Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Quiet Saturday

Bill and "friend" at the Beebe Hospital Thrift Shop this morning

A quiet February Saturday here on the souther coast of Delaware.

I spent the best part of this morning updating my "Tipton Tales and Trails" blog.  I don't update that blog as often as I would like.  This morning I wrote about the death of my great-grandfather John Tipton during the Civil War.  He lived in the mountains of western North Carolina, where they border Tennessee.  He was shot to death when and his cousins and neighbors were ambushed by a Confederate Cavalry led by Colonel Vincent Addison Wichter of the 34th Virginia Cavalry.  You can read all about it here.

Pretty heavy subject this morning's blog, wouldn't you say?  Well, if you're a regular reader of this blog you know by now that you NEVER KNOW what to expect from me.  Right?

I figured I better update my Tipton Family History blog because the past few weeks I've received an unusual number of requests from distant cousins for more information about our common family history.  I love researching my family history.  There are not too many other activities that give me so much pleasure and satisfaction as in discovering new, unknown facts about my family history.  I sure am glad I wasn't adopted.

After I update that blog, Bill and I took off of our Weekly Thrift Shop tour.  The thrift shops were crowded!  Must be the weather.  It's rainy and cold this morning, not a Beach Day for sure.  Thank God we don't have snow.  We haven't had any this year and that is just fine with me...and Bill.

Now is time for lunch and turn on the TV to see what the Republican Clown Show is up too today.  They're trying to make an issue out of the Catholic Church opposition to the Obama administration and providing birth control information and/or contraceptives or something like that.  I don't quite understand what all the faux cries of "religious freedom" are about, especially where it concerns the Republicans because they are all about taking away my freedom to marry the man of my choice.  Can anyone spell HYPOCRITE?   They're desperate folks, desperate I tell you.  Always a good show though.

So there are my musing of this day in no particular order or....sense.  Just thoughts "twirling around in my head" as "All Shucky Ducky" Herman "The Herminator" Cain would say.

Have a great day!


nitewrit said...


Snowed up here all morning. second snow fall this week. First made everything pretty.

It was already white everywhere when I woke up around 5:00 this morning. Just continued coming down the rest of the morning. Stopped maybe an hour ago (11:30) and got bright out. It is 12:30 now and very overcast and gray out.


anne marie in philly said...

we have 2 inches of snow on the ground. I just came back from the gym. in 8 days baseball season starts (YAYZ!). life is good. laundry awaits me. that's my saturday so far.

{{{{{hugs}}}}} to you and bill!

Ron said...


No snow down here and that is just fine with us! Oh yes!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Two inches of snow? No thanks! Keep it up there. It's all gray and wet down here but that is just fine with us. Always good to hear from you.