooded land which he called "The Ranch."  It was a getaway for me, him and many of his other friends.  We all just happened to be gay but no orgies.  Well, maybe a few if we got lucky at the bars but that's another blog entry.

Weekend at "The Ranch" 1980
When it came time for me to retire of course my first choice was southern Delaware where my friend lived.  I loved the relaxed way of life.  I loved the low taxes.  I loved the growing gay community where I felt more comfortable to be who I am.  Freedom!

About ten years ago I started to notice certain signs that things with my friend weren't quite right.  I pushed them out of my mind.  However, over the years these "signs" began accumulating until I no longer felt I was imagining things.

Gradually, my nightly phone calls to my friend to exchange the latest gossip, complaints,  jokes and endless repeating of war stories from our Army days drifted off to a few a week, then a few a month and now I don't call at all because no one is at the end of the line.

The last time I visited him was last week.  I don't think he knew who I was.  This morning Bill went down to visit him and his partner, they were there but didn't answer the door.

Next week I understand they are moving into an assisted living facility.

Many of my friends from my Army days have died.  Many of my classmates have died.  I still have two good friends left from high school, one of which I talk to almost everyday on FaceTime.  I make every day count.  I take nothing for granted.  Time is slipping away.

Probably never to be repeated again - one of our many dinners out at local cafes in Delaware

Meet Dr. Spo Buffet Dinner Menu

(Double click to enlarge)

Hey Spo fans!  Here is the menu for the buffet dinner for Dr. Spo which will be held at the Inn at Canal Square in Lewes, Delaware, Saturday, March 23rd from 6 pm to 8 pm.  

The Nage Restaurant of Rehoboth Beach (and Washington D.C.) will be supplying the buffet.  The Nage has catered many events at the Inn (where I work part-time as a front desk clerk) and I can attest they are the best!  Usually I get the leftovers, this time I'll be up front (nice change folks!)  Go here for more information on The Nage Restaurant.

Based on attendance so far, the cost per person is $25.00.  That includes an open bar of white or red wine (or water or soda for those who prefer non-alcoholic liquid refreshments).  

Our "Meet Dr. Spo" event is coming along nicely folks.  Already we have four reservations at the hotel for out of state bloggers.  Several local bloggers may also attend (only Cubby has confirmed so far) for a "day trip."  

This is going to be a great get together of blogger friends folks.  Perhaps a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to meet in person that person you've been leaving comments on their blog and those who leave comments on your blog.  Hey!  How often do we get a chance to put a face to the comments?

March 23rd, 2013 may seem like a long time away but believe me folks, it will be here before you know it.  Please let me know if you plan to attend our buffet on March 23rd so we have enough food to feed everyone!

Blobby and Dr. Spo (in Arizona - Spo Land)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fun Romney Loser iMovie!

Hey folks!  Spent all day making this new iMovie.  Oh I do love making movies.

My friend Don McK. sent me a fun compilation of photos of the Republican losers.  By the way, do you think the Republicans learned anything from their loss?  Uh......I don't think so.  Take a gander below of the newly appointed House of Representatives committee chairmanships.  Notice what they have in common?  Ah yes, ALL WHITE MEN.  

Keep on keep on Rethugs Republicans.  

Here's a clue guys, the Angry White Man vote is shrinking.  Something you all might want to think about if you ever plan to win another presidential election.  Just saying.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brad Pitt Makes a Douche Commercial!

OMG!  Did you see the new Chanel No. 5 commercial Brad Pitt made?  


This is the worst piece of drek I've seen since the infamous "Tank Commercial" that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis made to show his bonafidas (balls) as a tough puppy.  

The Dukakis "Tank Commercial" ended up making the former  Massachusetts governor a laughing stock of the world.  Not the result Governor Dukakis was looking for. 

Snoopy in a Tank

The same thing will happen with this commercial Brad Pitt made for Chanel No. 5.  First of all, does anyone know ANY MEN who are going to buy Chanel No. 5 just because Brad uses it?  What's it smell like, Movie Star Sweat?

I admit, I've never been a Brad Pitt fan.   Sure, he's handsome and a good actor but to me he's just way too full of himself.  And don't even get me started on the whole Angelina Jolie and Adopting a Kid From Every Nation thing.  It seems like every time I see this duo they are carrying around one of two of these kids who are much too old to have mom or pop carrying them around but hey, isn't that why movie stars get the kids, to show off?  But that's another thread I won't get into here. 

But Brad, what were you thinking?  You didn't make a commercial for a perfume, you made a douche commercial.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet The Spo Event

Dr. Spo


Dr. Spo will be appearing IN PERSON at The Inn At Canal Square in Lewes, DE on March 22nd and 23rd. See here for more information about the Inn.

View of Lewes-Rehoboth Canal from the Inn

Dr. Spo, of "Spo Reflections" blog has informed me that he is initiating this "Spo Shirt Tour", only this time he will be in his Spo Shirt.  See here.


Many thanks to Cubby for suggesting this EL GRANDE idea!

Here are the particulars folks. If you're making the trip to Lewes, Delaware call me or send me an e-mail for your hotel reservations.  I have secured a 20% discount of room rates that weekend.  We have VIP suites that sleep six.  They are a complete apartment with two full bedrooms, each with its own bath.  A living room, half bath and a deck right on the canal.  Fabulous!  Split the expenses between six (or even four) and it's not that expensive.

The Inn at Canal Square on the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal

We also have individual rooms.  King size beds (most expensive) and queen size beds, less expensive.  Also two mini-suites that rent as one room but are actually two room.  They rent as one room because they only have one bathroom.

I'm starting to sound like a commercial so I'll just say now contact me by e-mail for more information.

Ron at your service!

Dr. Spo and Someone. Yes, can you believe it? SOMEONE is also coming.

Dr. Spo and Someone

will arrive on Friday, March 23rd.  Saturday, March 24th we will have a catered dinner by Nage from 6 pm to 9 pm in the Parkview Room.  I have secured the room and the booze (including Mark and Fred's champagne from their visit two years ago, it has aged nicely fellas).  For those attending the dinner the cost will be between $25 and $30 (to be determined, haven't talked to Nage yet) per person.  See here for more information about Nage.

Lewes, DE waterfront - The Inn At Canal Square to the right
Lewes is the first town in the first state of Delaware.  It was settled first in 1631 by Dutch settlers who were promptly wiped out by the local Indians. Subsequently the English came in and settled our lovely coastal town and the rest is history. See here for more information.

Cape Henlopen, Lewes, Delaware

The photo above I took yesterday on my iPhone when Dr. Spo called me at the hotel to confirm these plans. Of course he did not know I took this picture so I cannot promise you that he will show up in that same alluring outfit.  

Make your plans folks.  This truly is a Once In A Lifetime Opportunity to meet the great Dr. Spo in person!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tis the Season

Me & Mom with my Christmas cards - Philadelphia - 1978
Doesn't it seem like we just celebrated Christmas a few months ago?  I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I could wait for Christmas to get here.  It seemed like there was about 18 months between Christmases.  Now it seems like six or eight months.

BAM!  Here we are again.  Black Friday was yesterday.  Now today we have something called "Small Business Friday" whatever THAT is supposed to be.  Sounds like another made up shopping day to me.

Back in The Day, I used to get all caught up in the Christmas  shopping frenzy.  Oh yes, I did the shopping for my Mom, father, nieces, nephew (only have ONE nephew thank you), and My Bill.  Also got caught up in shopping for friends and co-workers.  Years ago I stopped that nonsense.  Not that I'm a "Bah Humbug" or anything like that (Heaven forfend), I just stopped it one year to see what happened.  Would I be disowned, disavowed, discombobulated?  None of the aforementioned happened.

Uncle Ronnie bearing Christmas gifts 1971

Now don't get me wrong, God knows I'm not cheap.  I like to shop and waste my money like any other good American but I just lost the taste for all that craziness of shopping for The Perfect Gift (which rarely happened by the way).  

So I stopped and life went on.  However, the one thing I do do which gives me a lot of pleasure and puts me in the "Christmas Mood" is to make a special Christmas Card and send it to a select group of people I've met and known over the years.  Some are relatives, but most are folks from my Past Life that I probably will never see again.  I actually don't see the relatives either.  This is my one way to spread a little of the Christmas Cheer which, to me, is the peace and goodwill that this season truly means.

So if anyone of you reading this blog would like to receive one of my special Christmas cards, please send me your Snail Mail address to my e-mail address.  I will be glad to add you to my Christmas Card Mailing List.  

BTW, I don't expect a Christmas card in return.  This is me wishing you all a very happy holiday season.

Christmas Office Party First Financial Bank - Downingtown, PA 2003

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Me (with the hoagie), my Mom and my brother Isaac - 1954
This Thanksgiving is almost over but for the shopping.  Looking out from the back of my house I can see the stream of headlights of shoppers headed down Route 1 to the Rehoboth Outlet Malls and WalMart, which are open tonight.  Are you kidding?  I wish I was but I'm not.  You won't see me there.

Bill and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving here at home.  That's the way we usually pass the holiday.  A long time ago I used to get caught up in the tradition of making a big Thanksgiving dinner but since Bill and I don't eat that much, most of the food goes to waste.  It's not that I don't enjoy Thanksgiving, I do.  But I just can't get up the enthusiasm and energy to go through all of THAT for Thanksgiving.

Places set  for Thanksgiving Guests - 2006

For many years my longtime friend Bob had all us single (and married) gay men over to his house for a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.  That was very nice of him and his partner Jim.  Very popular too.  Usually there were at least a couple dozen attendees at the Gay Single Man's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Two-turkey Thanksgiving Dinner - 2006
The last time I went was 2006 when these pictures were taken.  Since then I've either had to work at the hotel (I didn't this year) or was a guest at my friend Bill B's house in Pennsylvania.  

That's me on the bottom with the baboon expression on my face (what was I thinking?)
I don't remember the last time I cooked a Thanksgiving meal just for me and Bill at home.  probably back when we lived in Pennsauken, New Jersey and that was in the early Sixties. For many years we ate at my Mother's.

Ham and conversation among old friends was also served at the Children's Table
And I think that is the answer why I really don't "do" Thanksgiving anymore, reminds me too much of my Mother. Mom died in 2010.  She had stopped making Thanksgiving dinners about four years before she died, when her mental capacities declined.  My friends Jim and Bob no longer do Thanksgiving dinners.  Without going into a lot of detail and protecting their privacy, they also have mental issues.  They can't handle it.  They can hardly handle their own lives which is a drama I am dealing with now.  

Hang on the good times guys, never know when it's going away - 2006

So folks, feeling just a little melancholy today. Not too bad but just a tinge of sadness.  

Not to veer too far off the subject.  Remember my "leg issue" of yesterday?  I hardly got any sleep last night, the pain was that excruciating.  Not as bad as passing a kidney stone but still the kind of pain that just wouldn't go away.  There was no position I could get in to alleviate the pain.  God, it was awful.  I finally fell asleep a few time but woke up early twisted and bent in pain.

I hobbled out to Bill (who always gets up at 4 am) with my cane.  He urged me to take a stronger pain killer.  Reluctantly I took one of his Excedrin Migrane pills, the ones they had off the market for a while because they wreck havoc with your stomach and invalidate your liver if you get hooked on them.  Well guess what folks?  It worked.  I've been pain free all day.  Stiff but pain-free.  Sort of like a Mitt Romney.  

Those pain pills only last twelve hours so I'll take one before I drift off to dreamland tonight.  I'm not going into work tomorrow or Saturday night, I have to take it easy on my leg, give it time to heal.  I think I'll be able to go into work on Sunday night though, albeit with my new "buddy", The Cane.  HERE COMES THE OLD MAN. 

I'm starting to ramble here folks so bear with me. As I said before, today was a beautiful, fall, crisp day here in southern Delaware.  A perfect day to get a head start on those Christmas decorations.  I didn't feel that either today folks.  I doubt if I will.  Christmas wasn't a big deal in our home so I don't get as sad about missing my Mother during that holiday as I do Thanksgiving.  I think why Thanksgiving always holds a special place in my heart was that was the first time I introduced My Bill to my parents after a year of two of estrangement with them after I came out.  Of course they loved Bill once they met him.  There were even times I suspected they liked Bill more than me. 

In closing (finally), I hope everyone who reads this blog had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their friends, family and loved ones including their faithful "kids", the critters (dogs and cats).  

Mom with her "friend" Rusty - a feral cat who got lucky

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bum Leg!

Two days ago I twisted my leg.  Yesterday at work (at the hotel) I did a lot of running around.  Giving tours of the three suites by the canal, up and down those spiral staircases, running back to the front desk to answer the phone, running upstairs to get the TV working in Room 302 (didn't work, had to move them).  With all that activity, by the time my co-worker Robert called me I was in excruciating pain. Not "kidney stone pain" (which is a pain so great you want to die) but painful enough to bring tears to my eyes.  

Robert asked if I would like him to come in and take over the rest of my shift.  Reluctantly I said "Yes!" I really didn't think I was going to make it to the end of my shift.  Plus I had come in two hours earlier.  I hobbled out of there and managed to drive home, even though I was in a great deal of pain.

Bill was surprised to see me come home from work early.  I told him why I left work.  He was concerned.  It is at times like this that I'm glad I don't live alone.  

After undressing, I went to bed.  My leg being elevated in bed lessened the pain.  I had a fitful sleep.  But the pain was gone.  That didn't last too long though.  Once I started to go about my regular routine and put pressure on my sprained leg, the pain returned big time.  

I spent most of the day in bed.  I didn't get much relief from the pain this time so I made the Big Decision. I would get a cane.  I am surrendering to inevitable fact that I am an OLD MAN.

Bill drove me to Walgreen's in Milton.  I limped in the store and asked to be directed to the canes.  By the way, limping around as I was, I felt very much "different." Is this karma?  I remembered all those times I've been annoyed by folks with canes and walkers slowing ME down.  Now the tables were turned.  Did I detect a Look of Pity from that cashier in Walgreen's?  I think I did.  

Back in the corner of the store, near the pharmacy section I found the canes.  I was surprised at how many different kinds of canes there were.  And there was my cane!  An adjustable tall cane.  I tried out.  Ah ha!  Pleasure.  With my price tagged cane I did my Old Man Walk to the cashier. I bought some candy too for Bill.  Pleasure.  Taking the pressure off of my leg made all the difference.  

So that's where I am now folks.  Navigating myself around Casa Tipton-Kelly with my new cane.  Wow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Prostate Update

Filling out the paperwork in the office - I'm getting pretty good at this

Just returned from my morning visit to my urologist.  So here's the deal. He examined my prostate, the ONLY way to start out the week.  Yep, the rubber glove and KY lubricant.  Okay, okay, TMI.

Here's what he found.  An unexpected "bump" on one side of my prostate but no "rough" patches which usually indicate prostate cancer.  However, he did recommend that I get the biopsy to rule out that I don't have prostate cancer.  He said it would be useless to treat me for another prostate condition if I already had prostate cancer so let's get "that out of the way."  I agreed with him.  My biopsy is scheduled for 8:30 am, January 28th, 2012.  

Don't cry for me Argentina. It is what it is.  It could be worse. The company that makes Twinkies could go bankrupt. 

"No Twinkies?"  Say it isn't so!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Con Man Bites The Dust

Yes folks, yet another con man revealed.  This time it is the much revered General David Petraeus. The almost God like figure that George Bush couldn't get his nose far enough up his ass.  Yes, General David Petraeus was caught dicking his biographer.  The man who so loved the camera before he was revealed as just another egomaniac who believed his own press, went in the back door to Senate hearings that are trying to gin up a Watergate like controversy so they can delegitimize our duly elected president.  Yes folks, those same Rethuglicans Republicans are at it again but I digress.  That is a subject for another blog posting.  Yes folks, our BRAVE general snuck in the back door.  Need I say more?

Oh, I think I will.  Here is a partial gallery of other con men, i.e. phonies who were found out.  So many, so little time.  One good thing, we have found out about them before they could do any real harm.  No, let me take that back.  Petraeus did talk President Obama into a surge in Afghanistan in 2009 which failed TOTALLY, thus resulting in the loss of the lives and injuries of many truly brave men and women of our armed forces.  Thanks Dave, you fuck face.

Memo to the Mittster: you can get people to vote for you if you don't like them.  That's Rule #1.  I wish I could take some satisfaction in knowing that you are ashamed of yourself now for the selfish, out of touch fool that you have shown yourself to the whole country but I still don't think you get it.  You bastard.  Go play with your car elevators.

George W. Bush, the WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY.  His presidency would be laughable except that it resulted in the needless deaths of thousands of innocents and ruined lives of their families.  Keep smiling.  He doesn't get it either.  Go clear some brush.

John Edwards, he of the $250 "I Feel Pretty" haircut.  Fucks another woman while his wife is dying of cancer.  A real man.  Uh huh.  Notice something all of these bastards have in common?  They STILL don't think they did anything wrong.

Oh I know, some of you of differing political persuasion that I am are wondering where is Bill Clinton?  I'll tell you where he is.  He is the MOST POPULAR MAN IN THE WORLD.  

So he got a blow job in the White House while talking on the phone to a member of Congress.  Here's the difference, NO ONE DIED.  

And last but not least, the most hated man in White Man America, President Barack Obama.  What did he do wrong besides being a socialist, Kenyan, Muslim?  HE'S BLACK!  He's also the president of the United States for the next four years.  Deal with it.

I'll take a man any day, black or white who is fighting for the middle class.  I'm not bothered that a black family is sitting on those expensive and historic White House sofas.  Are you?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reading Minds

Didn't you, as a kid, wish you had magic powers like reading minds or being invisible?  I did.  I thought "how cool would it be to read someone's mind."  

Another of my childhood fantasies, other than the standard gay child's fantasy of Prince Charming stopping by and carrying me away on his white horse to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER, was to be an invisible man.  That way I could slip in and out of people's lives and know what they were saying and doing without them knowing that I knew. Long sentence there, I hope that made sense.

Guess what folks?  I think I can do that.  Yes, another of the many benefits of getting older.  I can read minds!  Yessum, I surely can.  I still haven't figured how to be invisible but I don't have to because I can read people's minds.

So you ask, "How can he do that?"  Very simple, body language.  I think most of us, once we have reached a certain age and even those much younger recognize certain body language.  Sometimes we don't even realize we're doing it, like talking with our hands but we do pick up on certain forms of body language.

I'm not going to go into all the different aspects of body language here but I can tell you that I can almost immediately know how someone feels about me from the first meeting and subsequent interactions.  For instance today, I attended a HOA meeting of my neighbors here in my typical, coastal shore, semi-retirement, tick-tocky, Ryan Homes development.  After the meeting I wanted to introduce myself to one of my new neighbors who I was rather impressed with when I heard and saw him comment at the meeting.  No, he wasn't MY TYPE but I liked him all the same because he spoke honestly and forthrightly his feelings and, of course, was promptly verbally slapped down by my lawyer/lesbian neighbor who was chairing the meeting.  Not that THAT has anything to do with it but I do think the gay/straight undercurrent in our gatherings are always there, whether acknowledged or not.

After his verbal slap down I watched him and saw where he was furious but exercised a LOT of self discipline not to get into an argument or just get up and walk out.  Welcome to the neighborhood buddy! 

I made it a point to introduce myself to him after the meeting.  In the rush to get out of there, I managed to put my hand on his shoulder and turn him around and introduce myself.  "Hi, I'm Ron.  What's your name?"  Hey, I get to the point.  He told me his name which coincidentally is from a prominent right wing family in the area which is notorious for posting their views on their huge billboard right outside our development which I HAVE to look at every time I drive out.  I didn't want to get into THAT with him, just introduce myself and tell him that I agreed with his statement.  He seemed to appreciate that but I could tell from his body language that he was thinking "Who the hell are you and why do I care?" Of course I'm used to that response, I get it all the time.  I also got over it a LONG time ago.  

He told me where he lived and I told him where I lived which we will both promptly forget as he will my name.  But I did introduce him to several of my neighbors which seemed to relax him.  At least he wasn't grinding his teeth anymore and I think I even saw a faint slip of a smile cross his face.  

So there we go folks, nothing earth shattering to change the course of history but I do think I changed his first impression, however little, of his new neighbors.  

The Middle East may be on the verge of Armageddon again but here in our little corner of the world, I think I contributed to good feelings between a group of strangers who have chosen to live together on this minuscule speck of land on the coast of eastern southern Delaware called Covington Chase.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Tweeting!

A little dabble here and a little dabble there.  I've heard all the fuss about Tweeting and wondered what it was besides Ashton Kuchter's ego trip to see how many followers he could get. I discounted Twitter because what in the world would Ashton Kuchter have to say that would interest me? Absolutely nothing, that's what.

So I'm bouncing along everyday, thinking I'm pretty cool, connected to all the latest social media like Facebook, Blogger, e-mails and what not.  Hey, reality bytes again!  Turns out I wasn't quite as cool as I thought I was.  I guess in deep down in my very core I know I will always be that kid who was chosen last when my gym class picked out team members.  BTW, wasn't that the WORST thing in high school besides getting nekkid in the showers?  More on that EXPERIENCE in a future blog but as I was saying......

Here I think I'm about the coolest 71 year old "techie" around these parts in Retirement Village, Delaware and I've been missing Twitter.  Turns out I was just fooling myself....again.

You all know me, I'm the guy who used to write all those "Letters to the Editor" of the hometown newspaper.  I even wrote a few to national magazines.  Funny thing, almost all my letters were published too.  And yet here I stagnate in anonymity.

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News "Fair and Balanced" (sure)
When e-mail came along I used to zip a few off to the TV cable TV stations.  This was back when I used to watch Fox News (can YOU BELIEVE IT?)  Bill O'Reilly read half a dozen of my letters on the air.  Neil Cavuto even read two of them.  I have to give them credit because my views were always different from theirs but they still read the letters from "Ron of Downingtown, Pennsylvania."

Then came a time when I had to sell our house in Pennsylvania and move to our new house in Delaware.  I could no longer afford to live in Pennsylvania (taxes) and besides, I always wanted to live "near the water". That drama unfolded in January of 2006. Built the house in Delaware (with a monster mortgage) and TRIED to sell the house in PA with an equity loan to pay the down payment on the Delaware house.  Well, that nightmare lasted until November of 2006 when I finally sold the PA house.

So for the past six years I've been settling in my new "near the water" digs which is actually two miles from "the water" - couldn't afford anything closer and didn't want to anyway - too many nor'easters and hurricanes skirting up our Delaware coast.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Got my blog set up, making friends 'round the country.  Losing some who don't agree with some of my opinionated blog entries.  Still doing the e-mail thing but e-mails aren't what they used to be.  Now a days checking my e-mails is like plowing through a field of snail mail, looking for the "real" mail.  Very tiring and wasteful of my remaining time on this planet.

So I'm still hearing a LOT about "Tweet this" and "Tweet that".  Time to check the Tweet again. Guess what?  Just what I've been looking for!  I can now zip out my opinions in real time on "The Internets".  I can also see real time what others are saying and thinking, especially watching a show or event on TV like the recent presidential debates.

Folks, I jumped in with both feet last week and I'm loving it!  I'm Tweeting up a storm.  Of course I am very aware that some will think "who the f--k is this?"  "Who cares?"  Doesn't matter folks.  I have to get IT out of me when I think it.  That's just the way I am.  That's my style. I'm also not as lonely and that is probably one of the main reasons people Tweet.  I HAVE to stay connected.  I HAVE to matter.

It's a big world out there folks.  We may be but a little grain of sand on the beach along with all the other little grains of sand but I think deep within us each on of us would like to know that we matter.  I know I do and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Earth- the beautiful "blue marble" we live on
Now, just what the hell is going on with John McCain.  Is he having a Bitter Old Man Sore Loser Meltdown or what?  Excuse me while I Tweet out that message.

Have a great day!

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