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I Have Returned!

Pat and me the day we arrived in LA Sunday, February 12, 2017 Yes, it's true! I have returned. What a vacation we had! So much to write about and so many photos and videos to share. View of Los Angeles from my window in the plane right before we landed, see the movie studio buildings in the foreground and downtown Los Angeles higher up in the photo I returned home last night about ten o'clock after a long flight delay.   We left our Airbnb accommodations in West Hollywood at 4:45 am yesterday morning to return our Hertz rental car and be at LAX in time for our 8:20 am flight back to Philadelphia.  In Philadelphia Pat would make his connecting flight back to his home in Toronto. Just as we had problems going out and with our accommodations in La La Land, we had problems returning home.   We were an hour ahead of schedule halfway across the United States until a storm front roared through Philadelphia.  Then we were put in a very boring hold pattern over Harr

Packed and Ready To Go

This time tomorrow I'll be on that silver tube in the sky (aka American Airlines) headed towards the sunny and warm skies of California.  While on FaceTime with Pat last night, I suggested we double check our flight times. Of course there was a snag. Since we made our flight reservation last April, American Airlines has changed the time of our flight four times.  Good thing we checked because American Airlines had Pat leaving Los Angeles at 6:00 am in the morning and me at 8:20 am!  How did that happen?  I guess it was because Pat had to make a connecting flight from Toronto to Philadelphia then Philadelphia to Los Angeles.  Pat called American Airlines and they changed my flight too 8:20 am so I could travel with Pat. No charge but I didn't get my extra legroom seat that I paid and extra $85 for.  I'm not complaining though.  Well, maybe a little bit.  At least they have us seated together and I don't have to pay the extra $200 for changing my flight.   I a

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Two days ago we had spring like weather.  Yesterday the bitter cold winds descended upon our flat coastal plains here in southern Delaware. We had the threat of snow and freezing rain.   "Oh great!" I thought.  Just as I was going to work.  But the Gods were with us (me).  The snow missed us.  No snow, no freezing rain trapping me overnight at work.  Was it cold?  You bet! Just one more reminder why I'm spending the next two weeks in sunny, WARM California.   I'm packed and ready to go.  My flight leaves at 10:35 am Sunday morning.  I texted my ride and asked him to pick me up at 7:00 am.   Am I excited?  YES! I'm going to try and keep up with daily postings on my blog. But I can't make any promises. I'm taking my Macbook Air computer with me but when Pat and I hit the ground at LAX, we're pretty busy with our adventures of the day.  And staying warm!

California Deaming

One more day of work then I'm off until February 27th.   Folks, I'm ready to get away.  Big time. I called my Airbnb host tonight just to check to make sure my reservation (that I made last year) is still on.  It is.  Super!   We'll be staying right tin the heart of West Hollywood, just off of Melrose Avenue. Walking distance to all of our favorite haunts.  The weather here today was positively springlike at 68 degrees. What a pleasure it was to take my daily walk.  The older I get I have a harder time handling cold wind in my face. Today was most pleasant. The same weather I am looking forward to the next two weeks in Los Angeles. Oh yes! Wouldn't you know it, snow is forecast for tomorrow.  Just as I'm going to work. Thankfully, warmer temperatures are forecast for this Sunday, when my ride (my neighbor Bill B.) will drive me to Philly International Airport to meet Pat and our flight to Los Angeles.  This time next week we will be totally immersed i

California (Hollywood), Here We Come!

Our flight next Sunday from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, one coast to another coast One week from today we'll be in California!  I'm ready folks. In fact, more than ready.   This year Pat and I will be staying in West Hollywood at for two weeks.   Our bright and uncluttered accommodations in Los Angeles for the next two weeks We'll be staying at a different Airbnb. In the past we've stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast on Hollywood Boulevard.  Perfectly lovely accommodations but a little too cluttered and dark for Pat's taste.  Last year we split our time between the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast and an Airbnb in the Hollywood Hills.  That Airbnb was a disappointment. Black sheets, skunk outside and a neighbor screaming at Pat for daring to turn around in the tight driveway to let me off.  Plus the TV was crappy. What is it anyway with the cheapo TV's in the bed and breakfasts.  We had the same problem at our B &

My New Toilet Bidet

Hey folks! Tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you all a break from my political rants.  Not that there isn't a lot to rant about. In fact it's hard to keep up with the daily outrages of the incompetent, Keystone Cops antics of the Trump administration regime. Time to catch up on the latest doings here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.   We're getting a break from the seemingly endless succession of doctors' appointments. And to think I used to tease my Mother about her days being consumed with one doctor's appointment after another.  I remember back to my halcyon youth when I would go YEARS without a doctor's appointment.  No more folks, the Old Guy here is gradually falling apart, just like an old classic car.  No matter how much you take good care of your new car, inevitably parts start to go.  That's where I am at in life now folks, trying to keep the parts in working order. Well, one thing I did last week has made my life so much eas