Friday, September 30, 2011

Is There Life After Life?

Delaware Memorial Veterans Cemetery Millsboro, DE

A short answer, no.  At least not as we know it now.  How do I know?  I don't but I do know is what I feel to the depths of my consciousness.  The only thing that makes any sense to me is that our spirit our soul or whatever you call it, is dispersed at death.  Maybe "it" goes to some plane in the universe and then comes together later in another form and returns to life as we know it.

We all have that feeling of "oneness".  I have always thought I was unique in being the only person in the world to have that feeling until about ten years ago.  Now I am willing to concede that maybe others have that feeling of oneness too.  I don't know because I'm not in their body looking out.  I can only speak from my own experience.

From my earliest memory, when I was about four years old, I felt like I was "returning" to this existence.  Don't ask me how, it is just something I felt.  Then as the years rolled by, I felt like I was going through the routine of living a "life" again.  Again, don't ask me how I know, it is just something I felt.

My life has gone through several distinct phases.  I think I am in the next to final phase now.  The phase where I am entering Old Age.  Although I will be 70 years old in a few weeks, I don't feel like an Old Man.  I don't think like an Old Man.  However, I am beginning to look like an Old Man.  Much to my chagrin I might add.  I have been very fortunate in that I have maintained a somewhat acceptable appearance for most of my life.  This time around anyway.

I just can't imagine living my life as an ugly, short person or even a woman for that matter, not that there is anything the matter with being a woman, I just wouldn't want to be one.  I am and always have been a tall, slim, somewhat pleasant looking guy with slightly above average intelligence.  I am very happy the way I am.  I would rather be me than a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg with all their money.  Really, I would.  In fact I wouldn't even want to be a movie star handsome man because their looks quickly fade and then what do they have?  I like myself just the way I am.  Someone or something has been very beneficent to me This Time Around and I an appreciative.

At the young age of ten years old I realized that organized religion was a sham.  A way to control people.  That was the age I refused to be blackmailed by religion into praying my way into Heaven.  Over the years I have occasionally questioned myself but I still come up with the same answer, there is Nothing there.

The past few years the deaths of the number of my relatives, friends, acquaintances and co-workers has increased greatly.  We all have to go sometime.  We just don't know when.  What I do know is that I have lived the major portion of my life and I am now entering the phase of preparing for the Final Exit.

Do I fear the Final Exit?  Only if it is very painful and humiliating.  As I posted in a earlier blog, one of my neighbors, who is only six months older than I am, is in the now in the process of dying.  I look out my window every day and I see the hospice care worker's car at his garage entrance.  When I return home from working at the hotel I see the lights on in his bedroom.  In life my neighbor was a selfish, prejudiced and very demanding person so I can just imagine what he is like now.  I have a great deal of sympathy for his longtime partner that their ending must be this way; long, tedious, and painful.  That is not the way I want to go.  If I prayed, I would pray that I wouldn't go that way.  Besides, by the time I am at Death's Door, I'll probably be by myself.  My spouse just turned 83 years old this week.  He's in good health but the odds are he will be gone before I will.  That's what I'm assuming anyway.  You just never know.

Bill looking for Tim this morning

This morning we visited the Delaware Veteran's Memorial Cemetery in Millsboro.  We wanted to see our friend Tim's final resting place.  Tim used to drive the American Legion Van to the Wilmington Veterans Administration Medical Center in Wilmington.  Bill and I got to know Tim quite well.  Tim was one of the Good Guys.  Quiet, friendly, unselfish, undemanding and generous.  We never heard an unkind remark come from his lips. He treated Bill and I with dignity and respect as he did all the others he transported to the Wilmington VA. He must have traveled thousands of miles driving us vets to the Wilmington VA.  He never complained once.  We both liked Tim a lot and were saddened when we learned of his death last September, only a few days after my Mother died.

Veterans' Ashes at the Delaware Memorial Cemetery - The Wall

To me when you die it is a win-win situation.  Either you really are at Enternal Rest (the Big Sleep) in which you know nothing.  Or, if there is some kind of "after-life" then you must be reunited with loved ones including pets.  I absolutely reject the Christian notion that there is a Hell waiting for those who don't obey the rule to Praise the Lord while they're alive.  That is the religious blackmail of which I spoke earlier.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  So either I'm going to take the Nap of the Ages or I'm going to see my little dogs again and  those who I liked and loved during my lifetime.  Maybe I'll even get to meet some of my ancestors so I can fill in those gaps in my family tree. Either way, that day isn't too far away now.  As my former classmate Steve P. told me shortly before he died and I was at a loss for words he said "Don't worry about me Ron, I'm curious to see what is on the Other Side."  Well said.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prince Charming

Prince Charming - Disney Version

I saw him again this morning.  "Him" was Prince Charming.  As my fellow gay bloggers know all to well, we're always on the lookout for the elusive Prince.  We haunt the gay bars hoping against hope that we will see HIM leaning against the far wall locking eyes with us as soon as we walk into the bar.  We go to gay churches hoping to meet HIM at the coffee get together at the end of the services.  We hang out at the gay section of the beach hoping that he will see how adorable we are in spite of our less than perfect beach bodies.  Oh yes, WE all know what I'm talking about.

Well, this morning I went for my haircut at Dino's Barber Shop located in the back of the Essentials Beauty Store at the Safeway Shopping Center in Rehoboth Beach.  I was hardly settled into the barber chair when HE walked in.  Yes, it was Prince Charming again!

I've seen HIM many times over the years.  In fact, twice I even hooked up with the Prince.  Both affairs were intense but short.  Neither one ended well.  But while they lasted, they were heaven.  HEAVEN! Memories that I will never, never forget.  I often go back and relive those memories.

Yes, this morning HE showed himself again.  This Prince was in his late 40's or early 50's.  About 5'9" or 10" tall.  Light brown crew cut (I am a sucker - no pun intended - for older guys with a crew cut) hair.

He was dressed in a casual shirt which he was wearing out over his tan shorts.  He had white socks and was wearing a new pair of sneakers.  He was adorable!

As soon as he came in he averted his eyes from mine.  I'm sorry folks, when I see Prince Charming my hungry eyes must give me away like a fool.  I probably scare them all off.  Well, he did avert eye contact and immediately sat down and picked up a newspaper and started to read it.

While Dino was cutting my hair and talking to me (don't ask me what he was talking about, my mind was racing ahead to these would do together during the next ten years; the trips, the parties, and the...oh yes, the bed), I was sneaking furtive glances at HIM.  Oh such nice legs, hairy but not TOO hairy.  Nice hair (crewcut.)  I like the shape of his mouth.  Oh yes, very, very nice.

You know it's funny but I'm not usually attracted to gay men.  Sometimes I think I'm doomed to only find straight men attractive.  I think it is their natural masculinity,  innocence and lack of bitchiness that attract me.  I have gay friends but (no offense if you're reading this my gay friends)  I find none of them attractive.  We're loaded with gay guys down here in the East Coast Gay Playground of Washington, D.C. but I find NONE of them attractive.  Not even the butchies who do the ManDance thing at the local leather bar.

Nope, they are all a bunch of limp weenies to me.  The irony is that the straight men I am attracted to would be limp with me.  I'm in a Catch-22.  

Some years ago I became resigned to the fact that I would never, ever have a fling or romantic interest in anyone again.  Oh I know, you ask "What about your spouse?"  Hey, I love my spouse and he loves me but THAT part of our relationship ended decades ago.  Not that I'm champing at the bit to hop into bed with someone, I'm not.  But, every now and than I see someone like this guy this morning that gets the old juices flowing again.

Hey, maybe there is still some life in the old bird yet.

Here are a couple of my fantasies in the entertainment world today.  For either one of these men, I would literally run away from home.  Yes I would.
Bradley Cooper - be still my heart.

I know Ryan is stuck on himself but he is still my No. 1 (Bradley is a close second) fantasy.

If I did a Threesome with these two, I would implode.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life and Death

Don (in red), Al (in white) and me (in black) on the way to a Halloween party 2009

Al came home a few days ago.  He came home to die.

Al has stage 4 liver cancer.  The cancer has spread throughout his body. The radiation and chemotherapy Al has been receiving is no longer effective in controlling his cancer.  The cancer has spread throughout the rest of his body.  Now the only option left is to makeAl as comfortable and pain free as possible at this time, the end of his life.

I met Al and his partner Don a few months after Bill and I moved to Delaware in 2006.  I had heard that there was another gay couple who also built a house in this development and who were also having trouble selling their other house.  I wanted to meet them and share our situation, perhaps it would make us feel a little better about the dilemma were were in.

I watched their house for the next several weeks and one day when I saw their car parked out in front I knocked on their door and introduced myself.  Yes, they were also having trouble selling their home.  They lived in New Jersey.  We commiserated.

Soon the four of us developed a friendship.  Bill and I had Al and Don over to the house a few times for dinner and they had me over to their house.  I think Bill went once but Bill usually doesn't like to go to other people's houses for dinner.

In the next year I frequently accompanied Al and Don to local restaurants and a few shopping trips.  However, one summer two years ago we had a falling out.  I won't go into the details here, it's not important.  What I will say was that even though we are both gay (Al and Don and me and Bill), we really didn't have anything in common and were beginning to grate on each other's nerves.  We let the friendship (what there was of it) wither away on the vine.  Sometimes that happens with friendships, gay or straight.  It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

In the two years since that time Bill and I would see Al drive through the neighborhood.  Don was always working.  Al stayed at home all the time, he was on disability.  Al is only six months older than me.

Al with he Pekinese "Lucy" 2009

About two months ago, all activity ceased over at Don and Al's (we can see their garage door from our dining room).  We assumed that Al's health had gotten worse and he was in the hospital.  As it turned out, we were right.

Last week one of our neighbors informed us that she heard that Al had stage four liver cancer.  That is a terminal illness.  Then last week we saw several vehicles parked outside their garage.  There was a lot of activity.  It was obvious that Al had come home to die.  I assume one of the vehicles was the hospice care worker.

Bill made a suggestion that perhaps we should go over to see them.  I wasn't sure.  After all, we hadn't spoken for two years.  What would we say?  Wouldn't it be awkward?  Wouldn't be be interfering?  Would we be perceived as vultures?

We decided not to see Al.  I don't know what good it would do.  One friend of mine did suggest we see them just to "close the door."  I honestly don't know. I've never been in a situation like this before.

Every day Bill and I look out our dining room window over at Al and Don's to see the activity.  It is ironic that we're looking out our dining room window because Don got on my case once that I never use the dining room when they came over for dinner.  I still haven't served a meal in my dining room.

I feel bad for Al and Don.  A slow death is not something I would wish on anyone.  And it is certainly not the kind of death that I want to go through.  I've experienced too much of this already because it is the way my Mother went last September.  It is an ugly, demeaning, painful, and uncomfortable death.

We're on a Death Watch now.  I'll remember those good times we had in the past.  Sad times here.

Al at the Purple Parrot with Richard the Waiter (Al loved to flirt with the waiters at the Parrot) - 2009

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Episode #2

Derek and Ricki - last week

Okay folks, I couldn't find enough photo images from last night's competition to put fresh pictures on this posting, so I'll have to go with the promo photos.

Last night's show was interesting again.  "Dancing With the Stars" is the only reality show that I can stand to watch.  I watch "Millionaire Matchmaker"...sometimes.  After awhile, those spoiled, weird and loser millionaires looking for love is too much for even me.  So here is my snarky and not fair critique of last night's efforts of our dancing pros and their celebrity partners.  And remember, I mean no offense to anyone by my remarks,(except perhaps Mr. Balas).  Here goes!

Kristin tried to channel Marilyn Monroe last night.  Sorry Kristin, I've seen and heard Marilyn.  You're no Marilyn Monroe. Your dancing last night?  Okay...I guess.  Mr. Ballas was actually controlled himself most of the dance until the very end when he did a backflip that was more appropriate for the Circus Solei than the ballroom dance floor.  This is dancing Mark?  Go out for the Olympics next time.

Rob did the "Beach Boys" thing.  Rob was on one of the heftier Beach Boys.   By the way, drop the "Shy Boy" routine Rob, it rings false.  You're spoiled.  And please, PUHLEAZE...step dad Bruce Jenner...WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?  Bruce used to be hot.  Now he he looks like a drag queen with her makeup off and teeth out,  especially when he's cheering on Robby Boy.
Carson, your "dancing" is more fun that I expected but you would be more at home playing drag volleyball at Rehoboth Beach.  You have a week or two at the most before you're voted off.
You can put her in a dress (and a skimpy one at that) but if "she" is a big, muscular tomboy goalie of a girls soccer team, she's still a goalie.  You can take the girl out of the soccer stadium but you can't take the soccer out of the girl.  Again, Maks was the best thing about last night's dance.  Love you Maks!
You're still the cutest David.  Love witnessing your "friendship" with former wife who valiantly sits in the audience with oh so adorable daughter Coco (is this girl ever going to grow up to be spoiled beyond repair?)  As they say David, lots of enthusiasm but little technical skill.  Still, you're a pleasure to watch (in spite of your flat ass) as is your partner Kym.
Elisabetta, whose only reason for being on the show is that she slept with George Clooney (sure, why else is she on the show?) continues to display the sexy voluptuousness  that got George hard but the best part about her appearance last night was her snit about attitude with her partner Val, the beady eyed yet also sexy younger brother of Maks.  
Ricki and her "DEREKlicious" partner Derek (oh okay, I know the guys stuck on himself but I still like watching him and I'm not even attracted to blondes!) did well last night in her Twenties Flapper costume.  Derek clearly out danced her but didn't show her up.  That's what I like about Derek, he compliments and doesn't dominate his celebrity partner.  You won't see Derek doing a backflip at the end of the dance just to draw attention to himself the way Mr. Showman Mark Balas did. last night.  Derek is too much of a gentleman for a stunt like that.  Love you Derek...mysterious eyes.  
Seeing the ample figured Nancy Grace tripping the Light Fantastic across the newly christened DWTS dance floor reminds me of the old left handed compliment "You don't sweat much for a fat girl."  Nancy, bless her heart, is very ernest and put forth an admirable effort last night.  But alas, she is like the dog who walks on its hind legs.  It's not so much that the dog walks well but the fact that the dog can walk on two legs that is amazing.  You did all right last night Nance for a Big Girl.  And oh, enough with the twins already, we get it.

Another graceful effort by Chynna last night and her partner Tony.  I'm getting more of a "feel" for Chynna and I have to say I don't much care for her.  She seems like one of these self-absorbed Hollywood princesses but in spite of that personal perception of mine, I still find that she dances quite well.  She will end up in the top three.  She is beautiful, graceful and elegant and she knows it.
The best natural dancer of all the competition is J. R. Martinez.  What a shame that his facial disfigurement is so distracting (just telling it like it is folks in this age of Political Correctness).  J. R. not only has the most confident attitude without being arrogant but his dance moves are the smoothest.  He just may well win the Sparkling Dance Ball (or whatever they call it).  

Chaz, I feel your pain buddy (the knees) but last night's Quick Step wasn't quick.  You're going home tonight buddy boy.  
Chaz Bono gives it the old College Try last night but you can by the look on  his face he knows it isn't working.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bachelor Uncles

Me and my cousin "Bud", September 1, 1951

I'm back folks!  I finally completed my six day marathon work schedule.  Just got up from my afternoon nap.  I think I'll survive.  Maybe go to bed early tonight and then by tomorrow I'll be good as new.

Anyone following my blog regularly know that I throwing a family reunion in a few weeks.  For the past few weeks I've been posting teaser photos on my Facebook page.  Mostly old, really old, family photos.  Here are a couple I posted today.  They are both of me and my cousin Edward "Bud" Tipton.  Bud and I were born the same year.  Bud and I are both bachelors (hint, hint) and both of us are smart, good-looking, and charm boys beyond all reasonable measure.  Everyone in the family (at least I like to think so) loves "Uncle Ronnie" and "Uncle Bud."

Me and my cousin Bud at his home 2009 - like me he is an avid (and good) gardner

 Hey, did you ever notice almost every family has a bachelor uncle.  I had one on both sides of my family.  On my dad's side it was his younger brother, Bruce.  Yes, I had an "Uncle Bruce."  On Mom's side of the family it was "Uncle George."  Both men were delightful and loved by all members of the family and yet had no family of their own.

Bruce Tipton - 1954 - Germany

I remember Uncle Bruce very well.  In fact, he lived with our family for awhile while he was a teenager because my grandparents had died before Uncle Bruce had finished high school.  Uncle Bruce used to babysit me.  Except for the time I crawled out from a second story bedroom and rolled down the front porch roof and landed on my head in the front yard when I was only six months old, he was a good babysitter.

George Lincoln Hadfield, Jr. -  1944
I guess I can say it now, I had the hots for my Uncle George from my earliest memory.  I didn't know what the "hots' were when I was only a ten year old but I did know I LOVED it when he came to visit my Mother (his youngest sister).  Of course Uncle George never molested me, not even close.  But oh did I ever enjoy his visits and his smile and that knowing wink he would give me every once in a while.  What a thrill that was for this ten year old even though I didn't know what was going on with my little body at that time.  I wish I could have had a "conversation" with Uncle George before he passed away too suddenly one day after retirement at 62 years old from an allergic reaction to a bee sting (in his mouth) that he got from mowing his grass.

William Hadfield - 1863

As regular readers of my blog know, I also research my family history.  I have many bachelor uncles and spinster aunts in my family tree as I am sure all of you do too. Here is a picture of my great-great uncle William Hadfield (he was my Uncle George's great uncle) taken during the Civil War.  Great-great uncle William never married either.  I wonder what life was like for the "single" man back in the 1860's.  I wish I could have had a conversation with Uncle William too.

Darlington Frederick Hannum - 1886

As in most families, mine was very poor except for one branch of the family tree.  That was my Great Uncle Darlington Frederick Hannum.  "Uncle Freddie" (as he was known in the family - you didn't think he went by the name of "Darlington" did you?  "Darlington" was his mother's maiden name) made his money in the Oklahoma Land Rush.  He went to law school and lived and worked in Washington D.C. as a patent lawyer in the late 1800's.  He was very well off and his money sprinkled down the family tree.  My Mother at the age of 35 years old came into a small inheritance from "Uncle Freddie" which enabled out family to buy our first television, it was a 13 inch black and white Philco TV.  Ironies of all ironies, we used to watch "Uncle Miltie" on TV.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Week in Photos

Not much time for a well thought out blog posting (and I do have a lot to talk about) so instead, just to let my faithful blog followers know that I'm still alive here are some of the photos I took with my iPhone this week.  I've stolen this idea from a fellow blogger who posts a weekly blog called "The Sunday Post."  He post photos that he took with his iPhone of his families activities, which includes photos of his wife, son, nieces and nephews.  The only children you will see in my "My Week in Photos" are children of my boss or friends.  My circle (Old Gay Guys) don't have children with the possible exception of Mark H. and he is an exception (if you know what I mean).

Here goes in no particular order or favor:

Hotel guests standing on the flight deck of the Admiral's Quarters at the hotel where I work in Lewes, DE overlooking the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal - they liked the suite!

Sam Caliogne's front yard (yes, he of the worldwide known Dogfish Brewery) on Pilottown Road in Lewes.  My friend Bob C. is thinking of having the same gals who "did" Sam's front yard do his and he wanted me to take a picture of it for him - I was only too happy to oblige because I had a few minutes before I had to go to work just a block down the street.  Bob didn't like the yard, he said it was "too much."  Just like Sam.

My Bill in a pensive moment this past week sitting in his favorite (lawn) chair in the sunroom - he won't like it that I posted his picture that he didn't even know I took until now.  I'll hear about this.  Won't be the first time.

Me taking a picture of the breakfast setup at the Inn.  Since I did dayshift this week I had to put out the breakfast.  However, I so infrequently work days I always forget the exact layout so I have to take a picture to remind me.  Sorry for the blur but I rushed to take the picture before the hotel guest crashed the room and devoured everything you see.

Another blurred picture (sorry) that I took in the kitchen while we were all eating a lunch compliments of the owner of the hotel in celebration of Dawn's birthday (she in the orange in the middle)  The gentleman in the blue shirt is our sales director and  he DOES NOT LIKE ME TAKING HIS PICTURE so that's why this is blurred.  Jesse doesn't pose.  I didn't want a punch in the nose.

This is Dee, our head housekeeper.  She is Indian (Nanticoke) and runs a tight ship at the hotel.   I like her and she likes me. With a person like Dee you want to be on her good side.  I am.

This is what the sky looked like this morning as I turned out of my development on my way to work very early this morning to open the hotel.  Yes, I go to work in the dark.  First stop,  the 24/7 Walgreens to pick up the newspaper.  See below photo.

This is the new Walgreens in Lewes, DE.  The only place I can buy a paper 6:15 am.  It's a new store but man oh man, hard to navigate getting in and out.  I think this is because they fear robbers and want to slow their getaway down.  Checkout the posts for hitching the horses front of the entrance doors.  

This is my boss (yes, he is THAT YOUNG - young enough to be my grandson) with his beautiful Russian wife Olga and their adorable daughter Alexandra.  Happy families like this make me happy.

I just had to take another picture of Olga.  Olga is one of those woman who looks beautiful even without makeup.  

This is my co-worker Robert. Yes, he too is young enough to be my grandson.  He relieved me today on shift, I relieve him tomorrow.  Robert is very cool.  He has a sardonic with that I love.  He's also gullible.  A great combination.  I tease him all the time.  One day he's going to get tired of it and tell me to buzz off.  But for now he's tolerating me.

This is Bill (my spouse) with our loverly and wonderful neighbor Barbara.  I don't know but sometimes I think there is more than "friendship" between these two.  Look at Barbara's dog, I think she's trying to tell me something in Dog Body Language. 
This is the picture I took of the Bay Leaf restaurant where Bill and I ate tonight.  Bill doesn't like to eat out but he relented when I pleaded with him to join me for dinner.  I didn't feel like cooking and I love the Bay Leaf's brushetta, homemade soups, French Fries and Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panninis.  Man, what's not to like? Oh yes, this is one of those Old People Restaurants. We both felt right at home.
After dinner I took my daily walk in the Oyster Rocks development (behind where I live).  Look closely and you'll see yet another rainbow.  We've had so much rain and clouding skies the past several week, it was good to see this Ray of Hope.

This is my neighbor Tom C.'s house which, with this lighting, reminded me vaguely of the Bates Motel in "Pschyo." Sort of anyway.  

So there you go folks, just a little slice of my life this week while I complete my marathon run of working six days in a row.  Tomorrow is my last day.  YAAAAY!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Time to Retire?

Hey folks, I'm working a marathon consecutive six days in a row at the hotel during a very busy time.  I won't be blogging for the next few days.  Any rumors that I have decided to stop blogging or have lost interest in blogging are great exaggerated .  I love to blog but I just can't do my best working all these hours.  I remember something my Mother told me when she came from working a log shift at her Pepperridge Farm job.  She worked on the cake layer line in the frozen foods division.  Yes, my Mom had one of those "Lucy and Ethel" conveyor belt job.  My Mom's "Ethel" was her sister-in-law and one of my favorite aunts, my Aunt Mabel.

My Mom accepting her 25th anniversary award from her Pepperridge Farm Supervisor

When she came home from her regular shift at Pepperridge, she went up to the garden she and my Pop had.  She hoed eight rows of corn like she usually did.  Then she came back to the house and prepared a whole meal for the family.  For the first time in her life she said she felt tired while hoeing the corn.  Of course she was tired before but this was a different kind of "tired." She was 64 years old.  She said that's when she realized she couldn't do what she used to do.

My Aunt Mabel had a similar experience.  She was 72 years old when she realized that she just couldn't make those full family meals for her many membered family.  She said "Ronnie, I'm just tired."

Well guess what boys and girls, I am tired.  Sure, I think some people I work with read this blog.  Maybe my boss and even the owner reads it occasionally.  Let me say this, I'll work as long as I am physically able to work.  I can manage quite well working two days a week.  But his six days in a row is a killer.  I am EXHAUSTED.  Tired man, TIRED.  In a few weeks I'll be 70 years old.  Hey, maybe it's time to hang up the old boxing gloves.  I'm telling you, it's looking mighty tempting.

I enjoy working.  I like the interaction with my coworkers and the guests at the hotel.  Oh sure, occasionally I get a rude guest who insults me and puts me down.  That's not fun and it takes just about all my self control not to lash out with anger and sarcasm.  But I manage.  However, I wonder, how much longer do I want to do this?  Then I think of the extra money my job provides.  While I don't make a lot of money, I make enough to enable me to buy "extras" like sponsoring a family reunion coming up in a few weeks.  I order books form and don't worry about the cost.  I have all the latest gadgets.  Bill and I can do the extra things that make life enjoyable.  Yes, this will take some serious thinking.  Once I make the decision to leave my job, I'll never apply for another job in my life.  I will never go to another job interview begging for a minimal pay job.  I've been working for over sixty years now and some time of job,   maybe now is the time to retire?  Maybe.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Season #13

The long awaited premier of season 13 of "Dancing With the Stars" premiered last night and did not disappoint.

Before I give my snapshot review of last night's celebrities and their dancing partners I want to make it clear that I have the upmost respect for both all involved.  Whatever they're paying the celebrities it isn't enough.  This is hard work and to expose yourself to criticism and ridicule takes courage.  More courage than I have.  That said here is my take on last night's premier episode:

I wasn't expecting much from professional gay Carson but I was pleasantly surprised.  He may not have got all the technical points right on his dance but he was great fun to watch.  GREAT!  Talk about enthusiasm and showmanship.  Carson had it all.  BTW, what's with the lips Carson?  

 Another pleasant surprise, Chaz was good!  With all his weight, Chaz was surprisingly light on his feet and danced well.  Great job Chaz!

Chynna was very elegant.  She performed a delightful waltz.  She reminds me of last season's Petra Nemova.

David and Kym are my favorites to win the crystal ball.  David was sort of all over the place but still very watchable because of his vulnerability and boy-like enthusiasm.  He is focused and serious about winning. I'm prejudiced because I like David.  I think he's cute.  

 OMG, Max has a brother!?  Reminds me of the time I had the hots for this guy I used to work with years ago.  I didn't know he had an identical twin brother.  When I met his twin I got dizzy from over fantasy overload. Val and Elisabetta did very well.  Very watchable.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of Mak's little brother.

Oh Maks, His favorite.  Max was excellent as always.  Hope needs to feminize her moves more otherwise they both did well.  She looked like she wanted to drill a volley ball.

Talk about admiration.  What a great attitude J. R. has!  I am so impressed as I also was by his dancing.  J. R. will definitely be in the finals.  He is an inspiration.  This man is amazing!

Oh here we are.  I made a promise to myself that I won't bore my readers with my dislike of Showboat Mark Ballas.  Well, I can't help myself so I'm going to bitch a little bit about Mark.  His dancing was way over the top again last night.  Will someone take Mr. Ego aside and tell him that he should not overshadow his celebrity partner?  Please!  That said, I think Kristin did an absolutely superb job dancing in spite of her selfish partner Mark.  He is so annoying.  Vote him off, please.

I didn't realize that Nancy was so....uh...chunky.  That said, she had some great moves.  Her professional partner, while cute, wasn't up to par with the other professional dancers.  I think he will come around though.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of Nancy shaking those ample hips and her other "assets."

Mark Ballas could learn something from Derek Hough.  I never saw Derek Hough before.  Last year was the first year I started to follow "DWTS."  Derek took last year off.  Last night was the first time I saw him and learned that he has already won three mirrored balls.  I can see why.  Derek is perfection.  He is the perfect professional partner for his celebrity partner.  He makes them look good without overshadowing them with outrageous costumes, arms swinging, and sliding across the dance floor.  Rikki may do very well with Derek as her partner.  He is a pleasure to watch dancing.  

Rob Kardishian?  One word:  Boring.  He will probably be voted off tonight if Ron Artest isn't.

One word for Ron:  Disturbing.  What was with the red beard and hair?  Orange?  Whatever.  And all that sweat. What, was he on a basketball court?  He will probably be voted off tonight if Rob Kardashian isn't.  

Fun time last night.  This is the kind of reality show that I like!

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