Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Geese Settle In For The Evening at Prime Hook

A few miles up the road from where we live is the Prime Hook National Refuge.  Snow geese winter over here on the East coast of southern Delaware where we live.  In a few weeks (or days) they will be leaving for Canada to spend the summer in cooler climes.  Before they left I wanted to get a video record of them settling in their nighttime quarters after a busy day of feeding on our Sussex County fields.

I love where I live!


  1. You are fortunate this way; 'liking where you live" is an important aspect of mental health.

  2. I love seeing massive flocks of birds!

    Watching your video made me realise that we as humans, tend to be a bit egotistical and think that we are "it".

    We have built great cities filled flocks of humans and little else.

    Seeing this flock of birds really makes me realise that we as humans are not the only super species on our planet.

  3. Mass psychology avian style. Who can fail to be awed by the sight and sound?

  4. Wonderful shot of the geese. Where they making a racket as well?

  5. Oh yes Scott, they were very noisy. Actually, they were rights overhead and I missed videoing that because they surprised me. I got most of it in though.

  6. Dr. Spo,

    That is one of the main reasons I moved to southern Delaware and "near the water." I've always wanted to live in a coastal area before I died and now I am. I am a very happy camper...and gay man...and senior citizen...and human being!

  7. Ray,

    Everyday those geese fly over our house in the morning on the way to feed on the fields of Sussex County. In the early evening or late day they fly back night over in the wetlands of Prime Hook. I am always impressed. They make me feel good.

  8. Hank,

    I love the snow geese! Every year they migrate here for the winter then they go back to Canada for the summer. It's not the same when they leave. They are truly beautiful and make me appreciate life.

  9. Ron,

    I like watching the geese. It's fascinating. We have more Canadian, than Snow around here, but they come in massive waves, too.



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