Monday, February 27, 2012

Man Period?

Major Asshat - Willard "Mitt" Romney

Anne Marie (the dear) hit the nail right on the head this morning when she said (in response to my bitchy blog reviewing the Oscar cast last night on TV):

"uh oh, is someone having his man period this AM? :)"

Actually she was right. You see I had just completed and filed my federal and state taxes prior to composing and posting my Oscar blog.  I am always angry after doing my taxes.  This year was no exception.  

Even with taking all my deduction and having extra money taken out of my pay for my part-time job, I still owed almost $400!  Yes folks, I still owe.  My effective percentage rate was only two points below Willard "Mitt" Romney's tax rate that he paid last year.  You all know our Erstwhile Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney don't you?  He reported income of over 22 million dollars last year and didn't work a day.  He of the wife who has a "couple of Cadillacs."  Yes, THAT Mitt Romney.  The one who will say anything and flip positions just to win.  The one who thinks $374,000 for speaking fees isn't "that much."  Yep folks, that jerk-off.  

So here I am, collecting Social Security, collecting three small pensions and working part-time at a hotel, and I had extra money taken out of my modest hotel front desk job which I haven't gotten a raise in FIVE YEARS, paying over a 12% rate and Mittsy is paying a 14% rate.  I seem to remember President Obama making a campaign promise that Old Retired Guys like me who work part-time should have to pay ANY taxes.  I'm not even counting the full rate of FICA taxes I pay.  

Yep, every year I do my taxes and see how much I still have to pay I'm mad.  Usually I take my anger out on Bill or other friends or just complain to no one in particular but this year I let loose all my vent up frustration on the Hollywood Phonies at the Oscars last night.  Man it felt good.  I hate all those phony acceptance speeches.  I usually use the Mute button on my remote control to silence out their "I want to thank my Lovely Wife and my Darling little daughter/son" , et al, ad nauseam.  For Christ's sake, you would think one of these self absorbed ego maniacs discovered the cure for cancer.  

While we're on Academy Award Acceptance Speeches, what is it with local police departments that every time they are on national TV giving a press conference the FIRST thing they do is start thanking each other like THEY won an Academy Award?  I was watching the awful news this afternoon about yet another school shooting (oh when oh when are we going to change the mindset in this country about gun control?) and the FIRST words out of the trap of the local police chief is "I want to thank the extra-ordinary effort of all the local law enforcement officers in making this school a SAFE place....""'Uh...NO!  Didn't someone just die?  IT IS NOT SAFE DUMB ASS AND DON'T SAY IT IS SAFE UNTIL YOU MAKE IT SAFE AND YOU WILL 

Man oh man, this is one habit the local police have that really makes me mad, thank each other for the "wonderful" job they done did.  This makes me even madder than I am at asshats like Willard "Mitt" Romney.

Next up:

The other ASSHAT:  (I've been holding off on this one. I'm about to unleash.)


anne marie in philly said...

oh man, WTF did I start? ;-)

I cannot understand (1) why mittens only pays 14% and (2) why guns are not controlled as they are in other countries?

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I can't understand why I still pay 14% in Federal income tax. I don't know how folks manage who have families. It's just be and Bill here.

Hula Hank said...

I'm loving the PMSing Ron!! Right to the point with a flaming arrow!

wcs said...

In my last full year of employment, when I was paying an astronomical mortgage (and deducting all that interest), I still paid 26% in Federal taxes (including FICA). I guess it's not worth "working" for your living. It's better to inherit it then let it "work" for you.

I agree. Asshat.

Scott said...

Taxes are a glad-handing hot topic. Of course everyone wants to lower taxes and then no one does it, except to protect the interests of the very rich.

Ron said...


Every year when I do my taxes, I'm furious after I'm done. It takes me a couple of weeks to calm down.

Ron said...


A former boss of mine told me many years ago when we both had "careers" in banking, there comes a point where the killer work schedule and stress isn't worth the little bit of extra money left after taxes. I decided a long time ago not to kill myself just to get in a higher tax bracket.
Santorum is an asshat isn't he? Now the rest of the world is getting to know him as I have known as a former Pennsylvania resident. This is one hateful, intolerant man. He is dangerous. God help us if he's elected president.