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Getting the Ring

Me checking out wedding rings yesterday at B.J.'s  Yesterday Bill and I went shopping for the ring .  Yes folks, that time is finally here.  The two old gay guys shopping for a wedding ring.   July 3rd will mark the 49th anniversary of the day I met Bill at the Westbury Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I went home with him that night (after he literally swept me off of my feet) and we have been together ever since.  Sure, there have been a few bumps along the road of Our Journey but what relationship doesn't have those ups and downs?  Yep, the past 49 years have been a roller coaster but never once have we stopped loving one another.   Yesterday Bill came out of his weeklong funk which was caused by our disagreement over who drives the car last Sunday when we made a trip to Pennsylvania.  We're back on board again. Yesterday we went shopping for The Ring.  We only need one ring because I have my wedding ring.  I bought it in 1970 in lieu of a real wedding ring

One Fine Day

Where I met Bill, the Westbury Bar, Philadelphia PA 1964 One fine day July 3rd, 1964 "One fine day".   This July 3rd will mark the date 49 years ago that I met my lover partner husband to be Bill Kelly. We met at the Westbury Bar in Philadelphia.  The Westbury Bar was located at the corner of 15th and Spruce Streets in Center City Philadelphia. The Westbury - 2009 (on corner at 15th and Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA) I've already recounted the circumstances of our meeting in several previous blogs postings so I won't tell that story again.  However, what I will tell now that as I come up on this date of our meeting almost a half a century ago I am again reminded of how very lucky I am to have met such a man.   Bill with "Sparky" - 1969 - Philadelphia, PA I am not a religious person ("man made religion") but I do consider myself a spiritual person who believes that every o ne of us is here for a reason and a purpose.  I f

The Puritans Must Be Rolling Over In Their Graves

John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts Bay colony I woke up this morning feeling great!  So this is what freedom feels like?  I love it! The last time I felt this free and equal was back in 1974 on an early July summer evening as my friend Bob Mc. and I rolled down Commercial Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  This was the first time we had ever been in Massachusetts and also the first time we were in a gay resort.   Ariel view Provincetown, Mass 1974 What struck us first was how crowded the town was.  Solid masses of people on the sidewalks and in the road. At first we were mildly irritated that people were walking in the road and not jumping aside to make way for our vehicle.  Then we noticed something we had never in our lives seen before, same sex couples walking down the street (and in the road) together, many holding hands, some kissing and just being together.  What really astounded us was that the straight people seemed to take no notice.  There were

Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA

The brave lady who started it all - thank you Edith! YES!  I can't believe it.  I'm still trying to absorb the full impact of the Supreme Court ruling today that struck down the discriminatory DOMA law that banned same sex marriage.   The first thought that comes to my mind is "So this is what freedom feels like."   I have yet another "moment" that I will remember the rest of my life where I was when I heard this news.  Damn, this is a GOOD feeling. This means that when Bill and I get married we will have the same respect and legal protections that heterosexual couples have taken for granted for millennia.  We also will have 1,138 Federal benefits. Man oh man.  I can't believe that I have the option to file a joint tax return with Bill. No longer will Bill and I be considered less than equal.  For this to happen in my lifetime is still hard for me to absorb.  I can't stop smiling. So much to think of.  So many changes.  First I

Same Sex Wedding Ruling Due Today

We await.  We await with nervous trepidation for the United States Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, otherwise known as marriage equality. Will the Supreme Court do the right thing and strike down DOMA?  Will the Supreme Court strike down California's Proposition 8 in which California voters decided that same sex marriages were illegal?  I don't know.  I know what my "gut" feeling is but I won't say because I'm superstitious.  I am hoping the Supreme Court does the right thing and recognizes that same sex couples are entitled to the same rights, respect and benefits that heterosexual couples have taken for granted for hundreds of years.   I'm not big on attending weddings.  The very first wedding I was invited to was my best friend Larry's wedding to his sweetheart Lois.  That was to take place in September of 1962.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the wedding because I had to attend the funeral of my much loved Uncle John Tipton

Family History - Dan Tipton

Dan Tipton - 1844 -1898 Member of Wyatt Earp's "Vendetta" posse A change of pace folks.  Instead of hearing about me and my health and personal issues, here is a fascinating slice of my family history.  My family connection to Arizona.  As regular followers of this blog may know, I am my family historian.  I do the family research on my Tipton ancestry.  I do have a Tipton first cousin living in Arizona now.  Shirley Tipton Patterson. Shirley Tipton standing in  front of baby with thumb in mouth behind her sister Sandy Tipton who also moved to Arizona - I am standing to the right with my arms folded next to my two younger brothers John and Isaac - photo taken during a Tipton Sunday chicken dinner at Uncle Ed and Aunt Mabel Tiptons' place in the country - 1951 when we were both ten years old - the last time I saw cousin Shirley Shirley and I were born the same year (1941).  I haven't seen her for year but I hope to some day.  Her father Rich Tipton and m