Thursday, February 02, 2012


First tulips of the  season, from the lobby of the hotel where I work - photo taken last night

It is early this morning as I sit in front of my iMac computer composing my daily blog.  The rain is gently falling outside and the skies are gray.  The temperature is a mild 50 degrees.  It is quiet.

Later this morning at 10 o'clock I am expecting a call from Carbonite, the offsite backup folks.  My backup has been stuck for months.  I've been on the phone with them three times already, being bumped up to a different tier level after the current tech person couldn't find out why my backup is stuck.  I will be at tier one this morning.  Pray for me.

I go to work this afternoon at the hotel.  I worked last night.  This is the off season at the hotel but business is picking up because of the mild weather.  The phones were ringing off the hook last night.  I was a Multi-task Master last night as I checked in guests, answered the front desk phone to take a reservation and putting the back desk phone on hold while I juggled guests waiting for extra wash cloths and restaurant recommendation.  I hardly had time to do personal things last night.  What is this world coming to?

This morning all is quiet here in Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Years ago, when I was a young whipper-snapper full of vim and vigor and anticipation of What Life Was To Bring To Ron, I always had music blasting throughout the house.  In fact, when I had this house built, I had speakers installed in the ceilings throughout the house.  Guess what?  I never use them.  The only time I use them was when I had company over for dinner and that was probably only to impress them (they weren't impressed).

These days this Old Tired Horse likes Quiet, the Quiet Before the Storm.  This must be yet another sign of Ron Getting Old.  Tell me about it.  I now have a collection of prescription medicines that I have to take daily to keep this old boy running.  I wear industrial strength support socks to keep my lower legs and ankles from swelling.  I have strange things pop out on me, like my new friend The Wart on my left temple.  I HAVE TO GET THAT REMOVED.  I keep touching the darn thing, making sure it's still there.  Much like one keeps tonguing the jagged hole in your teeth where a filling fell out.  I can't wait until I see my dermatologist in two weeks from today to get this removed.  I know everyone is looking at it and thinking "WHAT IS THAT?"

So while I try not to have an anxiety attack over this Uninvited Wart, I will try to relax by posting my recently taken cemetery photos (from two days ago at the Union Cemetery in Georgetown) to my Find a Grave account while I await my phone call from Carbonite at 10:00 am.  After that frustration (I doubt that even the Tier 1 guy at Carbonite will be able to help me, all they do is uninstall and reinstall the software and I get the same result, my backup is stuck),   I will enjoy the Quiet.


nitewrit said...


Good you can enjoy the quiet with a bit of reading, liked my posts and adding some more to your life story.


Mark said...

Quiet is good. It helps one think.
Maybe I'm "old" too?
Oh well!
Take it easy.

Ron said...


YEP! You're "old." Kids will do that to you. :)

Ron said...


I am getting tired of working. I would like to stay home all day and enjoy this Quiet. No TV, no radio, no nothing. I'm tired.

Bob said...

There are times when I need the quiet, and times when i need to loud.

I think I like both equally, in their own time.

Ron said...


I used to need a lot more loud than quiet. In fact, I really don't like loud anymore. Especially screaming kids in a restaurant or ringing phones. I just want quiet. I used to always have some kind of music on but not any more.

anne marie in philly said...

I am like bob; it depends on my mood as to whether I want LOUD or quiet.

screaming kids don't belong ANYWHERE!

Ur-spo said...

Milton wrote all that in Heaven which is not Music is Silence.