Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bill's New Computer

Bill trying to figure out how to get his e-mail on his "new" Dell computer

Bill's new computer is actually my old Dell computer.  Remember that lemon? I only had it for a year and it crashed.  Just like my other Dell computer crashed.  Also just like my original Dell computer, the one I paid $4,000 for with 30 MB memory, crashed.  I know, I know.  I'm a glutton for punishment.  Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

Well anyway, I still had this Dell computer under warranty so Dell sent out a repairman to replace the hard drive, which obviously was a reconditioned hard drive.  I haven't used that Dell computer since with the only exception being playing my porn DVD's that won't play on my iMac.

Of course you all know I wised up (finally) and got a Mac computer.  NO PROBLEMATCO SINCE!  Yes folks, it took be a long time and mucho bucks but I finally learned my lesson.

So my Dell computer sat down in the basement, new hard drive and all, collecting dust.  Finally, Bill threw in the towel on his Toshiba laptop that he inherited from my late mother.  It was taking about a half an hour to boot up in the morning.  Time to get a new computer!

Both of us being Old Men and Afraid of Anything NEW, we were reluctant to MOVE the old Dell computer and set it up in Bill's basement office which is also where our HVAC units are located (Bill doesn't go for the posh home offices).

So how long did it take me to move and set up the Dell computer and download and install all the updates? Try FOUR HOURS!  Oh don't you just love it?  Just another reason why I will NEVER go back to any Windows based products and especially Dell computers.  All theses wires, cords, connections, et al.

Man oh man.  Anyone who buys a Windows based product HAS TO BE CRAZY!

Now my head is splitting, my right jaw aches (probably from clenching my teeth this morning) and I'm nauseous.  Nice way to go to work today huh?

Well, I'll have a little lunch, watch some TV to see that the Republican clowns who are left who are running for president are lying about today.  Oh aren't they in a quandary since the economy is taking a turn for the better?  Maybe they can drag up that old Social Issue of gay marriage and beat that horse one more time.  There are still some yahoos out there who think marriage is only for a MAN AND A WOMAN.  Now don't take offense some of my friends and think I'm calling you an yahoo but how about making the marriage laws EQUAL for everyone?  Say, I know...LET'S PUT IT UP FOR A VOTE!  See what the MAJORITY THINKS OF EQUAL RIGHTS. 

But I digress from the original subject of this blog.  You know the RULE...if you want to be a Good BLOGGER, keep it short and on subject.


Mark said...

Look at Bill go! He's so modern.
I know nothing about computers. That's Fred's job. If I ever have any problems, I call him in.
Thinking give you wrinkles! m.

Ur-spo said...

Thanks to having a hummingbird like wiring CNS, I keep things short so I stay on subject.

Ron said...


Wrinkles are character! I'm proud of everyone one I've earned.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I've said it before and I'll say it again...you are a delight.

Scott said...

Windows can be update hell, but I've I have yet to be seduced by the Apple mystique.

Ron said...


I resisted a long time before switching to Apple products. A couple of years ago when my old Gateway computer was on it's last legs and I grew tired of the daily updates, Larry suggested that I get a iMac like he was getting. He originally started with Apple years ago but went to Windows based computers because that is what they had at the bank where he worked. We're both retired now. After his latest computer crash he decided to go back to Apple. He tried to convince me but I wouldn't be "seduced." At the same time he got his iMac I got a brand new Dell. Of course a little under a year later my "new" (I think it was a reconditioned one) crashed. I was under warranty so Dell replaced then hard drive but I decided that I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life downloading Java and Adobe updates and spending $$$$$ to renew my anti-virus programs. I got an iMac. I've never looked back. My life is infinitely easier and being on the computer is fun again. That's my experience. I lose nothing if others want to stay with Windows. All I can say is enjoy downloading those updates and make sure you have everything backed up because eventually, your computer will crash and good luck talking to that Help person in Mumbai.