Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Scared the crap out of me first time I saw Him in a movie

Halloween was always my favorite holiday.

When I was a little kid (seven and eight years old), I couldn't wait for the brisk days of autumn to roll around.  The smell of dead leaves in the air, the anticipation of going trick or treating, and getting free candy!  Wow.  

I was lucky because I grew up in the Forties (yes, I am THAT old) before people started to put razor blades into apples.  By the way, I hated it when I went trick or treating and someone gave me fruit.  WTF? Candy man, CANDY!  

Anyway, back to my Halloween narrative:  I lived "in town", which meant I lived on a street (Washington Avenue) in a small town (Downingtown, Pennsylvania - population 5,000). I literally lived in a Norman Rockwell town.  

We were poor, poorer than most of my neighbors on Washington Avenue.  They lived in houses, we (me, my Mom and Pop and two younger brothers) lived in a second floor, roach infested, two bedroom, one bath walk up apartment (rent $22 a month).  Pop was a welder and Mom a Stay-at-home Mom.  So when Halloween came around this was time for FREE CANDY.  And at that age I LOVED candy, especially FREE CANDY. 

A pause here, I started this blog intending to tell what or who scared me the most (the Frankenstein Monster of course) and here I'm going on about candy.  Back to what scared me the most.

In out little town we had a movie theater called the  Roosevelt.  It used to be the Downingtown Opera House but when I was growing up I could go to the movies for 15 cents.  "Adults" (over 12 years old) had to pay 45 cents which, of course, I could never afford.

Anyway, I hear about this Universal movie called "Frankenstein."  I love scary movies so I went with my cousins (and I think my brothers, I'm not sure about that).  I was about eleven years old when I saw the movie.  I remember this because I had to walk down Boot Road to the movie theater and we moved to that apartment on Boot Road when I was eleven years old.  

So I see this movie.  The first time the Monster appears on screen he looks RIGHT AT ME.

 He made EYE CONTACT with me!  And that eerie music was playing.  I froze in my seat.  I was literally scared shitless.  Man oh man.  I was FROZEN.

For the rest of the movie, especially that scene where he pops in on the pristine white bride (Mae Clarke), I was petrified.  All I could think was "How am I going to go home?"  I have to walk all the way down Boot Road in the DARK.  There were no houses on Boot Road, only empty corn fields.  HOW WAS I GOING TO GET HOME?

Well folks, I made it home but let me tell you, I have NEVER and I mean NEVER been as frightened since as I was that night when I was convinced that the Frankenstein Monster was waiting for me in one of those fields and was going to chase me home.

In fact, for months thereafter I used to have dreams that he did indeed chase me home.  I always made it home in time and locked the door behind me but I would then see his face looking through the window at me.  Several times he broke into the house. And I don't know where my parents or my brothers were, in these dreams I was always the only one in the house.  

When I heard "Frankenstein's" loud footsteps clomping up the stairs outside (we lived in another second floor apartment this time, sans cockroaches this time) I retreated to the crawl space attic, carefully lowing the small plywood covering over the opening.  Once in the attic I could hear "Frankenstein" growling (and man didn't he have a scary growl?) and slamming things around.  Then everything went quiet.  

Now this is where it really got scary.  I could hear him opening the bedroom door.  The entrance to the attic was in the bedroom closet.  I hear him moving around in our bedroom (which I shared with my two bothers - WHERE WERE THEY)?  

I hear him grunting.  Then he stops.  Silence.  Then I hear the closet door opening.  More silence.  Then I see the plywood covering moving up.  HE'S FOUND ME!!!!!

I wake up.  

Ask me how many times I had this dream when I was young.  Many time folks, many times.

To this day, I am fascinated by the original Frankenstein's monster portrayed by Boris Karloff.   

Oh sure, there have been other Frankenstein monsters but none like his.  

I was scared to death folks.  Even to this day when I see those dead eyes, it sends a chill through my bones.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Septic Tank Emergency!

Ah yes folks, it's been a while since I've posted.  It's not that I don't have anything to post about, I had LOADS.  Problem is I just don't have the time.  Oh I know how boring that excuse is but folks, that IS my problem.

Well, this morning I had another "problem."  As I rounded the corner from my bedroom this morning to have my breakfast, Bill greeted me with the latest emergency.  He said the grass around our septic tank lid was "all wet."   Uh oh!

This has to be one of our worst fears.  Mine anyway.  When we lived in Pennsylvania we had our own septic field. The twenty-five years we lived there we never once had the septic tank emptied.  But of course that was a little different because the overflow of the septic tank went into the field below which probably help explain why the vegetation was also so lush.

Well, our septic tank here has no such feature. We've lived nine years (November 7th is our anniversary).  Only once have I had our septic tank emptied.  I wasn't sure it needed to be emptied but we had it done because our neighbor said we could get a discount if we both had ours emptied at the same time.  

So I checked Angie's List this morning for septic service company.  I got a name, McMullen Septic Services.  I called to arrange service.  "Shelly", who answered the phone told me a serviceman was in the area (Milton).  Within an half an hour he was here!  WOW!  Talk about service.

"Joe", quickly determined the problem.  My septic tank filter was clogged.  The tank was filled to the top.  UGH!  (I looked). 

He saw the "wipes" that I use.  He suggested that while the manufacturer of the wipes say they are "flushable", that doesn't mean they are biodegradable, which apparently they aren't.  So I won't be using them anymore.  Back to the shower or wet toilet paper.  I have to be clean.  That's just me.  

So folks, I had an emergency this morning and it was taking care of professionally, punctually and with a reasonable cost $313.50 which include a $75.00 of liquid to help the natural bacteria action in my septic tank).  How refreshing to get good service at a reasonable price.  Of course I posted an excellent review to my account at Angie's List.  

Speaking of which, Angie's List is great!  They have never left me down. Do I sound like a commercial?  Oh well.

Have a great day everyone.  My septic tank is clean and I'm ready to roll.  Now back to my Scrabble boards on Facebook which is (as I guiltily admit) are taking up so much of my time).

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day Trip to Philadelphia

Joe-Lin Charter Bus out of Sussex Tech

Yesterday I had a wonderful day trip to my old hometown of Philadelphia.  

The weather was perfect and the price was right.

I took the Sussex County Tech bus ("Old Retired People's Bus Trips) to Philadelphia.  Cost was $39 round trip!

Independence Mall where the bus left us for our "Day in Philly"

I've taken these bus trips before with the big Jor-Lin buses.  I stopped taking them about two years ago because they "cheaped out" and started using "short buses" which basically, was a big pickup truck with a top on it.  I felt like a packed sardine taking the 2 1/2 hour ride to Philly.  

However, I decided to take my chances this time when I saw a "Day in Philadelphia" bus trip was going to take place in October.  I signed up.

Thus I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Sussex Tech campus in Georgetown to see that huge, COMFORTABLE, Jor-Lin bus waiting for us very early on yesterday's chilly morning for a 7:00 AM departure.  

Our tour director giving us instructions were to meet up and catch the bus back to Delaware at 4:30 PM - I almost missed the bus!!! More about that tomorrow.

Look at this, I'm going on too long already on this blog posting and I haven't even gotten to Philly.  I'll have to make this post a two-parter because everyone knows most people don't read a long blog posting.

I wanted to visit Philly for several reasons.  The first being that Philly for many years was where I lived and worked.  I love going back and revisit those places of my long gone youth.  Oh the wonderful times (and sad) I had in that city of Brotherly Love.

The view from my friend Don McK's (the top of his head is at the bottom right of this photo) rooftop garden at the co-op where he lives in Center City Philly

I also wanted to visit my longtime friend Don McK. I've lost touch with him over the years because he doesn't have an updated computer.  He hasn't updated because he's confused with all the options.  My goal yesterday was to clear the confusion and get him that computer and FIOS (cable) service.

My friend Don with "Ed" at the Verizon store in Philly - signing up for FIOS service

My friend Don at the Apple Store in Center City Philly, signing on to his new iMac Apple computer

Mission Accomplished!  

I also visited Don for the first time at his co-op apartment in Center City.  I didn't realize that he lived that close to where Bill and I lived in Center City Philly.  Oh how I miss my former hometown. In fact, seeing how comfy Don was in his apartment I had a fleeting thought of moving back!  

Can't do it though folks.  I'm committed to living in the wide open spaces but I tell you what.  I've made a decision to visit Philly more often and my friend Don.  He needs tutoring on his new iMac.

More tomorrow!

Me and my friend Don at the "More Than Just Ice Cream" restaurant in Center City Philly where we always have lunch when I visit him annually

Monday, October 19, 2015

More News on the Medical Front

My last visit to my orthopedic surgeon (I hope)

This morning I had my last doctor's visit for awhile.  The past few months have been a spat of doctor's visits and quite frankly, it was becoming a bit tiresome.  However, I know that it is necessary to see my doctors to keep this old chassis going.

Filling our my Wellness sheet this morning at my orthopedic doctor's office - way to get the day started off right - I was the first patient (8:00 AM appointment)

Last Friday I visited my dermatologist.  For the first time in a couple years I got clean bill of health.  No burning off bits of my skin and leaving his office looking like someone was torturing me with cigarette burns.

A couple of weeks ago I visited my main doctor at the VA and got the good news that my prostate cancer is effectively gone or at least in remission.  My PSA level was down to .3 which is fabulous.  This probably means I'll die of something else instead of prostate cancer.  Of course I will die of something else, hopefully deathbed scene is still a long time away.

This morning I visited my orthopedic surgeon doctor.  The doctor who reattached my quadricep muscle on my left leg so I could walk again.  And walking I am, hallelujah!!!!!

I just cannot tell you how thankful I am to be walking again. Amen and AMEN!

But all is not well in Ron's World.  Even though my leg has healed very well, I still have trouble walking.  I can't walk like I used to which concerns me, because walking was always one of my strengths.  I'm especially concerned because tomorrow I'm taking a bus to Philadelphia (one of those "Old People Excursions") for a Day In Philly.  All the years I lived in Philly I could walk anywhere.  These days, my walking is somewhat limited.  I have to husband my strength.  

The problem is a soreness in my lower back.  I've had it for years.  At first I thought I was having hip problems but that's not it.  

After I got the good news from my doctor this morning that my injured leg was well back to it's normal use, I brought up my "walking" problem.  

He said I probably had spinal stenosis.  After all I am approaching Crypt Keeper status; i.e. I am old.  Next month I'll be 74 (how did THAT happen)?

He asked if I wanted an X-ray taken.  I said "Sure!"

The X-Ray showed a white cloudy area at the base of my spine?  That's arthritis folks.  Old man here.

He said I could have cortisone shots if the pain was too great (it isn't, I've learned to live with the stiffness and soreness).  He also said "Some people have an operation and then, most don't"  Count me in the latter category, thank you.  No one is operating on my spine . . . . thank you again.

He did give me a sheet of paper showing me what exercises I could do to slow down the progression of me falling apart with "Arthur Ritis" as we call this malady around here (Bill has arthritis too).  

So I'm off to my Day in Philly tomorrow folks.  Have to get up REAL early (4:30 AM) to catch my 7:00 AM bus out of Georgetown from the Sussex County Community College campus for the 2 1/ 2 hour ride to Philadelphia.  

I wonder if they'll have as big a reception for me as Philly had for Pope Francis.  One thing I know for sure, I won't be having a private meeting with Kim Davis.

Kim Davis, religious hypocrite and bigot

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bill and me at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bill and I discovered Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. 

Last week was Bill's 87th birthday. Next month will be my 74th birthday. We're two old men.

Bill checks out an early settler family graveyard at Prime Hook

What do two old men like to do?  Well, for one thing we like to get out of the house at least once a day.  I usually always take Bill for a ride with me to Food Lion, Walmart or one of my many doctor's appointments.  

Bill reads the information about the family graveyard - so quite - so peaceful

One of our favorite rides is taking a ride down the dead end Oyster Rocks Road which is right outside our development.  Last week we couldn't make that ride because the nor'easter that blew through this area flooded the road.  

Our alternative is to take the two mile ride up Route One to the Broadkill Beach houses.  We took that ride last week and were again blocked by flooded roads.  Both Oyster Rocks Road and the Broadkill Beach houses are located in wetlands.

Since we were thwarted again I took a left to see where the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Road led.  Well guess what folks?  That long road led to the beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  Wow.  It only took me nine years (we moved down here in Delaware in November of 2007) to find this magnificent gem.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Another Loss

Jack,, Ron and Elaine; the three oldest children of the three Hadfield Sisters ("The Hadfield Girls")

Last Saturday night, while I was on my computer talking to Pat on FaceTime my landline rang. "What could this be?" I thought since it was too late for my daily robo call from Credit Card Services of America with my "last chance" to transfer my credit card balances (which I have NONE) and lock in my rates.  Every day folks, I get that call and when I try to tell them to take me off their call list they hang up on my right away.  The "Credit Card Services of America" is a scam which I'm afraid I will have to live with the rest of my life.  They will never die.  Unlike the phone call I received.  

The call was from Arlene T., my cousin Jack's wife.  She told me that Jack had died as a result of going into a coma after his open heart operation.  He was on a ventilator but I know Jack and he wouldn't want to be kept alive this way.  Arlene told me that they took him off the ventilator and he died.  Jack was only 76 years old.

Cousin Jack (I will miss you) - 2005

Jack was the oldest son of my Mother's sister, and my Aunt Grace.  I liked Jack.  Jack dying was yet another reminder of my mortality.  

A few years back Randy R. died.  He was also my first cousin and the son of my Mother's other sister, my Aunt Jeanette.  I liked Randy.  He died in his sleep.  

Cousin Randy (I will miss you Randy) - 2005

Ten years ago I took my Mother to visit her sister Jeanette who was in the dementia unit of Simpson Meadows in Downingtown.  At that time we had a mini Hadfield (my mother's maiden name) reunion.  The occasion was the funeral of my Uncle George, husband of my Aunt Jeanette.  Little did I know but this was the last time the "Hadfield Girls" (as my cousin Jack liked to call them) got together.  

(from left to right - Mrs. Brookover (my friend's mother); my Mom, my Aunt Jeanette and my Aunt Grace - 2005
All gone now

I have two sides to my family.  My father, a purebred hillbilly (oh yes, hillbillies exist) from the mountains of western North Carolina.  And then my Mother and her Quaker roots.  My Mother's family was very poor, but of a genteel class.  I attribute my mixed up personality to these two, almost totally opposite roots.  Hillbilly and Quaker, picture that in your mind.

My Mom and my maternal Aunts Jeanette and Grace - the three best aunts this gay boy could have - 2005 at the Simpson Meadows home - my Aunt Jeanette had severe dementia but she knew my Mother

So anyway folks, what's the point of this post?  Just another sad marker in the limited time I have left on this earth and that I intend to make the full use of that time.

My Mother and maternal aunts with their three oldest children standing behind them - Jack's wife Arlene is to the far right - 2005

Yesterday Bill and I visited an old friend of ours, Bart R. No last last because Bart is still in the closet if you can believe that.  Bart is 93 years old now.  Bart moved down here to Delaware because of the low taxes and to be near Jim and Bob, who were much younger than Bart.  Bob died last year and Jim is in assisted care.  Jim doesn't even remember what he had for lunch yesterday (Bart relayed this information to us).  Thank goodness Bart still lives in his own home.  He is fortunate that he has a good neighbor that looks in on him and makes sure everything this all right.

Bart at his home yesterday with Bill - Bart fell and broke his hip earlier this year (about the same time I fell and tore up my left leg) 

Not to dwell on this subject but lately I've been thinking of all my friends and relatives who have died in the last five years and it sometimes becomes overwhelming.  I try not to think about this too much lest I sink into a depression.  As I have mentioned so often before in this blog, I do not fear death.  To the contrary, in a way I look forward to it because I do know it will be an Eternal Rest.  The only thing I fear is how I get there.  I don't want a prolonged, painful and humiliating death in which I am dependent on someone to go on existing.  Governor Brown in California signed a right to die bill which gives me even more impetus to eventually move to California while my two legs can get me around.

Bart is fortunate that he has a neighbor to look in on him.  I fear that if and when Bill goes before I do (he just turned 87 but is in fine health), I will be alone,  totally alone.  I have my friend Pat but he is in Toronto.  I have no one else.  I am estranged from my two brothers (because I dared to get legally married) and their families and I wouldn't want their help anyway.  Why would I want to put my burden on their families?  They have their own lives to live.  

Well, anyway.  These are the thoughts that occasionally are going through my mind while I play online Scrabble, or plant spring bulbs outside.  I remember when Audrey Hepburn was informed that she had only so long to live.  She went outside and planted spring bulbs (much like the Bette Davis character did in "Dark Victory"), knowing she would never see them.

Geraldine Fitzgerald and Bette Davis in "Dark Victory" - the scene in which Bette's character realizes that she will die soon because she feels the heat from the sun on her hands as she is planting the bulbs but she realizes her sight is gone which was when the doctor told her she would die
Yep, that's me folks.  The Drama Queen thinking the same thing while I'm planting my spring bulbs this year.

Today is a beautiful autumn day.  I think I'll take Bill for a ride up to the Primehook Nature Reserve later today.  Each day folks, I plan to make the most of it because I never know when I no longer will be able to do that.  When I injured my leg this year and couldn't get around for weeks, that was a preview what my life would be like if I feel and broke my hip and was dependent on others just to live.  Thank goodness Bill was here to take care of me and I didn't have to go into a rehab center for those eight weeks it took me to walk.

I'm rambling folks.  

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

California Dreaming

After yesterday's post about writing for tickets to "The Price is Right!", I'm California dreaming.

Pat and I are scheduled to fly out to Los Angeles January 11th, from Philadelphia.  Pat will take fly from Toronto and meet me in Philly.  

We'll be staying ten days in Los Angeles.  Five days at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast, where we stayed last year.  The remaining five days we'll be staying at one of those Airbus rentals in the Hollywood Hills.  Pat chose that location.  

I can't believe that almost a year has passed by so fast.  I've only posted about 25% of my videos form last year's trip.  The video I'm posting today is of our visit to the Griffith Observatory of our trip last year.  

Pat and I, when we go on a trip, loosely plan our activities.  Last year we were so lucky because the weather was perfect wherever we went.  The day we visited the Griffith Observatory was perfecto!  We had a fabulous view of downtown Los Angeles, a view we often see in movies.  

This year we may actually have a mini Bloggerpalooza.  That is if we can coordinate Dr. Spo and Someone to come.  David (the Travel Penguin) and may be there too!  We hope to see Tony and Nadege again.  And Cindy of Sonoma?  You're invited! And of course Randy of Nebraska, always welcomed.

Note: the header photo at the top of this blog is of Pat at the Hollywood Hotel.  This is where he stayed the last time he visited LA alone.  We stopped in to check the renovations.  I didn't want to stay there last year because of all the negative Trip Advisor reviews but hey, maybe after the renovations they will be improved.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Price is Right!

Well folks, as you know Pat and I will be returning to Los Angeles for our annual visit for ten days this January.  

Last year was the first time we visited and we had a FABULOUS TIME!  Only one problem, we didn't have enough time to do everything we wanted to do.  In fact, we hardly scratched the surface of fun things to do.  

Pat and Ron in LA last year in out out os style hats which we lost on a roller coaster ride in Toronto this past August

Last year we basically flew by the seat of our pants.  Pants, by the way which we quickly found out were out of style.  The new style is the skinny legged jeans.  Hmmmm, not for us folks.  These two old dudes from the East will continue to wear our out of style jeans.  Me?  I prefer my cargo pants, stylish or not.  They provide a safe place for my iPhone and wallet.  I also notice that very few of the IN folks wore baseball caps.  Hmmmm.  Again folks, Two Old Dudes from the East will continue to set our own trends.  

For this trip I plan a little more structure.  Loose, sure but maybe plan some things like a visit  THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!  

Drew Carey, host of "The Price if Right!" and his audience

Last year while we were visiting Los Angeles, we stayed at a fabulous bed and breakfast called "The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast" (what are the odds a bed and breakfast in Hollywood has THAT name? There's only about fifty of bed and breakfast hostels in West Hollywood where we stayed).  Our friend Nadege introduced us to The Grove, which is a high end (very) shopping mall in West Hollywood.  I noticed from our parking level while we were waiting for an elevator I could see the CBS Studio building where "The Price is Right" is taped.  Guess what folks?  I'm writing for tickets!

The last time I wrote for tickets to a TV show was for "To Tell the Truth."  This was many years ago (1967 I think) when that show was taped in New York City.  I wrote for tickets for me, Bill and my Mother.  We took a bus to New York City to see "To Tell the Truth." 

Joe Garagiola was the host.  I remember that the panelists included Peggy Cass and Kitty Carlisle.  I don't remember who the male panelists were.  Was the trip and the show worth it?  Absolutely!  We got to see how a TV show is produced.  One thing that surprised me was the warm-up prior to the actual show beginning.  Also the "APPLAUSE" sign.  We're told when to applause?  Apparently and we did like trained seals.

I'm excited folks.  Even more excited is my friends Dr. Spo and Someone and Sassy Bear and his husband join us.  I'm writing for six tickets just in case they decided to join me and Pat and make this a mini West Coast Bloggerpalooza.  And Lar, you and Lois are invited too!  

Just between us, I'm getting a ticket for our friend Nadege.  Hear that Nadege?

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Republicans Plan to Derail Hillary Clinton Backfires

Hillary Clinton, First Woman President of the United States (in waiting)

This is a political post so I will understand if you're one of my blog followers who prefer not to read one of my infrequent political rants. 

As regular followers of my blog know, in my past life I used to be a conservative Republican but George W. Bush cured me of that malady.  Especially since the many conservative Republicans believe that I am a second class citizen just because I happen to be born gay.  Not all conservative Republicans (some of whom happen to be good friends of mine) but too many.

Now for my rant.  Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton (I will vote for her, get over it), who didn't know that this whole "Benghazi/e-mail" faux scandal was all bout bringing down Hillary Clinton.  The Republicans, with their clown car of candidates, knew that Hillary was a formidable candidate so what could they do to bring her down?  

When the horrible tragedy of Benghazi happened, in which our ambassador to Libya (Chris Stevens) and three others were murdered by Islamist extremists, the Republicans hopped on this tragedy to investigate Hillary.  

What did she do?

What didn't she do?

How can we blame this on Hillary?

During their investigation (the longest in U.S. history at a cost of four millions dollars so far and counting) what have they "discovered"?  

Hillary's private server and e-mails!!!


Hillary the Deceiver.  

What is she hiding?

Of course the media jumps on this "scandal" too, to bring up ratings. Plus, many of the news media are intellectually lazy.  They'll follow whatever Republican talking points are fed to them, accurate or not. A good example is the MSNBC daily morning show "Morning Joe."  Every morning the co-host Joe Scarborough opens this show drum beating the tired old Republican talking points over and over, ad infinitum, all aimed at bringing Hillary Clinton down.  Why?  Because he knows that Hillary is the odds on candidate to win the U.S. presidency.  

Joe Scarborough and his conservative Republican cohorts know that this basic fact, if you say a lie often enough, enough voters will believe The Lie. Throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick.  Sort of like the question:

"How often do you beat your wife?"  

Of course the person being asked the question doesn't beat his wife but the very fact that the question was asked plants the suspicion in some minds (almost always those paranoid Repubs who WANT to believe anything bad) will stick.

Well, the curtain of the campaign by the House Republicans was pulled aside last week by House Speaker in Waiting, Kevin McCarthy.  

McCarthy was on the Sean Hannitty show on Faux Fox News.  McCarthy, who ironically doesn't speak well (see some of his speeches, he's worse than George W. Bush in mangling the English language), was flustered when Sean asked him what have the Republicans accomplished since they were put in control of both houses of Congress.  Here is McCarthy's response.

There it is folks, an open admission by the language challenged McCarthy about the real purpose of the Benghazi committee, to BRING DOWN HILLARY CLINTON'S POLL NUMBERS.

Kevin McCarthy just made a gaff.  You know what a Washington D.C. gaff is don't you folks?  
According to political commenter Michael Kinsley a "gaffe" is when a politician inadvertently admits the truth.  

So for all of you folks out there who are Clinton Haters, you can thank Kevin McCarthy for his stupidity in admitting what everyone knew all along, the whole Benghazi Fishing Expedition was nothing more than a ploy to ruin Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming the first woman president of the United States. 

English language challenged Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker in Waiting

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Surf's Up!

  For the past several days a nor'easter has been tearing through where we live here in southern Delaware.  No, this isn't Hurricane Joaquin, it's just a regular nor'easter.  

It seems like it the howling wind and rain have been here all week but actually, only about three days.  Great napping weather which I have been taking full advantage of, sleep at least two hours ever afternoon listening to the wind whistle and howl outside my bedroom windows.  My bedroom is constructed in such a way that I get the maximum eerie sound effects of the wind.  I could tape those sounds and sell them to old mystery radio shows. In fact that's what that howling wind reminds me of, listening to radio shows like "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" when I was just a child of five years old in the late 40's.  Yes, I am THAT old.  

Today, as usual, I took Bill for a ride.  You think we hang out in this house, as glorious and comfortable as it is, all day?  Not us.  We have to get out.  If I'm not working I take Bill out for a ride.  We usually ride down Oyster Rocks Road, which is a dead end to the Broadkill River.  We went down that way yesterday but the road was flooded so we gingerly turned back by making a hasty U-turn.

Today we toured downtown Milton, which the Broadkill River runs right through the middle of town.  Oh my, flooded!  And the Milton Theater was just refurbished too.  I see a new fund raising campaign in the future to Save the Theater!

The flooded parking lot in downtown Milton - the theater is the red brick building on the right of this photo. Looks like someone left their car and bicycle parked in the lot.  Who knows, maybe someone left their cake out in the rain too.

After touring Milton (I have other videos which I may or may not post tomorrow), I decided it was time to visit Rehoboth Beach.  Surely the summertime tourists are gone now.  

Route One was still fairly congested much to my surprise.  Upon entering Rehoboth Beach I decided to drive out to North Shores, which is the gay beach where my late departed friend Ed Cage used to troll for sex.  Poor Ed, on an ever ending quest for that Anonymous Sexual Encounter.  He died this past January 27th, the anniversary date that I entered the Army in 1960.  Thus I will never forget the day he died.  But I digress.  Back to North Shores. 

Me and my friend Paul Bickerstaff at North Shores in 1980 - that's the way the "surf" usually is at North Shores - calm as a lake - by the way, I still have that New York Yankees hat - get rid of it Ron!

While Bill stayed in the car (the wind was too much for him), I tried to go to the beach.  The wind fought me all the way.  Man oh man, was that wind ever strong.  The strength of the wind may not come through in this video, but a couple of gusts almost knocked my iPhone out of my hands!

That surf may not look like much but on my previous visits to North Shores, the waves gently roll in. Not today folks. This surf was ferocious!
A couple of times a strong gust of wind almost blew me (no pun intended) away.  My friend Ed would appreciate this "humor."  My apologies to my family friendly blog followers but occasionally I do dip down into my innate crude humor (which I inherited from my hillbilly father, my Mother of course would be greatly offended, being of Quaker heritage).  

So it's been quite a day here folks.  Every day is a gift and I appreciate the experience of Life.  Wind, rain, sun, heat, cold . . . . all of it.  I love life!

Now to take a shower and have some dinner then check my online Scrabble boards.  By the way, any of my followers who want to play online Scrabble (Facebook), let me know.  I'm getting quite good.  My friend Pat (he of Toronto, Canada) introduced me to the pleasures of Scrabble.  I find playing online Scrabble most enjoyable and would love to play with others online.  Check it out.  Facebook friend me and let's play!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Random Thoughts Nor'easter Saturday

This morning I had to go down to our local B.J.'s (a heckuva name for a wholesale warehouse wouldn't you say?) to order new glasses.  My standard, day to day glasses had become foggy because the coating wore off.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

Beady eyed and bagged out (bags under my eyes), I plopped myself down on the main thoroughfare of B.J.'s and took advantage of their 60% off sale (wait a minute, didn't they just have that sale a few months ago)?  

Getting fitted by "Bruce" for my new progressive 60% off glasses

I needed new glasses because the coating had worn off my regular, Around-the-House Glasses. I wear different glasses to work - the Lenscrafters progressive lenses $400 glasses.  I also wear my full top false teeth.  Have to look my (phony) best you know for the guests.  No Falling Apart Old Gay Guy Displayed Behind the Front Desk here.

I lucked out and walked right into a 60% "Nor'easter Five-Day Sale".  Something to drum up business at B.J.'s on this wind and rain swept nor'easter day.  For the past three days, the wind has been howling and near Noah's Ark rain in these parts.  This morning on the news they had a report on power lines down in Greenville, South Carolina.

Sure does look like my brother John's street in Greenville, South Carolina

 I looked at the picture and could swear that it was the street my brother lives on.  Although he wouldn't want me swearing, being a Southern Baptist pastor and all (another whole story which I won't go into here at this site . . . again . . . because I think my previous statements have already alienated me from him and his family - see I do have SOME control).

I sat like a good boy and got measured for my glasses then I was off for a little shopping.  You think I would go to B.J. and not INDULGE?  I am a born shopper although I have to admit in the past five years or so the shopping addiction was loosened its grip on my psyche (thank God and I'm not even religious).

I needed to get some more of that delicious spicy carrot hummus. And my luck was further extended when I discovered that there was a new stocking of Panera soup,  Autumn Squash and Loaded Potato Soup.  Big Whoop!  I've been making my own soup (black bean and delicious by the way) but having LOTS of gas.  Serious gas so much so that at times I felt like I should bottle that gas to fuel my car.  

On the way out . . . . wait . . . . what was that?  Christmas decorations?  Well, I'll be!  Oh yes Virginia, Christmas decorations and we're only into October three days.  Well folks, this year we're making some changes here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  I'm cutting way back on my Christmas cards.  No sixty to seventy-five cards will be mailed out of this same sex married household.  I was seriously thinking of mailing NO Christmas cards but relented a bit out of respect for long-time old friends to let them know I'm still alive.  For all others, check me off of "You mailed me a Christmas card so I have to mail you one back" list.  Ain't happening this year folks.  No disrespect.  

I'm not doing Halloween this year either.  Again, just not into it.  I used to love all these holidays (Thanksgiving too) but I just don't do them anymore.  Not that I have anything against them.  These days we just prefer to coast along in our regular, comfortable routine thank you.

Gay (former) neighbors Don and Al (Al now deceased as so many of my friends) - Halloween 2007 - almost ten years ago!  Where does the time go?

On the way home we drove into my now deceased (September 2014) friend's place off of Anderson Corner Road outside of Georgetown.  Oh the times we used to have there.  We called it "The Ranch."  Many a times in the late 70's and 80's we whooped it up on many a weekend.  If that double-wide could talk.  Some of my blog followers might never return to this blog.  

Me cutting my birthday cake at my 39th birthday party at "The Ranch" - check out the cigarette and drinks abounding -
Ah, the memories.  Look at me kneeling folks.  Something I can't do today.  Yep, I cannot kneel on the floor like this.  If I did, I would need at least two people (preferably a couple of sexy men) to help me up.  That's how old and feeble I am these days.  Gee, look at that shirt . . . . I still have it!  I have the pants too but they don't fit (32-36) any more.  My waist has expanded and my height has shrunk.  These days I'm a 34-34, loose in the seat pants.  This reminds me, I still have to post all my old jeans on eBay and sell those vintage MF's. 

Ah well, I've rambled on enough today.  If I remember the dream I had at my three hour nap this afternoon I'll tell you all about it.  Three hour nap you say?  On a windy, rainy day like today I nap for hours.  HOURS!  Probably won't be able to sleep tonight now.  Oh well.


Friday, October 02, 2015

Another Mass Shooting

Last night I turned the news on only to be confronted . . . . again with wall to wall coverage of yet another mass shooting.  This time at a community college in Oregon.

An angry president Obama had a press conference yesterday and spoke about that occurrences such as these mass shootings are becoming "routine."  And indeed they are.  

What kind of country do we live in folks?  I don't own a gun and I never will.  I don't get a thrill or a boost to my masculinity by shooting a gun.  The last time I shot a gun (rifle) was when I was in the Army in 1962 during my annual rifle qualification. 

Oh sure, I know the gun rights advocates who want their Second Amendment rights.  They want to "protect" themselves.  Excuse me but just how many people actually have shootouts (other than drug dealers) while protecting their home from invaders?  Right, that's what I thought . . . . NONE.  

There was the occasion that I thought of getting a gun to "protect" myself, but then I thought it out.  I realized that if someone did break into my home I wouldn't have enough time to get my gun out of my safe or wherever I would have it hidden for safety.  And I also realized there would be more of a probability that my gun would be used against me or there would be an accident.  Of course the worst case would be a child getting hold of a gun and thinking it was a toy and have a tragedy happen.

Another sad day folks.  I feel so bad for those families who lost loved ones yesterday.  All those who lost their lives and who were injured.  We do live in a violent country folks.  

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Dental Visit

Continuing with my spate of medical appointments, this morning I visited my dentist.

More good news!  I got a clean bill of health.  

These days I brush after every meal.

I floss my teeth every night before I go to bed.

I also swish  an anti-cavity fluoride mouthwash in my mouth before I go to bed every night. 

I need some good news after the big disappointment yesterday of finding out that Pope Francis had a private meeting with that vile woman, Kim Davis, the Kentucky marriage license clerk and self imposed martyr.  Both of them are religious hypocrites.  The Pope for keeping the meeting private until he left the U.S. and Davis and her lawyers for using the Pope for their own opportunistic ends.  I cannot emphasize enough how disappointed I am in Pope Francis for letting himself be used like this.  But then maybe he knew all along he was being used.  I will say no more on this subject (for now anyway).

I have several more medical appointments coming up then I have clear sailing until the next spate of visits to doctors.  I remember teasing my Mother about all her appointments with doctors, saying  her life seem to revolve around her medical appointments.  Well, here I am folks, in the same place. Karma is a bitch isn't it?

Well, at least I got more good news.

Now to get ready for work on this rainy day as Hurricane Joaquin roars up the East coast. 

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