Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Smooth Moves

I can't dance. 

I love to dance but I can't dance. 

Not that I don't want to dance but I just don't have the "moves." 

I'm one of those quintessential white guys who has ZERO rhythm. 

Three years ago, when we (Pat and I) first visited Los Angeles, we went to disco night at Oil Can Harry's.

Oil Can Harry's West Hollywood, California

There, under the glittering lights of a disco ball, I fell flat on my back while trying one of my signature moves. There was a collective "GASP!" from the other dancers on the floor as they parted (like the Red Sea in "The Ten Commandments") as I lay flat on my back on the floor. My dance partner, a cute Hispanic mustachioed man wearing a wife beater T-shirt, looked down at me, this old man who has totally humiliated himself by falling while doing his moonwalk (who was I kidding?)  Unfortunately, Pat, who was videotaping the dance floor (he was enthralled by one guy who DID have the moves) and missed my fall completely. If he had recorded my fall I'm sure that video would have went viral on You Tube.

But here is someone who can dance. Very cool Pat. Oh how I wish I had natural rhythm like my talented friend Mr. Pat of Toronto, Canada.  Oh well, some do and some don't.

Pat and me at our favorite eatery in West Hollywood, the Veggie Grill on Sunset Boulevard

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Marathon Work Schedule

Well, here I am working full-time again folks. Me, the part-time hotel front desk clerk working full-time.  I guess I shouldn't complain because I can certainly use the extra money to fund my quarterly trips with my Canadian Travel Buddy, Pat. 

This week I worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, last night and again today. I was scheduled to work Sunday but former co-worker took pity on my and offered to work my shift Sunday that I was filling in for another co-worker is took off this weekend to get married . . . . on the beach.  

Next weekend I'm working during the days.  All this work during the height of the summer season.  

Last night the hotel was PACKED.

A group had taken over the hotel (many with their children) for their annual get together for one of our senators.  The hotel where I work has twenty-one rooms and three VIP suites. The hotel where I used to work in Pennsylvania had ninety-two rooms.  I frequently had to check in 45 rooms all by myself.  At the hotel where I work now I rarely have to check in more than five rooms.  Not last night, all twenty-one rooms and three suites I had to check in.  All the while the phones were ringing for reservations and folks stopping in to by tickets to the local garden tour which is taking place today as I type this blog.  Talk about multi-tasking.  At the Hampton Inn I was used to juggling all those balls at once. 

At the hotel where I work now I've become acclimated to a more relaxed work experience.  Not last night though.  While one of the owners was standing behind me watching me and my octopus arms attempting to keep the flow going, I wondered "How much longer can I do this?"  Then to top everything else off I had to deal with a Chatty Cathy housekeeper who came in for turndown.  It's all a challenge folks. The sacrifices I make for those four times a year carefree trips to Philly, Los Angeles and Toronto.  It's worth it folks!

Pat and me in Palm Springs, California this past February. The ONLY place to spend February!

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A History of Violence

Arizona Republican senator Jeff Flake at yesterday's shooting at an Alexandra Virginia baseball field

Last night I killed two flies. I was at work (at the hotel) and these flies were annoying me. I have no compunction about killing flies. Or any other insects (like mosquitos, yellow jackets, wasps) who threaten me. 

As soon as I spotted those flies buzzing around me I got the trusty fly swatter and waited. Soon enough there was the fly on the edge of the counter.  SWAT!  One dead fly.  

Yesterday there was another mass shooting.  This time in Alexandra, Virginia during a softball practice of Republican congressional members. Thank goodness no one was killed.  But again we as a nation are confronted with a reality of our lives, that there are people out there who view other people who "annoy" them and they think must be killed.

This thinking is something I have never understood. I can't kill an animal. And I certainly can't kill a human being no matter how much I dislike them and believe me, there are some human beings I totally despise. Probably the only time I could kill another human being is if they were threatening my life.  Then it's me or them.  And I have been in that situation in my past life, several times when a potential mugger would do me harm. One time I saw one of these potential muggers coming towards me after I had a late night at the bar and was walking home. As I saw him approaching me, with a look on his face that said all too clearly "I'm going to get a payday from this drunk fag".  Oh how he miscalculated. Muggers were well known to lurk in the darkened Philadelphia streets after bar closing time of 2 am, looking for an easy mark.  "Not this time buddy", I thought, "not this time."  I had just enough booze in me to be fearless and confront this would be mugger. As I crossed the street again, he also crossed the street. When I saw how determined he was, I looked around for a weapon. I saw a broken bottle in the gutter and I picked it up.  Then I continued walking with the broken bottle in my right hand. This guy may try to mug me and I may go down but I was determined there was going to be damage if he did. I was going to grind the end of that jagged bottle right in his face. Of course when he saw I mean business, he then crossed to the other side of the street, on the lookout for an easier mark. 

The point I'm trying to make here is I don't understand why, when someone is frustrated with their life and angry they feel the need to strike out at innocent people. I can see killing in self defense. I can see killing insects that are either disease carrying or will sting you.  But killing other living forms? Not even mice can I kill. I have a Have a Heart trap, that what a wuss I am about killing any living thing.

My father was a hunter. I never had that passion. 

I've been angry at people.  I've had arguments with people. I've had some really LOUD arguments with Bill.  But never, NEVER did I have a compulsion to hit nor did he.  I wasn't brought up that way. I was one of the fortunate children in that I never ever heard my parents argue.  Sure, they had disagreements but when that happened my Mother gave me father the Silent Treatment.  I never remember once my father being mad at my Mother.  Of course my father was always wrong, but that's a subject for another whole blog.  Maybe you don't want to go down that rabbit hole.  It's depressing.

As angry as I get with Republicans, and believe me I am plenty angry with them NEVER did I or could I have a compulsion to cause physical harm.  What does that solve? Nothing but evil.  

My heart goes out to the family of Representative Steve Scalise, who was critically injured yesterday while playing the innocent game of softball.  Believe me I dislike Representativ Steve Scalilse and his cohorts (especially Representative Paul Ryan) who are working overtime to take health benefits away from millions of Americans while giving massive tax breaks to the point one percent of the richest Americans. I believe they are cruel and heartless and selfish but what happened yesterday, there is absolutely no excuse for.  

We live in a country were violence is taken for granted. All of us face a constant threat of violence just going about our every day activity. Who hasn't thought these days, when you're in a massive crowd, that a suicide bomber would decide to set himself off with a homemade bomb containing shrapnel of nails, nuts and bolts? I know I think of it every time I'm in a crowd.

I used to work in Center City Philadelphia, right across from City Hall. This was back in the 70's and 80's. Many times during one of those motorcades of a political figure or even the Pope (Pope John Paul came through while I was there) or even a sports victory parade (I was there when both the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia Phillies won), that some gunman with an automatic rifle would began spraying the crowd from a some lofty perch?  A long sentence there but you understand what I'm saying.

We can agree to disagree folks but unfortunately, I think our current times are more dangerous than ever. 

Be careful out there folks. And make sure to make every day count because you just never know when evil will poke up its head again.  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thoughts During a Heat Wave

Hi folks! Yes, I'm apologizing again for not posting more frequently. I'm trying, I really am. 

Today, with the continuing heat wave, I'm forced to stay inside lest I pass out from heat exhaustion. Yesterday I tried to do a little yard work but I was soon drenched in my own sweat and had to come inside our wonderfully air conditioned manse to recover.  Yesterday was a three shower day. Once when I got up. The second time after my abbreviated yard work.  Then before I went to work at the hotel last night. 

You know it's true what they say about senior citizens being in more danger during these heat waves. When I was a youngster (oh how LONG ago was that?), I didn't give the heat much thought.  We just went about our play during the lazy, hazy summer days. But these days, I only have to be outside a few minutes and I get woozy.  Well, I am seventy-five years old and no longer the carefree ten year old whose summers went by too fast.

The "thoughts" going through my aged mind these days is my impending Final Exit. I've been thinking a lot about friends, former co-workers and relatives who have passed on. Every now and then a pang of sadness hits me when I realize I can't call them and complain about my latest perceived slight. Thank goodness I have Pat and Bill who I can bend their ears with my petty complaints. However, Bill is very hard of hearing so I suspect he's just humoring me while I rattle on. 

Why these thoughts of my impending Final Exit is that these days I am unsteady on my feet as my longtime friend Larry pointed out to me recently after viewing a video of me refreshing my bird baths. Yes, I am unsteady on my feet. I worry constantly a lot about falling and breaking something. Although I don't see how I can do much worse than tearing my quadriceps muscles like I did a few years ago 

Another sign of my deterioration is how tired I get. I absolutely need an afternoon nap or else I wind down like an old clock. I have to ration my wake time to be productive.  

When I'm tired I have double vision. I brought this situation up with my eye doctor a few weeks ago and he affirmed that it was happening because my eye muscle was "tired."  Another sign of my aging body.

And then there is my arthritis. My whole body, especially my lower back, is so stiff when I wake up in the morning. You should see me hobbling my way to the bathroom. On second though, maybe you don't want to see that sad sight. 

And now for the past few days I've been getting shooting pains up the left side of my head. Like mini lightening bolts.  Is this a precursor of a stroke. God I hope not.  

I did a some Internet research last night during a slow period at the hotel and found that those pains were probably the result of stress and anxiety. That makes sense because the few weeks I have been under a lot of stress and anxiety.  Bill and I had a spat a few days ago over him turning off the automatic sprinkler system and forgetting to turn it back on thus drying out all my plants. 

And that's another thing, my short term memory. I'm forgetting more and more.  Is this the beginning of my dementia? Would I know if I can't remember? I've often wondered what goes through the heads of people with dementia? 

Well, I've gabbled on enough today. 

Please stay cool and hydrated during this heat wave. I don't want to lose any of you. I need you!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Our Exciting Time In Philly

So what do Pat and I do when we're in Philly? Just how exciting are our adventures when we get together four times a year in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Toronto and Delaware?  Well, to the average person what Pat and I do is probably very boring.  But to me and Pat, we always have a good time.

One thing we do is visit our favorite restaurants and try new restaurants. In Philly we often dine at both Marathon Grills.  One Marathon Grill at 16th and Sansom Streets and the other Marathon Grill at 18th and Spruce Streets. Pat, as you know is a vegan, so we usually get vegan meals although I occasionally dive into a meal with dairy products. Occasionally I dive into a hamburger but usually I stay vegetarian to Pat's vegan meal choices.

Pat likes to visit furniture stores. I usually tag along with him.  I'm interested in furniture and enjoy these forays.  What Pat really likes to do though during our Philly stay is walk the streets and take in all the interesting buildings.  He is fascinated by the mix of buildings.  He likes the character of Philly's buildings.  It's interesting but for all the years I used to work and live in Philly I rarely looked up at the buildings, I was so focused on my job and my social life.  However, these days during our visits to Philly I look up and enjoy these historical buildings with Pat.

Pat especially like Old City, which is the historical section of Philadelphia.  Lots of interesting buildings there!

Pat looking towards the new tall buildings in center city Philadelphia from the 30th Street Station

Other than enjoying the restaurants and walking around and soaking in the vibrant, exciting and historical city that Philadelphia is now, we spend the rest of our time in our suite at my friend Don's co-op building. Pat and I both like to watch old movies on TCM, especially film noir.  We couldn't do that during this stay though.  It was Memorial Day weekend and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) was showing all military war movies.  Not to our taste.  

The Marathon Grill at 18th and Spruce Streets

We tried to watch other TV cable show but soon realized that was almost impossible. I didn't realize how many commercials are on cable TV these days.  Five minutes of movie and seven minutes of commercials.  We tried to watch some movies with all those commercials but soon gave up.  Not to worry though, we both enjoy playing Scrabble which is what we did, often.  

Pat and I standing in front of the former Fidelity Bank buildings (now Wells Fargo) where I used to work

So that is our exciting times in Philly. Works for us!

Pat and I getting ready for another walk down a Philly side street

Oh, I almost forgot. I take a LOT of pictures and videos during our quarterly get togethers. And I mean a LOT.  I LOVE taking pictures and videos. Can you tell?

Pat and I standing in front of 30th Street Station with the new buildings behind 30th Street

Saturday, June 03, 2017

I'm Back!

Me, Howard and Pat

Me, Howard and Pat

Me, Howard and Pat

Me, Howard and Pat

Me, Howard and Pat

My apologies to everyone who were wondering what happened to me.  

I've been in Philly (Philadelphia, PA) for a full week.  Yet another fabulous adventure.  

The photos above were taken last Friday, May 26th in my driveway prior to our takeoff to Philly.  I'm pictured with Howard S. and Pat F. Pat drove us to Philly in his rented car. When I ask Bill to take photos, he takes multiple photos.  I post them.

For this trip I invited a friend from the 80's to visit his friend who lives in Philly. All of us used to get together here in Lower Slower (Sussex County, Delaware) during the late 70's and early 80's.  

Howard S., the life of the party

Tommy M., whom I have known longer than Bill. Tommy was the bartender at the Westbury Bar when I met Bill in 1964

Me dancing with Howard at the Boathouse 1979 - the Boathouse is no longer there but we are!

Those were the times. Drunken revelries, dancing into the night then the hangovers the next day.  Since those festive and carefree times, much has changed.  Many of our gang are no longer alive but a few of us have survived.  

Me, Dave, Howard and Tommy at 13th and Lombard Streets, Philadelphia, Pa (Tommy's home) - by the way notice how much bigger my hands are than Trump's little doll hands

Pat (peeking out in the back), Howard, Tommy, me and Dave (kneeling)

These days, for us survivors, our night life is much tamer.  In fact, there is no night life, we're in bed!

We're home now. Me here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. Howard in Laurel, DE and Pat in Toronto, Canada. But we did have a fabulous time in Philly of which I will write more about in future posts. But I did want to keep you all up to date on my latest adventures.  Next up, Hamilton, Canada and Pat's new home.

Life is good folks!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pat Has Arrived and the Kidney Stones are Gone (I hope)

Me, ready to go this morning for my kidney stone procedure

Long day folks!  Pat arrived yesterday afternoon. We went out last evening in Rehoboth and enjoyed a very pleasant dinner at Modern Mixture.

Up early this morning for my kidney stone blasting procedure. This was an all day affair folks.  Just got home about an hour ago.  Sore but hopefully those darn kidney stones are in thousands of sand like particles now.  I'm straining my pee but I haven't seen anything but blood clots but I'm sure (I hope) that those kidney stone that were ready to drop and GONE.

Of course it had to rain all day.  Torrential rains at times.  But we (Pat) persevered and got me to Dover in time for my procedure.  He took the lovely photo above of me with my hair net (that they wouldn't let me keep) and my eye bag luggage in full display. I hope I didn't scare too many people off today seeing me in my natural state.  My partial teeth were out too.  

Going out under anesthetic and coming too was fun (as it is always) I am having a rather uncomfortable after effect.  My throat is sore as hell, like someone put a toilet plunger down it.  I called and asked if they put something down my throat and the nurse said they did to keep my airways open.  Funny thing, I always sleep with my mouth wide open, like the Grand Canyon.  

Now my left side is sore.  I have a prescription for painkillers (Percocet) but I haven't taken them yet.  My left side is sore but not unbearable.  I'll hold off as long as I can.  

Now to recover and enjoy Pat's visit for the rest of the week here in Delaware.  We leave Friday for Philadelphia for another five day stay at my friend Don McK's co-op in center city.  Hope the rain stops.  Pat's last two visits to Philly, it rained almost every day  

Folks, I sincerely hope I'm done with medical procedures . . . for a while anyway.  Now to enjoy life with whatever time I have left.  

And thank you Don W. for filling in for me tonight at work.  I am so thankful for my friends like Don and Pat and Bill who help me get through life. I told Don about my kidney stone passages and he said he once passed a kidney stone.  He summed up the experience exactly right by saying "Just kill me".  That's the way I felt folks during my five (I think, I'm losing count) passing of kidney stones.  

Later folks, I'll try and keep up with my blogging posts while Pat is here.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Vacation Coming Up!

Pat and I with new friends we met at our Airbnb in Hollywood, California this past February

Looking forward to my quarterly get together with my Canadian travel pal, Pat of Toronto. 

Pat will be taking an overnight bus ride from Toronto to Philadelphia (14 hours) this coming Sunday.  He's coming down early to drive me to my kidney stone procedure in Dover the following Monday morning. Bill usually drives me to my medical procedures where I am knocked out (anesthesia) but since he doesn't have his license now I needed a ride.  So who do I ask, my good friend Pat from Toronto.  Talk about someone pushing the limits of friendship (me).  Pat is taking that long trip just to be my driver. Now is that a friend or what?  I'll treat him to a lunch at Nectar after my procedure (blasting my kidney stones on my left side).

Pat will be spending five days here at Casa Tipton-Kelly then we will spend another five days at our lodging of choice in Philadelphia. Four times a year Pat and I get together.  

February - California
May - Philadelphia and Delaware
September - Canada
November - Philadelphia (again)

I've always believed to arrange my life where I have something to look forward to.  I now enjoy going away and but I also enjoy coming home. I think after all these years I have finally found the perfect formula.  

I promised myself that when I retired I would make the most of my retirement and that is exactly what I am doing now.  As long as my physical and mental health holds out (and my money), I'll be traveling and living this good life. 

At seventy-five years of age, I know I am very lucky to have such a life.  

Monday, May 15, 2017

Am I Still Blogging?

Again, I've been absent from my blog.  My lame excuse is that I'm just too busy around here. That's a sad excuse, isn't folks? I hate it when someone gives me that excuse "I'm just too busy."  But here I am doing that very same thing.

So here you go folks. It is springtime and I'm outside a lot, doing yard work. We're having a wonderful spring here (cool temperatures with sun and rain evenly distributed) and I'm enjoying working here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.

When I'm not outside on our one acre sylvan oasis, I'm following the latest outrages of Donald Trump.  I have to say I'm not surprised at the way the Trump Presidency is turning out to be an unmitigated disaster but what really surprises me is the silence of the Congressional Republicans. They are looking the other way and letting the raging orange monster in the White House get away with his temper tantrums.  I have to say this is a "show" that I am enjoying.  It's just a matter of time folks before the guys in the white jackets take the Child in the White House out in a straight jacket.  That folks I am SOOOO looking forward too.

So here is what is on my agenda.  This time next Monday I will be under anesthesia for my shock wave therapy to remove my kidney stones.  My Travel Buddy Pat will be coming down early from his home in Toronto next Sunday to drive me to Dover for this procedure.  Bill normally drives me to these medical procedures but he lost his license last summer because of his cataracts.  He has one eye done but his other eye isn't scheduled until June 22nd.  Thus I roped Pat into hauling my carcass up to Dover for this medical procedure.

Another good example of my hectic schedule is that I just got a call from one of my co-workers to come into work two hours early today.  There goes my schedule again.  Sometimes I feel like a substitute front desk agent instead of a part-time front desk agent. But I am off next Monday and one of my co-workers is filling in for me so I guess I should be flexible.  Check that previous statement:  I SHOULD BE FLEXIBLE.

Pat will be visiting for ten days. Five days here and five in Philadelphia at my friend Don McK.'s co-op in center city.  So looking forward to visiting Don and Philly again and checking out new venues with Pat.  Pat and I get together four times a year.  My next get together with Pat will be after Labor Day at his new home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Well, I'm rambling now but I did want to let you all know where I've been.  I'm still here folks and will keep blogging.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Medical Update

Bill having his right eye check after his cataract surgery 

Hey folks, much to the relief of some of you I'm going to take a (temporary) break from my political rants. Oh don't worry, I'm still ranting.  This time on my Facebook account (which is driving some of my far right wing nut Tipton relatives into bombarding me with their vile comments) and my Twitter account (which I rarely use).  

I also want to apologize to my favorite bloggers because I haven't been reading your blogs. My feeble justification is that this is Springtime and I'm spending a lot of time outside trying to relax and get away from this nightmare called Trump.

So here is a medical update.  I just received news today from my new urology doctor that I have several kidney stones ready to "drop." That means I have several time bombs ready to go off . . . at anytime.  By the way, I visited my new urologist yesterday and I am very happy with him.  Unlike my previous urologist, who was the only game in town until this new urology doctor came into town from Dover.  I asked his office why they opened an office here in southern Delaware and they told me they were receiving a number of patients from Sussex (southern Delaware).  They felt there was a "need" for a choice so they opened an office down here in Lower Slower Delaware, aka LSD.  Tell me about it.  My other urologist never seemed to have enough time for me.  During my last kidney stone episode one of his staff was very dismissive and rude to me while I was suffering a kidney stone passage. She literally hollered at me. Of course I hollered back at her but the dye was set.  I could no longer go to that office and subject myself to the way they were treating me now and have in the past. Two big problems I had with them other than the fact that the doctor was always rushed, was that he didn't believe into minimizing pain nor basic privacy practices. I guess this is what happens when you're the only game in town. Thank goodness that office now has competition.  The doctor I went to yesterday had time for me and explained things very clearly. They treated with me respect.  They listened to me.  The only downside is that if I have to have a procedure I would have to go to the Dover hospital.  And that folks is where I am today.

I received a call from my new urologist and he told me about my "time bombs."  He said it was up to me what I should do.  Well, that decision didn't take too long.  I'm going to have the procedure which "blasts" my kidney stones into many small pieces through what is called a "water bath."  This is not invasive surgery but I am put out. Hospital gown, IV's, and (best of all) knocked out with anesthetic. I've already had this procedure back in 2013 during my last kidney stone nightmare.  I went to La La Land and when I woke up my kidney stone time bombs were pulverized into many tiny kidney stones which, when they passed wouldn't cause me the "I hope I die" pain.  All I ended up with was bruises on my lower back.

I've opted to have this procedure now because I don't want to be on a plane headed to California when one of these kidney stones decides to drop.  You think that was brutal the way United Airlines took Dr. David Dao off the plane when he wouldn't give up his seat?  I think airline security would probably shoot me if I was writhing in pain in the aisle and putting the whole airplane and passengers at risk.  I also don't want my kidney stones to drop when I'm visiting Pat in Canada later this summer.  So the choice was easy, blast those kidney stones.

An update on Bill's cataract surgery.  All went well with his right eye.  Now we're going to get his left eye done in June. Now to juggle all these doctors' and medical appointments. I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Trump's "Saturday Night Massacre"

Donald Trump, our national embarrassment

President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey today.  He used the excuse of Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. This is the same Trump who praised Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. Folks, don't buy the latest Trump con. Trump fired FBI James Comey because Comey is investigation of the Russian ties to the Trump presidential campaign. 

Folks, I remember well former president Richard M. Nixon firing all those prosecutors who were investigating Watergate ties to his White House. I voted for Nixon (twice) and believed Nixon until he showed his real hand by firing the prosecutors and shut down the special prosecutor's office. You students of history know how that ended.  And this is how Trump's presidency will end.  

The blowback to Trump's heavy handed way of firing anyone who gets close to getting to the truth of the Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

Finally, this is the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. Now to see how many Republicans, who up to now have been all too willing to look the other way of Trump's incompetence and breaking of normal rules of the presidency. 

Folks, at best we have a con man as president.  At worst we have a criminal and a traitor as president.  Tonight is the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency. 

One good thing will come out of this nasty and unsavory state of affairs, Trump and his supporters will see how American democracy works. 

Monday, May 08, 2017

Trump and House Republicans Declare Health Care Victory

Trump and the House Republicans "celebrating" taking healthcare away from 24 millions Americans and taking the fist step to giving 880 billion dollars in tax cuts to the richest Americans.  All white, comfortable and powerful white men. Do you not know anything about images you dumb ass orange monster? "Look at me, I'm president!"

Take a look at this photo folks of all these white men declaring "victory" over repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "Obama Care."

Yes, all comfortable well off white men of power and influence have just passed a bill that will take health care away from 24 million Americans.  

Of course this isn't law yet.  The Republicans were bussed over to the White House to feed Trump's insatiable ego.  The law they passed has to go through the Senate yet.  And the consensus is that it will never pass the Senate in its present form.

So what are all these comfortable, well off and powerful white men celebrating?  The fact that they could get ANYTHING out of the House of Representatives.  Did they actually read the bill? Very doubtful.  Does Trump actually know what's in the bill?  Highly doubtful.  It is a well known fact that Trump is too lazy to read.  Short attention span.

So here we go folks, the Republicans are now busy trying to pass more BIG LIES to the American public like those with pre-existing conditions will not be affected by this bill. So why pass another bill?  Just to get rid of the name Obamacare?  Certainly. 

So here is the TRUTH folks, this is the first step of a massive transfer of wealth from poor and middle class Americans to the very wealthy.  Eight-hundred and eighty-billion in tax cuts mainly benefiting the rich over the next ten years defunding Medicaid. Older folks will pay up to five times the price of their premiums that they pay now. And those with pre-existing conditions WILL lose.  People will die just so the rich can have more tax cuts, that they clearly don't need.

Two of the biggest monsters and liars in public life today - Paul Ryan is about to realize his lifetime dream of destroying the safety net of Medicare and Social Security.  One is clueless and the other knows exactly what he is doing - using the clueless one to advance his agenda.

So much for Trump's promise during his campaign that he would not touch Medicaid. But of course by now we all know that Trump is a pathological liar.  Even his most fervent supporters will admit that fact now.  

We are living in dark times folks. This is a test for our democracy.

A very self satisfied monster and his soulless enablers 

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Our Day at The Price is Right

Can you see me and Pat in the audience during the opening sequence of the first taping? We're in the back wearing custom made Price is Right white T-shirts. Pat has a red baseball cap on.  

Tuesday and yesterday our appearance in the audience of "The Price is Right" was on TV.  

For the past two years I have written for tickets to attend "The Price is Right" TV show taping during our visit to Los Angeles. 

Well, you don't see me and Pat down front. We're still in back (to the left in white T-shirts) during the first pricing game

Of course we were hoping to be chosen to "Come on down!" and appear on the stage with Drew Carey and the chance to win a prize.  Unfortunately, that hasn't happened . . . . . yet.  But as they tell you when you attend TPIR show, "everyone will appear on TV."  They were right.  

I think that is the genius of the producers of TPIR is that they do include the whole audience in the show.  They have three cameras on booms that are constantly sweeping over the audience.  

Our friend Antoinette from the line is chosen to "Come on down!" You can see Pat in the upper right corner (he in the gray sweater)

This year's taping that we attended was on February 14th, Valentine's day.  We were told that the taping would appear on TV May 2nd and 3rd.  

The Price is Right has two tapings a day. One at 12 noon, for which we get in line at 8 am in the morning.  The afternoon taping is three o'clock.  

Antoinette wins her bid and goes upstage to meet Drew Carey - you can see me (in the green baseball cap on the right) and Pat in the red baseball cap and gray sweater

This year they were short of audience members for the second taping so they asked for volunteers.  I volunteered me and Pat.  

Antoinette tells Drew she is from Texas while I bore the guy in blue sitting next to me about my story of standing in line with Antoinette and teasing her about not being called because she was last in line. Boy was I wrong!

Attending TPIR tapings may seem like a lot of time standing in line, and we do, but believe me folks, we're not bored.  We get to meet others in line and TPIR folks keep us entertained.  Quite a bit of time is taken passing the security clearance, including photos taken of each and every member of the audience of 425 souls.  

During the second show Pat and I were next to last in the line. There was a couple behind us in line who had also attended the first taping who volunteered to stay for the second taping.  I was talking to the woman and kidding her that we wouldn't get chosen because we were on the first taping.  This despite the folks at TPIR assuring us that many audience members included in the second taping have been chosen to "Come on down!" and won prizes.  Well guess what folks?  The woman I was kidding about not being chosen, WAS CHOSEN.  And he won a car!  I have included those photos of her in this blog, including me and Pat (the two old guys with hats) sitting in the audience.  You'll see me telling the couple sitting beside me in the audience the same story about this lady  

I'm still telling my story while Pat claps for Antoinette 

Always fun to attend "The Price is Right" tapings.  Can't wait until next year.  And who knows?  Maybe Pat or I will be chosen this time.  Stranger things have happened!

Below, Pat and I walk to the CBS TV studio to attend "The Price Is Right" taping on February 14th, 2017.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump's First 100 Days

Trump's fat ass ascending the presidential helicopter

Today marks the 100th day of the Trump presidency. So how successful was Trump in fulfilling all his promises?  Well, to use one of Trumps limited use of superlatives, his first 100 days was an "amazing failure."  

Other than filling the Supreme Court Justice seat that the Republicans stole from Obama and the Democrats, Trump was not fulfilled ANY of his oft proclaimed promises at his many self aggrandizement rallies.  And oh yes, another rally will be held tonight in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Trump needs these reboots to his ego the way a drug addict needs a needle in his vein. 

I could list all the promises that Trump has made to his base (and the country) but I won't in this post. Most of you know the promises.  Trump will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it. Trump will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  Yes, I could list all the promises that he has failed to keep ad nauseam. However, one thing that Trump has succeeded in doing is disabusing the office of the presidency by this lies and boorish behavior. Check out the photo below where he leaves his wife Melania behind as he bounds the steps to the White House to meet the Obamas. Have we ever seen anyone who is more clueless?  For the first time in my life I am embarrassed to be an American.  I feel sorry for Melania. Talk about selling your soul for a gilded aviary. 

"Mr. Manners" Trump leaves Melania behind as he meets the Obamas

So here we go for the next 1,360 days of the Trump presidency.  God help us. 

This man who is the head of our country and the leader of the free world is a pathological liar. We are the laughing stock of the world. Thank you Trump supporters for inflicting this disaster on our country. 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Ride Down Hollywood Boulevard

One of the joys of our annual visit to Hollywood is that Pat and I have no set schedule. We just "go with the flow."  The one set thing we do (at my insistence) was attending a taping of "The Price is Right."  Which, by the way, we will appear (in the audience) on the May 2nd and 3rd show on TV.  Check your TV listings. 

This post features one of our rides around Hollywood one evening. During a previous visit we walked down Hollywood Boulevard to Hollywood and Vine.  Walking past the famous In and Out Burger, which I have yet to sample. Next year for sure!

This year, we didn't get a chance to walk down to Hollywood and Vine and mingle with the touristas but we did ride down there.  If you look closely you can see the Walk of Fame.  

As a matter of fact, we missed out a lot this year during our visit. For the second year in a row we didn't visit Oil Can Harry's gay bar.  We visited there the first year (remember when I fell on the disco ball glittering floor to "Ahhhs!"?)  I have yet to take any of the studio tours.  The Paramount studio is nearby where we stay.  Again, next year for sure.  But we did visit the new Ikea store in Burbank.

Well anyway folks, here are a couple of fun videos of our ride down the famous Hollywood Boulevard at night. Very interesting and always fun.  Next year we walk (or maybe skateboard).  Yeah, sure.