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Halloween Quiz

Hey folks, I'm sure you've all seen the Halloween items already laid out in the stores.  Here in Gayberry, Southern Delaware Halloween items hit the stores a few weeks after Labor Day.   This afternoon I had to go to Walmart to get some glitter for my Tipton Family Reunion banner (yes!  I found it!)  Found banner! Needs Glitter! Tipton Family Reunion 1994 With glitter added! and I saw a Halloween store open.  I just had to go in and check out the ghoulish items. Lots of good stuff there folks!  There was one cool display with a ghoul nodding his head along with the Crypt Keeper.  Fog, thunder and howling in the background. I love it!   I showed this video to my pal Lar.  He noticed something unusual about the Nodding Head Ghoul, something that I am ashamed as a life long gay guy, that I missed.  Larry's straight and he caught it!  So this gave me an idea for tonight's blog posting.  I'm going to post three Halloween photos and see how many pe

Lost in Space

Tipton Family Reunion 1994 Ever put something in a "safe place", just to make sure you knew where it was at, and then when it came time to get it you don't remember where you put it?  Yes folks, that's where I am at now.  SOOOO frustrating. See that "Welcome - Tipton Family Reunion" banner in the photo above?  I can't find it!  Yep, after the last reunion in 2011 I brought it back here to the house and put it in a "safe place" and now I CAN'T FIND IT.   I have a hunch it is in my junk Basement Memorabilia Room.  You know, that room where I put all the unopened boxes from our move from our home in Pennsylvania in 2006 to here.  Yes folks, that was SEVEN years ago.  That's nothing, when we moved from Philadelphia to our new home in the woods outside of Downingtown, PA I stored unopened boxes in the storage space over the garage and didn't open them for the 25 years we lived there. And yes, I am embarrassed to admit that. 

The Battle Joined

Reception Company, Ft. Dix, New Jersey - I'm second from the left on the bottom row, my friend Mike Time is first on the left, bottom row - February 1960 Well folks, there has been more blowback from my audacious decision to confront some of the homophobes on my ASA (Army Security Agency) Facebook group.  A few days I had the temerity to respond of a Jon Swayze (a right wing tea bagger) who posted that Hillary Clinton was gay.  I responded "So what?  I'm gay.  Is there something the matter with that?" thus unleashing a hornet's nest of anti-gay vitriol and some support among the members of this Facebook group.   I'm gay, is that a problem? Below are some of the latest conversation and then my stream of consciousness reply (as is my wont, I just let "it" flow from my brain to my fingertips).   My response is below: One of the main reasons I joined this site was to find out if any other members of the ASA had a similar

I Don't Pick These Battles, They Pick Me

Me (left) with my (straight) buddies Bill Allen and Dick Egan at Ft. Devens, Mass. 1960 Last year a former member of the Army Security Agency started a group on his Facebook account for former members of the Army Security Agency.  When I was in the Army from 1960 to 1963, I was in the Army Security Agency. I went to school at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts for six months after completing basic training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey.  After my schooling I served out the remainder of my tour of duty at the National Security Agency in Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland.  So, when this former ASA member started a group I joined.  I thought it would be interesting to share memories and photos of that time long ago.  And of course, since I am gay I thought it would be interesting to share memories with other former members of this group who were also gay.  And of course I know they were there because before I went into the Army I did not know ONE gay person.  It wasn't until I went in the Army that