Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Lights 2010

The Christmas lights are up!

Every year putting up the lights gets harder and harder.  I may just be getting too old to untangle strings of colored, blinking, Christmas lights looking for that one bad light that knocks half the string.

This year I even flirted with the idea of putting one significant Christmas candle in a window as my contribution to the yearly, friendly competition in the neighborhood to see how can have the most spectacular Christmas lighting display.  But then I decided that I didn't want to be the "Bah humbug!" old man of the neighborhood.  I gave in and asked Bill to drag out the Christmas lights from the attic.  I would take them out myself but since I stepped through the ceiling floor last year when I put the lights up there I'm not allowed in the attic anymore.  

The day after Thanksgiving was a mild day so that was the perfect time to put up the lights.  I hate to put up Christmas lights on a windy, cold day.  Best to take advantage of those occasional mild days we have in winter here on the eastern shore of Sussex County, Delmarva peninsula.

I thought one day would do it.  That was wrong.  On Day Two, I thought I could complete the job.  That was also wrong.  So here we are on Day Three and I have completed the task!  And it's not even December yet!  I am proud of myself.  Why I even got all my Christmas cards mailed.  I mailed them the day after Thanksgiving.  The only ones I will mail now are to those folks who send me a card that I somehow overlooked on my mailing list.

So here I am, all in the Christmas Spirit.  Now I just sit back and enjoy the holidays. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heroes of the Day

Del Dot Roadside Litter Pickup Crew Volunteers on Oyster Rocks Road November 27, 2010

We hear a lot about heroes these days.  

Pictured above are my candidates for heroes of the day.  

You won't see these heroes featured on Anderson Cooper's "Heroes" program.  

You won't read about these heroes in the newspaper.

You won't see these heroes presented with an award by President Obama.

No, these heroes don't fit in any of the above categories.

These heroes are a group of fine folks who have volunteered to pick up the trash that is strewn aside our beautiful roads here in southern Delaware.

I was returning to my home off of Oyster Rocks Road, east of Route 1early this cold and windy afternoon.  I had just spent about two hours teaching my elderly friends Bob and Jim how to use e-mail on their new computer.  Jim and Bob live in a doublewide about two miles outside of Georgetown, on Anderson Corner Road on twenty-two acres of scrub woodland.  I'm always disheartened when I drive over to Bob and Jim's when I see the amount of trash and litter that lies along side the road towards their place. Today was no exception.

Thus it was with a glad heart when I crossed over Rt. 1 towards my home off of  Oyster Road when I saw a group of chartreuse day glo folks picking up the litter on Oyster Rocks Road.  

Oyster Rocks road off of Rt. 1 goes back two miles to the Broadkill River.  Bill and I had just driven back there this morning for an early morning ride on this breezy and chilly Saturday and I was again disheartened by all the littler along the road.  I was especially saddened to see a full mattress tossed into the beautiful, natural wetland growth.  I mentioned to Bill "How can anyone take their old mattress and toss it along side the road in such natural beauty?"  Bill said nothing because he understood as I do, there are basically two types of people on this earth:

  • Those that litter
  • Those who don't and who pick up the litter of those that littert

I am in the latter category.  

I myself have on several occasions traveled down the length of Oyster Rocks Road and picked up crushed beer cans, empty cigarette packets, plastic soda bottles and plastic bags.  The last I drove the length of Oyster Rock Road and picked up two full trash bags of litter.

Bill has given up on picking up the litter.  In fact he becomes angry with me when I pick up the litter.  So I have to sneak out and pick up the litter.  However, lately the amount of litter has even overwhelmed me.  Now, when I pick up the litter I pick up the Usual Suspects:  beer cans and plastic soda bottles.  I leave the rest.  The topper probably came when there was the slaughtered, cleaned carcass of a deer (head included) tossed aside the road right where the Broadkill meets Oyster Rocks Road.  

When I drove past this happy group this afternoon and turned into my development.  Then I thought "I want to thank them for what they are doing today."  I turned around and drove out of my development and caught up with them farther on down Oyster Rocks Road.  I pulled my car over to the side of the road and parked it.  I got my camera and got out and motioned to some of them to get their attention.  A couple of them turned around to see what I wanted.  I said "I want to thank you for what you're doing today.  Thank you very much!"  Everyone burst out into big smiles, me included.  This is what the good life is all about folks.  Good deeds and people being acknowledged for their good deeds in helping their fellow human beings making this planet a better place to live.

In unison a chorus of smile greeted me and several put the thumbs up sign.  I thanked them again and asked if I could take their picture.  Someone said "Sure!" and they piled up in the flatbed of the pickup truck and posed for this wonderful picture.  

I told them I was going to write about this in my blog and asked if I could use their picture.  Again another hearty "Sure!"  

I thanked them again, gave them my card, and after giving them a thumbs up sign I left, my faith in the goodness of the human heart renewed. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Friday is almost gone and I did not spend one penny shopping.  

Very good Ron!

Oh I remember years past when I was out there in the thick of the throng of shoppers.  Not this year nor did I go out last year.  

Part of the reason is that I really don't have anyone to shop for.  Bill doesn't like to receive Christmas presents.  I don't give out any other presents other than to my neighbor Barb and my friend Bob.  I like to give them something personal that I created myself which is usually a picture calendar from photographs I've taken during the year.  

In the past I always shopped for my Mother.  Her birthday was on December 24th so I did double duty on the shopping for her.  Mom died this year so I won't even do shopping for her.  And I'll tell you, it's sort of hitting me harder than I thought.  This is the first year in my life that I'm not shopping for my Mom.  The first time in 69 years.  

The temperature was a tolerable 61 degrees so I dragged the outside Christmas lights from the attic.  I wanted to take advantage of this mild weather to put the outside lights up.  I hate putting Christmas lights up but they do look so good as I drive down Whitehall Drive to our home. 

I only got half the lights up though.  And, of course, one string is half out.  One light goes out and the whole block goes out.  I thought they stopped doing that.  Now I have to buy another whole string of lights.  Well, I got the white lights up and now I'm feeling a little Christmasy.

We had our friend Bob over for dinner tonight.  I usually make a new and fantastic dessert to try out on company but I got lazy today.  Probably because I spent so much time with those lights.  Bill was disappointed when I brought out the cranberry pecan cake I purchased a couple of days ago from Sam's Club.  Now I have major guilt.  I think this is the first time in my life I didn't make a fresh dessert when we had a sit down dinner for company.  I won't let that happen again.  I don't want to see that look on Bill's face again.  

I'm looking forward to having a few days off until I go back to work at the hotel.  Maybe I'll whip up that new dessert for Bill over the weekend.  We don't have to have company to have dessert. 

That pumpkin cheesecake recipe looked pretty good.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Horace (my pal) and T (Bill's pal) during a rare moment when they shared the same basket

Here I am sitting at home on this gray Thanksgiving morning 2010.  

In a few hours I'll leave for work at the hotel.  This is how I've been celebrating Thanksgiving since we moved to Delaware four years ago this month.

I have no complaints.  I don't mind working Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I'm not one for all the hub bub of holiday activity.  I'm not a "Bah humbug" kind of guy, but some years ago I just decided to opt out of all the holiday season pressure and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas the way I preferred, which is this way.  

Having said that, now here are some of my reasons (in no particular order) why I am thankful this Thanksgiving:


  • My freedom - to do, say and live as I please
  • Living in the United State of America - the greatest country in the history of the world
  • My friends - many and varied but I love them all
  • My family - both sides (Tipton and Hadfield) - again many and varied but I love them all
  • My home - my paradise in the best state of the Union - Delaware!
  • My good health - 69 years old and still going strong
  • My security - Social Security, pensions and a part-time job
  • My job - best job I could have at this time of my life - hotel front desk where I meet all kinds of cool folks


  • Those unheralded héros who rescue cats and dogs and other abandoned animals
  • Those unheralded héros who clean up the litter on the sides of our roads
  • Those unheralded héros who are whistle blowers to make public the corruption in our society
  • Those moms and dads (and other family members) who raise children to be good members of our society

I could go on and sound like a Academy Award winner and thank my third grade teacher Miss Ezrah for being responsible for the person I am today but she actually wasn't although she was a good teacher.

Last but surely not least I am thankful for being born gay.  Yes, I said it.  I am thankful for being born gay.  I believe I was born gay (this time around anyway) to give me insight of the true nature of our society and the people in it.  I truly feel that I was blessed to be chosen for this special mission in my life.

A few weeks ago I marked my 69th birthday.  The end of my life isn't that many years away.  When I look back on the past 69 years I realize how truly blessed I have been to have had such a unique and remarkable journey.  

When I go to sleep tonight I will go with the knowledge that I have a lot to be thankful for.  If I don't wake up tomorrow but instead enter Eternal Sleep I will do with the knowledge that I have had a full and rewarding life for which I am most thankful for.

Now I see I ended a sentence on a preposition which my English teacher in high school drummed into me never to do so I will attempt to correct that situation now.  

Horace and T (our two dogs pictured in this posting), I'll be with you soon. 

When that happens, I know will be in Heaven.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Security Theater

Today is the busiest travel day of the year, the day before Thanksgiving.  

Today Security Theater will be in full mode.

The ridiculous, ineffective, invasive new security procedures at airports of full body scans and pat downs will be in effect for the prisoners  airline passengers traveling today.

Editorials are being written about telling airport passengers to "get over it" and submit to the new humiliating and ineffective procedures of having their bodies scanned revealing all and/or having a personal "pat down" which in effect is a full body grope.  What has happened to our society?  I thought these procedures were for folks arrested for crimes and prisoners upon entering prison?  

Many of the talking heads on TV also voice "what's the big deal?"  I find it amazing that people who are paid a LOT OF MONEY to analyze these things are SO STUPID.  Chris Matthews of "Hardball" is one that comes to mind.  He says he will do "anything" to comply with airport security.  Really Chris?  How about a deep cavity search before you board a plane?  That's where this is going you know.

The new full body scanners are ineffective in detecting liquid or powder explosives. What's to prevent a potential terrorist in putting a tube or vial of these kinds of explosives in their anus, vagina, or penis?  Huh?  HUH?  

Let's get serious folks.  The terrorists are dead serious.  It's about time we stop this Security Theater and do some real airport security.  And what is that?

  1. Metal detectors (remember those?  That's what we were doing to detect guns and knives)
  2. Conveyor belts (remember those?  That's what we were doing to detect potential weapons)
  3. Wanding (remember those?  That's what we did when we were pulled out of line - it's not invasive but very effective in detecting any potential weapon on a body
  4. Having a trained security expert observe the passengers waiting in line for their tickets and question anyone who fits a certain profile (yes, I said it PROFILE) or acts nervous.
  5. If this security expert suspects anyone, then pull them out of the line for a further questioning and a possible full body scan and pat down.
With these new "enhanced procedures" folks, all we're doing now is Security Theater.  It's all for show.  It is looking for the bomb and not the bomber, and it's not even effective in doing that.

All the new procedures is doing is assaulting passengers with unconstitutional body searches.  Remember, in the constitution is says "......a reasonable cause for search."  To subject the mass of the riding public for such invasive searches IS NOT REASONABLE.  

So all you talking heads and experts who are advising us to "get over it" and surrender our basic right to privacy are wrong.  You're wrong, wrong, wrong. 

It's amazing.  Here I am speck of sand on the eastern shore of coastal Delaware.  A "nothing" in the big scheme of things.  But I know MORE than all these overpaid so called "experts", editorial writers and talking heads on TV.  

Just look at the pictures I have posted on this blog.  

This is just WRONG.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Element of Risk

Let's face it, we're always going to be at risk when we fly.  No amount of airport security will guarantee 100% safety from a potential terrorists once we're on the airplane.

Tonight I was watching Chris Matthews on "Hardball" debate the subject of enhanced airport security with the full body scans and the pat downs.  While I usually agree with Chris, on this subject I do not agree.  Chris, with the typical arrogance of most of the talking heads on TV and cable, says he travels a lot and "doesn't have a problem with airport security."  Well goody two shoes for Chris.  So he's not bothered.  That still doesn't address the problems of others who are humiliated by the new airport security with the body scans that show the nude body and the invasive pat downs.

Chris asks the question of the person he is bullying "What do you expect the TSA employees to do?"  I have an answer for that.  Have the public empty their pocket in a container to go through the conveyor belt and have them walk through a metal detector.  This is the procedure that was used before the Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber.  This security check will catch anyone carrying a concealed weapon.

If someone acts suspicious or airport security has reason to suspect the customer, pull them aside and interview them to get more information.  Do the work.  Don't go through the kubaki dance of airport security.  What we have now is Security Theater.  This version of airport security is ineffective.  All it does is annoy, humiliate and delay the customer. 

Using the logic that TSA is using now by gradually uping the ante of airport security with ever more invasive procedures, the day is not that far off that customers passing through airport security will be the same as prisoners being stripped and subjected to deep cavity searches before they enter prison.  Think I'm kidding?  Think about it.  Under the guise of protecting us from terrorism, the TSA thinks they have unlimited power to do whatever they deem necessary to "protect us" from the terrorists. 

The best security has been proven since 9/11.  All attempted terrorists have been thwarted since 9/11 by passengers on the airplane.  The Shoe Bomber was caught by fellow passengers.  The Underwear Bomber was caught by fellow passengers.  The only reason the 9/11 terrorists got away with what they did was because our airports and passengers were operating under the old way of thinking for handling airline hijackers.  On 9/11 they caught us by surprise.  That won't happen again. 

As far as stopping weapons from coming on a plane confiscating finger nail clippers isn't going to do it.  What about a terrorist with long finger nails?  Grab an airline attendent by and threaten to gouge her eye out with a long fingernail, isn't that a weapon?  How about fingers?  They can be used to strangle. 

There is an element of risk in airline travel.  We can only do so much for airport security before the line is crossed and the general public loses all of its right to privacy.  Let the Chris Matthews of the world go through all the body scanners they want to.  Let them go get the enhanced pat down.  However, we citizens of this country still have a consitutional right to decline such demeaning and ineffective methods of airport security. 

The terrorist threat exists.  That's what terrorism is all about, they terrorize.  They have been successful so far.  Remember when suicide bombers tried to stop the Israelis from going about their business?  The Israelies refused to change their way of life and hide.  No matter how many were killed in a suicide bomber event in an Israeli market place, the Israeli's would clean up the bloody mess and return the market to activity immediately.  That is the way you deal with terrorism, refuse to be intimidated.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Back on Line

I'm back on line folks and not a minute too soon.  So much to discuss.

Well, it turns out the problem with the Internet connection was inside.  My telephone cord went bad.  Just like that, it went bad.  I didn't touch a thing.  

Vicky, my Verizon service person (who I know quite well now from her numerous visits for my numerous service calls) checked the DSL speed coming in my house.  I have a direct line from outside the wall into my home office.  That speed was 7 MP.  At a loss at what to do now, we switched the telephone line inside that goes to the router.  Viola!  That worked!  

I am humbled.  I was wrong.  It wasn't Verizon's fault but my own negligence for having a bad telephone line.  Uh, and just how was I to know that.  Well, "things happen."  

So I'm back on line and now it's Catch Up Time.

I have a lot to write about the TSA and their Security Theater at the airport.  I will do that in a future blog posting.  I'll probably do that tomorrow after Bill and I return from Sam's Club in Dover.  This is our last shopping trip before the Christmas Deluge which begins Black Friday.  When all the Christmas shopping craziness starts we stay and home to keep out of everyone's way.  Nobody needs two doddering old men hindering their Christmas shopping experience.

Now it is time for me to watch "Dancing With the Stars".  Yes, I finally have local (aka network) TV!  I want to see what all the fuss is about Bristol Palin and if she really is that fantastic dancer the Palinites keep voting back week after week.  

Hey, I don't care if she wins.  Reality shows aren't really reality shows anyway.  They're nothing but popularity shows.  That's fine with me.  They're scripted just like any other TV show.  They're about as "real" as professional wrestling.  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA and the "audacity of grope" - On Liberty blog - Boston.com

TSA and the "audacity of grope" - On Liberty blog - Boston.com

I found this blog that expresses my feelings about the absurdity of the new enhanced methods of airport security which gives the passenger the option of a Full Montny naked body scan or a "check your junk" pat down with gloved hand (like that makes a difference whether or not you're being sexually molested.)

My Internet connection at home is still being held hostage by Verizon's "not over the weekend" service. I got an automated call from Verizin today that said a service technician will be at my house by 7 pm. Oh goody, I didn't have anything to do all day anyway than wait around for a telephone service rep.

Bill said it right yesterday, we really are getting to old for this aggravation.

Two weeks ago I had the DirecTV guy in to straighten out my satellite signal. Now I gave another precancerous growth on my neck and I was just at the dermatologist at the VA last month and they don't want to see me again for another year. Looks like I'm gonna have to make some phone calls tomorrow to look for a local dermatologist.  Last time I called there was a six month wait.  So much for health care in the good ole USA.

I'm still looking for that week (or two) that everything goes smooth. I don't know if it's me or life that is getting more complicated.

Pictures with my blog again tomorrow. I don't know how to add them with the iPad I'm on now. Just another complication.

Well, at least I have my Chirstmas cards addressed, stamped and sealed. One benefit of not being glued to the computer this weekend.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lost Internet Connection

Hi folks! I lost my Internet connection.......AGAIN! Thank you very much Verizon.

I'm working from my iPad at work now. I'm glad my workplace has a wifi. I'm glad I have an iPad, one of the best investments I've ever made.

So here I am, thwarted from expressing my usual creative juices through my blog postings.

Verizon is coming out Monday afternoon to "fix" the problem. What the problem is that Verizon just doesn't have the capacity to handle it's customers here in lower Delaware.

If they can't fix this problem with my slow and dropped Internet connections I may had to go back to Comcast........humbled and with my tail between my legs.

I hate Comcast. There customer service skills are atrocious. They're too expensive. But at least they have reliable service. That's because they're operating through a cable and Verizon is operating through a phone line.

Who knows? Maybe Comcast will surprise me and dropped their arrogant attitude and actually have customer service. One can only hope.

But you know what they say....sometimes you don't have a choice. Verizon has been so unstable that I don't have a choice.

Maybe Comcast will surprise me and actually improved their customer service. One can always hope.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't Touch My Junk!

"Don't touch my junk!" is the new phrase de jure.  Actually the exact phrase was "If you touch my junk I'll have you arrested for sexual assault!"  It was uttered by a young man from San Diego who was undergoing the new "enhanced" airport security measures.  

I stopped flying when you had to take your shoes off before boarding an airplane.  Hey, I make most people take off their shoes before they enter my house but this idiotic requirement to take off your shoes to check them for explosives is asinine.  How many potential shoe bombers have we caught since the practice was put into place? 


Now we have new "enhanced" requirements that the TSA airport screeners use the front of the hand to go around a woman's breast and up and down a man's leg.  I don't know about you but the last time I underwent a "procedure" of that sort was when I was in a gay bar on New Year's Eve.  Back then we called it groping.  And that is what it is today, GROPING.  

The way they keep escalating the invasive security checks it is only a matter of time before everyone will be required to strip to buck ass nude and undergo full cavity searches.  

You think I'm kidding?  I put NOTHING past the stupidity of our government, no matter which political party is in charge.  

Airport security checks are a shame.  They're phony.  It's all cosmetic to make it look like they're doing something when in effect, there is no airport security.  

Osama bin Laden and his henchmen are sitting in their caves now laughing at us.  

The terrorists have won folks.  We're jumping to their tune.  

Now is the time to get serious about airport security and do it the way the Israelis do, check the people waiting in (which they have to do anyway) and look for tell tale signs of a potential terrorist. 

Of course this means the government has to do some real training of TSA employees, not just hire any Jim, Judy or Jack off the street to feel you up at the airport security check.  

Will the government finally get serious?  I don't know.  What I do know is that this new security check isn't going to work.  

All those politicians, especially the Tea Baggers who complain about Big Gubment, here's a real intrusion on your personal liberties. 

Where in the Constitution does it say the government can grope its citizens?  But maybe that's a moot point because the Gubment has been screwing us for a long time.  Just saying.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Years and Counting

Yesterday, November 17th, was the fourth anniversary of our move to Delaware.

I will always remember that date, not only because it was the traumatic ending to the nightmare of selling our house in Pennsylvania but it is also the birthday of my favorite (and only)  sister-in-law, Barbara Tipton.  And yes, I did call Barbara yesterday and sing "Happy Birthday" to her over the phone.  I can't sing but she said she liked it.  That's Barbara, just about the best sister-in-law a guy could ever have.  We're both Scorpios, maybe that also helps to explain the special affinity we have for one another.

The picture on this blog is of Bill, me and my brother John.  I don't remember what we were studying but we were in our new house.  Whatever it was, it was important.  Don't tell anyone, but John is the smart one in our family.  That is a big admission for me to make since I am the oldest brother.  John is the youngest and Isaac is in the middle.  We are brothers but we're about as different as three men can be.  We don't even look alike.  I look like our father. I don't know if that's good or bad but apparently I got the major dose of his look-alike genes.

So how has the past four years been since I moved to the Diamond State?  My answer is:


I love living in Delaware.  Love it, love it, love it!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holocaust Museum

Nazi Propaganda Poster from the Holocaust Museum

Yesterday my friend Bob C. and I took a church sponsored trip to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

The weather was appropriated gray, overcast day with slow, intermittent rain for such a solemn visit to this memorial of one of the worst episodes of man's inhumanity to man.

I thought I knew just about all there was to know about the holocaust.  After a day at the Holocaust Museum I have a new awareness of the true extent of evil of this dark period of human history.

One thing that impressed me mightily was how well done everything was done.   From the architecture of the building to the visual displays.  

Within five minutes of entering the building and seeing the first photographs and film, I was overwhelmed. 

My throat choked up and tears welled in my eyes.  

I can now see the need for the numerous benches and places to sit.  Sometimes you have to stop and just gather yourself before proceeding on.  

What really impressed me about the displays was how tastefully they were done.  I guess I expected a circus sideshow quality but there was none of that.  While many of the images (both photos and film) were quite graphic and nothing like you've ever seen before, they still somehow managed to maintain the dignity of those who were persecuted  

The most overwhelming of the tour for me was when I had to actually pass through one of the cattle cars that sometimes transported as many as one hundred of my fellow human beings to their ultimate doom.  

As I walk through those darkened walls I could sense the cries of desperation of those long gone souls screaming out to me.

I didn't think it could get any worse until I came upon some of the actual bunks that some of the concentration camp inmates slept on.  It was quite an  overpowering experience.  

One thing I do know for sure, I will have to go back.  

Lest we never forget. 

Our church group entering the Holocaust Museum yesterday

Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost There

Hey folks!  I'm almost back to my ornery self.  My arm is MUCH BETTER!

Today I engaged in a tete a tete with one of my Tipton cousins on FB.  We had a political discussion.  

He is of the conservative Republican persuasion that believes in no government or social programs.  

Do away with Social Security, Medicare, the VA. 

You know, the Glenn Beck/Bill O'Reilly/Sean Hannity mantra.

No taxes.

No government except to declare war so those of us in the lower socio-economic order can sacrifice our sons and daughters in this mindless destruction.

I've been holding off commenting on the recommendations of the Deficit Commission.  I can't hold off any longer.  Here goes!

How about those two bozo's who are chairing the commission?  Alan Simpson, the Angry Old Man from Wyoming.  Did you ever see a better candidate to play The Grinch?

Then there is Erskine Bowles?  WTF kind of name is "Erskine?"  He looks like an "Erskine."  You just gotta know this clown comes from inherited money.

So there they are last week.  Erskine Bowles sucking on the arm of his glasses in his too small mouth while Alan "The Curmudgeon" Simpson hunches over and spews out the bad news.

Cut Social Security.

Cut Medicare.

Cut taxes.

Charge a fee to use the VA.

Notice no where in their recommendations did they mention letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire at the end of the year?  Oh no, these birds are SO concerned with the deficit that they are willing to make those tax cuts permanent.

Well, it isn't going to work former Senator Simpson and former White House Advisor to the Clinton Administration Erskine Bowles.  Crawl back under your respective rocks.  

Let the Bush Tax cuts expire at the end of the year.  

Put the members of Congress, including retired members like Simpson, on Social Security and Medicare like the rest of us schlubs.  

And by the way President Obama,  step up to the plate and start leading.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Arm Injury Update

Exactly one month ago today, as I was entering the front door of the American Legion Post 28 in Millsboro I did a "Dick Van Dyke" trip and fell and injured my right arm.

The only other time in my life I injured any of my limbs was in 1960 when I dislocated my right knee while playing pool (don't ask how that happen, that's another whole story) in the day room of the Ft. Meade, Maryland barracks where I was stationed while I was in the Army.

That injury resulted in me wearing a cast on my right leg for six weeks, hip to ankle.  While inconvenient, that injury wasn't near as painful (except when the doctor in the emergency room slipped my knee socket back in place - OWWWWW) as this injury.

Thank God I didn't break anything during my fall a month ago.  An X-ray did reveal a small fracture of my upper right arm which the doctor told me "don't do anything."  If I touch that area, it is sensitive but doesn't hurt.  Where I had my big problem was with my wrist.  

After my fall I couldn't even raise my arm let alone turn my wrist.  Little by little over the past four weeks my body is healing. 

Now I can raise my arm to comb my hair and scratch the back of my neck.  

I can brush my teeth with my right hand which I was unable to do before because I couldn't apply any pressure to my right hand.  

I can shampoo my hair.

I can take care of personal hygiene (oh yes, even that was affected, I had to learn to use my left hand). 

This week on the cover of the USA Today newspaper I saw a picture of a soldier who was injured by a land mine explosion in Afghanistan.  He was recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital.  He was a triple amputee, missing both arms and one leg.  I just cannot imagine.  And here I thought I had problems.  

Well, the good news for me is, although my arm and wrist is still sensitive and I have to watch what pressure I apply to it, I am healing.  Each day I get a little better.  

Today I even weed whacked and transplanted several plants.  It was a beautiful day to do these chores.  I love working outside in my yard.  However, I think I did over do it a bit though because I was exhausted by the time I was done.  I was worn out.

I got to thinking of that triple amputee soldier again.  Then I thought of how lucky I was.  

Caregiver Update

  Bill with his hospice nurse last week Regular followers of this blog have no doubt noticed that I haven't been posting on a regular ba...