Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dawn's Country Market

Just down the road from where I live is "Dawn's Country Market."  My neighbor Barbara and I went to a couple of open houses this afternoon and she asked me to take her to Dawn's Country Market to get some homemade relish.  I've seen Dawn's red barn and I knew she had some animals in there but I didn't know what a menagerie (I speak French) in there!  I used to have chicken (Rhode Island Reds).  This brought back fond memories.  Oh wouldn't I love to have something like this in my back yard!  Of course without the Crazy Lady telling me about that "genetic engineering prior to Noah's Ark."


  1. Cool! There are a lot places like this around us, but they're not markets. They're people's homes!

    Um... genetic engineering?

  2. Dawn's Country Market sounds like quite the menagerie indeed! And fun!

    Hope your head heels soon. But you're doing the right thing to get them removed now.

  3. Walt,

    I used to have chickens whenI lived on our seven acres of land in Pennsylvania. We're not allowed to have any farm animals where we live now. It made me feel so good to see these happy farm animals all together, happy instead of what I usually see down here where I live which is truckloads of chickens being hauled for "processing" and dogs and cats at the local animals shelters waiting to be either adopted or euthanized.

  4. Rick,

    I love critters especially farm animals! I miss my chickens!


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