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Self Isolating At Our Home In Delaware June 2020

Good morning folks! I'm still here, self isolating in Delaware.   Bill and I are doing fine. No virus detected here....yet.  I still take Bill out for his daily ride but he stays in our car while I go into the store or garden center for my regular outings to stimulate the economy. I'm back on my regular work schedule at the hotel, Mondays and Thursdays, second shift. Hotel occupancy is picking up but nowhere near that it was last year during this peak summer tourist season.  I wear a mask at work and am behind plexiglass. Not comfortable with the mask (hard to breath) but wearing a mask is necessary.  Also necessary is wiping down all surfaces when I begin my shift, but I've been doing that for years now anyway, probably why I've avoided getting a bad cold or flu the past several years.   I've already missed my spring trip to Philadelphia with Pat and visiting our friend Don. Normally at the end of summer I visit Pat at his home in Hamilton, Ontario. I've alread

On Hiatus

Hello folks. Not to worry, I'm still here. I'm just taking a bit of a hiatus. All is well here. Just caught up in daily living and yard work and playing on line Scrabble. Need to relax in this time of the horrific last months of the Trump debacle and pandemic. Also trying to figure out the new Blogger "update" site. I'm getting too old for these updates. Now to figure out how to post this post.


Well, I just figured out how to post a new blog. Yes, Blogger had a new update that for the life of me, I can't see how it improves my use of Blogger.  Before when I wanted to post a new blog, I went to the message that said "New Post".  Now I have to look for a big red plus at the bottom of my screen. Wow.   I don't know about you but with almost all of the updates whether it be my IOS system on my Apple toys (iMac, Macbook, iPad and iPone), I don't see how my experience has improved.  My latest frustration with this the Scrabble game on Facebook. For five years now I've been playing online Scrabble with Pat. He have eight games going at a time, usually updating them three or four times a day.  Then Facebook informed all who were playing the Scrabble game they were starting a new Scrabble game. "New and improved."  Ha! I resisted but finally gave in and began playing this new video game version of Scrabble. I think of all the old ladies in a

Ron and Mom On Overnight Train June 4 2001

Nineteen years ago my Mother and I fulfilled a lifetime dream, that was to take a private room overnight train. We had both seen these glamorous train trips in old movies and when the opportunity came up to actually take one of these train trips, we took advantage of the opportunity. My youngest brother John had invited us down to his home in Greenville, South Carolina to visit with him and his wife Barbara and daughter Nancy.  We could have taken a flight down, which my Mother had done previously by herself but this time we thought we would be more adventurous. Interestingly, the plane trip would have cost less. The entire trip took about twelve hours. We boarded at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia about 5 o'clock after taking a train from Downingtown to Philadelphia. We arrived in Greenville about 7:30 AM the following morning, where my brother John was at the train station to meet us with his car to take us to his home for our stay. The trip was a delight as you can t