Sunday, September 26, 2021

Happy Birthday Bill

 Today is Bill's 93rd birthday. He's surprised that he's reached this age. 

Bill continues to do well after having two strokes this past January. He's gradually getting weaker but still manages to walk without help, go to the bathroom by himself, and knows who I am and not in pain. 

We treasure each day we're together. 

The photo above was taken on our wedding day in July 2013 in Georgetown, Delaware. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Army Worm Update

 This morning our local twice weekly newspaper, the Cape Gazette, featured an article about the army worms that decimated our back yard. 

Yes, that's me pouring soapy water on a patch of my grass to bring out the army worms to show the reporter who wrote this article.

The army worms have finally stopped eating my lawn but the damage remains and probably will the rest of the year. There is a slight (very slight) green haze (if you look at it with the right angle of sunlight) where you can see the grass trying to make a comeback. It is my understanding that the cold weather of the fall will kill off any remaining army worms. However, my grass probably won't recover back to its former glory this season. Oh well, I'll look at the bright side, less lawn mowing for me. Not really though, I do like to mow the lawn. So relaxing.

During my morning walk this morning through our development I see where the army worms have chomped through one of my neighbor's front lawns. These army worms are very selective, just chooses certain lawns to lay waste. 

One of my neighbor's lawn laid to waste this morning by the marching army works. Total destruction.

Caregiver Update

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