Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Through Another Day

The view from where I work in Lewes of the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal - I love it!

The dog days of summer continue on this last day of August.

I would love to go out in the Back Forty (my backyard) and putz around but I don't feel like getting drenched in sweat again.  So here I sit updating my blog twice in one day.  Hey, I would rather do this than drain myself fighting the heat and humidity that has been unrelenting this whole summer.

I think we had two, maybe three normal days of summer.  Most of the rest of this summer we have been beaten down to a weak pulp with the heat and humidity.  Come on the cool winds of fall.

This morning I took my usual walk on the boardwalk in Rehoboth.  Someone planted themselves in my usual seat on the boardwalk so I didn't take my half hour break between my up and down the boardwalk. Since I got there early this morning I was able to cover the boardwalk a total of four times (for a total of over four miles) in one brisk walk.

I was just starting to sweat when I got to the north end of the boardwalk near the Henlopen Hotel where I park my buggy.  I left before 8 am.  I think I accidentally discovered the secret to getting out of Rehoboth and avoiding the traffic.

I usually make my run in the morning sometime between 6:30 am and 7 am.  This morning I was out the door at 6:15 am.  I didn't sleep too well last night thinking about Mom and her difficult nights.

It was a straight shot down Rt. 1 as it usually is this early in the morning.  My only competition are the Sysco food trucks delivering their precooked food to the tourist trap restaurants in Rehoboth.

Coming back is another story.  I have been coming back home around 9 o'clock.  I'm hitting the heavy traffic going north on Rt. 1 at that time.  I can't figure out where all that traffic is going.  Milford?  Milton?  Touristas leaving Rehoboth for their hobbits up North?  What's with that?  Just another mystery that I have to solve.

Well, this morning I hit Rt. 1 at a little after 8 am.  It was almost clear sailing.  Oh sure, I hit the occasional doofus on a cell phone clogging up the passing lane.  The occasional Old Guy or Old Gal gripping the top of the steering wheel. "You'll never pry my cold, dead hands from this steering wheel".

I still had to dodge the ladder topped service trucks that weave in and out of the traffic, speeding toward their destination of the day to to overcharge some defenseless customer de jour.  Oh yes, we are sitting ducks down here in Lower Slower for the Service People.  Hey, at least they're showing up somewhere.  You're lucky if you can even get one of these slickters to show up.

Well, anyway, I made it home in no time at all and I've been here ever since.  Holed up in my air conditioned, fabulous, four year old, Ryan ranch home. One floor living baby....I love it!

Below are some of yesterday's photo journal that I take from that camera that is always hanging around my neck:

A sign that caught my eye from the fruit and vegetable stand on Rt. 5 outside of Milton.  It reminded me of a bad habit I used to have in my bar hopping days.  

Bill and I went to Big Bob's and Jim's yesterday to see Jim's new car.  They live in the woods outside of Georgetown. They weren't home.  We still haven't heard from them.

Big Bob and Jim are world class hoarders.  Here is Bill inspecting some of Bob's goodies.  I have my eye on that lawn chair.

"The Ranch"

Big Bob and Jim live in a double wide on 22 wooded acres outside of Georgetown.  Yes, they do live in  Sussex County Redneck County.  They still keep a low profile.  It's still not safe to come out. Big Bob was one of the original gay settlers of Lower Slower.  I've been visiting him at "The Ranch" (our pet name for his place) since the Seventies.  I "discovered" Delaware because of Big Bob.  I have no idea where I would be living if I hadn't.  Probably still in Pennsylvania, working full-time to try and keep up with the always increasing taxes. 

I owe Big Bob a world of thanks for providing this turning point in my life.  Now they're just two old men living in the woods.  Just like me and Bill, two old men living in a development off of Rt. 1. 

Just getting through another day.

Five Reasons Why I Would Run Away From Home

Guy Madison - movie star of the Fifties

Back when I was a young man, a very, very long time ago I used to have my share of crushes on movie stars.  In my case it was male movie stars.  Of course I had to keep this shameful secret to myself.

Perhaps my biggest crush of all time was for Guy Madison.  Yep.  Wild Bill Hickok himself.  When his show came on TV I was GLUED to the TV set, believe you me.  GLUED.  Of course I had to act all nonchalant so no one else in my household had even a hint that this gorgeous man in the buckskin outfit with the fringes (oh, just how sexy were those fringes anyway) came on screen with his goofy sidekick, Andy Devine.  Then one day I saw him in a movie up on the big screen.  It was something about "Feather Creek."  Anyway, it was the most erotic movie this 10 year old (at that time ever saw.)

Since those magic days of the Fifties I have often lamented that I don't have any movie stars that I lust after.  Of, in other words, as I often tell Bill (my partner)......"someone who would cause me to run away from home and live happily every after with."  But, I've done a review and there are actually a few movie stars of the current crop that fit that bill nicely, thank you.

First and foremost is Ryan Gosling.  Be still my heart.

Ryan Goslin in "Half-Nelson"  Wow.  Everything I like.  Pack my bags.

Ryan Gosling with his natural hair color and more weight - he's still dangerously hot

Bradley Cooper - has this guy got it all or what?  I like his "hawk" look - why or why is he wasting his time with the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Renee Zellwegger? 
Johnny Depp - oh yes.  Even if he is soft and pasty he is still one of the hottest guys around

Steve Carell - absolutely!  I make no apologies.  Steve is sexy.  My secret passion.

Viggo Mortensen - my latest "discovery".  This man exudes sex appeal from every pore

I thought I would do a little light hearted posting after several down postings.  

Anyone one of these guys can stop by my house in a white charger and whisk me off to Fantasy Land where we would liver happily every after.  

After all, what is life about if he can't have a little fantasy every now and then?  These are some of mine.  

Monday, August 30, 2010

John Called,

Mom and me - Compass, PA 1950 - John and Isaac playing with the typewriter - guess who was Mom's favorite?

When I got home from my morning walk on the boardwalk this morning, Bill told me that my brother John had called.  These days whenever I see that John has called, I fear for the worst.

John is taking care of Mom at his home in Greenville, South Carolina.  We moved her there from her home in Pennsylvania where she was living with other brother Isaac last October 17th, 2009.

Brother John and his wife and daughters at their home in Windsor PA 1974 - I took Mom to visit them

Two weeks ago Mom's body began shutting down.  Her potassium level was so low, the doctor was surprised that she was still alive.

We were given the option of sending Mom to the hospital to be hooked up to IV's and other life extending measures or to make her as comfortable as possible at her home with John and his wife and daughter.  Mom always made it clear to us that she did not want to be kept artificially alive in a hospital bed.

We decided for hospice care at home.  That hospice care began last Monday, for three days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday.)

The first day of hospice care Mom told the hospice care worker not to come back.  Not a good sign.

Caring for Mom at home is becoming very difficult.  My brother John doesn't get more than two hours of sleep at night.  He has to get up to take her to the bathroom or whatever other needs she has.

John didn't leave a message this morning. I called him back.  He told me that Mom had a "real bad night last night."  Without going into the details, I will only say that she isn't herself these days.  This is not her personality.  John thinks she has bi-polar.  Somedays she can be her old sweet self and other days (more frequently now) she has a totally different personality.  She is abusive, paranoid and unreasonable.  This is not our Mom.  No way, no how.

We always promised Mom that we would never put her in a nursing home.  I remember well what my cousin Jack told me about his Mom, my Mom's older sister.  Jack had made the same promise to his Mom but at the end he had no choice.  I'm afraid that is where we are with Mom now.

John has found a very nice hospice care center near his home.  In fact, John said it was so nice he would like to live there.  I can understand his feelings at this time of his life.  His wife has medical issues, he has a full-time job as a care pastor and, in addition to all of these responsibilities he is taking care of Mom.  John isn't getting any sleep at night.  Something has to change.  This cannot continue.

I will call him now and tell him that it is alright to put Mom in a place where she can get the care she needs and deserves.  I'm sure Isaac will concur with my decision.

My cousin Jack told me it would come to this.  That Jack, he has always been one step ahead of me.

Someday I'll write a blog posting about my few years old cousin Jack, who like me, brought himself up from the bootstraps and had a successful banking career.  We did pretty good for two dirt poor kids of of the Fifties from Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  Jack's advice has always been right on.  I hate to admit it, but he was right again.

My last visit with Mom (and brother John) June 2010 - we're in the beautiful park in downtown Greenville, SC - John forgot Mom's hat.  I loaned her mine.  That's a bathrobe I bought for her. She wears it all the time, even when she goes to the park.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Visit to the Old House in PA

Our former home at 161 Crawford Road, Downingtown, PA today

Bill and I just returned from a day long trip to our former home in the woods outside of Downingtown, PA.

We are exhausted.  The drive up and back is a total of five hours.  That's a lot of hours on the road on a hot, humid and brutal day like today for two old buzzards like me and Bill.  With the exception of perhaps one or two days, this whole summer has been a succession of brutally hot and humid days of 90 degrees plus temperatures.  Today was no exception.

Today's visit to our formerly beautifully landscaped home on 6.875 of wooded acres in East Brandywine Township was bittersweet.  This was our last visit before the house and property will be auctioned off for non payment of back real estate taxes in excess of $17.000.  The owner also owes over $600,000 in mortgage payments plus penalties, interest and legal costs. There is also a per diem cost.  The meter is ticking.

Apparently the former owner just walked away from the property that he bought from us on November 17, 2006 for $500,000.  He lived in Florida and saw our home advertised on the Internet.  We later found out that his wife had threatened to leave him unless he moved her and their two young daughters out of the brutal heat and humidity of Florida.

There is another whole story about how I almost went off the financial cliff with selling my house that I won't go into great detail here except to say that I originally put my house up for sale January 9th, 2006 at a price of $695,000.  Yes, I got greedy.  My real estate agent advised me to put it on the market for $650,00 and be happy if I got a settlement of $625,000.  But, I fell into the "I know better than the real estate agent" trap and insisted that I could get a better price.

On January 14th I had an offer of $640,000 which I turned down.  I actually laughed at the offer.  What I didn't know was at that time I was right on the edge of the housing bubble.  Eleven months later, after seven failed settlements, I was finally able to sell my house for $500,000.  Except for maybe a terminal illness, this was the worst experience I've ever had in my life.  I was at the cliff's edge and I saw the abyss.  It was the scariest thing I ever saw in my life.

Where I almost went down the financial tubes was I had built another house in Delaware (the one I'm in now) and was carrying a mortgage on that house at the same time I was trying to sell my other house.  The market found out (probably because of my big mouth) and they smelled blood in the water.  After a lot of scrambling and sleepless nights, I was finally able to sell my house to this man who was trying to keep his marriage together and me trying to keep Bill from committing suicide.  Me?  I was going crazy.

On September 19th our house will be auctioned off at the Chester County Courthouse in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  We will not be there.  This chapter of our life is closed.

Bill took a few more videos today.  I took a few pictures.

Me surveying the neglect of our former home from one of the terraces that Bill built - he laid every brick by hand over a 20 year period

The video and the pictures don't show the true neglect that has befallen our once showpiece property.

Whoever gets this property will be getting a real bargain.

One thing is for sure, the birds and other wildlife don't seem to mind that there isn't anyone living there anymore.

My only regret are the loss of all my goldfish that thrived in my three ponds.  Most of those goldfish were born in this ponds and that was the only life they knew.  They are long gone.  The ponds are still there, dark and dank.  The only living organisms in those ponds now are mosquito larvae and toads.

The Dual Ponds with water fountain - May 1980

Happy goldfish waiting for me to feed them

Dual Ponds  - many generations of goldfish were born in these ponds

I hope whoever buys the property will restore it to it's former glory and enjoy it as much as we did the twenty five years that we lived there.  That property used to sing.  I hope it does again.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Paths We Chose In Life

Young man watering plants next to the Henlopen Hotel this morning in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

This morning during my daily walk on the boardwalk in Rehoboth I passed again this young man watering the plants next to the Henlopen Hotel at the end of the boardwalk.

I think I mentioned him in a previous blog.  Many years ago when I used to vacation in Provincetown, Massachusetts I saw a similar young man watering the flowers around the bed and breakfast hotel where he worked.  The first time I saw that young man I thought that could of been me if I had chosen a different path in life.

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts - 1980

I could have chosen the "gay lifestyle" path of a party-all-the-time, carefree life.  In fact I had the opportunity to chose that lifestyle when on one occasion when the owner of the bed and breakfast where I usually stayed offered me a job managing her crew of six young men who cleaned her apartments.  At that time I had a prestigious, secure and well paying job at Girard Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Me in Provincetown, Massachusetts when I was offered the job - 1980

I was flattered by her offer and briefly considered it even to the point of asking "What would I do during the off season?"  She told me that I would make enough money in season to take the winter months off and spend it in Key West, Florida or, like her, Mexico.  This offer of a chance to change my path in life sounded exciting, exotic and adventurism.  I told her I would think about it and when I got home I told my partner Bill about the offer.  His response was "Are you crazy?"  

"Angels' Landing" - a rental complex in the center of Provincetown where I was offered the head housekeeper job- which was managing a group of young guys who cleaned the aparttments

Well, I always have been impetuous but my common sense usually takes over.  In this case my common sense won out.  I called Angela Calamoris (the women who offered me the job) and told her "Thanks but no thanks."  She said if I ever changed my mind to let her know.

Oh it was tantalizing, believe me.  Over the years since I've often thought how my life would have changed had I taken her up on her generous job offer.  But I went for the sure thing and kept my "secure" job at the bank.

A few years later, after I returned from a three week vacation in Provincetown, my boss at the bank called me into his office.  He told me my job was being eliminated.

I called Angela back and told her I could take her job now.  She was gone.  I was told Angela had sold her large complex called "Angels' Landing" for a million dollars.  She always told me she was going to sell it for that amount of money.  Much to my surprise, she did.  Angela was now living The Life in Mexico.

Who knows?  If I had taken her up on her offer I could now probably be the proud owner of a premier summertime resort rental complex located in the heart of a popular East Coast gay resort.

Today I live in another popular East Coast gay resort.  I work part-time at a gay owned bed and breakfast. I love my job.  I don't water the plants (a woman named Kerri does that.)  I work the front desk.  I love my job.

With some of my co-workers at out Christmas Party last year - I work with the ladies now

Karma.  It's wonderful isn't it?

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get ready for work.  Someone has to do it.

Olde Time Pictures

Me and my friend Bob McCamley - Provincetown, Mass 1974

Anyone who has been to a seashore town in the summertime knows those Olde Time Photo shops that grab the tourist dollar.

The first time I used one was during my very fist visit to Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1974.  My good friend Bob Mc (all my friends seemed to be named "Bob") and I made the trek to Cape Cod because we heard that the gay life was wonderful.  Well, we found that to be true.

We both loved Cape Cod and Provincetown from the moment we entered it on the main street which was called Commercial Street (not a whole lot of imagination here) on a crowded, summer night.  We couldn't believe the number of people walking in the street but we soon got used to it.

The next day while were were scoping out the situation we stopped at one of those Olde Time Photo shops and got this picture done.  All we needed for props was the cowboy hats.  We already had the western shirts and leather vests.  Remember, we were making our grand debut in the Gay Disneyland of the East Coast.  That's another whole story which I will probably tell in a future blog.

The Olde Time Photo store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Well, all these many years have passed and I never took advantage of getting another Olde Time photo until yesterday.  Last year I noticed in Rehoboth Beach there are two Olde Time photo shops.  I made a mental note to stop in sometime before the kids got in there.  I don't take good pictures when there are a lot of jumpy and screaming kids around.  That is exactly what happened this past November when I went to J.C. Penney's in Dover to get my Christmas card pictures.  While they were taking my pictures, there were two screaming (and I mean screaming) little girls in crinolines doing cartwheels in my line of vision while I was having my picture taken.  Not a good way to get your picture taken.

Lots of costumes and backdrops to choose from - that saloon girl costume really look interesting

Yesterday was different.  After my walk on the boardwalk (which was over about 8 am), I hung around (actually walked around town) for a couple more hours until the store open at 10 am.

I was their first customer.  I was in luck.  I assumed that I would do the western look again until I saw the range of costumes they had.  So I opted for the Civil War.  The very accommodating young lady asked me "Confederate or Union?"  Well, Union of course.  My great-great grandfather John Tipton was a Union soldier during the Civil War.  He lived in the hills of western North Carolina and was recruiting his fellow neighbors for the Union Cause when he was ambushed and killed by a Confederate Calvary headed by a Colonel Wichter.  I have all this information because his widow, my great-great grandmother Martha "Patty" Bailey Tipton supplied all this information for her application for widow's benefits at the end of the Civil War.  One of her nine children (they had a lot of kids back in those days to help out with the farm work)  was my great-grandfather Hiram Tipton.  One of Hiram's sons was my grandfather Fieldon Tipton.  And of course on of Fieldon's eleven sons was my father Isaac Walter Tipton, Sr.  So here I am in honor of my great-great grandfather John Tipton 1830-1863.

Me channeling my great-great grandfather John Tipton 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sumptuous Day

Ron and Bob at La Quetzalteca Restaurant, Millsboro, DE

Today was one of those rare days, the weather was perfect.

Gone was the energy sapping humidity.

Gone was the oppressive 90 plus degree heat.

The sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky as I arrived this morning at the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach for my daily walk.  I had no trouble walking the length of the boardwalk four times for a total of four miles.  I didn't work up once drop of sweat.

At the end of my walk I felt I could do it again but decided not to risk another injury like I had earlier in the week.  I think I pinched a nerve in my hip bone.  The pain was excruciating for a day but gradually subsided the next day until it was almost gone today.

For lunch I met my friends Bob, Jack and Paul at La Quetzalteca in Millsboro.  This is becoming a weekly occurrence.  We will have to stop meeting like this or people are going to start to talk.

After lunch I dropped Bob off at his home in Milton just in time for him to say goodbye to his house guests who were ending a week stay at his historic home.

When I got home I took my afternoon nap.  Yesterday my afternoon nap was three hours.  Wow.  I was dead to the world too when I woke up.  I did a little better today.  Only an hour.

When I got up I had the energy to attack the overgrown weeds in my flower beds that got away from me this summer because of the heat.

After an hour or so of major weed pulling I took yet another walk in the development behind me.  Man oh man, this weather is so conducive to a walk.  I love it.

Now here I sit writing this blog.  As some of you probably noticed, I removed the music from my blog.  I like the music but I noticed when I bring my blog up in someone else's house, the music is annoying.  My friend Wayne told me it drives him nuts.  I thought he was nuts but maybe he was onto something.  So, for the time being, the music has been removed.  All feedback is appreciated.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day like I had today.

Each day is a gift.  I take nothing for granted.  I'm ready for another beauty tomorrow.

Come Out Anderson

Anderson Cooper, CNN  News Anchor - still in the closet

Anderson Cooper is a CNN news anchor.  He is an excellent reporter.  Telegenic, knowledgeable, and not afraid to tell the truth when reporting the news.  

I first noticed Anderson Cooper during his reporting of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.  He was the first reporter who cut through the BS and told it like it was.  It was so refreshing to watch a newsman actually report the real news.  Too many of our newscasters are in bed with their "sources."  A good example of this faux "newsman" is David Gregory of MSNBC news.  This is the same "newsman" who was on the stage during the White House Correspondents Dinner doing some kind of herky jerky ("Elaine" on Seinfeld) dance with Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove.  When I saw that travesty, Gregory lost all creditability with me for that shameless suck up display.

From what I've seen of Anderson's reporting, he's not afraid to take on the powers that be.  I respect him for that.  However, there is one small problem.  I am quite sure Anderson is gay.  Every time I see him on TV my GAYDAR meter goes bonkers.  Anderson, who lives with a hunky Significant Other, has yet to come out.  In other words, Anderson is still playing it safe.  He's still in the closet.  

Hey Anderson, here's a message:  Come out, come out wherever you are.  Actually, no one will call all that much.  You coming out will have about as much effect on your viewership as Ricky Martin coming out.  Your sexual orientation is already a known fact Anderson.  Your news reporting chops are the best.  You won't lose your job.  It's safe to come out now. Witness the two example below:

Rachel Maddow - host of the "Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC - out and proud

Rachel, lover her or hate her (I love her by the way.)  This woman has more balls than all the Tom Cruises, John Travoltas, and Anderson Coopers of this world combined.  You go girl!

Thomas Roberts, MSNBC daytime news anchor and former CNN newsman

Thomas, who I recently discovered while watching MSNBC during the day, is a hunk and a half and an excellent newsman.  Looks, personality, knowledge and gravitas galore.  Thomas is out and unapologetic about being out.  He doesn't wear a sign around his neck saying "I'm queer, I'm here, get used to it" but he is out in a matter-of-fact way that doesn't interfere with his broadcasts.  

This is the way I've always conducted my life.  I've never been to a gay pride parade in my life.  I have been to two gay equality marches.  I went to the first one in Washington D.C. in 1979 when there was still great danger to exposing ones self as a gay man.  I remember clearly that when we started the march my heat was in my throat and my stomach was full of butterflies.  I wasn't sure that I could walk without my knees shaking, that's how scared I was of being assaulted during the march.  When I saw the march route lines with D.C. cops on motorcycles, I felt a little safer.  Not much, but a little.

My next public display was this past October when I attended the Equality March in Washington D.C. Thirty years later, our march route wasn't lined with cops on motor cycles.  The march was a joyous occasion joined by many straight family members and friends who unabashedly supported their gay brethren.  This march was matter of fact.  Gone was the fear of assault or of being outed.

Yep. That's me folks in front of the White House, beads and all.  Totally out.

A "few" friends and supporter for the Equality March in Washington, D.C. 

Me and my friend Bob (another former fellow banker) resting our tired bones at the Capitol 

So Anderson, why don't you join your fellow newsmen (and women) and come out?  In fact,, why don't you join your fellow GBLT peers and throw open that closet door you've been living in all these years?  The only think you have to gain is your freedom.  Plus, you will be setting a good example for all those other gays and lesbians who are still fearfully hiding in their closets.  The only way we are going to defeat homophobia in this country is for every gay man and woman to come out of the closet.  

It has been proven that once those who still harbor a fear of gays and lesbians do so out of ignorance and because "they don't know one personally."  Once that closet door is forever broken down, homophobia will disappear over night.  

Come out Anderson.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuck Ken Mehlman

Ken Mehlman - Coward

Yeah, I said it.  My apologies to the regular readers of this blog who are offended by my gutter language but there is no other way to express my contempt for former Republican National Committee chairman and Bush/Rove flunky Ken Mehlman for coming out of his gay closet.

Today on the news I listened and watch Christopher Barron of GOP Proud say "Ken Mehlman showed great courage by coming out."  Excuse me?  Great courage?  Great courage is coming out when it makes a difference.  Great courage is not coming out when the coast is clear.

David Roberts, who is gay himself, was anchoring the MSNBC show that I was watching today.  He was interviewing the same Christopher Barron that I mentioned before.  He asked Mr. Barron why Ken Mehlman did not respond to his request for an interview.  I know that answer to that question.  Ken Mehlman did not respond to his request for an interview because he is still a coward.  Mehlman thinks he can do one fund raiser and his conscience is clear.

The damage the Ken Mehlmans of this world do is vast and unrecoverable.  How many gays and lesbians have been beaten and killed because they chose not to live in a closet?  They are the courageous ones.  Not a mealy mouthed apologist for the hate driven Republican campaigns that brought the Bush/Rove disaster to the White House.  How many gays have lost their livelihood because they were truthful about who they were instead of selling their soul for the almighty dollar?  How many have been kicked out of the military by the absurd Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy that is still in effect today?

When you think courage think Matthew Shepard.  Ken Mehlman is human flotsam.

Ken Mehlman give prostitution a bad name.

Am I mad?  You're damn right I'm mad.

Rehoboth Beach Photo Essay August 26, 2010

Rehoboth Beach Thursday, August 26, 2010 - a perfect beach day

Just got back from the beach folks!

This morning I hung around a few hours longer.  In fact I didn't leave until noon.  Usually I leave before 8 am or 9 am at the latest.

The reason I stayed later was that I wanted to get one of those "Olde Timey" photos of myself.  The last one I had done was in 1974.  The Old Time Photo shop didn't open until 10 am.  So I hung around.

Everything went well with the photo.  Only thing was there was no getting away from the fact that I'm not 33 years old anymore as I was in 1974.  This is 2010 and I'm 68 years old and the Olde Timey photo didn't hide that fact.  I'm hiding it, that's why you don't see the picture on this blog posting.  I may or may not put it on a future blog posting.  I have to think about this.

In the meantime, here is my daily photo essay of beach life after 9 am.  Please note that the "doughnut" sign has been corrected and now says "doughnut."  Someone must have read my blog.

Correcttion, instead of "dougnut" it is now "doughnut."  

Olde Timey Photos

Want to throw some money away?  
Looking for a wave.....any wave
Beach reading
"Play ball!"

Lifeguards on duty....cozy

Daddy take the Princess to the beach
Staking a claim.....sexy stuff

Have a great day.  See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boardwalk Adventures

What's a "Dougnut?" I think I'll take the water, thank you.

Again, this morning, as has become my habit of the past few weeks I left for the boardwalk in Rehoboth immediately after breakfast.

The weather this morning was again cool and overcast, almost perfect conditions for a brisk walk on the boardwalk.

I arrived at my usual parking spot beside the Cape Henlopen Hotel at the north end of the boardwalk.

I park my car, get my fleece sweat jacket and put it on, loop my camera over my shoulders and I'm on my way.

The boardwalk this morning is again sparsely populated.  Only the hardcore exercisers like me.  The lack of sunshine does not deter us from our morning walk.

There was one tourista family on the beach, tippy toeing into the waves.  They weren't going to let a few clouds spoil their day.

A family braves the waves

The waves were crashing to the shore again today, like yesterday.  A father and son tried their luck at fishing on the beach.

Early morning fishing on the beach

Even on cloudy days like today, the colors of the landscape are stunning.  I tried to capture the peacefulness of the muted colors of the far horizon with my camera.

All I needed was a seagull or two in this picture but they didn't cooperate this morning

I began my brisk walk to the other end of the boardwalk, 1 1/4 miles away.  About 2/3rd's there I felt something "give" in my right hip.  Uh oh.  I either sprained or pulled a muscle.  Or else my 68 year old hip is rebelling against all this daily exercise I've been subjecting it too.  Whatever, I was now limping.

Oh joy, no longer was I the Cool Guy passing all the other walkers on the boardwalk.  I was just another Old Guy limping along the boardwalk.  My age has caught up with me.

I gamely finished my walk to the end of the boardwalk then took a break and went down to the beach to watch the waves roll in.  As I was watching the waves roll in, the pain from my hip was rolling in and out making me woozy.  

Oh this was going to be fun.  Now I had to walk all the way to the other end of the boardwalk (1 1/4 miles away - just a reminder) and try not to look to OLD.  

I began my walk.  It got worse.  Now my hip was really hurting.  I looked for a bench with a view of the ocean.  Most of the benches have a view of the grass on the dunes that separate the boardwalk from the beach.  I don't care for that view.  

I found a spot.  I wiped the bench dry from the overnight accumulation of dew and whatever sand was there from short guys standing on the bench as they often do on the boardwalk.    

I seated myself and listened to the waves roll in and the sea gulls get things sorted out above me.  Just then I heard the screams and squeals of little kids.  Oh where was THÅT coming from?  I turned around and looked above.  I was sitting on a bench in front of a hotel or condo with balconies.  My eyesight followed the screams and squeals and sure enough, there was three little kids, all under the age of five, vying for the attention of the adults on the balcony with them.  Now I know why kids scream.....they want attention.  I don't blame the kids, they're just being kids.  But this isn't something I needed this morning with waves of pain from my sore hip wafting over me.

Time to go home.  

I left.  Traffic wasn't too bad (for a change) on Route 1.  When I got home Bill asked me why I got home so early.  I told him I sprained something in my hip.

As I sit here now typing this blog entry, the pain isn't too bad.  I have a terrific headache though.  I'm a little nauseous.  I don't know what that's from.  But at least their aren't any screaming kids around here.

I'll need to get some rest.  I'm working at the hotel tonight.  I hope the pain is gone by then.  Or else it's going to be a long night.

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