Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018

Me at Mummers' Parade in Philadelphia, PA - 1965

Happy New Year folks!

This photo (can you spot me?) was taken at the Mummers' Day parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1965.  

That is me in the overcoat with the goofy smile. The Philadelphia Academy of Music is in the background. This was the first time I attended the Mummers' Day parade in person. Cold, cold, cold!

For many years thereafter I eagerly looked forward to attending the Mummers' Day parade in person and enjoying all its attendant festivities, especially the "festivities" in the bar (won't go into detail, use your vivid imagination).  

These days my New Year's Day activity is working the front desk at the local hotel where I work part-time. In fact this week I'm working four days in a row.  I don't mind. Keeps me out of trouble and I get to enjoy interaction with the guests who are invariably nice on holidays like Christmas and New Years.

While I vastly enjoyed my New Year's celebrations of the past, especially being in jammed gay bar as the new year was rung in, this year I'll get home just in time to see Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen ring in the New Year on TV in Times Square, New York City. 

One thing I remember about my New Year's of the past was how COLD it was, cold until I had a few drinks (well, maybe a "few" more than a few).  This year, no drinks and I will be in my warm home when the ball drops in Times Square.  By the way, is that a brilliant move on the part of CNN to have Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen co-host the New Year's Eve celebration?  Just look at how far we have come when two gay men can host a national TV show.  Must drive those Roy Moore die hard supporters in Alabama crazy. Back in my day about the only time you saw anything gay in public was when the drag queens (we called them female impersonators back in the day)

Female impersonator in the Mummers' Day Parade in Philadelphia 1965 (my photo)

 would march (more like sashay) down Broad Street in the New Year's Day parade. That was the one time during the year when the straights didn't get all bent out of shape because gays dared to come out in the open. Ah, those were the days. Now drag is just a, well drag.

Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

"The Emperor Has No Clothes!"

Here we are folks, almost the end of another year. This week after Christmas and before the New Year is when we review the past year and plan for the new year.

This is what I call the "dead week."  Most of the regular folks I see on TV are off to warmer climes like Aruba or some other exotic warm breeze palm tree swaying location like Hawaii or the Caribbean. 

This is the week that commentators on TV review the past year with lists like "the ten best of . . ." or the "ten worst of . . ."

I usually hate those lists because I don't want to relive some of the "ten worst" or the "ten best".  And also I know these lists are just time fillers until the regular TV folk come back.  They pre tape all those shows you know.

But the more I got to thinking about these year end lists I thought of my own year end list.

Here goes:

The worst thing to happen this past year:

This one is easy:  Donald Trump

This disaster, this danger to our democratic norms, this purveyor of the diminution of our sense of self worth and pride as a nation easily is the worst scourge ever to infect this wonderful country of ours.  All my life I have been proud to be an American and our American ideals. 

Are we perfect? Of course not but look around us at the rest of the world. Our country, with its diversity of cultures and people who make up this country has always been a beacon of goodwill and hope for a better life in this world and our lives. This country, which is the one country in the world where one has the freedom to say what you think and to be as successful in your life as you're willing to work hard. This country which has so many natural resources from people to mineral resources. For the first time in my lifetime our exceptionalism is now being questioned and challenged worldwide as a result of the (stolen) election of this cretin called Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most telling revelation that has been exposed since the election of Trump is the craven opportunism and total lack of character and honesty of those elected officials and others in public who have and continue to enable Trump and his family run criminal enterprise that is now seated in the White House. They remind me of the "good Germans" who supported Hitler during his rise to power. They were either too cowardly or too craven to voice opposition to what they clearly saw was wrong for their country.  

I know of sound very dystopian in my views but I cannot express my concern enough over what a danger Trump and his enablers are to our country and our way of life. Already they have passed this scam of a tax bill which gives even more money to the rich and super rich and puts our country deeper into debt for generations to come. This development from the "fiscal responsibility party" the Republicans. Their craven mendacity can no better be illustrated by the actions of Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. This is the senator who said he would not vote for a tax bill that "added one penny to the deficit". 

Then, of course, when some anonymous lawmakers in a backroom put a provision in the so called "tax reform" bill that enriches real estate millionaire like Corker,

he inexplicably changes his vote, claiming he didn't know about this provision because he "hadn't read the bill."  Think about it, this so called Conscience of the Senate is voting for a tax bill that he hasn't even read and yet he changes his mind and votes for the bill. 

Then you have the other so called "moderate Senators" like Jeff Flake of Arizona

and Susan Collins of Maine, who criticize Trump but vote for his bills.  At least I thought we had some home with the sweet and angelic Senator Collins of Maine who has (now had) a reputation as a moderate, reasonable Republican.

Even in the end she caved, thus throwing away her years long reputation in one single vote just to appease Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who made a promise to her for funding of a future health care provision (which was not kept - of course).  

I could go on and on folks and I apologize for my rant in this, what was supposed to be a light hearted year end "countdown" review but once I got started and revved up these embers of my huge disappointment in the direction this country is going, it's hard for me to stop.  But you know what folks?  I also think the best thing to happen to our country is, wait for it:  

Donald Trump

Why? Trump is a stress test for our country and democracy.  I do think (I hope) that right will win out in the end. Our democratic (and "democratic" not "democrat" as the Republicans love to spew out, thus changing the meaning of that word because it sounds more harsh to say "democrat") will prevail. 

Trump is entertaining, I'll give him that. And he is a master manipulator.  He is good. But like a con man, he is only in this for himself and his own selfish need for self aggrandizement and narcissistic feeding of his never enough ego. 

I'll end this screed with two quotes that I have known and often referred to in my long life. Those quotes were applicable to the world at the time they were made and they are applicable today.  

"You Can Fool All the People" (usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln:

“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

There are too many people that Trump is fooling now (scary actually how many people he is fooling) but thank God there are even more people who see right through his falseness and for the small minded selfish bigot that Trump really is. 

Another quote that often comes to my mind when I see Trump's enablers

make excuses and justify Trump's lies and harmful decisions which is a great danger to our country. These enablers know that they only have to praise "Dear Leader" and they can get Trump to sign any bill or executive order they put in front of Trump because they know Trump doesn't read what he signs but is only interested in being in front of the cameras and the center of attention.  They have figured out Trump and they're playing him just like Vladimir Putin and other foreign leaders have figured out Trump, praise him and put a big military parade on for him and Trump is putty in their hands. Criticize him and he'll Tweet you.

This quote is a poem written b the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller (1892-1984). It is about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis' rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Folks, I know to some I may sound alarmist but consider this:

We have a vice president who considers homosexuality an abomination, Chief Toady Mike Pence. Even Trump said:

Donald Trump 'joked Mike Pence wanted to hang all gay people'

Pence and his so called "Christian values" is perhaps even a greater danger to this country than Trump's craven stupidity. But that's a subject for another whole long blog posting and I've gone on enough with this blog posting.

I'll leave you, my faithful blog followers and even you those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time.  This is a quote that I first heard when I was a very young man. At first I didn't understand what it meant but as I progressed in my life I came to understand exactly what it means.  This quote is a perfect summation of the man who now occupies the White House and all his enablers and supporters. And I friends am that little boy who cries out "The emperor has no clothes!"

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My Dream Last Night

This morning I work up early. "Early" was 4:30 am. Usually I don't wake up until 7:00 or 7:30 am. 

I woke up early because I had a dream. A very clear dream. One of those dreams that wake you up.  

As I have written before in this blog, at this time of my life thoughts of my mortality often enter my mind. 

I have often said that I don't fear death or what happens after death. My only fear is how I'm going to get there. My preference is to go to sleep and just not wake up.  That was the desired exit that two of my younger cousins (Randy and Hester) passed away these past few years. Neither was ill before they died. They just died in their sleep unexpectedly. 

I have a mild case of COPD. A few years ago my cardiologist suggested that I wear one of those head gears when I sleep so I wouldn't pass away in my sleep. I didn't take his advice for a couple reason. First I would never get to sleep with a Hannibal Lechter mask on my head (and don't tell me I would get "used to it").  Secondly, I have lived a long and good life and I am ready to go. Of course I would like to hang around for a lot longer but not in an enfeebled state like so many of my friends who have since departed. Of course none of us has a choice in how we make our exit. But I definitely do not want to die violently. Of course that would be quick but still, I'm not into pain or gore.  The other way is to die slowly from a disease like Parkinson's like my friend Bob. To me the absolute worst way to die is in a coma, totally aware of what is going on around you while you're totally disabled. 

Unless you take your life into your own hands (always a possibility but not preferable), none of us knows how or when we will die. But last night I had a dream.  I didn't dream how I would die but I dreamt when I would die. It was clear as a bell, the date. 

Usually when I have dreams I don't remember much of my dreams, only if the dream was bad or good. This one last night was disturbing. Can't say bad or good. But I remember the date. 

I will die in 2033.  Make the date down. I'll be 92 years old when I make my grand exit. 

I'll take that.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Susan at the hotel October 2013

Another Christmas has come and gone. Is it me or does Christmas seem to roll around faster each year?  I think it's me. Time is running out on me folks.  But I'm telling you, I'm having one helluva good time during my last act.

Take for instance last night while I was working at the hotel. My new friends Mike and Bob stopped by for a visit. Hardly had they left than I looked up from my desk when I heard a lady say "Ron?" I looked up to see the smiling face of Susan Mc. Susan is a local long time faithful blog follower of this blog. She has never left a comment on my blog but she assures me she always reads my blog. 

Well, this was a pleasant surprise to see Susan again. The last time I saw her was few years when we during the Bloggerpalooza.  Susan just happened to be at the same local restaurant (The Backyard) in Milton where I was having lunch with Dr. Spo and his entourage of blogger friends. She noticed us at our table and approached as asked if that was Spo.  Sure was. Here are the photos of that unexpected surprise meeting.

"Are you Spo?" (March 2014)

"That would be me"

"What a small world!"

Dr. Spo and Susan post for the official picture at the Backyard Restaurant

Susan appeared with homemade cookies! Super!  She said she read my post where I said the one Christmas present I wished I would get was homemade Christmas cookies.  What a wonderful surprise!  

Me and Susan last night when she surprised me with a gift of homemade Christmas cookies

Thank you Susan.  You made my Christmas!

Folks, I am so glad I blog. Just look at the friends I have made. Dr. Spo, Pat, Susan,Randy, Nadege, and Tony, and so many more that I haven't met in person like Ray, Jon, and Mike Wilson . Blogging has changed my life, for the better. Way better.

Susan on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk May 2014
Blogging is fun!  Friends are fun! Life is good!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day 2017

Good morning folks! 

Tis Christmas morning here at Casa Tipton-Kelly. Just another day, albeit quiet and peaceful outside. This is the one day a year that the roads are almost deserted.  I guess the few cars on the roads are the peoples going to work, like I will be going work at the hotel later today.

Bill and I exchanged Christmas cards this morning and reaffirmed our love and devotion to each other for another year. We dispensed with the gift exchanging years ago. We have everything we need and what we (me actually) want I get during the year.  Mr. Impulse Buyer,  no patience here. 

I remember when I was a kid and my Mother would take me along with her to visit an elderly relative on Christmas Day. I was always struck and saddened by the quietness of their homes and if there was any Christmas decorations up at all it was usually some sad little dusty ceramic Christmas tree.  No glittering eight foot tall trie with gayly colored bubble lights and presents festooned at the base of the tart forest smell of the pine tree. "How sad!" I thought. But now I am one of those elderly folk and I understand. And you know what? I'm not sad.  I really do understand. Christmas is mainly for small children and of course those others who choose to celebrate differently than I do, which is very low key.

I am happy for whichever way you choose to celebrate Christmas. But to me Christmas is the one time of year in which I reaffirm my love to Bill and my gratitude for my friends and relatives who are still in my life. 

There will come a day, and probably not too far in the future, that I will no longer post to this blog. Either from my demise or incapacity but that day will come.  But for now folks, I wish you all a wonderful, happy, joyous, and peaceful Christmas.  

Much love.

Me, Christmas 1969 Philadelphia, PA
(That painting of the ship on the wall was the first Christmas present Bill gave to me. It is my favorite of all time and hangs over my bed today, as fresh as it was the day he gave it to me 48 years ago)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas Eve and the roads are almost traffic free.

Bill and I took a quick ride down this morning to our new friends Mike and Bob.  Bill had not met Bob yet and I wanted to take some of my once a year special treat Christmas Cookies.

We had a nice visit and came back on an almost deserted Route One, which was fabulous. There are only a couple times a year that I get to enjoy deserted roadways, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I love it!

Any hoo, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from me and Bill and an extremely happy and healthy New Year.  Remember, DON'T FALL!

Peace and love to all!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Rabbit Ears

Mr. Pat gives Bill the rabbit ear treatment
Organizing my photos I've notice a trend with a certain Canadian friend of mine.  Is it me or does Pat seem to place rabbit ears surreptitiously when no one is looking. Hmmm.  

I get the rabbit ear treatment

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas 2003

Ron, you need new glasses! Me with my friends Renee, Christine and Vickey - 2003 Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA

Each year it seems as if Christmas arrives sooner. This year is no exception.  In just a few days I'll be  celebrating my 76th Christmas. 

At this time I remember previous Christmases.  I have forgotten much but I remember much.

The photo at the beginning of this post was taken in 2003.  I worked at First Financial Bank in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. 

I've been very fortunate in my work history. I've worked with many fine people. 

This Christmas I remember Renee, Christine and Vickey, the women pictured in the photo. This photo was taken at a Christmas dinner at the Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown. 

I'm still in touch, via Facebook, with Renee and Vickey. I wish them all a very Merry Christmas!

And I wish you, my blog followers both old and newcomers, a Merry Christmas. 

Making friends, peace and love; that is what life is about.  

Me and Dee at the hotel where I work now - 2009

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Couldn't Sleep

This morning I awoke up at 4:32 am this morning. Couldn't get back to sleep.  Why? I couldn't sleep after that atrocity yesterday that the Congressional Republicans passed that tax scam bill that pays back their corporate donors, lies about tax cuts for middle America and guts the Affordable Care Act by repealing the individual mandate. What do the Republicans do for our country other than reward the very rich and make life more difficult for the rest of us? they are bought and paid for which they proved yesterday with that obscene White House gathering yesterday praising Dear Leader. 

Of course our fake president (Trump - whose picture I will NEVER offend my readers by posting again on this blog) had an event at the White House yesterday to gloat.

What really sickened me was the sycophants who publicly performed fellatio on Trump during Trumps cabinet meeting yesterday.  I literally gagged when I watched Vice President Mike Pence disgrace himself by seeing how far he could get his tongue up Trump's fat golf cart riding ass.   Does he (Pence) has no self respect? Apparently not. Nor do the other cabinet members. At least they didn't prostate themselves like that last Trump cabinet meeting where Trump had them go around the table giving each one the opportunity to effusively praise him which they did. 

Check out Pence's High Five hand clapping that all the congressional Republicans gleefully obliged Trump yesterday during that gathering yesterday on the White House steps after Trump summoned them to praise him. The last time I saw that kind of sycophant hand clapping was at a Kim Jong-un public event. Those North Korean generals know if they don't High Five Clap and smile ear to ear they won't be at the next Kim Jon-un event. 

Hey folks, do you see what's happening here? Trump is development a cult of personality. We are entering dangerous territory.  For the first time in my life I fear for our country. And that is because of those Republican enablers who praise Trump effusively even though they know he is the most incompetent and offensive president that this country has ever had.

"Exquisite?" Really Paul Ryan?  We all know that you're celebrating your orgasmic victory of "tax reform" after years of working for it. Now you can finally get rid of that hard on you've been carrying for twenty plus year.  Oh wait, you've already said next year you're going to go after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 

You see why I can't sleep folks?  What is happening to our country?

 By the way, isn't Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan the goofiest fuck you've ever seen in your life?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Friends

Mike and Bob, new friends

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have often mentioned my disappointment in making friends in the large gay community here in Rehoboth Beach area of southern Delaware.

One of the reasons I moved to Delaware for my retirement in addition to escaping the high taxes of my former home state of Pennsylvania was the large gay community.  When Bill and I lived in Pennsylvania, we were often ostracized by some neighbors just because we were gay. I have blogged about those experiences in previous postings and won't rehash those terrible times where we were discriminated against just because we were two gay men living together in a suburban home some thought belonged only to straight couples. That was a sad and depressing time of our lives which I do not wish to revisit.

Bill and I have been living here since 2006. In that time we have made five (Wayne, Bob, David, Ted and  gay friends, one of which has already died. Ironically, our best friends are out neighbors Bob and Barb, who are straight and conservative Republicans. We have also made other straight friends. We didn't seek them, it just turned out that way. 

For a few years I used to attend a weekly dine out with fifteen to twenty gay members of the local community. I gave up on that social function several years ago. 

I even joined the local organization (Camp Rehoboth) thinking I would make gay friends.  Didn't happen.  That organization's focus is on raising money and not welcoming other gays to their community unless they're in their clique (mostly Washington D.C. gays).  That's another whole story that I'm not going into at this time other to say that I have made several good faith efforts to be a nice guy and offer my friendship only to be rebuffed and ignored. Hey, I don't beg for friendships. The only interaction I had with them was when that came to be to give them money for their organization. If that's the only time they feel fit to talk to me, then I don't need them.  I left.

Then this weekend I had a pleasant surprise . I placed a request in our local NextDoor app for someone to help a "76 year old man who has average knowledge of Apple computers and who makes house call is patient."  I've engaged with computer guys before but the ones I have dealt with are smart asses, charge a lot and don't tell me anything lest I learn something and don't need them in the future. 

I had several responses to my request.  The first gentleman I talked to sounded pleasant. Because he sounded young I was suspicious he was one of those wise guys I dealt with before. I asked him how old he was.  He said he was 67 years old. Good sign. Maybe he wouldn't take advantage of my ignorance of computers and actually help me, which I am willing to pay for, and also at the same time help me learn.  Coincidentally while he was talking to my two airport utility backup towers. They were flashing amber and I didn't know why. He told me bring up utilities on my computer where I saw updates.  He advised me that the blinking amber lights was only an update which I did. The blinking amber lights went off.  Wow!  Someone helped me and didn't take advantage of me.  I offered to pay him but he refused. Wow! What a pleasant surprise, someone who isn't taking advantage of my ignorance of computers and being nice to me.

Well, this blog is going on long so let me wrap this up.  The next day this gentleman came over. His name is Mike. He and his partner have been together forty-one years. I visited Mike and his partner the next day. I visited Mike and his spouse Bob the next day. They live nearby. I found them to be a very pleasant couple. I have new friends. 

You will hear more about them in future posts. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Class Reunion Movie!

Good morning folks!  

I'm posting again so soon after yesterday's post of the Monster in the White House.  I don't want to let that face looking at my blog followers for more than a day.

Today I'm posting the first iMovie that I made of one of my class reunions. I have hundreds of photos and videos that I have to put in this format and post before I make my Grand Exit.  

The photos in this video were taken June 22, 2002 at my classmate Dave Fidler's farm in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Dave and his family adopted the Mennonite way many years ago.  

I graduated from Downingtown High School in 1959. We have class reunions every year.  In the odd years we have informal class reunions at a classmate's home or local restaurant. On the five year increments (10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, etc) we have a formal class reunion at a country club or some such other posh and formal location.

This particular class reunion was special because our classmate Steve Pope, to whom this video is dedicated. 

Steve had never attended any of our previous reunions.  I'm often on the reunion committee and one of my goals prior to our reunions was trying to look up former class members who had lost touch with our class. When I found Steve he said "I've been looking for someone from my class." Steve told me he had diagnosed with brain cancer (he had already lost an eye) and didn't have long to live and wanted to see his former classmates one more time. 

Steve was a very popular member of our class so this was a perfect alignment of the planets him looking for us and me finding him.  Steve had quite a history after he left school. Even though he was one of the brainiest members of our class (Student Council, Academic course) he had a very interesting work history. For a time he was a cabdriver in Chicago. During the Vietnam war he was in the Coast Guard and commanded a boat in the waters off of Viet Nam. After the war he was a Buddhist monk for a while. He told me he had purchased a hut in Bali Hai which he still owned. Steve is a perfect example of why I find my class reunions so enjoyable. 

A few months after our reunion was held, Steve died peacefully with his wife by his side.  His wife told me that Steve died exactly as he wished. He was sitting up in his bed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She said both of his hands were resting on his legs. He slowly closed his eyes and left us.

When Steve first told me he had terminal cancer and not long to live I replied to him "I don't know what to say."  Steve told me "Oh, I'm alright with this. I've always wanted to know what was on the other side."  Now that I am approaching my dwindling days on this earthly plane, I too am wondering what is on the other side. Know what? I don't think there is anything but if there is, wouldn't that be wonderful? Maybe I'll have another reunion with Steve.

Steve Pope
1941 - 2002

Friday, December 15, 2017

Trying to Keep the Christmas Spirit

Trying to keep the Christmas spirit this year is mighty tough folks. 

The cowed Republicans in Congress are about to pass a massive tax cut bill masquerading as "tax reform) rewarding their rich donors.  

Make no mistake folks, this so called "tax reform" is really a tax cut as a payoff to their rich campaign donors.  Once this disgraceful tax bill is passed then Paul Ryan will realize his life long dream in destroying the social safety net of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This is called "The Texas Two Step."  Put the government in a massive deficit then claim they have to cut so called "entitlement" programs to pay for those massive tax cuts to their rich donors.

Our monster president continues to embarrass us in the world by his immature behavior and recklessness in sending unqualified men for lifetime judicial appointments.

Now Trump and his jackals are trying to disgrace the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is closing in on him and his cohorts who colluded with Russia.  I'll say what is obvious, Trump has been funded for years by Russia through laundered money which is why he won't release his tax returns.  

Folks, for the first time in my life I wake up almost every day, sick to my stomach knowing that this wretched mass of flesh is occupying the White House and is enabled by so many spineless Republicans in Congress.

And don't tell me about the Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Senator Bob Corker. They talk a big game but fall in line to vote the Trump agenda. Shame on them.  Especially voting for this tax bill that repeals the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act ("Obama Care") thus depriving millions of affordable insurance.  And especially disgusting is Florida Senator Marco Rubio ("Little Marco") who seriously thinks he is still going to run for president again.  Marco Rubio, who posses no spine. Marco Rubio, who always has his finger to the wind. Sickening.

I never in my life thought I would be ashamed to be an American but I have to tell you folks, today I am. I hope during my lifetime this travesty that is called the Trump Presidency is just a bad, bad memory. 

Shame on all those who support and enable this sexual predator, liar, and monster.  

As long as he is president our country is in great danger.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Moore Loses Alabama Senate Race

Last night I went to bed early because I couldn't stand to watch the returns of the Alabama senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones. I feared that Roy Moore would win.

Roy Moore, the accused child molester who has a history of trolling for teenaged girls when he was a district attorney in his thirties.

Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice who was removed twice for refusing to obey the law recognizing same sex marriages.

Roy Moore, who identifies as an evangelical Christian and views homosexuality as a lifestyle that is "against nature," said in a 2005 interview on C-SPAN2 that he believes "homosexual conduct should be illegal." 

Roy Moore, who said this about slavery in response to a question from one of the only African Americans in an audience who asked when Moore thought America was last "great": - Moore acknowledged the nation's history of racial divisions, but said: "I think it was great at the time when families were united - even though we had slavery - they cared for one another . . . . our families were wrong, our country had a direction."

These and many other beliefs and actions of Roy Moore made him massively unqualified to represent the fine citizens of Alabama in the Senate of the United States of America.  

Shame on all those who voted for Roy Moore especially those self possessed evangelical Christians who chose to ignore the credible child molestation accusations against this repulsive man. How could they? 

As I said at the beginning of this post, I went to bed early last night fearing the worst. That I would wake up and find that the homophobic, racist, child molester was elected to the Senate. 

I woke up at 3:48 AM for a bathroom break. Dare I touch my iPhone to see what the news was?  I didn't because I feared I would get back to sleep.

I went back to bed and slept fitfully for another two hours, waking up at 6:45 AM.  Now was the time to touch my iPhone and see the news. I feared the worst.

Wow! The relief I felt was immense.

By the way, Roy Moore doesn't know how to ride a horse. The way he rode his horse to the polls yesterday showed how phony he is.  And 32 year old men don't date teenaged girls. 

Fake Christian

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Add caption

Just got up from my afternoon nap. I had an awful dream.

I usually don't remember the details of my dreams, but I often remember if my dreams were good or bad. This one was a bad one folks. BAD.

Here is my dream in all it's disturbing detail:

I was hanging around Casa Tipton-Kelly (our palatial home here in southern Delaware) and I got it in my head to bike to New England. Specifically Provincetown, my former vacation choice de jour during my Glorious Youth.  

I don't remember where Bill was but I think we were having some kind of disagreement and he wasn't speaking to me. This happened not infrequently when we lived in Philly.  We would have a disagreement and I would take off for the weekend to visit my friend Bob McCamley who lived near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware which is where I live now. By the time I returned home to our town house in Philly (Philadelphia, PA) Bill would have forgotten what our disagreement was about (usually something insignificant) and my anger would have cooled down. But this time I was already in southern Delaware when I decided to take of ON BIKE for Provincetown, Mass. And I wasn't going to tell anyone about it, which is what I often did when I left Bill in Philly for real back in the Seventies when we had our tiffs.

So there I am, in a major pout taking of on my journey of eight hours and twenty-seven minutes and 503.1 miles from Lewes, Delaware to Provincetown, Mass.

In my dream I don't remember much about my actual journey, only that it was long and I arrived late afternoon Saturday in Provincetown on my bike. No suitcases, backpacks or even a water bottle. Nada.  Just me, my bike and my now flabby body. No longer did I have my trim, tight, six pack abs on display to impress and possibly get me a free place to stay with "benefits."

As I am riding down Commercial Street in Provincetown (yes folks, the main street in Provincetown is called Commercial Street, one would think they would have named that street something more intriguing Provincetown being the Gay Capital of the East Coast and all).  

As I'm riding down the crowded with tourists Commercial Street I see a gay establishment along the side of the street. Probably something akin to "The Ranch" is where I stayed the very first time I visited Provincetown in 1974 when I was a young and desirable thirty-three year old gay man.

Me at Herring Cove, Provincetown, Mass 1976, back before my "pouch" (which you will NEVER see a picture of in this blog)

The proprietor of "The Ranch" (which is what we'll call this gay B & B for lack of a better description) motions for me to pull my bike in.  He is intrigued by my still remaining good looks (which is amazing after seventy-six years of a fairly stressful and adventurous life) and asks me to "stay awhile."  

"The Ranch", 198 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Mass
(when I did stay there in 1974 it was on the first floor to the right in a room called "The Harness Room")

Now I'm starting to lose the details of my dreams but I'll proceed the best I can with what remains of the details of this disturbing dream I just had about an hour ago.  

My "host" was dressed like the Jonathan Pryce character in "Game of Thrones", the High Sparrow.

Jonathan Pryce as the "High Sparrow" in "Game of Thrones"
(at least he wasn't making me walk "The Walk of Atonement")

Not a good sign.  He invite me to have a seat and relax after my long ride.  And a long ride indeed I did have. I do remember being very exhausted and thinking that I had to make the bike ride back the very next day (Sunday) to Delaware. That's a LONG bike ride folks. I wonder if I was on I-95 at any part of that ride. But I digress.

But here is what I remember about my dream. I needed a place to stay and the town was pretty full because of the holiday weekend.  I don't remember  what holiday but I do remember that lodgings would probably be slim pickens if I looked.  I don't remember if I had my Discover card with me.  

My host, the "High Sparrow"

said I could stay at his place but I would have to "perform a few functions."  Immediately my mind raced to imagine just what those "functions" would be.  Since I am a Good Boy at my core (and heart) I wasn't prepared to whore myself out just for a night's lodgings.

I never did find out in my dream what my "functions" were to be but I do remember clearly, VERY clearly where he wanted me to stay overnight.  It was a small stable like area of about two feet by five feet, separated by burlap bag curtains.  I went in but when I laid down my feet stuck out the burlap bag curtains, almost like I was advertising for "company for the night."  That's not me folks, never was and never will be. I have somewhat of a checkered history of doing things I wasn't proud of but whoring myself out wasn't one of them. And I wasn't going to start now.

Gay bathhouse private room - yes, I've been here. No straw on the floor and I kept my door closed ALL night.

As I emerged from my stable chute (and I think the ground was covered with straw) my shirt flapped open and my host, the High Sparrow saw my flabby mid-section and an immediate wave of revulsion washed across his face like a dark cloud passes over the sun on a sunny day.  I thought "uh oh."  I immediately thought that I should exit said premises and take my chances on paying for lodging somewhere else in Provincetown.  

The last part of my dream that I remember is that I am leaving my hay strewn stable with the burlap curtains (separating me from other stay overs, God knows what "functions" there were performing for such luxurious lodgings) and mounting my bike on Commercial Street with my flabby stomach  and heading east in search of cheap accommodations. Thankfully this is when I woke up.

I was exhausted. 

I felt dirty.

I felt like a flabby 76 year old gay man.

I felt like my Glory Time is over.

And here I'm blogging about it.  

I bet this is probably the strangest blog posting you've ever read but hey, this is my blog and this is my life.

Welcome to my world. 


Monday, December 11, 2017

People Watching

Who doesn't love to people watch?  

During our (me and Pat) recent holiday in Philadelphia I took many photos and videos as is my wont. I am fascinated by human nature. 

Of course it isn't always easy to capture the "moment" of people just being themselves. When that moment is captured it is often just a matter of being in the right place and the right time. 

That's what happened during one of our bus rides down Chestnut Street in center city Philly. I was taking a short video out of the bus windows of the mass of humanity that is the daily activity of big city life. 

Now I have a question.  Look at this video, knowing that we're in the current climate of sensitivity of sexual harassment. Would you consider the guy giving the eye to the young woman walking down the street a form of sexual harassment?  I don't because he didn't bother her but was only expressing his appreciation of her attractiveness. And, I have to be careful here, she was dressed to be attractive, was she not?  Now before I fall into that trap of today's extreme political correctness, I try to dress so I look my best. And I have to tell you folks, if someone noticed me on the street like this guy noticed this young lady, I would take it as a compliment. 

Just saying, what do you think?

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Me and my co-worker Carrie, the hotel's gardener during her farewell luncheon (by the way, Carrie and I are the same age. I'm not retiring anytime soon)

Have you ever been photobombed?  I have, plenty of times.

My latest photobombed experience happened last Thursday during a goodbye luncheon at the hotel.

Note the look I'm getting from the gentleman seated to my right.  What?  

Caregiver Update

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