Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writing My Autobiography

Wading in the cold waters of Provincetown, Mass 1979

The time has come folks to write that Great Book that most all of us dream about.  You know the one, the Story of My Life.  Go ahead, admit it.  You know you have a fascinating tale to tell.  Put all false modesty aside and Tell Your Story. So I'm going to wade in.  My blog is called "My Life."  Go here if  you want to read it.

My life long friend Larry and I have finally started to tell our story.  I admit at one time I thought I would write my autobiography which would become an instant best seller much like "The Best Little Boy" in the world was.  You know, the young boy who at a very early age knew he was "different".  Then, as he grew older he began to understand that he was a QUEER (this was the Fifties after all for this young boy). 

Then even later as he reconciled his nature with his environment he accepted that fact the he was GAY.  And oh the experiences he had.  Wouldn't those experiences just fill up the pages of a juicy novel?

But alas, by the time this young boy experienced his first seventy years of life, that story has already been written...many times over. 

So what is one to do with all this information?  Do I let it die in the great ether of the universe when I expire?  All those near misses with injury and death?  All those brief periods of estactic highs?  Do I let that all die with me? No, I do not let it die with me.

So what is to be done?  Well, this is what my friend Lar and I have decided.  We will blog about it.  Of course we now realize in the sage wisdom of our advanced years that no one else would be interested in our story other than us.  But therein lies the answer.  We write our story for ourselves.  In addition to being a type of catharsis, there is the pure enjoyment of reliving our totally unique stories of our life.

Everyone has their story.  The first books I read were biographies.  Biographies are still my favorite form of reading.  Who know, maybe after I'm long dead and gone, someone will stumble upon my blog postings orbiting forever in the endless vastness of the Internet and be mildly amused at my self absorbed ramblings.

And that my friends will be my legacy.  The story of the life of one man who lived for a nano-second on this planet called earth.  There will be no repeats.

New employee Fidelity Bank, Philadelphia, PA - 1988


  1. I'm interested in your life. That's why i check your blog everyday. You might be surprised how many people want to read about you and all of your life experiences.

  2. So, are you starting a new blog? You now, sort of an on-line biography?
    I'm glad I'm writing everything down now. I'm sure I forget a lot of stuff that happened before I started blogging. Are my memories even of my life or were they simply a dream?
    Good luck!

  3. Mark,

    Yes, I already started a new blog called "My Life". A real original title, no? I thought a lot about it and that is the only appropriate title I could come up with.
    I haven't made that many entries yet. Probably one of two a week but I do want to get The Story down before I check out.

  4. Vickyl,

    Yes, I probably would be surprised at how many people follow my life. By the way, that is the name of my new auto-biographical blog, "My Life."

  5. Ron,

    I am finding writing my life is making me see a lot of things I never noticed before, not just about myself but the world I lived in. I have also tried to do it in the context of the times, so that it show what life was like and how it has evolved over the years.

    When I began I thought it would be a slim volume. I am finding it may be more than one volume. I am trying to be as honest about myself as I can, I hope you will do the same.

    Remember too, what you and I know as history often comes from the letters, diaries, journals and writings of common men and women. I think there is value in every life and every life deserves to be heard.


  6. Larry,

    You are so right. Writing our autobiography not only leaves a record of our existence but it is therapeutic for us. It is a way to "settle" and "come to terms" with where we are now at the end of our lives. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am glad you are also doing it. I've put this off for too long. Now is the time. I just finished another BIG chapter. I am worn out. The only thing is I just wish I had more pictures.

  7. Who plays you in the movie?

  8. That is what I like about the blogging platform, it is a great space for creating and sharing with others. I don't think it matters whether a million, a hundred, or even a dozen share in the stories, but that the stories are being shared.
    I look forward to reading about your life.

  9. Scott,

    We think alike! That is what I also like about the blogging platform. We can write whatever we want and it doesn't matter whether a million, a hundred, or even a dozen share in the stories. It only matters that the stories are bing shared. You can read about my life by clicking on the blog "My Life" on my blog roll. I plan to update it at least once a week.

  10. Dr. Spo,

    That is an excellent question! One thing is certain, it won't be Brad Pitt. There are some actors who bear a resemblance to me but they are not well known. I don't have to have a famous actor portray me, just an authentic one who sort of looks like me.


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