Monday, February 13, 2012

Adele Sings "Someone Like You" & The Guy Who Broke Her Heart

ey folks, it's my blog and I'm posting more about my new found passion...Adele.  Here is Adele singing "Someone Like You."  Who can't identify with this song?  Who hasn't lost a love and suffered the pain of rejection?  I have, how about you?

Now get this, the ex-boyfriend WANTS MONEY FROM ADELE FOR "INSPIRING" HER!  Talk about a prick.  Hey, who hasn't lost a love who turned out to be a real prick?  I have.  How about you?

Adele has it right. Although this prick had nothing to do with the creative input into her music he did make her adult and put her on the road she is now traveling. Hey, I've been there too. How about you?

Now this is what I love about You Tube. Here is the guy who broke Adele's heart. Whaddya think?  There isn't much else that makes me happier than to see someone Living Well after a dirtbag like this rejects that person.  Maybe this is why so many people identify with Adele. Sure, she's a little overweight and has a Cockney accent and maybe not "good enough" for the likes of this a--hole.  Hey Adele, I've been there myself...a couple times.  I know girl, I know.


  1. anne marie in philly5:34 PM

    I hope she takes alllllll her money and spends it on herself!

    and mr. prick can go back to living under a bridge.

  2. Anne Marie,

    What I LOVE about Adele in addition to her FABULOUS VOICE is that she is a normal size woman and she is so honest. She says exactly what she thinks! She's real. That's the kind of woman I've always respected. You're right, that troll can crawl back under his rock. Oops, I think I'm mixing up my metaphors.

  3. Ron, I'll come out of the closet and say that I just CANNOT understand the current worldwide adulation for this person. Not that I think she is BAD - she clearly isn't. Even I can hear that. But people going on and on as though she was the best thing since..... (well, pick your own!) just completely escapes me. My nephews and nieces and their own families are all crazy about her, so I was putting it down to maybe a 'generation thing'. But now that you also are so upfront with your admiration I've got to consider that the fault is in me. Maybe the penny will drop - but I'm not exactly looking for that coin.

  4. Ray,

    I appreciate your comments. I always appreciate your comments because they are honest and respectful to me even though you sometimes disagree with me. Friends can disagree and still be friends.

    I think I understand your viewpoint Why I like Adele is that she is so refreshing from the usual, self absorbed, drug addicted, pop idol. Sure, she has a beautiful voice but more than that she comes across (to me) as just a regular person JUST LIKE ME I think that is why so many people identify with her. Susan Boyle paved that way for an ordinary, normal weight, woman to be a pop star. However, I think Susan's problem is that she isn't psychologically able to handle her fame. I sense with Adele she is a strong woman but has the same vulnerabilities and self-doubts that most of us possess. I probably wouldn't have been as totally taken with Adele had I not seen her "60 Minutes" interview first. But seeing how totally honest and unaffected she was, I was totally won over even before I heard her sing. Adele is literally a breath of fresh air on the current popular culture scene. We are way overdue for a "normal person" to be a cultural icon.

  5. Ron, the opening of your response to my comment gives me encouragement. It's very nice to read sentences like that.

    I must admit I've never seen ANY interview with Adele and only heard her make the odd remark, which is invariably taken out of context. Not that that itself would be any reason to dislike her - in fact I might well be won over if I did hear her speaking at length. (I only hope she doesn't go all slim on us as Kate Winslet and Geri Halliwell did.)
    You mention Susan Boyle. I actually CAN see what is remarkable about her voice - but, as you say, a very vulnerable person who in the recent past was pushed beyond what might have been advisable for her. But the last I heard she is handling it so as long as she puts herself first and doesn't allow anyone to move her around in the interests of more money for THEM, she ought to be able to hold herself together.
    Of course there's a hell of a difference between the songs of the two ladies. I'm not going to give up on Adele. It's clear that there's something there which I'm not getting. It's not very good when others can see or hear something to enjoy and I'm missing out on it. I want to join in!

  6. Ray,

    Don't give up on Adele! It's her personality that makes her special. I'll see if I can find that 60 Minutes interview on YouTube and send it to you. Hearing her speak, the honesty and forthrightness in her is very refreshing compared to all the rest of the pop stars who all seem to think they have to have a gimmick no matter how talented they are in their own right.

  7. Hahaha, his vid on Youtube just makes me laugh (His English accent is so tickling me). What a story!


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