Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tony D.

The fabulous (and hot) Tony D. of Hollywood, California

One of the really fun things about traveling to another part of the country is meeting up with fellow bloggers. When Pat and I were in California recently, we met up with Tony D. of "Leaving California."

Tony standing in front of Cafe Gratitude

We agreed to meet at a wonder vegan and vegetarian restaurant called "Cafe Gratitude" near the fabled Paramount studios.  Great choice of a vegan restaurant Tony!

Tony meets Pat - L.A. meets Toronto

I'm always thrilled the first time I meet a blogger in person.  To me it's like meeting a celebrity.  In fact, it's better because they're glad to see you (at least so far bloggers I've met are glad to see me).

"Hey guys, how about a picture of both of you together?
Of course I had to get a selfie of the three of us.  History in the making here folks.

Pat, Tony and guess who in front of Cafe Gratitude, L.A.
Then it was time for lunch.  Cafe Gratitude was packed, confirmation of the fact that vegan and vegetarian food isn't a fad but a change in our eating habits.  I'm repeating myself but Tony selected an excellent restaurant. We each got something different and everything was superb.  Not a crab cake in sight.

The obligatory "table shot" that I always asked the server to take before we order food - so much to choose on that vegan menu - oh how I wish we had a restaurant like that here in LSD
Lunch was great.  Lots of conversation, never any uncomfortable lulls in the conversation.  Tony gave us a lot of helpful tips of places to visit,including the Griffith Observatory, to visit while we were in Los Angeles.

All too soon lunch was over and Tony had to get back to work.  I was so discombobulated that I took the restaurant's copy of the check out with me.  The server had to run out into the street to get their copy of the check.  

The server going back into the restaurant with their copy of the check which I tried to abscond with, that's Tony's bike (his ride).  He doesn't have a car but gets around L.A. with his bike (hear that Pat?)

Well, it wasn't the Bloggerpalooza but we did get to meet the first of two blogger followers. Next year we hope to meet more (hear that Cindy from Sonoma?) Maybe we'll even see Tony again.

Another good day in L.A.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ride Up the Hollywood Hills

That's me and Pat at the top of Hollywood Hills behind where we were staying.  Checkout downtown Los Angeles behind us.  Just one more fabulous view of Los Angeles.

During our recent stay in Los Angeles, our accommodations were a lovely little bed and breakfast on Hollywood Boulevard at the base of the fabled Hollywood Hills.  One morning, when we headed out on our daily by the seat of our pants adventure, Pat suggested that we take a ride up the Hollywood Hills behind us. 

Ever since we had arrived in West Hollywood we had looked in amazement at the homes perched precipitously on the steep hills behinds us.  "Who lives there?" was the thought that often crossed out free spirited and adventurous brains. So Pat said "Let's take a ride" and we did.  And what a ride!  

We thought it would only take a few minutes to ride to the top but were we ever mistaken.  Up we went. One twist to the right then another to the left. Finally we reached the summit and what a view of downtown Los Angeles.  And folks, I have to tell you, I got a little dizzy. A bit of vertigo with your old pal Ron here.  Pat thought that was cute.  

One of the few non-selfie pictures of me and Pat - this one taken at the top of Hollywood Hills

At the top we stopped and got out and talked to a few construction workers who were shoring up a base to build a new house for one of those many rich Angelinos.  "Who can afford this?" we asked.  A better questions might be "Who wants to drive home every night on a rode like this to the top of Mt. Vesuvius?"  Wow, this ride up and the one down, where we almost collided with a trash truck (trash trucks on those roads?) was more exciting and thrilling than any fake Universal thrill ride.  

Ride down those perilous Hollywood Hills

Yet another adventure for the intrepid duo of Ron and Pat, those two Old Guys who don't know how to act their age.  And guess what?  Pat wanted to do it again the next day!  Maybe next year Pat.  I had enough excitement for one day. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ron and Pat's First Full Day in West Hollywood

Me with our Nissan Sentra rental car in West Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, California

After a much needed day off yesterday folks, I'm back with my continuing coverage of our ten day vacation of a lifetime in Los Angeles, California from January 7th to January 17th. 

I'm repeating myself folks, but I am so glad I took this trip to Los Angeles.  All my life I've been meaning to take trips like this but always put it off because the time wasn't convenient, couldn't afford it or I just didn't want to go by myself.  Well, as you know (and I often remind you) my Time is running out.  No more putting off until tomorrow what I can do today.  And afford it?  Hey, I can never afford it.  I was born poor (like many of you I'm sure), been poor almost my whole life, with the brief exception of one 63 week period in 1986 when I was receiving two salaries from my former bank job (separation pay) and my new banking job.  Always before and after that time I barely stay above the poverty level of income producing households but I don't have a family, no expensive habits (unless you count  $300 a year membership in and I own my own home.  I've always had income coming in, albeit small, from the time I was in third grade (paper boy) until now in my 73rd year I work part-time as a hotel front desk agent which brings in the cash that enables me to splurge on vacations like the one I just had in Los Angeles.

View of West Hollywood Hills (and the Comedy Factory) from Sunset Boulevard

But I digress again as I often do when I write these blog post right off the top of my head (stream of consciousness -
  1. a person's thoughts and conscious reactions to events, perceived as a continuous flow. The term was introduced by William James in his Principles of Psychology(1890).
    • a literary style in which a character's thoughts, feelings, and reactions are depicted in a continuous flow uninterrupted by objective description or conventional dialogue. James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Marcel Proust are among its notable early exponents.

Which I'm sure doesn't come as a surprise to my regular blog followers that this is my style of writing.  Not for me writing first into my Word program then carefully studying sentence and paragraph structure.  Oh no, I just let it flow.  But again, I digress.

Today's posting are videos that I took of our first full day in Los Angeles, West Hollywood to be specific.

Our first full day we drove down the palm tree lined Hollywood Boulevard, which parallels Sunset Boulevard.  We were staying at a cozy bed and breakfast on Hollywood Boulevard with the original name of "The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast" (who would've thunk?)  Well folks, it was the ideal location.  

Pat checking out at Trader Joe's at the small mall on Sunset Boulevard that was our second home while we were in California. Trader Joe's, can you imagine a Trader Joe's in Rehoboth Beach?  Yeah, I can't either.  I'm telling you folks, I'm seriously thinking of .  . . . . . . . . relocating some day.  Get away from this cold in the winter and the craziness in the summer that is Rehoboth Beach jammed with tourists. Yes, there might just be another alternative. I'm thinking about it.

Our first full day our bodies quickly adapted to the warm temperatures that is California in January.  A little smoggy during our first day but that didn't diminish our pleasure in this welcome respite from the cold climes of our respective homes in Toronto, Canada and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Again, what really struck me were the REAL palm trees, not the faux palm trees in Rehoboth (plastic).  I know I've been beating up on my home base of Rehoboth Beach but folks, I can't emphasize enough how much I was beginning to enjoy the real thing.

A few blocks from where we were staying was a wonderful indoor/outdoor shopping/food court which Pat and I frequented every day. I forget the name of it but it was located on Sunset Boulevard directly across the street from the Chateau Marmont hotel. The address is 8000 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. 

Two very happy tourists from the cold winds of the east coast to the warm winds of the west coast

We ate there almost every day at the Veggie Grill, sometimes twice a day.  Not only did they have the fabulous Veggie Grill there but they had a smoothie place called Body Works which made the best smoothies I've ever had in my life. 

Pat and I didn't have any specific plan for each day, whatever we felt like doing. One activity we were especially fond of doing was just relaxing and folks, we did plenty of that.  

So here folks are some of the videos that I took of our very relaxing and enjoyable first day in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ron Meets the Pacific Ocean

The past couple of days I've posted sad news on this blog.  But life goes on.  Here is the video I promised of me meeting the Pacific Ocean.  Remember a few weeks back I posted a video of me at Rehoboth Beach meeting the Atlantic Ocean?  Well, maybe you don't but take my word for it I posted it.  At that time I promised that I would make a matching video of me on the other side of the continent.  Well, here it is folks!  Ron meets the Pacific Ocean.

Pat and I, during our recent ten day stay in Los Angeles, took a ride out to the Santa Monica beach at the end of our second (?) day, arriving just in time for the sunset.  A sunset that we never see here on the East Coast.  Wow.  And I did take some beautiful sunset pictures too.  In fact, a few minutes after taking this video we drove to the Santa Monica Pier but couldn't get on to take a photo.  Seems they have that pier all monetized for the tourists and we didn't feel like being monetized at that time. 

So here you are folks, the Ron and Pat Show on the Santa Monica Beach, we meet the Pacific Ocean.  Very cool!

Ed Cage 1941 - 2015

Ed at my house in Pennsylvania 1998

This morning my longtime friend Ed Cage died at 4 A.M.  I've known Ed for over sixty years. He died of liver cancer. Rest in peace dear Ed. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wayne "The Cajun"

Beebe Hospital this morning - Wayne is on the third floor to the right

This morning I visited my friend Wayne "The Cajun" at the Beebe Hospital. 

Wayne at 2013 Bloggerfest with his Dr. Spo custom made shirt

I have not seen Wayne for several. The last time I saw him he was in the hospital.  This time he went in the hospital again after a short stay at his apartment in Rehoboth Beach. 

Wayne with my longtime (60 years) friend Ed in 2009 who is also gravely ill (only expected to live three weeks) with liver cancer - (update: Ed (Cage) died 4:00 AM January 27th, 2015)

Wayne has been ill for sometime.  Up until about two weeks ago, before I left on my trip to California, he's been able to post on his blog "On Transmigration." The blog I encouraged him to start as a means of dealing with the breakup of his longtime relationship (thirty one years) with Tom N. 

Me, Tom N. and Wayne at the Georgetown Airport Grill - 2005

Wayne initially dismissed the idea of blogging as a means of self therapy and to help him deal with his loss.  But eventually he became a regular blogger.  His wit, intelligence, humor and (sometimes) biting sarcasm is a regular feature in his blog posts. I always looked forward to reading Wayne's blog.  He never failed to bring a smile to my face with his latest adventures as a host at a local eatery in Rehoboth Beach or his routine encounters with rude and aggressive female real estate agents stealing his parking spot or rude and aggressive moms insisting on bringing their ramming rods baby strollers into the restaurant where he jovially greeted all who entered (as long as you were respectful of him). 

Wayne at the job he loved and was good at - host at Dos Locos - NO STROLLERS!
I first met Wayne through my late friend Bob McC. in 2005.  Bob knew Wayne from their mutual church, MCC (Metropolitan Community Church).  I was thinking of building a house when I moved to Delaware for retirement and Bob asked Wayne and Tom if he could show me their house.  I still remember the Saturday morning I first went into Wayne and Tom's house on Old Landing Road.  Tom was on a high ladder replacing one of those in the ceiling lights and Wayne was hosting behind the kitchen counter, his genial best.

Wayne hosting a party at his house on Old Landing Road - 2005

I liked Wayne immediately.  I liked him not in a romantic way but in a "I like you!" way.  Wayne was funny.  He had that edge, that Paul Lynde type of humor (you all know what I mean). Biting sarcasm with a smile (or a sneer depending on where you're at on the receiving end).  

The Wayne Sneer

When Wayne and Tom broke up Wayne was at a loss.  The blog helped but he needed to get out.  He said he would like to "get out" (go out to restaurants) but didn't want to dine alone.  I told him that anytime he wanted to go out I'll go with him.  You know me, I love to go out.  Bill doesn't.  So within a few months time we developed a regular meet up at the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach on Sunday nights. 

 First it was just me and Wayne.  Then other friends started to follow.  At one time there would be as many of eight of us at the table at the Purple Parrot, on Sunday night, Prime Rib Night.  I rarely took of the Prime Rib (too much meat for me, a phrase you probably never thought I would say) but I did get the "Wimpy", a so called small hamburger (actually quite large).  I pigged out on the Wimpy with bacon and cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato and even horse radish sauce.  Washed it down with either a couple of glasses of wine or a margarita or two.  Ah, those were the days.  

Paul, Will (the bartender) and Wayne at the Purple Parrot - 2009

Oh sure, we had our disagreements.  How could that not happen when two friends get close?  The one time our relationship was strained (and I wrote about this in a blog in this very spot years ago) was when the waiter forgot to bring my Wimpy.  Everyone else had finished eating and there I was, laughing and enjoying myself, working on my second glass of vino, when someone asked "Where's your Wimpy Ron?"  I had forgotten all about my order.  Someone called the waiter over and informed him he "missed one."  He was very apologetic and said he would put my order through immediately.  At that time I didn't care whether I got my order or not because I was buzzed on the wine.  But I got angry when Wayne shot off a remark "Oh get over it Ron!" 

Wayne and our sometimes contentious relationship

Now you have to understand the context of where Wayne is coming from.  He was (and probably still is) very protective of waiters (and waitresses). To Wayne they can do no wrong.  What made me angry was that I WASN'T upset and I certainly wasn't upset at the waiter.  Heck, here he is, a young good-looking gay guy (the waiter) having to deal with a table full of Old Gay Guys having a good time and  he misses one of their orders? I don't know but he might have been as resentful as a different waiter a few weeks before who dissed us when one of us questioned an order.  He said something to the effect "It's hard keeping straight what you old queens order" .

Wayne as a Mississippi River Boat Gambler

I remember at the time we were all caught speechless by his rude outburst.  We couldn't believe what we heard.  Of course the air in our Good Times balloon went pffft. A few minutes later the waiter, now contrite came back and said "I apologize if I offended anyone with my earlier remarks." Obviously someone (the management) told him to "apologize" (his heart wasn't in it) to us. Of course Wayne stood up for him immediately.  I was offended by the waiter's remarks (me, and OLD QUEEN?) but not pissed off or real angry.  I had entered Old Queen Territory years ago. 
Wayne and Violet at the Purple Parrot - 2010

This was just the first time a young gay guy pointed it out to me.  But, and I apologize for the long paragraph here) I wanted to put into context my "words" with Wayne that night the waiter didn't bring out my Wimpy. Wayne saw a different side of me that night that not too many see, the Don't Fuck With Me Ron.  Not the usual Easy Going Ron that is Taken For Granted. He saw the ugly Ron.  That night our relationship was altered a bit. A mutual friend of ours who was there that night said "Ron, if you want to have friends you can't do THAT."  Well, you know what I say to THAT. "THAT" is me, you get the good and the bad with me if you want to be my friend.  But one thing you don't do is belittle me and embarrass me in front of my friends without getting IT right back in your face.  I've always been a firm believer in if you can dish it out you should be ready to take it.  

My late friend Big Bob (McCamley) and Wayne at the jewelry store where Wayne used to work

So there, I took too long and used too much verbiage to make . . . what point? The point is Wayne and I had a friendship and we understood each other and our limits, our weaknesses and our strengths. The Wayne I've known over these past ten years (hard to believe it's been ten years) is one of the most unique individuals I've ever known.  All the adjectives I've used before apply: talented, witty, intelligent, humorous, self deprecating, generous.  Oh he has his negative side too.  He is a contrarian.  I could say "Wayne, it's raining outside" and he would say "What did you think it was doing? Snowing?"  That is Wayne, love him or leave him.  

Wayne and his co-worker Cheryl at the jewelry store where he worked - 2009

I don't do well with sick people.  I don't know what to say when they're sick.  Wayne has been very ill for the past year.  He's been in and out of the hospital.  He lives alone.  Thank goodness he has his good friend Linda from work looking after him.  I don't know Linda. I meet her once when I visited Wayne during one of his earlier hospital stays this summer.  She struck me as being an angel.  There are angels among us.  I'm not one of them, that's for sure. 

Wayne and some of his girlfriends at his house on Old Landing Road - 2005

Wayne has been in the hospital since before I left for California.  He has been blogging during his previous hospital stays.  This time he has not.  Of course I knew his illness has gotten worse.

On this gray, cold, windy, winter morning I gathered my courage and drove down to Beebe to see Wayne.  I've called twice in the past week to no answer on his phone.

Wayne at his new home after he moved out of his Old Landing Home - 2006

The parking lot at Beebe was full as usual.  I parked at the far end and walked the length of the hospital parking lot, with the cold wind beating against my face to the reception desk inside.  I asked the lady at the reception desk "Is Wayne Juneau still here?"  She looked at her computer and said "Yes."  I said "I think he's in room 316."  The man sitting next to her corrected me and said "He's in room 314."  

Wayne cleaning the glass on the front door of Dos Locos prior to opening

She asked to see my driver's license.  She asked me if I had recently been to Africa or been in contact with anyone who had Ebola.  I answered "No."  She also asked me "Do you have any flu-like symptoms?" I also answered "No."

She made wrote Wayne's name down on a label with his room number and handed it to me to place on my jacket.  She asked "Do you know how to get to his room?"  I told her I did.  Just to be sure she said "Down that hallway to the right and then the first left to the elevators."

Me, Barbara (my neighbor) and Wayne at the Henlopen Oyster House last year - last time I dined with Wayne

From my previous visits I knew Wayne would be on the third floor (the hospital only has three floors) and at the farthest end of the building. 

I walked the long walk to the elevator.  The doors open.  A young man with white coat and pants was already in the elevator with a cart and a smile on his face.  He asked "Which floor?"  I said "Three".  He pushed the button and "3" lit up.

Wayne at the Giant grocery store - he loved his fresh veggies!

The Man in White with the Cart gets off at floor 2.  I'm in the elevator by myself now as the elevator ascends to floor three.  The doors open with a quiet "swoosh".  I step out and look for the signs to see which direction I go to Wayne's room. I always get mixed up in hospital corridors.  I never seem to get my bearings. I see the sign on the way pointing to the left "Rooms 307-320".  I head that way down the gleaming, waxed floors of this hospital wing, passing both hospital employees and visitors during my mission.

Wayne and me - goofing around

I come to the nursing station next to the door that is closed to room 314.  I ask "Is Wayne Juneau in this room?" One of the women says "Yes".  I ask "Can I go in?"  She says "Yes".  I push the door open a bit and see that the room is dark.  I am hesitant to go in.  I look back to the nursing station where four or five women are engaged in an animated conversation, seemingly oblivious to my sad visit.  I guess they're inured to folks like me coming to visit a very ill patient. I don't  fault them, I don't pass judgement.  They are doing their job, taking care of their patient, a fellow human being and a friend of mine. 

Harvey, ? and Wayne at the Purple Parrot - Wayne liked this waiter whose name I have forgotten

I look over to the women at the nurse's station again and ask "Is he sleeping? I don't want to disturb him." She said "You can go in" then she gets up and goes in herself and I hear her ask "Wayne? You have a visitor."  I hear Wayne give a slight groan and say "Give me a minute". 

Al (died three years ago), me, Don and Wayne at the Purple Parrott - 2010

I wait by the his door which is slightly ajar.  I see a light go on. After about a minute I ask from behind the door "Wayne?" Then I walk in.  

Wayne looks at me and says "Oh, it's you. How are you?" Automatically I say "Fine, how are you?" and immediately I grimace because that is the ONE thing I did not want to ask him because, obviously, he is not doing well.

I look at him. He has propped himself up on his adjustable bed.  He is gray (ashen) and tired.  Very tired.  But he is lucid.  His normally shaved head has a white fringe around it.  

Wayne at his second home since he moved from Old Landing Road - 2007

I don't know what to say.  Usually, I would tease him about something like "When are you getting out of here?" or "You're going to miss the Super Bowl sleeping all the time" but somehow anything I say seems inappropriate at this time.  Very inappropriate.  So I say nothing.  

There is an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds until I say "I just got back from Los Angeles."  Leave it to me to talk about myself. Wayne weakly says "Good for you."  I want to tell him more about my trip but, again, inappropriate. Very inappropriate.

Me and Wayne at the Filling Station in Lewes - I'm doing my rabbit ears thing again

I see food on his tray.  Fresh grapes, a couple of bananas, and a bottle of some kind of liquid.  I stand up to see what is in the bottle . . . . green tea.  I ask him "Where is this from?"  He says "Linda brought it."  I asked him "Can you taste anything?"  He says "Nothing, I have no taste."  

I ask him "Are you being fed intravenously?" He pulls back his hospital smock to show me the tubes going in a portal in his chest. I can see he's tiring quickly with my inane attempts at conversation.  

He tells me that a "Roger" died last week.  He asked me if I knew him.  I told him I didn't.  He told me that "Roger" was involved in different gay community outreach programs (which I forget now). He said "He was was down the hallway.  He also died alone."

Wayne then says "If you don't mind Ron, I would like to go back to sleep."  He says this in a kind way, not at all dismissive.  

I stand up and put my hand on his wrist and say "Wayne, I want you to know a lot of people care for you."  He opens his eyes slowly and says "Oh sure" like he didn't believe me.  But there are many who do like and love Wayne.  

I squeezed his wrists again and turned around to leave, trying not to babble with the gurgling sounds of sorrow as I left his room. Tears welled in my eyes.  

Don't misunderstand me here and my narrative of my visit to my friend Wayne.  I'm only trying to give some dignity to this one human being who is a friend to many.   Another friend who was an integral part of my life.

I managed to get out of the hospital, the wrong side where I took this picture at the beginning of this blog.  Wayne is in one of those top rooms.  

On this gray, cold, windy, wet winter day with the threat of a major winter snow storm north of us, I stopped at the Food Lion in Lewes is look for Stacy's Pita Chips.  The store was crowded.  With mostly older folk, me included.  Proving once again, that life goes on.

My only consolation this morning folks and for those of you who know Wayne personally, is that he doesn't seem to be in any pain and he is lucid.  He is just very tired.  Very tired.  I just wish he had someone with him. And that folks is my greatest fear.  I do not fear death, not at all.  I only fear the pain and, more than the pain, the fear of dying alone.  At least Wayne isn't completely alone.  His friend and co-worker Linda is with him and the folks at Beebe are taking excellent care of him.  But still, when your time comes you want to be with . . . . well, you know. 

Me and Wayne at Old Time Photo

January 29, 2015

As an update to this posting, Wayne has posted on his blog today. He's had a recovery from his recent bout of illness.  I hope he is on his way to recovery. Wayne "The Cajun", no on has ever accused him of being weak.  


Wayne died February 8th, 2015 at the Milford Hospice, at 12:08 A.M., the first day of Mardi Gras.  What irony; Wayne who so identified himself with New Orleans and Mardi Gras died on the first day of that holiday that was unique to his personality. 
I hope Wayne is at peace now and having "a few" for us. 

First Night In L.A.

Pat checking out a couple of cats on Sunset Boulevard - accessories for his minimalist living room perhaps?

All to quickly our first day in L.A. turned into evening. While we were walking down Sunset Boulevard, taking in all the sights, sounds and vibes, a young man emerged out of the darkness of the Whiskey A Go Go and offered us free tickets.  Pat had stopped in front of the legendary building that had seen performances of the like of Jimi Hendrix and Cream and remarked "This is the place Ron where some of the greatest rock performers got their start" (apologies to Pat here, I'm paraphrasing).  I wasn't quite as impressed as Pat was (I'm more of a Universal Studios Ride kind of fan than the grungy beginnings of dead rock stars).

Twilight Time on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA - our first day was rapidly coming to an end

As I said, a T-shirted young man asked Pat "Would you like a couple of free tickets for tonight?"  Hey, we're tourists right?  Free? Right?  What's not to like?  (Well, there was a catch which I will tell you about later. There is always catch isn't there?)

So Pat took of the proffered tickets and we strolled back the several blocks in the twilight to our digs back at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast.  Time to relax a bit, freshen up and plan our Big Night on the Town.

Pat relaxing with his iPhone (of course)

Darkness quickly descended and we both swooped out of our lush digs like vampires in the night to sample the delights of the fabled Sunset Boulevard at night.  With our "free" tickets we entered the fabled Whiskey A Go Go portals.  As we entered the cavernous darkness of this legendary building that housed the ghosts of long dead rock stars we saw and heard a sad duo on the stage.  Was that folk singing?  I hate folk singing. Whose on next? Yoko Ono?

What? No wonder we got free tickets. Here I'm expecting Cream.  Instead we're getting a pale knock off of Judy Collins. Check out her Muck Lucks.  Pitiful.  Sad. Disappointing.

I buy drinks for both of us.  Expensive (of course).  There are only about six people in the building and all of us have that reflected glow on our downturned faces as we're checking our smart phones for e-mails and Facebook updates.  Exciting.

Finally the torture singers end their pain music. Now another group ascends to the state.  Pat's getting excited. Remember, Pat plays bass guitar in a 60's era rock band called "The 45's" in his spare time.  

Pat's getting worked up now. His adrenalin is flowing.  I have the Universal Studio rides and Pat has his band set up excitement.
After going through another tortuous solo singer (who was so bad I didn't even take a video or photo of), the rock band . . . . a real rock band set in.  Wow!  Now this is what we came for.

We settled in some good seat, ready to enjoy the sights and sounds of Whiskey A Go Go entertainment. We were just getting our groove on when one of the T-shirted bouncers came over and told me "You know there is a minimum of $100 cover for either food or drink to sit here."  Uh huh.  So that was the "free ticket" deal?  Well, I do spend like a drunken sailor at times but not tonight.  The band playing on the platform was cool and I was grooving to the beat but for $100?  I don't think so.  So Pat and I said "Thank you" and made an ignominious retreat into the street.  Tourists we are and tourist we will always be.  I had hoped to hear some live music while in L.A. but it was not to be, at least at $100 a pop.

No problem though.  We were in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, what's not to like?  Thus we spent the rest of the evening taking a balmy, summer like stroll down this fabled boulevard, soaking up all the color and cacophony that is one of the most famous roads in the world.  

Later on we stopped in the Coffee Bean and I had my latte and Pat had his no sugar, dirty dishrag left in the pot bitter coffee.  Then we returned to our temporary abode on Hollywood Boulevard, a day well spent.

Pat enjoying a little down time before putting our first day in L.A. to an end. You gotta know that Pat LOVED all the curtains in our room (he has none at his minimalist palace in Toronto)

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