Sunday, February 05, 2012

Another Link to the Past Gone

Jeep stuck in the snow at Boot Road and Chestnut Street Downingtown PA - 1953

Back in the Good Old Days, when I was just a young Whipper Snapper, I had a Kodak Brownie camera.

We lived at that time on Boot Road just outside of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  One winter day in 1953 I took this picture out of my bedroom window of a Jeep that was stuck in the snow.

My two younger brothers and I shared that bedroom.  We even slept in the same bad (which I hated and is probably the reason I sleep alone now, even though I have been partnered up the past forty-seven years with Bill).  I spent a lot of time in that bedroom on the second floor of that house looking out that window.

Boot Road and Chestnut Street Spring 1954 - no snow, no stuck Jeep
This is the picture I took of the same road the following spring.  I was so enamored of my camera (it was my first, received as a Christmas present that year) that I took pictures as often as my paper boy route money could provide (which wasn't much).  I can just imagine the treasure trove of pictures I would have now if I had had a digital camera.  Maybe it's just as well I didn't.  Where would I store them all?

The house we lived in where I took the pictures in 1953 - my bedroom window is at the upper right

Last year the brick house was torn down to make room for a parking lot.  Such a waste.

Our old home, a pile of rubble - I hope they didn't put the bricks in a landfill
Last summer I took a ride by the old home and took a picture from across the street where our old home once stood.  The location is now a thriving rental business.  You tell me, an improvement?

Boot Road and Chestnut Street, Downingtown, PA - 2011


Ur-spo said...

Ah well, such is the passing of Time.

Mark said...

That's progress, sadly.
I'm glad you have the memories and, of course, the photos.

nitewrit said...


The ravages of time. Where my house stood in Glenloch, semi-surrounded by swamp and open fields is now a parking lot of a Corporate Mall.

I do not even have a full exterior photo of the place.


Ron said...


Oh how I wish I had taken more pictures of where I lived when I was young. I never thought of it. I wish I could go back in time.