Saturday, August 31, 2013


Gather the Pity Party folks because I still have this kidney stone that I haven't passed.  Of course it was my "good luck" to have this condition over the busiest holiday weekend of a summer resort, Labor Day Weekend.  I was supposed to go into work today but there was no way I can work with this pain.

I'm taking painkiller pills (Oxycodone and Acetaminophen).  They work really well. One tablet every four hours as need for pain. They take about 25 minutes to alleviate the pain (which is incredible, I cannot stress how much the pain is but I don't want to dwell on it, it is what it is).  

This won't be a long blog entry because I feel the pain coming back since I'm sitting up.  My best position for dealing with this pain seems to be flat on my back which I will be in a few minutes.  I had Bill take a picture of me yesterday in bed, which is where I've been spending most of my days and nights the past two or three days.  I am losing track of time.

Yesterday I tried to eat at our favorite restaurant in Milton but I couldn't make it past the first bite of my panini sandwich and had to bring it home.  

I've already lost about five pounds or more.  But I'm telling you, this is a helluva way to lose weight. 

My doctor's office called and left a message for me on my phone yesterday which I didn't hear until late last night.  He wants me to stop in his office on Tuesday to fill out the paperwork for surgery to remove this stone.  Hopefully I can pass this stone before then but I doubt it.  It seems firmly in place.  I am able to pee (thank God!)  but there is blood in my urine so I know that stone is stuck in my ureter canal.  

I feel like a hostage to this folks.  This is the worst medical situation I've had since I had that staph infection when I was 17 years old.  The big difference now is that with my staph infection I didn't have any pain, just discomfort.  Here I have the discomfort and pain.  So bad.  

Sorry to be such a wet blanket folks.  One day I will be back to normal.  And man I'm telling you I will have a new appreciation for  being able to move around and do things without the constant threat of this almost unbearable pain.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Near The End of the Season

This weekend, Labor Day weekend, is the last blast of the summer season.  While all of us permanent residents who reside in this resort area appreciate all the business, we're also happy to see the END OF THE SEASON so we can take our town back.  This year has been especially hectic because of all the new visitors from New Jersey and New York as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

In years past we would receive an occasional New Jersey license plate roll down Route 1, usually on their way to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  Once in a great while they would even stop by the hotel for an overnight stay but Wildwood by the Sea we're not.  However, this year is so much different.  This year we're hearing from the New Jersey folks "Oh, this is SO nice down here.  Everyone is SO nice to us."  All good things to hear, but oh the traffic.  Last week when my Canadian friend Pat was visiting, we counted the New Jersey license plates just around us as we sat in the parking lot that is Route One on Saturday afternoon.  Every car save one was a New Jersey license plate!

For real!  We really did see a Texas license plate on Route One - obviously this poor soul is lost

Each year the traffic seems to get heavier and more hectic during the summer season but this year was especially nuts.  I can't imagine what next year will bring.  

Note: my apologies for the short blog posting but I'm still dealing my kidney stone problem.  It still hasn't passed and this morning I was passing blood.  I have a call into my doctor.  I'm not in horrible pain thanks to my painkiller prescriptions but I am very tired and nervous because I'm scheduled to work this weekend, the busiest of the year, for four days in a row.  Day shift.  Pray for me.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Still Here!

Nope, I haven't passed it yet.  This morning I awoke with the usual pain in my right side and the nausea.  These are the symptoms of a stuck kidney stone folks. 

I managed a little breakfast of oatmeal then I had to take my painkillers and lie down in my bed for a half an hour for the pain killers to kick in.  They did.  I got the routine down now.  

I'm still a bit woozy and I am very exhausted but I was able to get some errands done this morning.  Bill drove me to the Milton post office so I could mail off one of my famous personalized calendars to my new BF to the north.  I'm sure some of you have already figured out who this chap is.  I am so transparent. 

Then Bill drove me to Food Lion.  I bought some pomegranate juice which I hear is good for kidney stones.  Anything to alleviate my present condition.  

Then we took a drive to a nearby development to look at lots for a friends who is considering moving to Delaware.  Bill and I took a drive there yesterday evening after our dinner at the Bay Leaf Restaurant
Me at the Bay Leaf restaurant - holding my own
and were very much surprised at how nice it is.  It is just the perfect location near Routes 16, 1 and 5.  The lots are backed by mature woodland yet the lots themselves are open and sunny.  And perhaps one of the most important aspects of buying any land here in coastal Delaware, it is away from the heavy summertime traffic but yet you're not far from everything.  This time the mantra "location, location, location" is absolutely true.  And the lots are reasonably price, probably because they're not right on the beach or near the water although there are several ponds nearby.  

Peace and tranquility near the madness of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware

Now folks if you'll excuse me, a little light lunch then to bed again.  I am exhausted.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Visit to My Urologist

Urology Associates of Delaware - their steady "customer" - me

Just got back from my urologist.  I still have my kidney stone.  

He said that my kidney stone is "right on the border" for laser removal because of its size which is .6 millimeters.  He said if it was .8 millimeters or higher he would send me down to Beebe Hospital immediately for laser removal surgery.  He said if the size of my kidney stone was .2 millimeters we would just wait until it passed of its own accord.  But because I am "right on the border" of the size, he wants to give it another five days.  Then if it hasn't moved, he will perform laser surgery to blast the kidney stone.  In the meantime he has scheduled an EKG just in case I have to have surgery.  My cardiologist's office will contact me.

Me filling out the forms at my urologist's office

My doctor also told me that if I experience any extreme pain again to call him immediately which I will.  God, I hope I don't have to go through that again.  I was experiencing that again this morning until I took my pain killer pills.  They took about a half an hour to kick in but they were effective.  I spent most of today lying in bed, only getting up for a light lunch.  

Bill and I are going out for dinner at the Bay Leaf Restaurant about an hour from now.  A few months ago we began going out on Monday nights to the Bay Leaf which is right up the road in Milton.  It's not a crowded restaurant nor is it noisy.  Of course now I will have to look for a vegetarian entree now that my new BF from Canada (Pat) has introduced me to a healthier way of life.  

Carrot curry soup at Nectar in Lewes, DE

I called work and told them of my situation that I might have a kidney stone attack while at work.  My boss told me that my co-worker has offered to take my shift tomorrow night.  That is a relief.  I would hate to have a kidney stone attack while on the phone making a reservation or running upstairs  to deliver fresh towels to a room that was shortchanged by housekeeping.  

Me waiting for my doctor in my "room"

I'm feeling a bit guilty for writing so much about my health situation but this is what is going on in my life now.  Poor Bill, it is wearing on him as well as someone else, whose name I won't mention (he knows who he is).  I promise, I'll be back to the Old Ron soon enough.  I do so appreciate everyone's concern.  It means a lot to me.  

Poor Bill, one of the people I'm putting through the wringer with my current health problems

Kidney Stone Moves

Early this morning, 4:30 a.m. to be precise, I awoke to a very familiar pain in my back left side. My kidney stone had moved again.  OMG, the pain.  

I could feel myself going down again.  That's the awful thing about kidney stones, when they pass the pain they cause is ever increasing.  You literally feel like you're going down.... down to the End.

I got up and struggled downstairs to Bill's bedroom.  I told him "I think I may have to go to the emergency room again."  He said "Are you sure?"  Then I thought, what good would that do except to administer another pain killer and take another CAT-SCAN? I know what the problem kidney stone hasn't passed....YET.  

I have an appointment with my urologist this afternoon at 2:30 pm.  I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM AGAIN but I had to stop this pain.  I went upstairs and got my pain medication.  It is a generic of Oxycodone called Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen.  I never put much faith in pain killers before, especially because of the side effects of nausea and constipation but I was willing to try anything this morning just to STOP the pain. 

I took one pill  and sat in the still dark sunroom with Bill by my side.  After about five minutes of intense pain, I felt like I wasn't falling anymore.  After about fifteen minutes the pain was actually bearable. These pills don't act as fast as the intravenous injections of pain killers that were given to me in the emergency room but they were working, thank God.  

After another fifteen or so minutes I got up and went into my bed and laid down on my bed, fully clothed.  Bill came in with me and sat in the easy chair by my bed that I use to watch TV.  I drifted off to sleep.  I awoke about an hour and a half later, feeling like a human being again.  The pain, dull, was still there but not the intense pain when I woke up.

Bill left and I continued to sleep another hour or so.  I got up and made some instant oatmeal for my breakfast.  The pain is returning.  I took another painkiller pill.  Hopefully it is taking effect as I type this.

It is now 8:43 a.m.  We will leave here around 2 pm for my appointment with my doctor.  I still haven't passed my kidney stone.  I will insist he do something to remove it even if it means it has to be blasted.  This has to end.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rehoboth Beach At Night

Just a quick update on my health situation folks.  I called my urologist's office this morning.  I have an appointment to see him tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 pm.  I hope I last that long.

I'm still a big woozy but I suspect that is from the pain medication I'm taking.  I haven't passed my kidney stone yet so that is causing me some concern.  However, my urine flow is clearer now.  

Last night while I was talking to Pat on FaceTime my right side started to hurt again.  I think that was my kidney stone moving again.  I had to end our session because I was feeling weak.  I laid down on my bed, fully clothed at 9:03 pm.  I didn't wake until a little after 11.  I called Pat back again and told him I was feeling a little better.  I didn't talk too long because I was still tired.  I went back to bed, this time I got undressed and under the covers.  

This morning I woke up refreshed and feeling a little better but still no kidney stone passing. Hopefully tomorrow at my urologist's office he will give me good advice as to what to do.  This kidney stone should have passed by now.

In the meantime I'm posting another video that Pat and I took when he visited Rehoboth Beach last week.  I rarely have an opportunity to go on the Rehoboth boardwalk during the summer season at night.  Last week Pat and I took a walk on the boardwalk after our vegetarian dinner at Cafe Azafran on Balitmore Avenue in Rehoboth.

As you can see someone (I'm not telling) was a wee bit tipsy after TWO Key Lime Pie martinis.  We did a semi-frolic in the surf.  Great fun!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Medical Update

Me a few minutes 

Good morning folks.  I wish I had good news this morning but I don't.  I haven't passed my kidney stone yet and I am getting concerned.  Believe me, I wish I could write about another subject this morning but this situation has me concerned.  This is the first time I haven't been able to pass a kidney stone (this is my fourth kidney stone attack) within hours of the excruciating pain phase.  

I am not in pain however I am experiencing nausea of varying degrees.  I suspect that is a result of the pain killers that I am taking with my prescription to relax my ureter tube so my kidney stone can pass.  

A fellow blogger, David Jeffreys left a comment on my previous blog posting which I think applies to my situation now:

I do believe that I am operating on one kidney now because my ureter tube from the other kidney is blocked.  I believe that because my urine flow isn't as strong as it usually is and the color of my urine, a too dark yellow, almost like the color of a marigold flower.  Plus I don't have a steady urine stream.  My apologies if I'm being too graphic but this is the only way I can explain my condition now.  I'm not one for tiptoeing around the facts.

I will call my urologist tomorrow and try to arrange an immediate appointment whether or not I pass this kidney stone today.  I'm already scheduled to see my urologist on September 9th as a followup to my brachytherapy surgery for my prostate cancer.  

I'll be honest with you folks, this situation now has me concerned.  I am a little distracted.  There are some other subjects I would rather be writing about this morning than my current medical situation.  There is so much I wanted to share with you about my visit last week with Pat from Toronto and the restaurants we visited.  I rarely have the opportunity to dine out with a friend or friends or to do other activity like taking a ride on the tall ship Kalmar Nyckel (which I've been wanting to do for years) but last week was an exception.  We, change that to me, even made a fool out of myself on the Rehoboth boardwalk because I had one too many Key Lime Pie martinis.  As another good blogger friend (and you know who he is) says "Jolly good fun!"  

So hopefully folks my next posting will be back to my usual fluff.  Too much seriousness the past few days.  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kidney Stone Redux

Emergency Room on this beautiful summer morning in Lewes, Delaware

This morning when I woke up I had "that" feeling again.  Oh no, another kidney stone passing.  There was no denying what was happening.  I had nausea, and my right side was hurting.  Yes, I just had a kidney stone pass a few weeks ago.  That time it was on my left side.

This time I decided not to wait and make myself believe that I was imagining things.  I put my clothes on and left my bedroom to see Bill in our sunroom.  This is our usual morning routine.  He is up much earlier than I am and waits for me.

I told him "I'm passing another kidney stone. Could you take me to the emergency room?"  Of course he couldn't believe it either and I had to repeat myself.  I decided not to call 911 and take the ambulance because the last time that took just too long.  You have to wait for the ambulance and once they get here they take tests to make sure you're not dying before they put you in the ambulance.  The last time it seemed like it took forever to get to the emergency room.  This time I wanted to get to the emergency room and have the painkillers before my pain got too bad.  Of course I knew I would have to go through a possible delay if the emergency room was busy.

Didn't have to use this entrance to the Emergency Room this morning

One good thing if there is any good thing about passing a kidney stone, it was early this morning before the Route One traffic really got heavy on this Saturday morning in the height of the summer resort traffic that is the reality of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes this year.

I am becoming very familiar with this place

Bill dropped me off in front of the emergency room.  I took out my iPhone and took a quick photo (you know me), even though I was in great discomfort.  I entered the emergency room admissions.  I told the woman behind the desk "I'm passing a kidney stone."  She immediately led me back to the emergency room working area.

I don't want or have the time to go into all the detail but I know the drill now, this being my fourth time passing a kidney stone.  They asked me my pain level.  I said "Six" on a scale of one to ten.  That's one reason I left early, I wanted to get pain killers before it got unbearable.  

They told me to get undressed and I put on their hospital gown.  Bill was with me.  They asked who he was and I said "That's my spouse."  I would have said "husband" but Bill prefers I say "spouse" so I did.  

After more routine questions many of which asked me to repeat my name and date of birth several times, I was administered my pain killers.  Oh sweet Jesus, relief.  

More questions about my symptoms then I feel asleep.  Bill took some photos of me sleeping with his iPhone.  Thank you Bill.  For posterity for that day when I can laugh about this, the old man that I am falling apart here.

Next up was the CAT-SCAN.  The nurse joked with me that I probably knew the routine.  I told her I did "Breath in....hold."  Old routine now.

All the while I'm still thinking "This is only my imagination.  I can' possibly be passing ANOTHER kidney stone."  I just can't believe this was happening.  Oh, before I forget, prior to going in for my CAT-SCAN I had to give them a urine sample for them to see if I had blood in my urine.

I finish the CAT-SCAN (old hat now) and they wheel me back in to Bill who was waiting for me in the one curtained off portion of the emergency room.  I probably should put a deposit on that room, I've been spending so much time there lately.

Now the wait.  I fell asleep.  The painkillers were working.  

Me asleep after the painkillers were administered and waiting for the results of my CAT-SCAN

I don't know how long I was sleeping but I awoke when I heard the chains on the curtain being drawn aside.  It was the doctor.  He said yes, I was passing another kidney stone.  This one was .6 millimeters, the largest yet.  My last "visit" to my reserved space at the emergency room my kidney stone measured .4 millimeters.  He said "You should be able to pass this because you're still able to urinate.  However, because of the size this may be problematical."  I hate to tell you but I didn't like hearing that word.

He gave me two prescriptions; one for a pain killer and another to relax my urethra to help the kidney stone pass.  They discharged me with the instructions that if I encountered any problems to come back.

I wound my way out of the maze that is the emergency room at Beebe to the outside on this beautiful, sunny morning in Lewes to await Bill who went to get our car.

I asked Bill to take me to the Walgreens in Milton so I could fill my prescriptions.  The summertime traffic had picked up considerable on Route One.  Oh was I SO GLAD that this kidney stone attack didn't hit later.

Bill drove me to Milton and I dragged myself into Walgreens.  The painkillers were wearing off.  I still haven't passed my kidney stone and I was still feeling pain on my right side and nausea but not the intensity of level of pain I've felt with other kidney stone passings.  I went to the back of the store where the pharmacy is located.  Thank God no other customers were waiting.  I gave them my prescription, with my hospital plastic identification bracelet still on and the cotton and bandage on the crook of left arm still in place where the emergency room personnel injected me with pain killers.  I didn't care.  I'm sure I looked wipe out.  I was.  The women behind the counter asked "Want to pick this your prescription up later or do you want to wait for it?"  Without any hesitation I said "I'll wait for it."  I could feel the increasing nausea and pain one my right side.

Waiting for my prescription refill at Walgreens

While I was waiting I uploaded my status to my Facebook account.  Hey, that's what Facebook is for right?  Not just letting everyone know you're attending the latest concert of showing photos of a terrific recipe that I just cooked (like I did last night with my ratatouille recipe).  

My wait was only about fifteen minutes.  I had a few questions about taking my prescription.  I wanted to know if I could skip the pain medication because it makes me nauseas but the pharmacist said I have to take both prescriptions at the same time.   The one prescription is a generic called Ketorolac (10 MG).  He said this is a very strong kidney medicine and I should not take more than three a day or I could cause damage to my kidneys.  He also said that I MUST take it with a FULL glass of water, which is probably my problem in the first place with kidney stones.  I just don't drink enough water.  Now the chickens are coming home to roost.  He said this prescription expands my urethra so my kidney stone can pass.

My kidney stone passing prescriptions
My other prescription is a painkiller called Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen.  The prescription says "Take 1-2 tablets by mouth every 4 hours as needed."  I hate taking painkillers because they nauseate me and cause me constipation but they are apparently working now because I'm not in too much discomfort.  I'm a bit wifty and I certainly couldn't drive or work but they're working.

After I took my pills I went to my bedroom (this was about 11:15 am).  I had to go to the bathroom so I got my strainer out (the one to catch the kidney stone - I saved it from the last time) and went into the bathroom.  I had a strained urination but at least I could pee, for which I am thankful.  I DO NOT want a catheter.  I didn't pass the kidney stone.  

I laid down on my bed.  I was going to read but I was exhausted so I just pulled out the light coverlet that I have to shield my eyes from daylight when I take my daily nap, and placed it on my forehead.  I was dead to the world until about 3 pm when I heard my iPhone ring.  It was a friend of mine who Bill had notified that I had a medical emergency.  See how thoughtful Bill is? What a wonderful thing for Bill to do.  I talked with my friend for awhile on the iPhone.  I'm glad he called, talking to him helped me to relax and slow down that express train of me feeling sorry for myself.  

I had to get up and take a pee again.  I used the strainer, still no kidney stone.

So here is where I am now.  The time is 5:53 pm.  I haven't had a bite of food since my ratatouille dinner last night.  I'm going to try and eat something as soon as I finish this blog posting.  Believe it or not, writing about my experience today is therapeutic.  I can't explain it but this helps.  My blog writing helps me in so many ways.  My blog is my therapy.

Definitely not eye candy - but believe it or not, I am peaceful here - Bill took this picture when I was sleeping, he knows that I would want one so I could look at it in the future with humor.  Not so much now, serious business here folks - still waiting my latest kidney stone to pass

Friday, August 23, 2013


Pat, my new BF (from Canada)

Well folks, I guess some of you have already figured out that I've made a new "BF."  And yes, I am still happily married to Bill but I can still have Best Friends.  

My new "BF" is Pat from Toronto Canada.  We clicked immediately upon meeting in the parking lot of the Hotel Blue Last Friday evening.  Pat called me to tell me that he would have to probably be sleeping on a park bench because the hotel didn't have his reservation.  I was out in my backyard weeding when I received his call on my iPhone.

Of course he wouldn't have to sleep on a park bench, he could stay here at Casa Tipton-Kelly until he found his hotel room.  What happened was when we made the reservation (I was on FaceTime with Pat last week and the phone with the hotel), it was supposed to be for Friday night.  Fortunately the owner of the hotel found him a room at a nearby hotel for Friday night.

I told Pat I would be right down.  I knew he had a long drive (12 hours) and would be tired but I did want to give him a personal welcome and take him out to eat.  

I drive up to the Hotel Blue parking lot.  I've never been to that parking lot before but I was pretty sure I could park there temporarily while I went into the Beacon Motel where Pat was staying for the night.  I see the man in a T-shirt and jeans standing in the parking lot.  I'm thinking he's the parking lot attendant going to give me grief for parking in the hotel parking lot.  So instead of parking where I was going to park, I go to the far end of the parking lot.  The man follows me.  Now I'm getting annoyed and I'm ready for battle.  All kinds of folks who aren't staying at the hotel where I work always park in our parking lot but I never give them grief and this guy was going to give me a hard time?  

Pat standing on the bridge to the Hotel Blue parking lot - and here I thought he was the parking attendant!

I pull my car into the far end of the parking lot.  The man approaches my car.  He puts out his hand and introduces himself.  "Hi!  Ron?  I'm Pat."  It's my visitor from Canada!  He was waiting for me in the parking lot and I greet him with the Ron Scow.  Hey, that was my Ready for Battle Face.  We laughed about it later.  But talk about making a first impression.  

Well, I started this blog meaning to write about how with some people we "click" right away.  That's what happened with me and Pat, we clicked right away.  

After yesterday's blog about Pat, I wasn't going to write another one about him but what the hey.  We met last week, hit it off immediately and spent a wonderful week together.  I got a chance to frequent some of the local restaurants that I never go to because Bill doesn't like to go out and I don't have any friends who will go out with me (I know, poor me but it's the truth).  Also, I've always wanted to take that tall ship ride and I finally had someone to do it with, two friends Pat and The Cajun.  Plus, I loved being the tour guide for a week.  Maybe I missed my calling.  Wore me out though.  

Pat my dining companion at La Quezalteca in Millsboro, Delaware

You know what is strange?  I moved to this gay enclave of Delaware thinking I'm going to make a ton of gay friends and it just hasn't happened except for Wayne and......well I guess no one else. I know some gay people who are nice but not really what you could call friends who you go out with and share stories with and laugh together.  Who would have ever have thought it would take this delightful man from Toronto Canada who would be my buddy.  We just clicked.  And isn't that nice?  You just never know.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Pat aboard the Kalmar Nyckel

I'm back!

Just a momentary (like three days) "pause" in my blog postings folks.  I apologize for any cause for concern or worry.  But I'm back now, a little tired but ready to take up the harness again and get up to my usual speed.

The cause of my pause was the arrival of a new friend from Toronto, Canada.  His name is Pat and he is a delight.  I've met so many nice folks through my blogging.  I can't quite figure that out because back years ago when I first ventured on the Internet to meet people (through personal ads) they were, without exception, embarrassing disasters.  I don't know what it is with blogging but so far everyone I have met through my blogging have been wonderful folks.  

Toronto Canada

My first contact with Pat was a few weeks ago when he commented on one of my blog postings.  I forget which blog posting and his comment but I just happened to be on the computer at the same time so I answered his comment as I do all my commenters.  He answered back immediately saying "Oh, you're there!" or words to that effect.  I said "Yes, I'm here."  Then we went back and forth for awhile, just talking about blogging in general (I think, Pat will correct me if I'm wrong).  

Me and Pat at our first dinner at Cafe Azafran in Lewes - vegetarian plate!

Since our conversation went on for a while I asked him if he had an Apple product and he said he did.  I said "We could talk on FaceTime."  He didn't know how it worked but he said he would try it.  Before we knew it we were talking on FaceTime.  

We clicked right away.  I liked Pat immediately.  I was especially impressed with his minimalist home which I could see in the background.  We talked about his minimalist house (800 some square feet) and he told me he was also a vegetarian.  

Pat is a very interesting man.  

Not only is he interesting; he is intelligent, witty, humorous and, oh did I mention.....cute.  What's not to like?  

A few days later he mentioned that he would like to visit Delaware for a week starting last Friday August 16th.  Great timing because I would be off work for the next six days.  So we made Pat a reservation at the Hotel Blue (no room at my inn) and Pat was on his way in his little Fiat.

Pat checking for a leak in his Fiat in the Hotel Blue parking lot - everything was all right, just air conditioner condensation water dripping off

He arrived late Friday afternoon.  There is a funny story about how I met him for that first time but I'll tell that in my next blog posting.  But that's where I've been the past week, entertaining Pat. 


Pat at Nectar yesterday for breakfast - his last day in Delaware

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's All Good Folks

Perhaps the shortest blog entry I've ever done folks.  All I can say is that it is all good.  

As you can see, I subjected my visitor to my habit of taking an old time photo.  How about these two hot Civil War soldiers?  Eh?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dos Locos

Me and Pat at La Quezalteca (me after ONE margarita)

Yep, that's "Two Crazy Guys."  My friend from Toronto arrived yesterday.  We spent the day weaving our way through the tourist jammed streets of Lewes, Delaware. I foolishly suggested that we go to Rehoboth to have and old time photo taken of us.  Oh my, we sat in the parking lot called Route One for about ten minutes then I told Pat, "turn around" and we headed back to Lewes where we spent the day.  

Pat in Lewes, DE (staying at the Hotel Blue in background to left)

Pat is a vegetarian and he is introducing me to this much healthier way of eating.  Even though we started out the day at a traditional restaurant for breakfast (I wanted to introduce him to our local delicacy scrapple) we soon righted our course for lunch and had fruit and veggie smoothies with our carrot curry soup at Nectar in Lewes.

Traditional breakfast - scrapple, eggs and toast

Nectar - non traditional and healthy breakfast
Smoothies and carrot curry soup
By the way, Pat is staying at a very nice hotel, one of our competitors in Lewes, Hotel Blue.  Clean line, minimalist which is Pat.  He loves it and it has a pool!

Pat in lobby of Hotel Blue
After coming back to Casa Tipton-Kelly to meet with Bill (all my guests come back to meet My Bill), we headed out to eat again.  Rehoboth was out of the question, a Saturday night in the height of the summer tourist season?  Oh no.  I suggested we go to Milton and the Bay Leaf Restaurant.  Big mistake.  The parking lot was full.  "What going on?" I asked.  Guess what?  Elvis Appreciation Night!  I don't think so.  All I wanted was to have a quiet dinner with my Canadian friend.  

Of we go again, traversing the backroads of Sussex County, looking for a foodie destination.  I made another suggestion, the new Italian restaurant in Long Neck, La Dolce Vita.  We headed down John J. Williams highway to that shopping strip.  Couldn't find the restaurant!  Then I thought "Mexican!"  Viola!  

We went to La Quezalteca in Millsboro. Perfect!  Good food, great service and cheap.  And did I mention HOT food?  I do like me a meal served hot.  But man oh man, check this out.  Good thing I had half a margarita under my belt.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Godot Has Arrived

The "Parking Lot Attendent" - my guest from Canada

The phone rings late yesterday afternoon.  It's "Godot", my blogger visitor from Toronto, Canada!

He says "I may have to sleep on the park bench tonight, the hotel doesn't have me checking in until tomorrow night."  WHAT? He said "Don't worry about it, I'll find something."  I tell him "You'll stay here if you can't find a room."  He says "I don't want to put you out."  Hey folks, there is no way I'm letting a visitor to me sleep on a park bench.  Turns out the hotel where he was SUPPOSED to be staying last night screwed up his reservation but they did find him a room around the corner.  That was very lucky because Lewes is full for the weekend.  Unfortunately that hotel is very "beachy" (dumpy) but hey, you take what you can get.

I told him I would be right down.  He said that wasn't necessary, he didn't want to impose.  But you know me, I went down anyway.  Then a funny thing happened when I pulled into the parking lot of the motel (yes, he's staying at a MOTEL, the horror).  I see this guy standing where the open parking slots are.  Lewes, like Rehoboth makes their money in the summertime by charging parking fees so free parking is at a premium.  I knew this was the hotel parking lot and there is no charge so I'm thinking "What's this guy going to do, tell me I CAN'T park here?"  So I pull into the parking lot and he walks over to my car.  WTF?  I'm ready to do battle.  I get out of my car and he extends his hand to me. It's my guest!  He told me later that he thought I was disappointed by seeing him in person.  Not at all!  In fact I think he's very attractive, even more so in person.  I told him that I thought he was a parking lot attendant who was going to give me grief for parking in the motel parking lot.  Then I gave him a big "Welcome to Lewes" hug.

Pat during his tour of Lewes
To make a long story short (I'm meeting him for breakfast shortly this morning) I took him on a tour of Lewes.  We had a light dinner at a local tapas restaurant (he's a veggie).   He was very impressed with the town and I was impressed with him.  Yet another friend I've met through blogging.  

Roasted beet salad at Cafe Azafran in Lewes

You know it's interesting, about twenty-five years ago I went through the whole mish mash of answering personal ads in a Philadelphia gay newspaper.  Met several guys. All had "issues."  Then about ten years later I went through the same thing, answering Internet ads and subsequent meet-ups.  All were disasters.  Either the guys lied about their age and/or appearance or they just weird.  So far, everyone without exception I've met through blogging has been wonderful.  Just nice people.  I am happy to say I've made a new friend and his name is Pat.

Me and Pat at Cafe Azafran

Friday, August 16, 2013

Waiting for Godot

I'm sitting here, patiently waiting for a blogger friend who is traveling down from Toronto Canada to visit me for the next six days.  

Earlier this week he told me he would be leaving early this morning (we're in the same time zone) and his trip would take approximately nine hours.  That would mean he should be arriving soon.  

I tried calling his cell phone several times today but couldn't get hold of him.  I left a message.  I suspect he has his cell phone turned off.  

He will be staying at the hotel (Hotel Blue) across Lewes-Rehoboth Canal in Lewes from the hotel where I work.  We didn't have room in our hotel for the next week for him so I suggested he make reservations at our competition.  He'll like that hotel though because it is a more modern eclectic hotel.  The hotel where I work is "Nantucket" themed.  Talking to my blogger friend on FaceTime I could see in the background that his habitat in Toronto are spartan and minimalist.  Clean lines, lots of light.  Just like my other blogger friend Bob of "I Should Be Laughing" often features in his weekly architecture blogs.  I happen to like that kind of house too but since I'm a packrat accumulator, that's not the type of habit I inhabit.

Since I'm going to be the Entertainer in Chief for the next six days I ventured out this morning to see what we could do.  We're in luck because the tall ship the Kalmar Nyckel is in Lewes for the next week or so.  I LOVE tall ships but I've never been on one.  Bill won't go with me.  Maybe I can talk my blogger friend into taking a two hour "Pirate Cruise" with me next Tuesday.  That is if I ever hear from him.

Kalmar Nyckel in dock this morning in Lewes, Delaware - a beautiful, clear day for sailing!
UPDATE!  I just called the hotel, he's not checking in until tomorrow.  My bad.  

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