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Tony D.

The fabulous (and hot) Tony D. of Hollywood, California One of the really fun things about traveling to another part of the country is meeting up with fellow bloggers. When Pat and I were in California recently, we met up with Tony D. of "Leaving California." Tony standing in front of Cafe Gratitude We agreed to meet at a wonder vegan and vegetarian restaurant called "Cafe Gratitude" near the fabled Paramount studios.  Great choice of a vegan restaurant Tony! Tony meets Pat - L.A. meets Toronto I'm always thrilled the first time I meet a blogger in person.  To me it's like meeting a celebrity.  In fact, it's better because they're glad to see you (at least so far bloggers I've met are glad to see me). "Hey guys, how about a picture of both of you together? Of course I had to get a selfie of the three of us.  History in the making here folks. Pat, Tony and guess who in front of Cafe Gratitude, L.A. Then i

Ride Up the Hollywood Hills

That's me and Pat at the top of Hollywood Hills behind where we were staying.  Checkout downtown Los Angeles behind us.  Just one more fabulous view of Los Angeles. During our recent stay in Los Angeles, our accommodations were a lovely little bed and breakfast on Hollywood Boulevard at the base of the fabled Hollywood Hills.  One morning, when we headed out on our daily by the seat of our pants adventure, Pat suggested that we take a ride up the Hollywood Hills behind us.  Ever since we had arrived in West Hollywood we had looked in amazement at the homes perched precipitously on the steep hills behinds us.  "Who lives there?" was the thought that often crossed out free spirited and adventurous brains. So Pat said "Let's take a ride" and we did.  And what a ride!   We thought it would only take a few minutes to ride to the top but were we ever mistaken.  Up we went. One twist to the right then another to the left. Finally we reached the summit

Ron and Pat's First Full Day in West Hollywood

Me with our Nissan Sentra rental car in West Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, California After a much needed day off yesterday folks, I'm back with my continuing coverage of our ten day vacation of a lifetime in Los Angeles, California from January 7th to January 17th.  I'm repeating myself folks, but I am so glad I took this trip to Los Angeles.  All my life I've been meaning to take trips like this but always put it off because the time wasn't convenient, couldn't afford it or I just didn't want to go by myself.  Well, as you know (and I often remind you) my Time is running out.  No more putting off until tomorrow what I can do today.  And afford it?  Hey, I can never afford it.  I was born poor (like many of you I'm sure), been poor almost my whole life, with the brief exception of one 63 week period in 1986 when I was receiving two salaries from my former bank job (separation pay) and my new banking job.  Always before and after that time I barely s

Ron Meets the Pacific Ocean

The past couple of days I've posted sad news on this blog.  But life goes on.  Here is the video I promised of me meeting the Pacific Ocean.  Remember a few weeks back I posted a video of me at Rehoboth Beach meeting the Atlantic Ocean?  Well, maybe you don't but take my word for it I posted it.  At that time I promised that I would make a matching video of me on the other side of the continent.  Well, here it is folks!  Ron meets the Pacific Ocean. Pat and I, during our recent ten day stay in Los Angeles, took a ride out to the Santa Monica beach at the end of our second (?) day, arriving just in time for the sunset.  A sunset that we never see here on the East Coast.  Wow.  And I did take some beautiful sunset pictures too.  In fact, a few minutes after taking this video we drove to the Santa Monica Pier but couldn't get on to take a photo.  Seems they have that pier all monetized for the tourists and we didn't feel like being monetized at that time.  So here

Ed Cage 1941 - 2015

Ed at my house in Pennsylvania 1998 This morning my longtime friend Ed Cage died at 4 A.M.  I've known Ed for over sixty years. He died of liver cancer. Rest in peace dear Ed. 

Wayne "The Cajun"

Beebe Hospital this morning - Wayne is on the third floor to the right This morning I visited my friend Wayne "The Cajun" at the Beebe Hospital.  Wayne at 2013 Bloggerfest with his Dr. Spo custom made shirt I have not seen Wayne for several. The last time I saw him he was in the hospital.  This time he went in the hospital again after a short stay at his apartment in Rehoboth Beach.  Wayne with my longtime (60 years) friend Ed in 2009 who is also gravely ill (only expected to live three weeks) with liver cancer - (update: Ed (Cage) died 4:00 AM January 27th, 2015) Wayne has been ill for sometime.  Up until about two weeks ago, before I left on my trip to California, he's been able to post on his blog "On Transmigration." The blog I encouraged him to start as a means of dealing with the breakup of his longtime relationship (thirty one years) with Tom N.  Me, Tom N. and Wayne at the Georgetown Airport Grill - 2005 Wayne initially dismi

First Night In L.A.

Pat checking out a couple of cats on Sunset Boulevard - accessories for his minimalist living room perhaps? All to quickly our first day in L.A. turned into evening. While we were walking down Sunset Boulevard, taking in all the sights, sounds and vibes, a young man emerged out of the darkness of the Whiskey A Go Go and offered us free tickets.  Pat had stopped in front of the legendary building that had seen performances of the like of Jimi Hendrix and Cream and remarked "This is the place Ron where some of the greatest rock performers got their start"  (apologies to Pat here, I'm paraphrasing).  I wasn't quite as impressed as Pat was (I'm more of a Universal Studios Ride kind of fan than the grungy beginnings of dead rock stars). Twilight Time on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA - our first day was rapidly coming to an end As I said, a T-shirted young man asked Pat "Would you like a couple of free tickets for tonight?"   Hey, we're tourists