Monday, February 06, 2012

Walmart - Milford Delaware

Since this blog is titled "Retired in Delaware", I have decided to post from time to time a Slice of Life in Delaware, where Bill and I are retired.

Yesterday Bill and I made our monthly trip to the Milford Walmart.  We patronize four Walmart stores here in southern Delaware.  Each one has its "charms."  The "charm" of the Milford Walmart is that it is the only Walmart and the only store where I can find my Beverage of Choice, Turkey Hill Diet Orange Iced Tea.  THE ONLY STORE which is sort of ridiculous because when we lived in Pennsylvania I could find my Turkey Hill Diet Orange Iced Tea anywhere.  In the video Bill is the one with the blue baseball cap on at the checkout line and then going out with his cart.  He doesn't like me taking videos.

The trip to the Milford Walmart is about fifteen miles north on Rt. 1 from  Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Bill also stocks up on his gallon sized chocolate milk.  Yep, we're Old Guys and were Fixed in Our Ways.

We also shop at the Georgetown Walmart in Georgetown, which is about twelve miles west.  There are a lot of Guatemalans who shop there.  In our part of the country the "illegals" are mostly Guatemalans, not Mexicans.  They speak the same language though.

We also shop at the Rehoboth Walmart which is only about three miles south down Rt. 1 from Casa Tipton-Kelly.  That Wal-Mart is the highest grossing Walmart in the area.  All those Gay Dollars.

We used to shop at the Dover Walmart and Sam's Club but we changed allegiances when the BJ's opened up in Millsboro.  BJ's has the best in house made chocolate chip cookies (big chunks of chocolate).  BJ's also has a complete selection of homemade soups from Panera Restaurants, the best soup in the world!

For Two Old Guys, we sure do shop a lot.


  1. Note:

    I don't prefer the Blogger video uploads. They're too small. From now on I upload my You Tube videos.

  2. You sure have a lot of WalMarts.
    We have one. I avoid it like the plague.

  3. Bob,

    We get the best buys in Walmart! Why do you avoid Walmart?

  4. Oh, Ron, you've opened the floodgates with that "Why do you avoid Walmart?"

  5. Will,

    Inquiring minds want to know, "why do you avoid Walmart?" Surely it couldn't be because Walmart kills the Mom and Pop stores. Or perhaps because Walmart underpays its employees. Or maybe because one is a snob? Oh say it isn't so :)

  6. Walmart infuriated me when they took to ensuring that their employees were paid so little that they qualified for public assistance healthcare, thus shifting that cost onto the public. It smacks of exploitation. They also got caught. While it is true that one is paying for the worker's healthcare through retail markup or one's local sales, property or income tax, it strikes me as ethically odious and punishes employers who are committed to their communities and try to do the right thing. While it is none of my business where anyone else shops, there are some things that I do not need that badly.

  7. For Two Old Guys, we sure do shop a lot.
    Well you are two old GAY Guys, after all.

  8. Dr. Spo,

    I'm the Shopper. Bill hates to shop. I just drag him along. We've had many "discussions" over my shopping habits. I may not have the Broadway Show Tune Gay Gene but I sure do have the Shopping Gene.

  9. I didn't know that gay people shopped at Walmart!!! You would be the first I've known who have ever admitted it!

  10. Hank,

    We have a large gay population down here in southern Delaware (aka "Gayberry") but I have to admit, I don't remember seeing any gay people shopping there. I do see some gay people working at the Rehoboth Walmart. Jobs are hard to come by, especially in the Rehoboth Beach area. Bill and I shop at Walmart because the prices are the lowest and we can buy products there that are not available at the more expensive and limited stores. Another plus is that the Walmart store have easier parking. Who wants to fight the Rehoboth traffic and confusing parking lots of the expensive local supermarkets just to make a point? There is so much wrong in this county, should we leave in protest? Not likely.

  11. Oh yes, I forgot there was that whole protest Walmart thing. We don't have Walmarts down here... or protests.

  12. I'm thinking of relocating to Delaware...but, want to buy a moderate price home.. Can you tell me where the largest population of gays live outside of Rehoboth? I was thinking of Millsboro or Milton area. Thanks...

    1. Foodie Scoop,

      This is an easy question: definitely Milton Delaware. Not Millsboro. Milton is a lovely small town with a "small town" atmosphere. A lot of gay men and women live there and you're not too far from the other large gay population in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. In fact, we're all on the same six mile stretch of Route One. Bill and I are located between Milton and Lewes just off of Route One, an ideal location. Again, definitely not Millsoboro, you're too far away from "the action" and the demographics are definitely not gay. Good luck!



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