Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Where Are The Women?"

All male witnesses on women's contraception

Remember the faux argument the Republicans made about "Death Panels" when they were objecting to President Obama's healthcare bill?  Well folks, look above and you'll see the Republican Death Panel that assembled this morning.

Chairman (Czar) Issa - he knows what is best for women's contraception

This was Republican Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. You all know Mr. Issa don't you? The high school dropout, who was arrested twice once for car theft and the second time for carrying a concealed weapon, who made his millions by buying the car alarm manufacturer Steal Stopper, and decided he wanted to buy himself a Congressional seat. You all know this paragon of justice don't you? This is the Ayatollah you want in your bedroom.  He and his panel of "experts" know what is best for you and your body and what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom.

In the latest example of Republican overreach, Representative Issa's "panel" decided to have hearings on women's contraception this morning.  Only one problem:


Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't the Republicans the ones who want the government out of our lives?  Uh, what am I NOT GETTING here?  Would these be the same Republicans who have decided that me and my life partner of the past 47 years have decided that it is in the BEST INTEREST of this country that we not get married?  

The Democrats on the committee had a female witness.  They were informed that they were allowed "only one."  That witness was rejected by Issa.  Issa said at the hearing that he rejected the Democrats' female witness, Sandra Fluke, because, as a Georgetown University law student who "appears to have become energized over this issue," she was "not appropriate or qualified." He said that in lieu of allowing her to speak at the hearing, he instructed his staff to post a video online of Fluke speaking at a previous press conference.

Folks, think twice about reelecting any of these crazy assed Republicans who believe they have a right to interfere in your private life.  

Last week Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum warned that reelecting President Obama would be like the French Revolution and our country would be headed down the path to the guillotine.  I kid you not folks, he actually said it.  

So here we go folks, this is a preview of what our government would be like the Republicans controlled the government - czars deciding what is best for us.  Do we really want to go there?


  1. anne marie in philly7:34 PM

    oh F no! it's so damn unreal and other-worldly. WHY do these dudes think they know MY BODY better than I know it?

    a$$hats, each and every one of them!

  2. Politics seem to be more about forcing personal opinion and self promotion than actual governance.

  3. You got that right Scott.

  4. to answer your question; apparently more do than we realize, alas.

  5. Dr. Spo,

    The Republicans are so blinded by their hatred of President Obama that they can't even see the horrible optics of a panel of MEN deciding what is right for women. Amazingly stupid.

  6. You certainly cannot expect women to think and respond rationally, can you?
    At least that's the GOP mantra.


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