Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Temporary Tooth In Place!

Temporary crowning place, can you spot it?

Very lucky this morning folks! I was able to secure an appointment with my dentist, Dr. Andy, to replace my broken crown.

I spent about an hour and a half in the dental chair, while my gums were dug into, molds taken and needles injected. 

I now have a temporary crown. My new crown will be ready when I return from California, next month February 24th.  

Now my challenge is that I don't break this temporary crown that is in my mouth.  I was fearing that I would spend my two weeks in California gap toothed.  Even though Pat said I looked "sort of cute" with the gap toothed, no thanks folks. It would be just my luck that I would be called up on stage when we attend our annual "The Price is Right" show.

Now I have to be very careful what I eat. No more pita chips (my favorite) or bagels (which I never eat).  

Of course this replacement crown is yet another financial hit.  Just when I think I'm getting ahead, another big expense turns up. However, I am thankful I can afford these unexpected financial hits but man oh man, I would like a stretch where I can save some money.

No complaints here though folks, I'm a lot better off than many. I'm still here and walking and breathing and enjoying life in spite of these minor setbacks. 

Missing Tooth!

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille" 

Last night at dinner, while I was chomping down on my crock pot cream chicken dinner, I felt something strange whilst I was chewing the delicious tender melt in your mouth chicken chunks smothered in white wine and cream of chicken soup. Somewhat that SHOULDN'T be there. Reminded me of the time I was eating one of those rabbits my father killed with his shotgun and I crunched down on one of the pellets. Uh oh!

I stopped chewing and ran my tongue over what was in my mouth for the offending particle. 

I found it. 

I put my finger in my mouth and pulled it out. 

What I saw was part of a tooth, uh oh. 

Then I ran my tongue over the teeth remaining in my mouth. 

My tongue couldn't find any missing fillings.

Then I went a mirror. Yep, what I saw was that a cap came off my front tooth. 

I am now Mortimer Snerd.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Autobiography, Vanity Project?

Judge Judy

Last night while I was watching "Judge Judy", the first case brought before her was a woman who was suing a professional writer she hired for $5,000 for not doing a book proposal on her autobiography. Judge Judy asked the plaintiff "Why are you writing an autobiography? What about your life is so interesting that you feel you have to write a book about it?"  That's a good question Judge Judy.

The plaintiff told her that she thought she had a "story to tell."  Judge Judy told her "A lot of people think their lives are interesting but even famous people can't get a book proposal because there isn't a market for their book."  Judge Judy went on to say "Almost all of these books are vanity projects where the writer produces maybe one hundred books and passes them out to friends and family."  

Well, that deflated my hopes of my autobiography being a run away best seller like Andrew Tobias's book "The Best Little Boy In The World." 

I remember reading that book years ago, a coming of age book by gay Andrew Tobias.  I thought "That's my story! I could write a book like that." I have to admit folks, that I thought I could replicate Mr. Tobias's success. But let's get real here, there ain't nobody except me and a few blog followers who will find my autobiography interesting. 

No whining here folks, just a reality check. A reality check for me. But you know what folks? It doesn't matter. I'm writing my autobiography for myself. Partly as a therapy and partly to relive and revisit my life, which I find interesting. 

I read a lot. My favorite type of books are biographies. The book I'm just finishing now is a biography Gloria Swanson. Not all that well written and in fact the writer seems to have a bias against Miss Swanson but I still find this book interesting. Of course I don't find all biographies interesting. I have a biography of Ross Perot. Never got around to reading it and probably never will. I don't care about Mr. Perot. But what I do care about are certain people. For instance I would love to read the life stories of some of my blogger friends. I have one who occasionally posts nuggets of his life in California.  He knows who he is. He writes well and has lived and continues to live a very interesting life. His biography I would read.

My cat loving, movie reviewer friend in England, I would read his autobiography. He may not think his life is interesting but to me it would be.  

I believe we all lead interesting lives. Each of has our own unique series of dramas.  Highs and lows. 

Watching that case on "Judge Judy" last night was a self check on me not to get my hopes up that I'm going to have the next runaway best seller. 

Darn! I was so looking forward to appearing on "Ellen" to promote my book.


Monday, January 29, 2018

Finally, That Autobiography

After much thought and procrastination I am finally beginning to write my autobiography. 

I've struggled over the years in how to write it. Did I want to write a "Gone With The Wind" type of autobiography? No, I don't have the energy for that or the time.

How about paying someone to write it for me? Out of the question, just too expensive. Plus, I prefer to write my story in my own words. My style, which as you know is very unique. 

This is how I'm going to write my story. In short vignettes. 

I got this idea from the brother of a former classmate of mine. He wrote a short book called "Fuzzy Side Up."  He got the title from his rug business.  Fuzzy side up. A unique title that identifies him.

My title is "Sweating Already!"  I got that title from a statement I made when I was about ten years old.  I was with my parents at my uncle Ray's home during a weekly family poker game. I was standing over a heat vent in the living room and as the heat air turn on with a swoosh, I said "Sweating already!"  From that time on my relatives would kid me about "Sweating already!"  That term is an apt description of my life. 

And that is the life I want to record for posterity once I am no longer here to tell my story.

We all have a story to tell. During my research into my family history in I've often wondered what my ancestors' lives were like. How I would like to read their description of their life. To read their autobiographies. Unfortunately, I have never ran across any written histories of my relatives. But I will leave my own history. 

Right now I know of none of my relatives who are interested in my history. But I am confident there will be a "me" somewhere down the line (through my brother's children and grandchildren and now even great grandchildren, who will want to know more about "Uncle Ronnie," as I am known to my family. 

This is a labor of love folks. I will enjoy writing about my life. I think I have found the right format for me to accomplish this lifelong task. For those of you interested in this speck sand (me) on the beach, here is the link to my Word Press blog.

By the way, I'm still on a learning curve for writing a blog in Word Press. Anyone know how I can add my photo on the main page, let me know. 

In the meantime I will continue with this blog, which is mainly about my day to day life. My Word Press blog will be about my autobiography.

Life goes on folks!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Back Among the Living

Me on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach yesterday - nice sunny day!

How about that last blog post folks? Pretty depressing huh?  Well, I get that way sometimes. Not as often as I used to in the past but every now and then I enter that Valley of Darkness. I'm out now though.

This morning I confirmed my ride to Philly International Airport two Sundays from now (February 11th).  My regular ride wasn't about take me because he's undergoing a medical procedure.  I like taking that two hour ride with him to the airport because he hates Trump as much (or more) than I do.  I've had rides from the airport from Trump supporters.  I try to avoid riding with them.  The last time I was tempted to ask my ride to stop and put me off the side of the road.  I can only take so much of riding with The Stupid.

I'm really getting excited for this trip folks, two whole weeks in sunny, diverse, California. I have to get away from the cold and dreary of winter here in Delaware. Oh sure, we have a few nice days during the winter here in Delaware but most days are just cold and uncomfortable. Not as cold as my former home in Pennsylvania. 

Yesterday we visited our new friends Mike and Bob who live down the road at Red Mill Pond. What nice fellows! Nice to make new friends.  By the way, Mike is the one taking me to the airport.

One really nice thing about my trip and two week stay in California, I won't be following the news. I'm an avid news follower but I have to tell you folks, I am tired of this constant barrage of bad news generated by this criminal president and is criminal enablers in Congress. I'm embarrassed to have Trump as president and I am embarrassed to be an American as long as this con man is our president. I need a time out. 

Okay, I don't want to end this blog on THAT negative not. Good news here folks, I'm resuscitating my Word Press blog. That's the blog that I'm going to use as my autobiography. Yes, I'm finally getting around to recording my life for posterity. I found the formula for writing it which I will explain in that blog. 

Nice to be out of that valley that I was in my last blog posting.

Have a great day everyone!

Mike and me at the old railroad tracks behind his home yesterday, those railroad tracks will be removed and turned into a bike/walking trail - in Mike's lifetime. He's a happy guy!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Good Memories

These days I often think about what I will leave behind.  Leaving behind when I depart this earth. Yes, this is morbid me again anticipating my demise. 

Yesterday I started feeling a little "off."  I don't know what it is, not a cold (thank goodness).   
These days, when each day when my arthritis claims a little more of my mobility.  

These days when my extra beat heart slows me down from too much physical activity. 

These days when I require an afternoon nap a minimum of an hour (sometimes more, much more). 

Yes, these days when I'm turning into my Mother sleeping a lot and being tired most of the other times I think about what I will leave behind.  Not that it would make much difference to me because I do believe than when I die I will enter the Great Void.  

Yes folks, that's right. I don't believe in the Great Hereafter.  Oh sure, I would like to believe that there is a Heaven. A place where I would go after this life of turmoil and strife and stress interrupted every now and then with brief periods of happiness and peace. Who wouldn't?  Now don't anyone go preaching to me about "You have to have faith."  Keep that "faith" to  your self you evangelicals. Evangelicals which I have little time for (actually no time) since they're giving our criminal president a "Mulligan" on his past and continuing sins as long as he subscribes to their agenda. But I digress.

While I was organizing my photos this morning (a pastime I find as relaxing as my blogger friend Dr. Spo finds making Hawaiian shirts) I was listening to my Artie Shaw Pandora Internet radio station.  The Glenn Miller song "Johnson Rag" was playing. That brought back so many fond memories for me. I had that original record from my Mom's old Victrola. I don't have it anymore, Bill gave the Victrola and all those old 78 rpm records away to his friend Damon (who probably put them in a landfill, knowing Damon).  

What I was thinking was that a person like Glen Miller, who had so much talent and was so productive during his lifetime will live forever because of the legacy he left behind. So many of our icons in the entertainment industry (which is my main interest) and other fields like science, music, literature and medicine leave these forever legacies.  I feel sad because I'm leaving nothing behind.  Have I wasted my time on this earth these past 76 years? 

My honest answer is that no, I haven't.  I've brought happiness to some (they know who they are). I've irritated others (mainly because I wouldn't take THEIR direction in how to live my life) and for most I've made no impact at all. But one thing I have done, or haven't is more accurate. I haven't done any damage, unlike our current criminal president and his enablers. But don't worry I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole now.  I only mention it because I think our current state of affairs in our country now has put me into this deep funk.  I hope I live long enough to see Trump and his criminal conspiracy enablers in jail, just like the Watergate criminals. 

My life hasn't been wasted.  I don't have a rendition of a song like "Johnson Rag" to leave behind for people to remember me by.  But what I do have is that I've been a good person and haven't harmed anyone.  And I've contributed to society by working all these years, paying taxes, and sprinkling occasional kindnesses here and there. And as I said before, those who don't like me, their  complaint is that I didn't do what THEY wanted me to do FOR them. Live my life the way they dictated.  For that I am so proud that I didn't sell my soul, unlike all these Republican senators.  Like Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson yesterday who spread the false rumor about "Secret Societies" to discredit the FBI which is doing a legitimate investigate of the criminal enterprise that is in the White House now.  

Now I feel better that I've expunged these negative feelings that have been building up in me.  And all the while I've been playing Glenn Miller tunes in the background while I wrote this blog. I had to turn off the news.  I am so sick of seeing Trump and his constant barrage of lies.  

How to end this dirge that I just composed?  Time for lunch then going to work today. "When You Wish Upon a Star" is playing now. What a perfect way to end this posting. Have a great day everyone!

 By the way, I did wish upon a star and my dream came true.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

California Trip - Getting Psyched

Pat and me in front of Nature's Cafe in Palm Springs last year

Just a couple of weeks now folks and we'll be in sunny California!  

Getting exciting!

Here's the itinerary:  

The first three days we're at our fav Airbnb in West Hollywood

Next eight days we're in a new Airbnb in Palm Springs

The last three days we're back at our fav Airbnb in West Hollywood

Last year was the first time we visited Palm Springs. We've been urged by friends to visit Palm Springs but old hard headed me, I didn't take their advice.  But last year Pat wanted to attend Modernism Week in Palm Springs so I acceded to his wishes (as I always do).  

We were only going to stay in Palm Springs for two days but both of us fell in love with PS.  And as good fortune would have it, our dear friend Dr. Spo and Someone were tying the knot (getting married).  So honored to be invited to their nuptials! And of course Pat LOVED Modernism week. So this year we're spending a whole week (eight days) in that wonderful desert oasis. We will be meeting up with old blogger friends plus a few new ones.

Cubby, Someone, Spo and Tim checking the vegan menu at Pat's vegan cafe in Palm Springs last year - "What? No hamburgers?"

Guaranteed a good time will be had by all. Who said old gay guys don't have a life? This is the best time of my life folks, the absolute best.

Starting to get psyched folks!

Pat checking out his bed at the Baymont Hotel Suites in Palm Springs last year

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Organizing My Memories

Some of the pictures I'm organizing, finally

For long time now I've had organizing my photos and videos hanging over my head. 

Just when I have figured out how to navigate the latest version of my computer's photo software, Apple comes up with a new version. Then I'm on a whole new learning curve. And you know how that goes. At this time in my life I'm trying to minimize learning new procedures. My brain just isn't as agile as it once was (or ever).  

I have 89,731 photos and 4,544 videos on my iMac. Yes folks, that's how many I have. 

More than a few are duplicates but most of them are originals. 

I still have hundreds if not thousands of old photos to scan to my computer.  

And why do I do this? At one time I thought I would leave a history behind me when I depart this dear earth.  But I now realize that nobody in my family (that I know of) cares. I'm just old "Uncle Ronnie", the gay guy who lives in Delaware.  

The last year or so I've come to realize I have these photos and videos for me to enjoy while I'm alive. I also like to select some and send them some friends who I know would appreciate them.  This year I sent several photo books to my former high school classmate who appreciated them greatly. And that's all I need folks, some appreciation. I know I would LOVE to have someone send me some old photos.  Alas that will never happen but that's human nature. I understand that now.  

I've come to terms with that reality.

At first I felt saddened but not now. One of the truly wonderful things about aging is that things I used to care about, things that upset me, no longer do.  Why worry about things I can't change?  

Now I have good news.  My new friend (and Apple computer specialist) Mike W. has helped me to understand how Photo works on my iMac. 

The last week I've been spending an average of about three hours a day organizing my photos and videos into folders. I'm on a roll folks!  What a good feeling!

A few months ago I got all my VHS videos tapes transferred to flash drives at a cost of over $1000.  A big bite to be sure but well worth it. I will transfer all those videos to YouTube.  Who knows?  There may be a future relative of mine who will find them of interest. At least those memories will be there after I'm gone.  That was a big relief when I completed that task.

Once I get these photos and videos organized my next big task will be to clean out my media room in the basement where I have many more "things" to sort. I know there are some treasures just waiting for to be discovered. 

Yes folks, this is what I was going to do when I retired.  I'm so glad I'm finally doing it.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Favorite Commercials

As a marketing major in college, I take particular interest in commercials. 

There are many types of commercials (rather obvious comment but I had to make it). Most commercials annoy me. Of course most of those annoying commercials are meant to annoy. They want you to remember them.  I do and I make sure I don't buy their product.  That's my little way of getting back.

I hear a lot of commercials because I have the TV on as background "wallpaper" while I'm pounding away at my computer keyboard as I am doing now. I tuned out most of those annoying commercials either in my mind of the really annoying commercials I hit the mute button on my TV remote control.

This morning I heard a new commercial that is immediately one of my favorites.  It's a GEICO commercial.  Some of the GEICO commercials are just plain stupid but I find this one rather clever. Made me laugh out loud. This is a commercial we can all identify with, driving and traffic and frustration. "Hey! We're all got places to go!"  Yes, indeed we are. (smile)

What do you think? Am I off or what?

"Big man with the horn."

Yes, I know, I have a weird sense of humor. That's what makes me SO interesting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Palm Springs Bloogerpalooza!

Blogger Buddies in Palm Springs at Mt. Jacinto last year - we get together again this year with a few more friends

Next month a few of my best blogger friends will gather in Palm Springs, California for a Bloogerpalooza.  What fun!

Tram riders to Mt. Jacinto
Our last Bloogerpalooza was held right here in Delaware three years ago. Again, I continue to be amazed at how fast time goes by.  

This Bloggerpalooza wasn't planed as a Bloogerpalooza but that's what I'm calling it.  Why? Because we're all blogger friends.

This is who will be there:

Me and Pat (of course)
Spo and Someone
Larry and Tim
Doug and Leon
And last but not least, Fearsome Beard

Fearsome Beard

All are invited.  We (me and Pat) will be in Palm Springs February 14th through February 22nd, 2018 (next month).  

Spo and Someone have slightly different dates as do the other guys but we will all over lap. Last year Pat and I just happened to be in Palm Springs at the same time as Spo and Someone. We had the great honor of attending Spo and Someone's wedding. 

Spo and Someone's Wedding in Palm Springs 2017

This year there is no wedding, that I know of. But we will all gather for good fellowship and a fabulous time as only blogger friends and older gay guys can.  

Pat at a vegan cafe in Palm Springs last year - we'll be back this year!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Oil Change

Me with "Elle" yesterday at the garage to get my oil change

Still recovering from snowmageddon from over a week ago. The roads are mostly clear but we still have four feet high snow banks along the sides of our roads.

Yesterday we went to Kenny's Garage in Milton to get my oil changed in my Subaru Forester.  I also wanted to get my battery checked. Lately I've been having a slow start to my beloved Subaru Forester. God, I don't want to be stuck someplace with a dead battery.

I had called "Kenny" of Kenny's Garage a couple of days ago.  Kenny told me I could stop by at 8:30 in the morning. That I did. As I drove into their sooty snow banked narrow driveway a young man who was rounding the corner of the building looked at me and said "Can I help you?"  I said "I'm here to get my oil changed and have my battery checked. I made arrangements with Kenny to stop by this morning."  He said "Come on in, I'll take care of you."

When I went inside the building I noticed the furniture was arranged differently and a different dog. Kenny had a very friendly yellow lab. This time I was greeted by a Winston Churchill looking English bulldog.  She was also very friendly, liked to be petted just like Kenny's yellow lab.

I asked "Herb" (the young man's name) what happened to Kenny.  He said "Kenny sold his business to me."  Well, that was interesting. That explained the different furniture arrangement (not as comfortable as Kenny's) and the different dog.

I turned the keys over to my car and Bill and I sat down on the uncomfortable, hard, plastic chairs in the cold room to wait.  Herb checked my batter and told me I did indeed need a new battery.  Thank goodness I had this checked.  One of my fears is my car conking out in the BJ's parking lot. I am a member of AAA (sine 1982) but I've never used their services. Not that I don't want to, but I would prefer to be prepared rather than depend on a rescue.  

Herb said he was out of Subaru batteries because he had replaced so many during this cold snap but if I could wait he could have one delivered from Georgetown, some twenty miles away.  Bill and I settled in to wait.

About an hour later we were out of there.  Dental appointment was next. That went well.

Later in the afternoon I get a call from Kenny.  He said "Are you coming down?"  I replied "I stopped by this morning and had my oil changed and battery replaced."  Kenny told me "Oh, didn't you know?  I'm operating out of my home now."  Well, no I didn't know.  I am reminded of the quote from "Cool Hand Luke."  "What we have here is a failure to communicate."  

Just another day in the life folks. Never a dull moment, or day, or week. Who said retirement was boring?

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Trapped By The Cold and Snow and Ice

Our sun drenched living room yesterday - nice passive solar heat and with help from our gas propane fireplace which we leave on most of the day during cold snaps like we're having now

Yes, we're still trapped by the cold (five degrees this morning), snow and ice. 

We haven't been out in our car since I returned Wednesday night after 10 o'clock, just as this winter snowstorm (snowmageddon) was dropping a foot of snow on our bucolic home.

Bill was out yesterday chipping away at the ice near our garage. I have to get out tomorrow to work at the hotel.

The temperatures are forecast to rise later this week, all the way up to 61 degrees on Thursday. We can only hope! I've had enough of the snow and ice and cold. 

This kind of weather is unusual for us here on the coastal shore of the southern Delmarva peninsula. Usually, if we get snow it's just a dusting that goes away the next day.  But ever few years we get a dumping of snow like we had this past week. I hope this is the last of the snow for the winter.

Rain is also forecast for Thursday when the temperatures are rising to 61 degrees. Wash that snow away and back to normal.

California is a few days closer to my arrival.

Housebound Ron - relaxing for a few minutes yesterday in my wing chair

Friday, January 05, 2018

Snowed In - Cabin Fever

Here we are at the aftermath of our first major winter storm. Bill is outside shoveling the driveway.  The temperature is a frigid 14 degrees.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in our fireplace and gas propane warmed house at my computer. I reviewed all 846 photos from my Tipton family reunion of 2011. Now to take the next step and upload those photos to Shutterfly and share with relatives who attended that reunion.  I meant to share these photos sooner but you know how time gets away from you.  Wow.  That seven years went by fast.

I haven't been out of the house since I returned from work at the hotel Wednesday night, just as the snow was starting to fall, sideways.  No need to go out, I have enough pita chips and hummus to last me for at least a week.

Tomorrow the temperature is forecast to drop to ONE DEGREE.  Hey folks, no fan of winter Arctic temperatures here.  My two week winter escape to California can't come soon enough. I just hope that when my flight takes off Sunday February 11th that the roads are clear to Philly International airport.  I don't want any delay to my annual Winter Escape. 


I heard a motor so I looked out the window. There it was! A very generous neighbor is using his snowblower to clear out our driveway. Bill was out there earlier shoveling. I don't shovel. My lame excuse is that I fear falling but really I just don't like the cold. I would just as well prefer to wait for the snow to melt.  Yep, I'm lazy and a wuss. Now that I have made my mea culpa, I am so thankful to that neighbor who just cleared out our driveway with his snowblower.  

Thank you!

Now for lunch and a afternoon nap in my solar heated bedroom.

Thursday, January 04, 2018


A storm coming and I'm right in the track!

The snow is here!  

When I was a kid, I looked forward to snow storms because he got off from school. Well, those days are LONG gone folks. These days, I DO NOT look forward to snow storms.  In fact, I hate snow.  Not only for the inconvenience but because to me, at my advanced age (76) and advancing arthritis, I am in great danger of falling and seriously injuring myself. Three years ago I did just that, I fell leaving work at the hotel and tore my quadricep muscle in my left leg. To fix that fall, I had to have major surgery to tie that quadricep muscle back and twelve weeks for recuperation to grow the muscle tissue back.  My left still isn't right but at least I can use my leg. Folks, I don't want a repeat of that accident.

I was scheduled to work today at the hotel.  I called my boss at the hotel and offered to stay overnight last night at the hotel so I wouldn't have to drive in the snow today. One of my co-workers offered to work for me today if I would take her shift last night.  How generous of her!  Thank you!

I went in last night with the understanding that I would leave at the sight of the first snow flakes which were scheduled to start fluttering around ten o'clock.  My normal shift end is eleven o'clock. I didn't want a repeat of a few years ago when I left too late and almost got caught in the blinding snow.  I'm not religious and I don't pray but I was praying that night traveling down that snow covered road in the sideways snow. Praying that I would get home safe.  I did.  I vowed that I would never put myself in that situation again. And I haven't.  

Last night the snow started to fall about 9:40 pm.  I quickly did the night audit, locked up the hotel, called my boss to inform him I was leaving and I took off on the lightly covered snow covered roads.  I made it home just in time.  Even though the hotel where I work is quite comfortable, there is no place like home.  This was the scene outside my bedroom window before I went to bed last night. This major winter snow storm was just getting started. And I was out of it. Relief!

Very pretty for sure. But I was so glad I was home in my warm and comfortable bedroom.

I had a good night's sleep. This was the scene outside my bedroom window when I woke up this morning.

The storm tracker this morning. East coast covered!

 Just as I expected folks. Total white out. 

I'm not going anywhere today. Or tomorrow or maybe even the day after. I don't have to go back to work until Monday. Hopefully by then all this paralyzing white stuff will have been neutralized.

I love my river birch trees. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Always beautiful. Check them out this morning swaying in the snow storm gusts of wind. Beautiful! Glad I'm not out in it though.

I ventured out on our back deck this morning in the sideways snow to experience this rare snow storm (for southern Delaware) first hand. Bit cold folks. And again, I am SO GLAD I don't have to go to work or go out in this dangerous time. I can't afford another fall. 

It's days like this folks when I really appreciate my good fortune and circumstance in life. I have a secure and comfortable home. Secure that is as long as some idiot driver doesn't crash into one of those electrical poles along our roads down here. Seems as if every snow storm someone is out driving about and ends up sliding and crashing into one of those electric power posts knocking out power for hundreds. The question I always ask "What is SO important that ANYONE has to be driving around in weather like this?" Probably someone who ran out of cigarettes and out to buy some more. I doubt if doctors are crashing into utility poles.  

So here I stay today folks. I hope all of you, are also in a good place today.  And for those of you who aren't experiencing this snow, I'll be with you next month.  Yes, Pat and I will be in sunny California for two whole weeks!  Yipee! Can't wait to experience that dry heat of Palm Springs.

Stay safe and warm everyone!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Back To Normal

This photo has nothing to do with this post. I found it this morning while going through my thousands of photos. It was taken at the Tipton Family Reunion October 9, 2011. Again, I am always surprised at how fast time goes by. This was SEVEN years ago! Where will I be seven years from now?

\Well, we got through another holiday season. Now life can go back to normal. 

I'm not a total bah humbug for Christmas and "the holidays", which actually starts with Halloween.  But I'm always glad when life can go back to the normal routine. Well, as normal as one can expect in today's world with the Orange Monster In The White House sending reckless Tweets out putting the world on edge for a nuclear war. Yes, I said it.  Are you as embarrassed as I am that Trump represents us in the world?  I'm not only embarrassed but I lose sleep at night wondering what the next outrage will come from the adult day care center that is now the White House. But enough of this worry, I'm going to try and live my life as normal as I can.

Today that will be a challenge.  We're expecting a nor'easter snowstorm to hit the eastern coast here later tonight. I'm scheduled to work at the hotel tomorrow afternoon. Do I go in now and stay overnight or do I take a chance that the major portion of this winter snowstorm/cyclone will bypass us here on the eastern coast of southern Delaware. I'll make that decision later today. 

As some of you probably know that county is in the grip of Artic temperatures. We have the fireplace going here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. On sunny days like this my bedroom has a delicious comforting solar heat that I luxuriate in. In fact right after this blog posting I'm going to indulge in that satisfying warmth.

Next up on my agenda is preparing for my annual trip to sunny California next month. That's right folks, this year we're (my Canadian Travel Buddy Pat) spending two weeks in California, one week in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) and a week in Palm Springs.  And as luck would have it my good blogger friend Dr. Spo and his entourage will be in Palm Springs the same time Pat and I are there.  Spo and his buddies will be staying at Indulge. Pat and I will be staying at an Airbnb with a pool!  Yes folks, I will take my bathing suit with me.  This should be interesting since I haven't worn since I developed a pot belly. Where did that pot belly come from?  Comes with age folks. Old guys get it.  

Now to get through this snow storm.

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