Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Catching Up

My new baby noise cancelling headphones

Hi folks.

It's taking me a bit longer than I anticipated to get back on my regular schedule after my California holiday.

Yesterday was very productive. I traveled thirty-nine miles to Dover to apply for a TSA pre check identification pass. That whole procedure was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had to take my birth certificate and driver's license to prove who I was. When I was there my fingerprints were recorded. Now I await a notice in the mail with my pre check number identification.  When I get that I apply that to my account at American Airlines and this will breeze me through the whole TSA security procedure.  Like my ride Bill B. said, "If you only use it once a year, it is well worth it."  I agree with him.  This pass cost me $85 and is good for five years.  If I use a different carrier, then I would have to get a different number. However, I don't plan on using a different carrier other than American Airlines.

TSA Universal Enroll Building in Dover, DE

Also on yesterday I purchased a Bose noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones. My days of being tortured by baby noise on flights is at an end. I've already paired the Bose headphones to my iPhone. Tomorrow I go to the Bose store to pair the headphones to my Mac Notebook. Ah, the pleasure of taking a long flight watching and listening to a movie or just music. 

I thought I was finally back on schedule today but I had another setback. I rarely use my dishwasher. The last time I used it was over three months ago when I put a load of dishes I got from thrift stores to sanitize them. I thought I would empty the dishwasher tonight. I opened it up and immediately noticed that the dishes were clammy. A wooden spoon had a living organism on it.  Something was wrong. After emptying the dishwasher I notice that the water had not drained out. WTF?  I rarely use that dishwasher and her I got this problem. I'm especially concerned because our neighbors had a leak in their dishwasher and now are undergoing a floor and rug replacement from the damage. The damage was extensive.  Bill noticed the leak by a wet spot on their basement rug. When he told me about it I noticed that the water was dripping form the ceiling above. Where the kitchen sink was located.  When our neighbors returned they had to call Service Pro. Lots of damage. Now they have a big repair job, so big my neighbor is staying with someone else until it is completed. Bill was worried we would have the same problem Thank goodness we didn't but we don't want to take any chances so he turned off the water valve.

Bill turning off the water valve to our automatic dishwasher

As my long time friend Larry and I often commiserate, once we get something done and look to "coast" for a while, something else comes up.  I called my appliance repairman. Hopefully this repair won't cost too much.

Then tonight I noticed that I still haven't received a lamp that I ordered from a store in Palm Springs. I called and yes, they had not shipped it yet.  Hmmmm.  They said they would send it out tonight.  

Now I have to get my papers together to do my taxes.  I usually the them done by now but I haven't even started yet this year.  I'm slipping folks. By increments, but I am slipping.  

My apologies to my favorite bloggers that I haven't read or comment on their blogs.  I'm behind but I hope to catch up this week.  

I'm still here folks. The daffodils are up and I can feel spring in the air.  Life is good.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Back From California

I'm back!

We arrived yesterday afternoon at Philly International airport. No flight delays but I had the "baby noise" on my WHOLE six hour flight back. That's right folks, one the way out to California two weeks ago I had a little boy whining and crying the WHOLE six hours. On the way back I had a little girl doing her whole range of noises from baby talk ("da da") to whining and an occasional piercing scream that only little girls can do. I've including one short video of my experience here in this blog posting. Oh I know I won't gain many fans from my constant whining about the baby noise that I am trapped with on these flights, but man oh man, after enduring the stress of going to the TSA security checkpoints the LAST thing I needed to hear for six plus hours was baby noise. My version of Hell, sitting on one of those tight airline seats subjected to baby noise behind me for eternity. 

I'm still getting settled here at home and I go to work today. But folks, the two week stay in California - GREAT!

Now to get those head phones to cancel the baby noise and put in my application for  TSA recheck, which I am told is well worth it even if I only use it a couple a times a year. 

Talk about the MeToo movement, after going through the security checkpoint yesterday, I felt totally violated, especially after I was called back for a second pat down. And here I thought when you're over seventy-five years old you didn't have to remove your shoes, belt and dignity. 

Much to tell about our stay in beautiful, sunny California. More to come! 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In California!

Good morning folks! I've been in California the past ten days. Right now we"re staying at a perfectly lovely Airbnb accommodation in Palm Springs, California. Pat and I arrived in Los Angeles Sunday, February 11th. We stayed three days in an Airbnb accommodation in West Hollywood. The same one we stayed in last year. However, I won't be staying there again. We have a private bedroom but we have to share the common quarters. Although all the couples we have shared this accommodation with have been nice (also foreign), there is a lack of privacy. Here in Palm Springs we have total privacy which is what I prefer. Doesn't seem to bother Pat but it does me. We stayed three days in West Hollywood then come here last Thursday. We leave tomorrow back for the same accommodations in West Hollywood. We leave California this Sunday. While here in Palm Springs we met up with Dr. Spo and Someone and other friends. We had dinner out and had the guys over for Tea Time at our place here, which has fabulous views. Unfortunately I won't be about to post any photos of videos on this posting. But do not despair, I have many photos and videos that I will post when I return home to Delaware this Sunday. This holiday is coming to an end which is always sad. But I'm also glad to return home. Bill misses me and I miss him. In my next blog I have some good news. How's that for a cliff hanger? Have a great day!

Friday, February 09, 2018

California One Day Away!

My plant arrives at LAX in 2015 - I met Pat at the airport

One more day folks until we take the American Airlines flight out of Philadelphia for Los Angeles!

Getting nervous folks, as I always do when faced with catching a plane.

My friends Mike and Bob are taking me to Philly International Sunday morning for our 10:30 AM flight out of Philadelphia Sunday morning.

Tomorrow morning I'll review what I have packed in my carry on luggage. I have my list and I will be checking it multiple times.  Hopefully I won't forget anything but I always worry.  

Pat and I on Sunset Boulevard in front of the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel

I don't have to worry about my airline ticket, I have that on my iPhone app. Still, just to be safe I print out a ticket to take with me.

My two main concerns catching my flight is that I'll have to go to the bathroom and how much hassle I have to go through airport security. Sometimes I breeze right though but several times I've been pulled aside for special scrutiny. What's that all about anyway?  Do I look like a terrorist? Do I act suspicious? Who knows why TSA singles out people like me. I thought my age (76) they would breeze me through security. Oh well, I'll find out this Sunday.

And the bathroom needs, that's always a worry at my age. When I have to "go," I have to "go." This was never a problem when I was younger but now,  there is no holding "it" in. Oh I know what's the big deal about going to the bathroom at the airport? I don't like to "go" in public place but sometimes I don't have choice. Yes, I have used the Walmart bathroom (quite nice by the way). 

This is our (me and Pat) third year visiting California and Los Angeles, one week in West Hollywood and one week in Palm Springs. 

Me and Pat at the famous Sunset Blvd looking for the location of "77 Sunset Strip" (we didn't find it) - 2015

Pat and I don't have anything specifically planned except for going to the taping of "The Price is Right" TV show on Tuesday February 14th. In Palm Springs we'll visit with Dr. Spo and Someone and other blogger friends. 

Best time of my life now folks. Each year I am more crippled by arthritis but I'm managing. Pat is still getting over a bad cold. I have this phlegm in my throat I can't shake. But in spite of these nagging health issues we're still going. Adventure awaits us plus, and this is a BIG PLUS - warm weather!

I'll try to keep you all posted while we're in California, but can't guarantee daily updates but I'll do my best.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

California Dreaming

Dr. Spo, me and Doug at Nectar in Lewes, DE at last Bloogerpalooza - 2014 - we will meet again next week!

Not long now folks!

This Sunday my friends Mike and Bob are taking me to Philly International Airport for my 10:30 am flight to Los Angeles.  Pat is flying down from Toronto to Philly and I'll meet him there.

Again this year we'll be attending a taping of "The Price is Right" TV show in West Hollywood. This will be our fourth taping.  We had two tapings last year.  Maybe this time one of us will called to "Come on down!"  I would LOVE to see George the Announcer call Pat.  Oh what I wouldn't give for that.

We'll be in California for two weeks. 

The first three days in West Hollywood at our regular haunts. 

The next week we take the two hour drive to Palm Springs for Midcentury Modern Architectural Week.  While in Palm Springs we will have a reunion with Dr. Spo and Someone at their luxurious accommodations at Inndulge.  Pat and I will be staying at more modest accommodations.  

Other friends that will join us in Palm Springs are Doug and Leon, Tim and Larry, and "Fearsome Beard" (aka Shawn).  For sure good times in store with these fine lads.

Saying "Goodbye" to Doug the last time I saw him at the 2014 Bloogerpalooza

I've just about settled on my California wardrobe. Each year I take too many clothes, which I don't wear. But again I'm having a hard time decided what to take. Since I am reuniting with Dr. Spo, he of the custom made Hawaiian shirts, I will definitely have to take at least one of his shirts, lest there be talk.  However, I have also decided to take a couple of my shirts that haven't been out of my closet for years. One of my beautiful silk shirts will make its debut in Palm Springs.

This is nice time of my life folks. I don't know how much longer I can make these trips with my health issues (arthritis mainly) but for now, I'm having the best time of my life. And I'm going to take a break from the news!

Me and Someone - Milton, DE 2014

Monday, February 05, 2018

Eagles Win The Super Bowl!

What a game! 

Nerve wracking!

Final score:

Philadelphia Eagles:      41
New England Patriots:   33

The Philadelphia Eagles football team won their first Super Bowl.

Folks, I was living and working in Philly when Philadelphia won their first major sports trophy, the Stanley Cup for hockey in 1973.  I was working at Girard Bank with was located right next to City Hall. Perfect location to celebrate. Over a million Philadelphians spilled out in the streets to congratulate the Broad Street Bullies, aka Philadelphia Flyers.

The next major sports win was the 1980 World Series. I was in my fourth floor apartment at 2124 Spruce Street, center city when Tug McGraw struck out Willie Wilson of the Kansas City Athletics. I could feel the city erupt after that final whiff.

Now for this Philadelphia center city celebration when the Eagles return to their home city from their outstanding victory in Minneapolis.  I have to tell you folks, I'm glad I'm not living in center city Philly now because for me, and my aged arthritic body this celebration would be too much.

But I will also tell you, this win means so much for Philly. For so many years Philly has always been treated like the red-headed country cousin of major American cities, not even good enough to be included in the general weather reports on national TV when reporting weather across the United States. They always would say Boston and Baltimore but never Philadelphia, which always annoyed me.

I watched the whole game yesterday on my TV. First time in years that I watched a football game beginning to end on my TV. I have to tell you folks, at times it was very nerve wracking and I was tempted to turn it off. New England Patriots Golden Boy Tom Brady was throwing long bombs. His team was barreling down the field to touchdown after touchdown. But the Eagles won out in the end after a couple of gutsy calls. 

Enjoy your day in the sun Philadelphia, You deserve it.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Go Eagles!

My co-workers Christine and Renee at First Financial Bank February 4, 2005, the last time the Philadelphia Eagles went to the Super Bowl - unfortunately they lost but not this time!

Super Bowl Sunday folks!

I don't usually watch the Super Bowl but I will this Sunday.  That's because the Philadelphia Eagles are in it. 

The last time I was this excited about the Eagles being in the Super Bowl was in 2005 when I worked at First Financial Bank in Downingtown. 

Somewhere in my 90,000 plus photos I have a picture of myself in my Eagles shirt but I can't find it now so this one will have to do of my friends Renee and Christine.

Folks, I'm convinced that the Eagles are going to win this Super Bowl. As a former resident of center city Philly, I wish I was there when the celebrations commence.

I was in Philly when the Philadelphia Flyers won the Stanley Cup.  Yep, I was right in the middle of it.

I was also living in Center City Philly when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 1980. What a night that was!  You could feel the electric energy flowing though you.

Unfortunately I won't be in center city Philly when the Eagles win the Super Bowl but I tell you what folks, my heart will be there.  

And this victory will be sweet because the Eagles (of course) are the underdogs. Philadelphia is almost always the underdog. Well, this time they're going to win and wipe that smirk right off the face of the Patriot's self-satisfied quarterback, Tom Brady.

Fly Eagles!

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