Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gay Pride Month

June is Gay Pride month. 

I've only been in two "gay pride" parades or marches in my life. 

The first one was in 1979. It was the first LGBT march for equal right in Washington D.C. 

1979 March on Washington D.C. - I'm somewhere in that mass of people - oh how I wish I had taken my camera. What was I thinking?

I lived in Philadelphia at the time.  I was told a bus was taking folks down to Washington at no cost to participate in the march. At first I hesitated to go, fearing for my safety and embarrassing my family when I was arrested, which I sure would happen. I was so sure, I didn't take my camera with me because I didn't want it confiscated and destroyed. I thought what would be the point of taking pictures only to have them confiscated?

I was very nervous when I rode that bus full of participants in the march. The bus was so full, there were people sitting and lying on the floor.

When we arrived in Washington, the ominous quiet and sense of danger in the air was palatable. I'm not ashamed to admit, I was afraid but I was determined to march.

Several things from that march stand out so clearly. First was how the march was lined with D.C. cops lining the parade route, sitting on their tiny motorcycles. I thought at the time how comical they looked on those motorcycles who were so much smaller than the gay bikers in the march. 

Another thing I remember was how many "normal" marchers there were. I was expecting the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence 

drag queens and biker dudes but 98% of the marchers were just plain guys like me. Oh sure, those marchers were there but the greatest majority of marchers were like me, just regular gay guys (and women).  

And the last thing I remember was the deadly looks of some of the straight tourists who lined our march.  That "look", like we were some foreign species. That "look" seemed to say "There go THOSE QUEERS".  "How dare they show their faces in public."

My fears of being arrested were greatly overrated. The police were polite and protective. Sure, we got the dagger stares from some of the onlookers of the parade but for the most part, the parade was uneventful.

Oh, one more thing I remembered was how many people were there, at least a half a million. All those gay people and others who supported our cause. Man did that make me feel good. I wasn't alone. 

When I got home I expected to find that coverage but was disappointed to discover that most of the news media fixed on the extreme marchers. There they were, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the leather thonged clad biker dudes. Oh well.

In 2009, the 30th anniversary of the first march, another march was planned. Again, a free bus ride was provided from Rehoboth Beach (where I now lived) to Washington D.C. 

I had no hesitation this time about attending this march. And I even took my camera. In fact, I took over seven hundred pictures. Some of which are in this video I put together the beginning of this blog post. Yes, I took all these photos. I did miss taking videos though, iPhone weren't out yet in 2009.

What a difference this march was! In fact, there was another march for a different cause going on at the same time. This time there was no need to protect our parade route with D. C. cops on tiny motor cycles. 

The air was festive.

Smiles abounded. 

Even the tourists went about their business of touring. There were no stares of disgusts some thinking "What do THEY do in bed?"  

I won't be participating in any gay pride marches this month. Not that I have anything against them, but unless I get a free bus ride and have a friend to go with, I'll let others express their freedom to be who they are. 

Me and my friend Bob C. resting after the march near the Capitol - it was a beautiful day for a march

Monday, June 18, 2018

Reflections on the Estrangement of Relatives

My brothers 1954

Dr. Spo, one of my favorite bloggers recently wrote a very thoughtful post on the estrangement of a relative. This prompted me to think and now write about my own personal estrangement of relatives. 

I've been thinking about this subject for sometime. I've been reluctant to post about it for a few reasons. The main one being that it is just too painful. Another reason is why add to this sadness. I know some of my relatives read this blog.  They either read it or someone they know does and they report back to them lest I write anything that concerns them. I also haven't written because I do respect their privacy. But that time has ended. 

Me (my hand on my father's shoulder) and my two younger brothers - 1946

I have two younger brothers. Both of them know and have known for years that I'm gay. They know Bill and I have been together for lo these many years (54 now).  We have all gotten along well over the years. However, with one brother I've always had the problem with his far right wing nut rants at me.  He literally has screamed at me "Clinton is a rapist!" and thrown me off his property because I voted for Clinton. In later years, since I moved from Pennsylvania where he was my neighbor, I had to endure his anti-Obama rants. 

Me (center) with my brothers 1953

My other brother is more reasonable, ironically so because he is a evangelical pastor at a Southern Baptist church in South Carolina.  He never ranted at me but it was understood that when I visited I had to be very circumspect in my gayness.  A "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" attitude. I respected him and his family and his life and consented to being discounted.

Me (center with my niece and her daughter) and my brothers - 1980

I haven't spoken to my brothers in five years now. The estrangement began when Bill and I got officially married. You see, it was all right in the past when Bill was just my "friend."  But once we got married, that was another whole story.  Our marriage received national attention. Apparently that coverage got back to my pastor brother's congregation. Embarrassment ensued. This I can only assume. What I do know is that all contact was cut off.

I attempted to two years ago when I tore my quadricep leg muscle. The response I received was a get well card from my sister-in-law's dog.  That's right, their dog. That showed me the level of respect I got for my outreach. I decided then and there that I wasn't worthy of respect in their eyes.  Their religion and congregation was more important. I was discounted as a human being. I guess I was always discounted in their eyes, I just choose to look away. 

Me (left) and my brothers - about 1986

My other brother, the far right wing nut brother, I cut off. He would call me on the phone occasionally.  Almost always the phone calls from him were accusatory rants at me because of my liberal views. And God forbid I would say anything about my gay life, because I would invariable be met with a statement like "Why do you always have to say something gay?" Yes, I would have to do the old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" charade with him too. I'm tired of it folks. I stopped taking his phone calls. About two weeks after that he unfriended me from Facebook.  Fine. I know he's also bad mouthed me to his daughters and son because they have no Facebook contact with me either. Radio silence. 

My two brothers will always be my brothers, as long as we're alive. I don't hate my brothers. I care for them. But I will no longer be discounted as a human being. I will no longer accept rants because of my political views. I will live my life without them or their families.

When I met Bill fifty-four years ago, he had just became estranged from him family. They found out he was gay and confronted him at his Mother's funeral about his gayness. His sister said "We KNOW all about you!"  When Bill left his mother's home in Toccoa, Georgia he never had saw any member of his family again. Over the years I urged him to make contact but he refused. I thought he was being unreasonable by not making a move. But now I understand why he decided to leave his family. 

Our last (and only) professional portrait and picture together - 2005

I never thought I would be in the same situation but here I am, estranged from my family (brothers and their children) five years now. 

I will continue to be estranged. I will not discount myself in order to be accepted by them. One for my homosexuality and the other for my political views. 

Not to be too dramatic but I am at the end of my life. I don't have time for this nonsense. I certainly won't accept being discounted as a human being. 

I doubt if I will ever seen them again. That saddens me but you know folks, I would be surprised if that fact saddens them. 

Now I will go on with my life.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Brad - Summer 1980

Continuing with my video blog memories series, this video is a compilation of my last boyfriend, Brad. Yes folks, I have had a long stretch between boyfriends. I never had another boyfriend until you know who in 2013 (check yesterday's blog).

I met Brad in the summer of 1980 at the Drury Lane bar in Philadelphia.  I didn't know it at the time I met Brad that he was homeless, but he was. He had been thrown out of his boyfriend's home and was staying temporarily with a married couple, who were friends of him and his boyfriend. 

At that time Bill and I were building our house in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, thirty-seven miles west of Philadelphia. Since the house wasn't completed, I rented an apartment at 2124 Spruce Street in center city Philadelphia so I could continue to walk to work at the Girard bank. Bill lived in our house in progress in Downingtown.

After spending the night with Brad at his temporary residence, he told me he was looking for a place to live........temporarily...... until he could find his own place.  I told him he could stay at my apartment until he found his own place.

It didn't take long for me to discover that Brad would never find his own place because he didn't have a job.  He also had a drug and alcohol problem.

I fell in love with him.  I thought I could save him.

Me and Brad at Bob McCamley's single wide in Georgetown, DE early in our relationship - when he still "loved" me - 1980

I arranged for a job interview for him. He showed up an hour late, drunk. I was mortified.

I was in love with him. I thought I could save him.

I overlooked his drug problem (uppers and downers and marijuana). 

I gave him money. 

I supported him.

I loved him.

I was a fool.

I asked him to go with me for my annual vacation to Provincetown, Massachusetts.  My friends Bob McCamley and his boyfriend Gino would be in Provincetown at the same time, as would our mutual friend Joe Murtha.

Brad, Gino and Bob in Provincetown, Mass 1980

While in Provincetown, Brad met a married couple and spent the night with them. That's when I discovered Brad also had another problem, he was promiscuous . 

I loved Brad. His actions hurt me terribly.  The pictures of us biking was after he returned from spending the night with married couple.

The happy photos of us on the sailboat ride was prior to him spending a night with the married couple. I can count on two hands (and maybe a foot or two) the times in my life that I've truly been extremely happy. That sail boat ride with our friends was one such time. Even when my friend Bob McCamley tossed our styrofoam cooler in the bay (and then retrieved it), was all fun.  

That week I experienced the extreme highs of a summertime romance and the extreme lows. 

When we returned home from our holiday in Provincetown, our relationship continued for a few more months. Brad said he was sorry.

Then one day I came home from work and Brad was in my rented apartment with a biker guy.  When I entered my apartment I asked the biker guy what he was doing there.  He said "What's it to you?  Who are you?"  I told him "I'm the person who is paying for this apartment and you can leave now".  He said he wasn't going to leave.  I told him he could leave on his own or I could thrown him down the stairs.  He left on his own.

After he left Brad and I had a furious row.  Brad felt I had embarrassed him.  I told Brad I wasn't renting a brothel for his tricks. Our arguing eventually escalated to the point where Brad, who was drunk, threw his arm against my throat and screamed at me to "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"  He was choking me.  I couldn't breath.  I lost my balance and fell on the floor, Brad still choking me.  I don't think he realized he was choking me.  I was flailing about on the floor and my ankle hit the knob on the radiator, causing a cut and blood to shoot out. I couldn't catch my breath. All I could think was I didn't have a chance to take a deep breath before he started to choke me.

When Brad saw the blood he stopped choking me and took his arm away from my throat.  He then realized what he was doing.  He started to say her and over again "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"  

Sitting on the floor, I think we both realized how close we came to a tragedy.  

After sitting there a while and had a chance to think, I told Brad that as much as I loved him, our relationship would never work out. I had planned to leave Bill and have Brad move in with me.  What a big mistake that would have been.  My common sense seemed to have returned when I realized as much as I loved Brad, we could never live together.  He would destroy me.  

Brad had moved from his hometown of Cincinnati to Philadelphia to be with his boyfriend Gene, a bartender at a local Philadelphia gay bar.  Gene threw him out, which I now know why.  Brad's drinking and drug problem and promiscuity. 

As much as it hurt me I knew I had to part ways with Brad. He would drag me down with him. I was a fool in love. An old fool. At least I thought I was "old" at that time. Brad was only 26 years old. I was 37 years old. I thought I was a sugar daddy. Maybe I was. 

Me and Brad at The Cottage restaurant in Provincetown, Mass 1980

I bought a one way bus ticket to Cincinnati.  I gave Brad that bus ticket and a $100.  I watched him leave from my fourth floor window apartment as he walked down the street to the bus station. 

My heart was broken.  I loved him.  Why?  I cannot give you a reasonable explanation other than I felt a special connection with him.  He did like me at one time but later on he told me "I just fell out of love with you."  Hearing those words so casually fall from his lips hurt me as deeply.  I never know I could hurt other than physical pain could hurt as much. Again, I don't know why I would fall in love with someone who didn't love me, wasn't a responsible person, who was promiscuous and who was an alcoholic and drug addict. But I loved him.  Maybe I was reliving my youth, a youth I never had.  

Of course after Brad left, I regretted what I had done. I sent him dozens of letters begging him to come back.  He answered a few then nothing. 

The hurt I felt I thought I would never recover from. But I did.  But something had died within me.  I vowed never again to let anyone get that close to me. Never to fall in love with anyone again.  I loved and still love Bill but that was different.  Bill and I had an "agreement" when he asked me to move in with him that I was always free.  He would never cage or restrict me, as long as I was discreet.  Bill often said that you can't make someone love you.  I know that now. 

Years went by. I never heard from Brad again.

In 2012 I send Brad a Christmas card.  I often send Christmas cards to people I haven't been in contact with for years. Sometimes they send me one back, sometimes not.  Brad wrote back.

He suggested that he would like to visit Rehoboth Beach one more time before he died. Brad told me he had AIDS. He told me he wouldn't stay with me though but would prefer a hotel.  I didn't offer to pay for his hotel room.  He didn't come. I had long ago fallen out of love with Brad. I bear him no ill will but I wasn't about to pick up the tab again.

Brad - about 2013 at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio

I didn't hear from him for the next few years. Then I received a note from him asking me to call him.  I called him.  I could hardly understand him, his words were that slurred. He asked if I still had the "porn" picture of him.  And if I did could I send it too him. He wanted to show it to his friends. I had it. I sent it to him.  

Brad's "porn" picture which I took impromptu when we were staying at Angle's Landing in Provincetown, Mass 0980 - this picture was to posed. Brad sometimes walked around naked. The cat was the owner's cat (Angela) and Brad just picked her up to put her out and I just happened to have my camera handy - lucky shot - not posed - the best kind of photos!

A couple of years ago I received a phone call from a friend of his. He told me that Brad had died. 

I hope Brad had a happy life when he returned to his hometown of Cincinnati.  Later photos of him that his friend sent me show Brad smiling.  

Brad and his friend in Cincinnati, Ohio about 2013

Brad (on the right) with friends in Cincinnati, Ohio about 2013

Even though Brad and I had a rocky relationship I will always remember Brad's gentle nature. I think that's what I fell in love with, his gentle nature. And of course he was a pretty good-looking guy in his prime. I have to admit there was and still is a soft spot in my heart for him.  But it would never have worked out. But that summer, ah, that summer. 

Brad died September 17, 2014. Rest in peace dear Brad. Thank you for the good memories.You were part of my life. 

Patrick 2013

Hard to believe but it's been five years since I met my travel buddy and FaceTime friend Pat.  

I've told this story before but I'll tell it briefly again for those of you new to my blog. I "met" Pat when he left a comment on my blog as I was posting a blog. That was the first time (and last) I ever got a comment on my blog while I was writing a blog.

Pat wasn't and isn't a regular blog reader or follower. He happened to see my picture testifying before the Delaware State legislature for marriage equality. He liked what he saw and researched the Internet for more information on me. That's how he happened to come across my blog.

When he left a comment on blog, I left a comment right back as I always do when someone leaves a comment. He left another comment and I left another one right back. We continued that way for a while then I asked him if he had FaceTime. He didn't know what FaceTime was.  I told him and since he had an Apply computer we connected through FaceTime.

For a week or so we talked on FaceTime every few days. Then he told me he was retiring from his job with the Toronto Police department and would like to take a trip to see me. I said "Sure, why not?"  I've met other bloggers before this way.  Anne Marie of Philly was the first.  

Our meeting was interesting but I won't go into it right now. What I will say was it only took me a few minutes after meeting Pat in the parking lot of Hotel Blue in Lewes, that I knew he was someone special. In fact so special, he was the "friend" I've been looking for all my life.  All those years in the bars. All those summers in Provincetown.  And here he was in the parking lot of Hotel Blue.

I initially thought was the parking lot attendant going to give me grief over parking in the lot. Turns out he wasn't the parking lot attendant but the whole guy in the flesh who previously was only the talking head I communicated with via FaceTime.  

This is a short compilation of photos and a couple of videos of those August summer days in 2013 when I met Pat, my Buddy For Life.  

By the way, Pat doesn't mind me taking pictures and videos of him unlike Bill and most all of my other friends. I always wanted someone that I could photograph and video to my heart's content. And Pat's that guy.  He's a pretty nice guy too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trip South 2010

The last time Bill and I took a trip was in 2010 to visit my Mother who was living and being taken care of by my brother John and his wife Barbara in Greenville, South Carolina.

After our visit John and I took the two hour ride to the Pisgah Mountains in western North Carolina, right over the border from Johnson City, Tennessee to visit our paternal ancestral roots.  Also known as our hillbilly roots.  Yes, my father and his father and the rest of the Tipton were hillbillies or Appalachian residents, Pigeon Roost, North Carolina.

While there we made a side trip to Johnson City to visit our Aunt Daisy Buckles, who is the daughter of Isaac Lewis, my great grandfather and father of my grandmother Hester Lewis Tipton. 

Isaac Lewis - my great grandfather

The family moved to south eastern Pennsylvania when my father was ten years old (1930).  They were starving up in those mountains.  My grandfather was in the lumber business and there was no lumber business during the Great Depression. So Fieldon Tipton and his wife Hester Lewis and their nine sons all moved to Hester's brother-in-law's farm near Unionville, Pennsylvania as farm laborers. Two more sons were born in Pennsylvania for a total of eleven cheap day laborers. 

My grandfather and grandmother with two of their grandchildren in Pennsylvania

Ten years my father met my Mother on a double date and thus I was produced from that chance meeting. 

And that folks, is a short history of my paternal family roots. This video brings back the beauty of those mountains that ironically are so unwelcoming to me now as a gay man. I would love to live there but I couldn't love there so I don't live there. During a subsequent visit my gayness was discovered and I was given a warning. I only need one warning. Thus all I have now are my memories, shown so well in this beautiful video, of my time visiting my roots. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Twenty-Five Questions

Hey folks! I'm going to give you a break from my recent stream of videos. I haven't done one of these "Question and Answer" posts for awhile. These questions I stole from my good blogger friend Jon.  Read and be amazed!

1. Have you ever had chicken pox?

No, but I had the mumps. Is that the same thing?
2. Have you ever shopped in Home Depot?

Yes I have. Also Loew's, Lumber 94, Dicks, and BJ's. Name a store I haven't shopped in.
3. Have you ever spied on your neighbors?

Absolutely. In our previous life in Pennsylvania we had homophobic neighbors always plotting against us. We had to stay one step ahead of them. We did.

4. Have you ever ridden in a limo?

The only limo I ever rode in was the one for my father's funeral. He died on a hot August day in 2010. I made the arrangements for the funeral and opted to go whole hog and use the limo for the immediate family (me, my Mother and two brothers). Wasn't so luxurious though because they neglected to turn on the air conditioning. We arrived at the cemetery looking and feeling like we just spent 20 minutes in a steam room. So much for "luxurious" transportation. At my Mother's funeral, we used our own cars. 
5. Have you ever had a pet fish?

Yes. Both in house and ponds that I built. At our former home in Pennsylvania I had three ponds that were full of gold fish that propagated themselves and always wintered over. Of course when we sold our house the new owners neglected the ponds. Two years later we visited our former home after the new owners defaulted on their mortgage and walked away from our one beautiful home and grounds. I checked the ponds and much to my surprise there were still fish surviving in those ponds even though the ponds were full of debris that had not been cleaned out for two years. The new owners, of course, have filled in the ponds. I would love to have a pond where I live in Delaware now but I cannot, too many cranes that would eat my fish. I even had a crane clean out my pond in Pennsylvania. I restocked the pond and put in large flat stones for the fish to hide.  Here it would be fruitless because these cranes are too numerous.

6. Have you ever lied about your age?

No. Never once. Why? I am what I am, 77 years old this November and looking every day of my 77 years.  Lucky for me I'm attracted too older men. Bill will be 90 in September and Pat will be 70 in December. And I am having the best time of my life sexually.  Much better than I ever had when I was young and in my so-called "prime."

7. Have you ever fired a gun?

Yes. When I was in the Army. Basic training and once a year to qualify on the range. I failed to qualify in basic training but they passed me anyway because my "weapon" we weren't allowed to call it a "gun", malfunctioned. I passed the yearly qualifications after basic training. I haven't fired a gun since then now do I own a gun. And I won't own a gun. I don't want to take a chance on an accident or someone stealing my gun and shooting me with it. And I'm not a hunter. When my father died, my Mother told me and my brothers we could have his guns.  He had a gun cabinet full of them. None of us wanted them. She gave then to the son of his hunting buddy. Neither me nor my brother were or are hunters. And we don't feel the need to possess gun in our private life

8. Have you ever been ice skating?
Yes. What a laugh! I tried once Christmas Day 1958. All I succeeded in doing was skating on my ankles.

9. Have you ever played golf?

Yes. Another laugh! I don't "get" golfing. I tried Chip and Put a few times back in 1964 with co-workers. That was sort of fun but nothing I would go out of my way for. Back in my teenage days of dating girls I sort of enjoyed miniature golf but again, nothing I would go out of my way to do.

10. Have you ever hidden on Halloween because you had no candy for trick or treaters?

Not "hidden" but didn't turn on the outside lights which is the signal that you're playing the Trick or Treat game. A few times we have entertained trick or treaters but were turned off when grown kids we didn't even know came to our door wanting to load up on free goodies. Halloween is for kids. I used to go trick or treating when I was a kid and I enjoyed it but not now as an adult

11. Have you ever made a prank call?

I'm not sure but I think I did when I was a teenage with my friend Larry. Only a few. Stupid stuff teenagers do. I don't like prank calls now. I've heard Howard Stern's show do it a lot and really got turned off. People are just trying to do their business and you have these as swipes with nothing better to do than to screw around with them for a few cheap laughs. One of many reasons I stopped listening to the Howard Stern show on radio,

12. Have you ever gotten a tattoo?

No. Almost did once, when I was in the Army. It was "the thing" to do but I chickened out at the last moment. The tattoo I was going to get was a little bird right on the right side of my left ankle. No reason for the bird but the placement was so it wouldn't be so noticeable. I'm glad I didn't get that tattoo though or any tattoo.  I see all these tattoos today and wonder why?  I never seen any that I felt made the person wearing it more attractive. But then, maybe I'm missing something now that I'm an official Old Fogey.

13. Have you ever had a massage?

Yes. And informal one from a gay guy teacher massage therapist that I met through a gay newspaper classified ad. It was my very first massage and I LOVED it.  And of course I had a "happy ending". I've had several massages since then from you know who (read previous blog posts).  Never paid for a massage and would never have a massage by a woman. Not that I have anything against women but it would give me the chills to have a woman's hands on me. Sorry gals. Nothing personal.

14. Have you ever locked your keys in the car?

No, thank goodness. I've been lucky!
15. Have you ever ridden a horse?

No. Wish I had. Maybe I will in the future. Maybe next year's trip to California. I hear they have horses a plenty in California.

16. Have you ever been to the circus?

Yes. When I was nine years old we had a school trip to Philadelphia to see Barnum and Bailey's three ring circus. I was suitably impressed. Perfect age to see a circus. Wish I had taken pictures but this was before I had a camera. I got my first camera three years later at Christmas and have been taking pictures ever since, with some significant lapses.
17. Have you ever been to Europe?

No. Again, wish I had. Still on my bucket list. If I win on one of my lottery scratch off tickets Pat said he would go with me, even though he has no desire to visit Europe. I would like to visit the Midlands of England is where my ancestors came from, both sides of my family tree.

Have you ever built a fire?

No. Have absolutely no interest in doing so. However I was caught playing with matches when I was young and stupid. Thank goodness I never caused serious damage. Good thing I was caught and learned my lesson. Got a good beating.

19. Have you ever been skydiving?

No! Absolutely not. The first man I was ever with, a married man who used to visit me on Saturday mornings at my apartment in Coatesville, PA, suggested on one visit to go sky diving with him.  Absolutely not!  I just missed by a few test points from being assigned to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina when I was in the Army.  My good friend Bob McC. was assigned there and yes, had to qualify as a paratrooper.  He had to "make the jump."  I got lucky again. If I had to "make the jump" I would have probably soiled my underwear on the way down.

20. Have you ever bought something at a garage sale?

Yes. However, I'm not one of those "every Saturday morning at at garage sale." The only garage sales I've been too are some in my neighborhood. And I've gotten some good buys. My regular luggage that I travel with I bought for $5.00 a few years ago. I use it all the time when I travel. I do visit thrift stores often. Again, I've gotten many good buys.

21. Have you ever walked in on someone having sex?

No. But I did have someone walk in on me, uninvited. I uninvited him right back out of the room. I'll choose my own sexual partners, thank you. Of course this was years ago in my wild and flaming youth.

22. Have you ever faked an injury to get out of something?

No. If I wanted out of something I just said "No". I would like to get out of my HOA board membership. I won't fake an injury but I will get out, soon.

23. Have you ever been to a nude beach?

Yes. I was talked into it by a guy I met on the beach during one of my summer forays in Provincetown.  As we were lying under the hot sun in the warm sand, with our eyes covered I heard voices. I looked up and saw a group of bird watching ladies coming our way. My friend ("Tony Bellafatto", always remember his name) said "just let them go by. I covered my eyes again and continued my working on my tan. The voices got closer and closer then stopped for a minute or so. After awhile the women' voices receded into the distance. I guess they got to see two rare "birds" that day.
24. Have you ever received a speeding ticket?

No. I did receive a speed warning once. One of those speed trap towns. I went over a bridge and all of a sudden I was pulled over by a cop who looked like he was 14 years old. He asked me if I was from the area. I wasn't and I told him so. He said "Then you probably aren't aware that the speed limit drops from 35 mph to 20 mph once you go over the bridge."  Junior was very nice and only gave me a warning.

25. Have you ever run a marathon?

No. Are you kidding?  Not in this lifetime nor any future lifetimes.  God, I used to run the mile run in high school and that almost killed me.

There you are folks.  Hope you enjoyed me revealing more about myself.  More videos tomorrow!

Pat Leaves Philadelphia

Last Sunday my good pal Pat left Philadelphia to return to his home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Today I continue with my Memories, a compilation of photos and videos that I have taken of my recent travels with Pat. This video was taken last Sunday, June 3, 2018 as Pat left our rented suite at the 2101 Chestnut Street Co-Operative of our good friend Don McK.

I walked with Pat down the almost deserted center city Philadelphia streets to the Greyhound bus terminal at 10th and Race Streets. Pat had a 7:00 AM bus to catch for his almost 24-hour journey back to his hometown in Canada. Coincidentally I encountered one of my cousins at the bus station. He was leaving his home in Coatesville, Pennsylvania to begin a new life in North Carolina. Which is ironic since my father (and his family) left North Carolina to live in southeastern Pennsylvania in 1930 to begin a new life. 

After I saw Pat off I walked back to our suite. On the way I took several pictures of the new center city buildings.  I also stopped by one of our favorite Philadelphia restaurants, the Marathon Grill at 16th and Chestnut Street, to have a breakfast of veggie quiche, a breakfast alone without Pat. 

Returning to our suite I completed my packing in time to catch my ride back to home here in Delaware. A neighbor picks up at the door (door to door service) returning me home here in Delaware. 

This morning we have another doctor's appointment for Bill. Hopefully this is the last one for a while. Then I hope we can enjoy the rest of the summer without doctor visits. This fall I go on a trip again, this time to visit Pat in Hamilton. Rest assured there will be more photo and video complications. 

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

More California Holiday 2018 Videos

Oh how I love posting these videos that my iMac Photo program provides me. 

Of course I realize that for some, if not many of my regular blog readers, these blog postings may not be the most insightful and thought provoking posts I have made in my thirteen years of blog posting, but I find these posting probably the most fun.

To me life is all about enjoying what little time we have on this earth without the pain and strife and stress of every day living. Once a year my good buddy Pat and I embark for our annual California Holiday.  We spend a week in West Hollywood, go to "The Price is Right" show, wander around Hollywood and Vine, eat at the Veggie Grill at 7800 Sunset Boulevard (and by the way have YET to spot a celebrity), just to get away from the gray monochrome winter cold of our respective homes in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Milton, Delaware.

Each year it's getting a little harder for me to get around because of my enroaching arthritis that stiffens my joints from my neck to my back to my knees. But I make the trip and soak in the welcoming, warm sunshine of California. 

Looking at these video complications of my photos and videos that Apple has been so kind to provide me lets me relive those glorious two weeks in California. 

More videos are on the way!

Friday, June 08, 2018

California Holiday 2018

More fun videos folks! This one is of me and Pat in California this past February. We spend a week in West Hollywood and then a week in Palm Springs.

Every year for the past three years Pat and I visit West Hollywood. I write for tickets to "The Price is Right". Even though we haven't been called to "come on down!" we still have a fun time. The folks at "The Price is Right" make sure that all three-hundred and fifty members of the audience has a good time, and we do folks. And who knows, maybe next year one of us will be called to "come on down!" and win a lot of money.

Last year, at the urging of our friend Nadege, we visited Palm Springs while in California. We immediately fell in love with Palm Springs. I can understand why Palm Springs is so popular with the starts and elite of Hollywood as well as regular folk. I always thought that Palm Springs was only for the rich but there is room for all.  Unlike Camp Rehoboth here which always proclaims Rehoboth is "room for all" when in reality it is only room for a closed clique of gay men and women mostly from the Washington DC area. Anyone else they ignore and I know from personal experience.  But I digress into negativity.  When we're in Palm Springs and California, all is well and we both feel very welcome and without the need to send in membership fees.  

I've seriously thought of maybe moving permanently to Palm Springs but for now I do love our home here in Delaware.  Sure, it's a little rough in the summertime when the traffic on Route One makes it difficult to get out of our development but our acre of land is a welcome oasis of peace and contentment. And we live in a neighborhood of wonderful and caring neighbors, all straight by the way and none of that exclusive clique experience from the Rehoboth Beach gay community. But  one never knows what the future will bring. I'm open to all possibilities folks.  Each day as my movements become more restricted by my gradual arthritis, I may not have a choice.

Have a great day folks!

Larry Over the Years

More videos folks!  I probably should call this my "Vlog" since I post so many videos.

This is a video compilation of some of the thousands of photos and videos of have of one of my best friends, Larry Eugene Meredith of Claymont, Delaware.

I've known Larry since third grade (1950) until the present. 

Larry is one of my few longtime friends that is still alive.  So many have died the past ten years. I am so thankful that I still have a few longtime friends with me and I am especially thankful that I have made new friends. 

There will come the day when I will be history. This fact has especially come to the fore of my brain these days with the recent suicides of two well known personalities, who seem to have everything going in their lives. 

Like many of you, I too at times have considered ending it all, especially these days when our country is led by a person who is the banality of evil and is aided and abetted by the venal cowards in Congress. But you know folks, I wouldn't give them that victory so I stay to fight the good fight.

I realize I'm getting very dark here so I will return to my normal sunny, optimistic nature and continue to post videos of my friends and my life.

Enjoy and hang in there!