Friday, February 17, 2012

Head Sucked

Head wart removed!

How do you like that for a title?  Well, that's what happened to me when I visited my dermatologist this afternoon.  Ya gotta get those attention grabbing titles!

I used a new dermatologist.  I usually go to the Wilmington VA for my dermatology appointments but I was just there in December.  They see me every six months.  Usually I have small actinic keratosis lesions removed from my face.  My last visit I had four remove, including one right on the tip of my nose.  Actinic keratosis is a pre-cancerous condition. So far no skin cancer.  Both my Mother and one brother have had skin cancer so it runs in my family.  I am due.

The Medical Arts Building, Rehoboth Beach, DE

I didn't want to go through all the aggravation of making another appointment so soon at the Wilmington VA so I took advantage of my Medicare Part B and AARP supplement insurance for which I am paying Big Bucks every month and sought out a local dermatologist.

I did good.  His name is Dr. Chang.  He is Chinese as was my very first dermatologist Dr. Uy back in 1991 when I worked at Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia, PA.  Dr. Uy worked out of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital which was a few blocks from where I worked on Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA.  I've had interesting dermatologists care for me over the years.  When I worked in Downingtown, PA my dermatologist was Dr. Dvorkin.  Yes, almost Dr. Kevorkin but not quite.  But I digress.

The Hallway of Doom - floor to my dermatologist's office

So today's visit resulted in me getting what Dr. Chang called a "punch biopsy" which is literally sucking the growth off of my forehead.  Thus, I got my head "sucked."  That was a first.

Oh the stories this recliner could tell

Oh, I almost forget.  He numbed my head first.  Now I've been called "Numb Head" before (mostly be disaffected former employees and my first sergeant in Basic Training) but this is the first time my head was literally numb.  A STRANGE FEELING to be sure.

After the offending growth was sucked from my head, blood flowed (I do bleed easily).  The good doctor applied one stitch (he sewed my head!), then bandaged me up.

Yes folks, that red stuff is MY BLOOD!

So here I am now, a Poor Little Puppy...Poor Little OLD Puppy.

Properly feeling sorry for myself and looking every day of my 70 years - check out the wrinkles - man oh man where did my Youthful Boyish Good Looks go?

Dr. Chang is sending out the Offending Growth from my forehead for a biopsy.  He said he may be cancerous, it may not.  He doesn't know.  I have an appointment this time next week to get my STITCH out.  He will also remove another Offending Growth from the small of my back that keeps coming back at that time.  He didn't have time to do it today.

He said his office will call me immediately if what he took off today was cancerous because then he will have to remove move meat from my head.  Yes, I know...MEATHEAD.

Oh woe is me.  All those years I laid on the beach and now I am Paying the Price.

Me back in the day when I seriously worked on getting skin cancer a tan - Provincetown, Mass 1979

The Adventure continues folks.

Me now, I need some pity here folks - my head hurts and I'm still bleeding


  1. anne marie in philly8:07 PM

    poor baby! have bill kiss it and make it allllllll better!

    'Thus, I got my head "sucked." That was a first.' - bwhahahahaha!

  2. Oh Ron, how I feel for you! Just reading this blog with its reality pics made me feel rather faint - so the fact that you didn't pass out is some credit to you.
    The final photo (ignoring the patch) redeems what's gone before a little. I see a "Thank heavens that's over - for now!" look in your face. But what a nuisance it all is - even apart from the actual pain! Hoping that it really is now over and that there's no real need for a 'meat extraction', which sounds even more grisly. Keep us posted, please.

  3. What you need isn't pity but discipline.
    The surgery went well; and you had good medical care.
    You'll feel good for the lack of the bump
    And stop calling using the "O" word!
    Now, with these limits, get Bill to pamper you all this week !

  4. Ray,

    The pain is gone but I have an ugly little Frankenstein scar. I'll post it later when my "Gay at Five" posting settles in. I don't want anyone to miss that posting.

  5. Thank you Anne Marie!

  6. Dr. Spo,

    I get no pity from Bill, no matter how much I whine. NONE!


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