Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doris Day - A Valued Life

Doris Day, a beautiful woman and a human being

With the untimely sudden recent death of Whitney Houston, a uniquely talented and beautiful singer one is reminded of how many of our most talented singers have wasted their lives due to their drug addiction.  In the end, they killed themselves by their selfish overindulgence in drugs.  This weakness has always baffled me.  I never understood how these people had the self-discipline to work hard at their God given natural talent lacked such will power to not succumb to drugs.  I've heard all the stories about the "pressures of fame."  Give me a break.  Who among us doesn't have "the pressures" of every day life.  Please.  Perhaps the only difference is that we don't have a seemingly unending supply of money to keep the drug lords of the world in power by spending their fans money to feed their drug habit.  And yes, I have heard all the stories that "you should always say something nice about someone when they die."  I'll say something nice:  They made good music, music that I liked.  Some music that I loved. But look at the lives they lead.  They were all trains going down the Tracks of Life without brakes fueled by the obscene amounts of money they talent and fame generated.

So here is the latest list of celebrities who ended their life much too soon because of their drug habit:

Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson
Amy Winehouse
Janis Joplin
Jimmi Hendrix
Dinah Washington
Elvis Presley
Jim Morrison
Judy Garland
Billie Holiday

Just a partial list folks.  There are many, many more.

Do all singers have to self destruct?  Do all singer have a drug addiction?  Do all singers waste their time and money on themselves?  No, not all.

Doris Day comes to mind.  Doris a beautiful woman.  She has a lovely voice.  She is a wonderful actress.  She cares for animals.  Doris has a valued life.  Doris respects her fans.

So while all the accolades come in the next days and weeks at "what a wonderful person, woman and mother" Whitney Houston was, keep in mind there is another famous singer celebrity who didn't throw her life away on drugs.  Maybe someone will read this and take a lesson that to be "cool" doesn't mean how wasted you can get on drugs but rather leading a good and valued life, much like Doris Day.


  1. I think we feel these losses more because we see them and because we admire their talent. However, hundreds of people succumb to addiction every day who have just as much to live for.

    Money helps the rich and famous but most aren't and some how they find the money to buy the drugs and alcohol to destroy themselves and their families. I think the biggest difference is that the rich and famous have people around them pushing the drugs to keep them going and enable them.

  2. I loved her as an actress and a singer, but I loved her more for her concern for animals who so need our help. Even today, she still has her beloved animals. And who cannot be touched by her care and her concern for her good buddy, Rock Hudson, when he was ravaged by the disease.

  3. anne marie in philly1:57 PM

    my former high school BFF works for DD in CA at her animal rescue organization.

    DD did not have an easy life, but she never gave into drugs/booze.

  4. Sean,

    Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. I know firsthand of the waste of lives of good and talented people. I tried to save one once. He almost destroyed me taking me down with him. I know of others who are now dead or are sitting in jail now because of their addiction to alcohol, one a man who used to work for me. Everyone he came into contacts tried to save him to no avail. I think what bothers me now is the for the next few weeks we're going to hear what a "wonderful woman and mother and daughter" Whitney was. Yes, I've already heard those words together in a sentence describing Whitney's loss. I think it is time we stop idolizing and making saints out of celebrities who can't control their own lives. I know it's a tough call because someone like Whitney did make beautiful music and she was a physically beautiful woman herself but there has to be more to a person before our culture beatifies them in death.

  5. Paul,

    The celebrities and actresses I admire are ones like Doris Day, Tippi Hedren and Betty White and the other unheralded actresses who do so much for animal causes. The divas like Jennifer Lopes, Mariah Carey and their kind I do not admire but for some reason the popular culture does. I don't get it. Maybe I never will.

  6. Anne Marie,

    I was never a big fan of Doris's music but I like her as a person. I loved Janis Joplin's music but not much as a person. Character counts in life.

  7. When I scrolled down and saw the title of your post I thought that maybe Doris Day had died, too. News I did not want to hear!

    Fortunately, it was not that!

    I have a few Doris Day records, but lost the record player in the divorce, so I just stare at the covers.

    You are correct. Whitney Houston had an excellent voice and I enjoy listening to her older music, but she was drug addict... and not a very nice person.

    About 11/12 years ago I read a big spread on her in, I believe, The Advocate. She was horrible and I have disliked her ever since.

    Madonna, as well. She is a big old has been but no one is ready to admit it yet.

  8. Hank,

    We are so much alike in our thinking! Yes, Whitney did have an excellent voice. However, when I saw an interview she did she was very guarded and evasive. I can tell a lot about a celebrities personality from the interviews they give. Some of the worst celebrity interviews are Brad Pitt, Warren Beatty, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand and Whitney. Their self-absorbed selfishness comes out loud and clear. They are oh so careful not to reveal anything about themselves. They want to protect "The Brand" at all costs. God forbid they should lose a few dollars revealing something about themselves or show a flaw or weakness in their personality. They make me sick.

  9. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Drug and alcohol addiction is a cant stop if you are an addict without help and usually a twelve program such as AA or husband bless him is a recovering addict....alcohol and he has been sober for 11 years bless him.i tried everything to get him to stop ...didnt work he only stopped when he realised he was in danger of dying and went to AA.....i wasted a lot of years living with a drunk and wouldnt do it again in al anon for the families and friends of alcoholics....we do a program to help ourselves its wonderful.....i love Doris Day .....she stays in the me its all about staying in the light,Love your blog and have a nice day .

    1. Welcome aboard "Anonymous"! You are right, drug and alcohol is addiction is a disease. I never believed it until I saw it first hand. I've seen too many lives wasted this way by people helpless to cure themselves. It's a shame.

  10. did you know doris son co wrote beach boy s " kokomo " ?


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