Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rendezvous In Little Tokyo

Me, Nadege and Pat in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

After a one day hiatus, I return to our trip to Los Angeles.  Pat and I were going to meet Nadege, a follower of my blog.  Nadege occasionally leaves comments on my blog.  Earlier we had met with Tony, another follower of this blog who lives in Los Angeles.

Pat and Nadege in Little Tokyo store - good thing I had to take a plane back to Philly or else I would have bought something I didn't need in this wonderful store

Pat and I were very much looking forward to meeting Nadege.  She always is so kind and generous with her comments on my blog.  

Originally we were to meet at The Grove, the chi chi "farmer's market" in West Hollywood.  But Pat and I went early to make sure we could find The Grove on the previous day and of course, we were enchanted by The Grove.  Nadege suggested that we meet in Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles, the next day.  

Well folks, again I was not disappointed with meeting in person someone who followed my blog.  Nadege is an absolutely delightful person.  What is it with bloggers and people who follow blogs?  Everyone I've met so far has been so nice, and kind and generous. 

I'm not going to divulge any more information about Nadege to protect her privacy but I will say that the time we spent with her was enchanting. I know that this is the second time I'm using the word "enchanting" in this blog but there is no other word to describe Nadege or our time with her.

Well, my home health care worker is due to arrive soon and I have to be in my bed with my leg elevated to take some of the swelling down, which happens when I sit at this computer composing theses "enchanting" blog posts.

By the way, I had some extra photos that have nothing to do with this post that I want to include just to give you all an idea of our continuing wonderful stay in Los Angeles.

Pat talking to a a fellow guest in the dining room of the bed and breakfast where we were staying - all the fellow guests were so nice - we will be back next year!

Pat did all the driving while we were in Los Angeles.  He had been to Little Tokyo before so he knew where we were going.  If we got lost, I had my iPhone with its GPS, which came in very handy.  Thank you Pat for driving!

I don't know what we're doing here but I think we're still in West Hollywood because of the Bill Mahrer billboard - Pat sure does stand out in his day-glo jacket doesn't he? We still weren't discovered.
Pat is an experienced city driver because of all the years he's been driving his cars in Toronto. You think L.A. traffic is bad, you should go to Toronto.  Now that's city traffic, a slow lava flow.  Pat had no problem with L.A. traffic.  

Pat in front of The Viper Room. Yep, the same Johnny Depp owned night club where River Phoenix died on the sidewalk outside from a drug overdose.  So sad.

Next year when we return to West Hollywood we're going to go into the Viper Room.  I can just imagine what the cover will be.  I was watching the Lisa Kudrow TV series "The Comeback" last night and she had a segment on the Viper Room.  Looked pretty cool.  Pat and I want to experience that.

Another selfie of the Two Old Pervs

Alright folks, sorry about this disjointed blog posting but I do like to get in as many photos of our L.A. trip as possible.  Now I really do have to get ready for my home health care worker.  Only one more visit (Thursday) after today.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ron Gets a Haircut

Leaving my barber yesterday with my $12 haircut - refreshed!

Yesterday I got a haircut.  This is my first haircut since my freak accident February 18th. 

When I got home I took my first shower since my surgery March 10th.  Ask me if I felt like a new Ron. Yes!

I was hesitant to make the trip to downtown Lewes and my barber to get a haircut.  Getting in and out of the car and navigating my walker into the barber shop.  And then once in the barber shop how would I keep my braced left leg straight?  But I just couldn't imagine not getting a haircut for another two months, the length of time it will take for my leg to heal. I'm not one of these guys who ever went for the long haired look.  The longest I ever had my hair was back in 1982 and then it still wasn't half over my ears as was the fashion back then.  I've always favored short hair.  I just don't like messing with my hair. Especially now since I have a receding hairline that leaves only a "peninsula" of hair on my forehead.  Unlike most of my friends who have NO hair on their head, my father's genes did leave me with SOME hair, which I do not color by the way. I do color my beard but haven't since my accident.  Hence the white beard which automatically adds ten years to my age.

The longest I ever let m hair grow - 1982 - note that my ears are totally visible
When I was younger I actually had too much air, if you can believe that.  I had a whole routine to try and control my hair like putting a towel on my head after a shower to tame it.

Me in 1968 trying to control my thicket of hair
My Mom, who always wanted a girl (she had three boys), didn't have my hair cut for the first two years of my life.  When she took me out in public she was often greeted with "What a pretty little girl!"  Finally, one day my father had enough and insisted that she take me to a barber to get a haircut.  She said "That's when you lost your lovely curls."
Now I know what some of you are thinking, "That's why Ron is gay, his Mom raised him as a girl."  Well, I don't know.  I did like to cut out paper dolls and play with dolls.  I wasn't too big on cap guns and playing soldier (until later though when G.I. Joe came out and he was cute).  

Me, before my first haircut and when I "lost my curls)
For most of my adult life and still, my barber "thins out" my hair (now only in the back) because it is so thick.  

My previous barber (Joe Ursini) in Downingtown - 2001
Back in 1979, during my heyday in the gay scene I maintained a health mop of hair.  This is an oil portrait that was done of me in Provincetown, Mass.  Bill says it doesn't look like me at all but I think it does.  My eyes are a little too big but otherwise I think the artist captured my likeness quite well.

Me - oil portrait - 1979
When I had more hair in the front I actually had some blond streaks which isn't surprising since my father was a blond as well as one of my brothers, both Isaac.  These days my naturally dark brown hair has gray on the sides, which is probably all the gray I will get because my father had no gray at all.  Neither did his brothers.  I get the gray from my Mother's side of the family. No snow white head for me.

My father (and me) about two weeks before he died in August 2000 - not a gray hair on his head

So these days folks I'm quite content to shave down to the bare essentials on what hair I have left.  Gone are the days when I had a pompadour to contend with.

Me at 16 years of age (1958) - way too much hair to contend with
Yes folks, these days I am happy with my current hair style.  So easy to take care of. My barber takes the electric razor and just shaves.  Takes only a few minutes and I have the Look.
Me and a former classmate at my 40th Class reunion 1999

Me and my co-worker at First Financial Bank Downingtown, PA 2001
 See how I veer off the subject of getting a haircut yesterday?  Regular readers of my blog know that when I write a blog post I just let my thoughts flow from my head to my finger tips and let the post go down whatever path it finds.  Much like an overflowing river finds new paths for the backed up water.  That's me with my memories and thousands of photos.  

Well, it wasn't easy getting to my barber's yesterday.  Bill had to load me in the car with my walker then unload me.  Then I had to traverse myself into the barber shop on a very uneven sidewalk.  Then once in the barber shop I had to figure out how to sit down, keeping my left leg straight.  Then when it was my turn I had to figure out how to sit in the barber chair, still keeping my left leg straight.  First the barber chair was too too . . . ouch!  Then it was too high and all the blood was going down to my swollen left foot.  Finally we got the "Goldielocks" (just right) position on the barber chair and she commenced to shave my head.  And this folks is the result.  Looks good doesn't it? Well, I think it does anyway.

So how is my leg recovery going? I still need my walker (and will for another two months).  I asked my health care worker which was worse, a broken leg or my ruptured quadriceps.  She said "Oh yours is much worse, it takes a lot longer for tissue to heal than does bone."  Well, aren't I lucky?  I would have thought it would take longer for bone to heal but what do I know?  

My biggest problem now, other than being almost totally dependent on Bill (which is starting to get to him now, you have two months to go Bill), is my left foot swelling up.  The only relief I get is when I sleep at night. I'm unconscious and when I wake up in the morning my foot isn't a swollen.  But I can't stay in bed all day.

Soon this nightmare will be over.  Two months soon.  What keeps me going is the knowledge that my injury could have been much worse or even tragic.  I could have been knocked unconscious and died in that cold alley (five windy degrees) that night.  Or I could have broken my hip for fractured my skull.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I think the reason this happened for me is to make me pause and take a new look at life and appreciate what I have.  My health, home and life.  

I don't know how many years I have left nor do I know if I have yet another health crises waiting for me in the future but what I do know is that when I am well again, and moving about normally on my two legs I'm going to enjoy life and not waste time complaining or worrying about things I cannot change.  

Spring is here folks.  The daffodils are blooming and my leg is healing.  Life is looking good.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The New Everly Brothers?

Returning to our bed and breakfast from our Friday night foray on Hollywood Boulevard last January 9th, Pat saw a guitar in the living room.  He picked it up and started to strum.  He was encouraged by a singer we saw a few days earlier at the Whiskey A Go Go.  This singer was obviously making it up as he went along.  

Pat has been playing in a band his whole life (which is LONG time since Pat is 66 years old now, sorry Pat).  In fact, Pat plays in TWO bands.  One is called "The Burritos" and the other "The 45's".  In fact, as I type this he is rehearsing this morning with one of his bands. 

Pat and his bandmates do this as a hobby.  Their dreams of hitting the big time a la that other famous Canadian band "The Guess Who" evaporated many decades ago.  Now they just play for themselves and the occasional gig.  They do have a good time, and they are popular in Toronto.  And even on occasion they make a little money which they bank for the next gig.  

As for me, the last time I sang was in high school chorus.  I'm a bit tentative as you can tell. But doesn't Pat have a nice singing voice? Right on note and pleasant to listen to. He's been encouraging me to sing but I don't think there's much hope for me with my terminal Philly accent.

So without further ado, here is our best Everley Brothers tribute (or is it Buddy Holly?)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Moonwalking on Hollywood Boulevard

Back to Ron and Pat's Excellent Adventure in Los Angeles, La La Land. 

Pat and I continue our walk on Hollywood Boulevard, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Friday night life.  We encountered this demonstration of moonwalking on the Walk of Fame.

When I visited Pat in Toronto last August, by lucky coincidence it was the time of the Canadian National Exhibition.  Another "street fair" which I have yet to post videos of (and I will).  I did post a video or two of "India Night" which occurred just a few blocks down the street from where Pat lives in Toronto.

I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed our little jaunt on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Pat and I in front of the Pantages Theater
We were just like little kids.  Hey, it doesn't take too much to impress us.  We may be old and gray but we're not jaded.

Another selfie of me and Pat in front of "La La Land" of which I have no idea what it is.  
When I discovered that Pat would be my traveling companion I was ecstatic.  Finally, after all these years, someone who enjoys the same things I do.  Who isn't out looking for a trick (as previous traveling companions have done, the tales I could tell).  Someone who is happy to be with me and who is nonjudgmental, non-complaining, and just a nice guy.  The only thing is that I tend to wear Pat out because I go, go, go.  Not so much these days with my bum leg but when I got both of my legs going . . . . watch out.

Talking about getting both of my legs going, we decided to take the bus for the rest of the way back to the bed and breakfast where we were staying.  We wanted to try the much vaunted public Los Angels public transportation.

I have to say we weren't disappointed at all. The bus came by in about ten minutes.  While we waited we were talking to a young man (homeless) who was in L A looking for his acting break (hadn't found it yet).  I didn't want to embarrass him by taking a video of him telling us his story.  But it was an interesting story nonetheless. Just one more heartbreaking story of an individual seeking fame and fortune in this vibrant, beautiful, tawdry, hopeful and hopeless City of Angels.

By the way, Los Angeles just became the fourth city in which a stranger asked us if we were brothers.  This was twice in Los Angeles.  Once at the bus stop with the homeless young man wanna be actor and once at the Griffith Observatory.  We were first asked if we were brothers when we were paying our bill at Nectar in Lewes, DE.  

In November of 2013 when we were staying at the Latham Hotel in Philadelphia we were asked again.  And last year, walking down the street in Toronto, one of Pat's neighbors asked if I was his brother.  Well, I can say that Pat is my "brother" by a different mother. We have so much in common, it's uncanny.  I've always heard it said we have a double in the world, I think I met mine in Pat.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Leg Injury Update

Back to my current invalid situation.  Good news on Tuesday, I got my staples out.

This morning my home health care worker said I could start taking showers again.  Yipee!  I've grown accustomed to taking sink baths but I do so want to start taking showers again.  Sink baths only go so far.

Next Tuesday I have an appointment with my orthopedic doctor.  This will be three weeks to the day since my surgery. My home health care workers tell me my wound (incision) is healing nicely.  The only problem I have now is one that I've had since I fell on that chunk of rain spout ice at the hotel on February 18th, was that my lower left leg, the one I can't lift, and my left foot is still swollen.  Sometimes at the end of the day that swollen foot is throbbing with pain.  I have to elevate it, not use it like I am now typing this blog entry.  I pay a price every time I'm at my computer.

Physical therapy should begin next week.  The next two months (April and May) will be consumed with physical therapy to get my left leg working again.  And none to soon because taking over some of my household duties is getting to Bill.  I'm trying to minimize what has to be done but there is only so much I can do.  One thing I've learned from this accident is how vulnerable we all are, especially me and Bill, two old guys living by ourselves here in a big house in a development.  I can't drive, I can't vacuum clean, and can only shop for groceries with the greatest of effort and then pay a price for that exertion with a swollen leg and foot.

But enough about me and my complaining.  I think of those one hundred and fifty people who senselessly lost their lives because a pilot decided to take all those innocent people with him when he decided to commit suicide.  The tragedy for their families is almost too much for me to comprehend. And it also puts my present condition into the category of a mild hiccup.

Have a great day folks. Ted Cruz, the Canadian Texas senator who sounds like Bugs Bunny, announced for president yesterday.  Glad to see there is some people still have a sense of humor.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ron and Pat's Sunset Strip Tour Continues

We're back folks on our fabulous tour of Sunset Boulevard on a Friday night this past January.  

Pat was still in search of the original location of the 60's TV series "77 Sunset Strip."  We were also looking for other iconic landmarks of Hollywood like Grauman's Chinese Theater. We were entering the seedy part of Sunset Boulevard.  The tattoo parlors, the bars beckoning us in with enticing offers of $2.00 beers. Ah, the temptation.

Pat asks "Where is 77 Sunset Strip"?

The bouncer says "That way."  "No, that way." 

Pat is one persistent guy, not to be discouraged that easily. 

We were attracting a fair amount of attention while we wandered around this most iconic of streets in the world.  While taking selfies, more than a few groups of young girls thought we were taking pictures of them.  I had to assure them "We're not taking pictures of you, just ourselves"  I don't think they believed us.  Probably thought we were a couple of old pervs.

Two old pervs stalking Sunset Boulevard
We found Sunset Boulevard, especially downtown where the Walk of Fame is, to be an eclectic mix of people and businesses.  From well to do folks to homeless and just about everything in between.

Friday night on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in January 

I would like to think that Pat and I were "in between." 

I don't remember what I was trying to include in this selfie but we both seem pretty intense don't we?
Eventually we were on the really tawdry side of Sunset Boulevard. Pat was stunned into immobility when he passed this stunning storefront display of feminine pulchritudinous.  Stunned. 

Pat in shock - sorry Pat! Maybe if we hung around long enough we would see Demi Moore emerge with her latest boytoy
We were now in the seeding section of Sunset Boulevard so we decided to catch a bus back to where we were staying, the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast.  What a night folks.  Loved it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ron Goes Shopping With His Walker

Yesterday I ventured out with my walker.  I had an appointment at my V.A. doctor's office.  I was hesitant to take my walker (I didn't want to look like I was milking my injury) but my home health care worker said to definitely take my walker when I go out.  She said "You don't want to fall and cause another injury which will set you back." Yes, I definitely don't want do that.  I have a couple more months to go until my leg heals completely  and I sure as hell don't want to go backwards.  This healing process is taking long enough as it is.

My visit with my V.A. (Veteran's Administration) doctor went well.  He gave me some good information about my injury and orthopedic doctor's in general.  He said my leg injury is not uncommon and should heal completely which gave me peace of mind. Sometimes a crazy thought goes through my head that I'll be on a walker the rest of my life and unable to walk down stairs or do a hundred other every day physical activities that most everyone else takes for granted.

After seeing my V.A. doctor, we were on Rt. 113 so I suggested to Bill that we go down to Millsboro and B.J.'s Wholesale so I could stock up on groceries.  I didn't want to put Bill through the stress and aggravation of trying to figure out what I wanted.  Of course this meant that I would have to hobble around the vast expanse of the B.J.'s Wholesale warehouse on my walker.

Let me tell you folks, that store is BIG when you're shuffling along on a walker.  Wow.  I was exhausted after we finally finished shopping.  What usually takes us about fifteen or twenty minutes took a good hour.  Poor Bill, he had to push the cart (I always push the cart) and he had to slow walk behind me.  But I got a lot of good shopping done including buying some really good-looking beef for beef stew. My health care worker says I need a lot of protein and I've been hankering for some homemade beef stew, which I make pretty good.  

Today, between twelve and one o'clock "Cynthia", my home health care worker of the day, comes by for my twice a week visit.  My staples com out today folks!  Can a real shower be far behind?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Ron and Pat Do Hollywood and Vine

More from your two intrepid adventurers, the "Ron and Pat Show Go To Hollywood."

Folks, looking at these videos and pictures that I took while we were in Hollywood this past January brings back a big smile to my face.  It also brings back sadness because I see how I'm walking around regular, something I took for granted that I will never take for granted again.

As I said in my previous post Pat and I decided to take the long walk all the way down to Hollywood and Vine one evening, in search of the original location of the 60's TV show "77 Sunset Strip."  Of course we didn't find that location but what we did find was a lot of people, lights, history and excitement. 

Just two happy tourists taking in the night at Hollywood and Vine in January
We weren't disappointed at all with our personal Walk of Fame.  Oh sure, we got some looks from "the regulars", obvious tourists that we were.  But so what?  We were having fun.  Life is too short to worry about what other people are thinking.  Besides we even got a couple offers from strangers to take our pictures after seeing us struggle to take selfies.

Not the best pictures but a non-selfie. Lots of activity at Hollywood and Vine.  We loved it!
Look at the stars embedded in the sidewalk behind us in this photo.  So cool.  So this is actually the Walk of Fame?  Loved it!

The Walk of Fame - next year I'm going to look for my favorite stars
Every few feet we walked we saw yet another famous landmark.  Behind us in this selfie you'll see the Capitol Records building. The actual Capitol Records building!

The fearless duo right in the mix 
Hey folks, I'll admit that this blog post doesn't have a lot of substance, only an excuse to post our video and pictures of us during our walk down Hollywood and Vine. See those happy faces?  That's what it's all about.

Yet another selfie trying to catch the glamour and glitz of thee Hollywood and Vine
By the way, as we progressed further on Hollywood and Vine we did venture into the tacky sections.  I'll post them tomorrow.  But for now, this was the glitzy, fun, tourist part of our FABULOUS visit to Hollywood and Vine on a balmy January night.  

We now have a new tradition, every January we descend on Hollywood. 

Pat may live in Toronto and I may live in Delaware but we get together three times a year.  In May (or June depending on the healing process of my leg) Pat comes down here to Delaware and we spend a week together exploring the many attractions of Delaware as well as southeastern Pennsylvania  

In August I visit Pat at his home in Toronto to celebrate the when we met (August 2013) and the end of the summer season.

In January we visit Los Angeles to celebrate our birthdays (November and December).  

Life is good folks.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

77 Sunset Strip

Back to our stay in Hollywood folks.  Enough with me complaining about Bill's shopping. I just have to be more patient.  

While we were in Los Angeles, Pat wanted to find the original location of "77 Sunset Strip."  Me, not so much but I was up for a walk down Sunset Boulevard right into the center of all the tourist activity of the Walk of Fame.  So we set out one night after we had dinner at the El Compadre Restaurant.  

El Compadre Restaurant 7408 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Evening was just descending.  We decided to walk all the way down Sunset Boulevard, in the warm, summer like evening air, looking for the original location of the TV show "77 Sunset Strip."  

As the evening grew darker I looked to my left and what did I see?  The fabled Hollywood High School!  Wow!  Could this be THE Hollywood High School?  Indeed it was.  I stopped to take in the moment and try to imagine Lana Turner attending classes at this very building.

Pat taking in the evening in front of the Hollywood High School - how cool is this?
Of course, me being the photo hog that I am I had to take a selfie of me (and Pat) with the Hollywood High School as our backdrop.  Soo cool!

It doesn't take much to impress us folks! I was impressed.  
After taking our photos we continued on Sunset Boulevard looking for the address "77 Sunset Strip."  By the way, I knew it didn't exist but Pat insisted that there must be a plaque or some kind of mark where that address was.  I tried to convince him that "77 Sunset Strip" was just a TV show and some hack Hollywood writers made up the address.  But Patrick was not to be deterred.

A few more blocks and lo and behold, there was the fabled "In-n-out Burger." This is where the likes of Cher and other Hollywood swells stop and mingle with the Great Unwashed and buy a hamburger just like us. We had already eaten and Pat's a vegan, so all I could do was take this picture, making a mental not to myself to stop by at a later date to try one of these famous hamburgers.  I do like a good charbroiled hamburger. 

The cars were lined up for the famous In-N-Out Burgers.  We're not in McDonald's Land anymore
And we continued on, downward, still looking for a plaque or some kind of indication of the original location of "77 Sunset Strip." Here is Pat in front of one of the stores he stopped in during his last visit. We didn't have time to stop in.  So many things to see and do and so little time.

Pat in his element on Sunset Boulevard
I was pretty sure we weren't going to find the location of "77 Sunset Strip" but you know folks, walking down this famous street, in January, with balmy evening temperatures . . . . with a good friend who enjoys many of the same things I enjoy . . . well, life just doesn't get much better than that folks.

More Sunset Boulevard at night

To be continued . . . .

"Cookie? Lend me hour comb."

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bill Goes Grocery Shopping

Shopping at BJ's, back in the good old days when both of my legs were working - I hoping those days will come back again

Bill is at the local supermarket now, struggling to find a few items that we I need in this house.  

He just called on his iPhone a few minutes ago telling me "They don't have any Cottenelle wipes."  Well, actually they do, Bill just doesn't know where they are.

I've asked Bill to use FaceTime when he is at the store so he can show me where he is but he refuses to.  He doesn't like new technology and avoids the use of it whenever he can.  It took me two months to convince him to use his iPad. Of course he lives on his iPad now, he is rarely without it in his lap.  

I just heard the bell ring.  He's back from the store.  Let's see what he did and didn't get right from my very simple and basic list. 

A frustrated Bill
Well, he got everything right but not without some frustration, he had to ask someone at the store where the Cottenelle wipes were.  

Since my surgery almost two weeks ago I haven't been to the store because I've been on a walker.  I've only been once to my doctor's office and that was a major effort.  This Monday I visit my VA doctor and that too will be a major effort getting me in the car and out of the car and transporting my walker with me.  Before my surgery, I was able to go to the store with a cane and use one of those little go carts but I can't do that now because I have to be very careful with the healing of my leg.

This morning I was thinking why is Bill having so much problem shopping for me then I realized why.  We've been together fifty years and in all that time I've done ALL the shopping.  In fact, doesn't even go into the store with me, he prefers to sit in the car except when we go to Walmart or BJ's, at which time he will follow me as I push the shopping cart.

When I first met Bill the only food he had in his apartment were an assortment of juices in his refrigerator and canned foods like Chef Boyardee and canned vegetables, and Campbell's soup. At the time I thought it was cute that he never heated his canned food or even took it out of the can.  All he would do is open the can, put a scoop of mayonnaise on the top and eat the room temperature food straight out of the can.  He never used dishes or bowls.  

Since I like to cook, I began cooking our meals.  He would eat the left overs.  And it has been that way in the fifty years since we have been together. Once, just once, he cooked a meal for me.  It was steak and potatoes. It was a disaster. A DISASTER.  He's never cooked since.

For the first ten years or so I cooked the meals and we had a sit down dinner.  However, over the years our eating habits have changed.  We eat at different times.  I eat breakfast at 7 or 8 in the morning.  Lunch at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. And dinner between 7 and 8 at night.

Bill eats "breakfast" at 2:30 A.M.  Then "lunch" at 10:30 A.M.  "Dinner" he eats at 4 PM.  Needless to say we haven't eaten together, except on the rare occasion when we go out, together in years.  A few years ago when a friend used to stop over occasionally for a Friday night dinner that I cooked. Bill would eat then "late" at 6 P.M. but then excuse himself at 7 P.M. to go to bed.  Yes, Bill goes to bed at 7 P.M. and gets up around 2:30 A.M. in the morning.  Now you can understand why we have separate bedrooms on separate floors.  We live two totally different time cycle life styles.

Now, with my leg injury, and that I am incapacitated and can't drive, I have to depend on Bill to shop for my basic food items. This is very difficult for Bill because he doesn't know where anything is in the store.  He isn't familiar with the various ramifications of items.  Take yogurt for example. I wanted Dannon Lite and Fit Coconut Vanilla Greek Yogurt. He brings back Dannon Activa Greek yogurt and Dannon Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt.  Not the same folks.  He says "They're Greek yogurts, that's what you wanted."  Now I'm the first to admit that looking for items like this in the dairy shelf can be confusing but there is a PHOTO on the container of a coconut which looks NOTHING like the photo of the strawberry cheesecake yogurt.

I have to wrap up this posting folks. I see where I'm going on way too long ranting. 

I appreciate everything Bill is doing for me but this morning I realized that I have been doing all the food shopping for fifty years.  It is too much for me to assume that Bill would be as familiar with the store as I am, Shopper Par Excellence that I am. 
Checking out my groceries at the local Food Lion with my favorite checker, I used to go to Food Lion at least four times a week - they're probably wondering what happened to me - I'll be back!

So I have decided the next time foodstuffs have to be acquired the local supermarket, I'm going walker and all.  So what if I look like a helpless old man maneuvering around the store on his space taking walker. SO WHAT? Lord knows I've had to maneuver around other people in similar situations in the past.  Although I don't remember ever seeing anyone with a walker in the store.  An assisted care facility like when I visited my friends Bob and Jim but not at the store.  Oh well, I'm taking my walker with me when I go to the VA Outpatient Clinic this Monday which I was advised to do by my health care worker.  She said it was very important that I maintain balance and not cause damage by falling during my healing process, which could set me back significantly. 

Man oh man, what a bummer this leg injury is turning out to be.  I'm managing better in other areas like getting into my bed by myself and getting out without Bill's assistance.  I'm really good at taking sink baths and getting around the house here and even sitting at my computer like I am now with my injured leg elevated. 

Well, enough complaining from me this morning.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.  It looks like a glorious one out there. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Return to Los Angeles Postings

A barley hanging on Pat getting some sustenance at the Veggie Grill in West Hollywood

Okay folks, enough with my dreary and boring leg injury and recovery.  With this post we are returning to Ron and Pat's Fabulous Trip to Los Angeles, California.

This won't be a long post because it is still very uncomfortable for me to sit at my computer and upload videos and photos. But that could be a good thing too.  My condition forces me to be succinct.

The photo at the top of this post you'll see a very tired Pat. Whenever Pat and I get together in person, I wear out the little guy. Poor Pat, he tries to keep up with me but I just wear him down.  But to give him credit, he makes every attempt to keep up with me even though he's falling asleep and tends to get a bit grumpy.  After all, he's used to traveling solo and not with a high maintenance, all about me,  ego driven A-personality like yours truly.  

Pat had been to Los Angeles before.  He wanted to stay at the Historic Hollywood Hotel.  He said "It was fine for me."  But what is "fine for Pat" I suspect doesn't quite meet my fussy standards. So we stopped by for a look see.  As you can see from the outside, non too impressive.  But as Pat said, "Good location."  

The non too grand entrance of the Historic Hollywood Hotel
After being suitably unimpressed with the entrance, we went inside.  The hotel is undergoing renovations.  I would say they needed to renovate after some of the Trip Advisor reviews I read.

Pat (in white T-shirt and baseball cap) in the lobby of the Historic Hollywood Hotel
Well, the lobby looked alright but smelled a bit musty.  A bit of "Sunset Boulevard" musty so I guess that was appropriate.  I probably should have expected an aging Gloria Swanson to peek around the corner and proclaim "Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my closeup!"

The ghost of Norma Desmond lives in this hotel

After perusing the lobby a bit more we asked to see a room.  I didn't take a picture of the room because a hotel employee was with us and, frankly, the room was decrepit.  I was embarrassed for the hotel employee but he assured me the rooms "were being worked on."  I hope so because I wouldn't stay in that room we saw. I'm not that down and out . . . . . yet.

I don't remember what we did with the rest of the day.  I think we went back to where we were staying, The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast (notice the prolific use of the name "Hollywood", what's that all about?) for a bit of a rest.  

Later on I dragged Pat back to the Veggie Grill in West Hollywood, near where we were staying for our dinner.  Oh how we loved that place.  Somebody is onto something with that concept.  Fresh vegan options at a reasonable price in bright surroundings, which helped to keep Pat awake.

Pat waiting for me at the Veggie Grill, poor guy, head drooped over.  Maybe it's me. 
So what do you think folks?  Nice to get away from the gray and dreary subject of my leg injury isn't it?  Oh, I'll keep you posted but I do think it's time to make little baby steps transition back to normal life.

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